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Found 15 results

  1. A big motor doesn’t always equal big power. Motorcyclists tend to compare horsepower and torque figures for competing models. Most sport-oriented riders prioritize horsepower figures while cruiser fans focus on torque. Regardless of your preference, the spec sheet showdown doesn’t always tell the full story, especially when it comes to the difference between these two measures. Thankfully, the driving 4 answers YouTube channel felt that the horsepower/torque dichotomy needed a little more clarifying. So, the content creators dug through the toy box for one of the most helpful learning tools at their disposal: LEGO. Using two different LEGO motors, driving 4 answers visually captures the fundamental difference between torque and horsepower. Of course, we all know that torque is the rotational variant of horsepower’s linear force. What does that really mean, though? The video relates this concept to using a torque wrench on a screw, but the idea is most evident when the YouTuber plugs in the two LEGO motors. The creator can easily stop the axel connected to the motor producing .003 Nm of torque while the .014 Nm motor requires a more concerted effort. However, unlike torque, horsepower isn’t just a measurement of force, it’s a measurement of force over time. An engineer once told me that torque is how hard a boxer punches and horsepower is how many times they punch. One is tied to time, while the other is independent of it. Driving 4 answers cleverly visualizes that idea by attaching a connector piece to each motor axel. The demonstration allows us to see that the smaller motor rotates 275 times per minute while the larger motor only completes 146 rotations in the same time. When calculating the torque by the number or revolutions, the larger motor only pumps out twice the amount of horsepower of the smaller motor while it boasts over 4 times the torque figure of its smaller counterpart. While driving 4 answers compares the two LEGO motors to truck and sports car engines, we can adjust the comparison to cruisers and sportbikes, relatively. Well, compared to the figures produced by each motor, the two motors may be more analogous to the mills found in a Harley-Davidson Softail and a Ninja 400, but at least we know the difference between torque and horsepower now. The only question left is: do you want the motorcycle with the large LEGO engine or the small LEGO engine? source: https://www.rideapart.com/news/507208/lego-horsepower-vs-torque-video/ p.s. Stay safe stay home and watch my youtube sharing!!!!
  2. And it needs your help to become one. If you're a regular reader of Motor1.com, you know how much we love Lego builds. But every once in a while, we encounter incredible Lego Ideas build that need attention. This is one of them – a 1/8 scale replica of the legendary Mercedes-Benz W196R Formula 1 race car. Built by Lego Ideas user LEnoGO, this is one of the finest ones we've seen so far, and we would love it to become an official build. Right now, we're undecided if this Silver Arrow looks better than the Lego Auto Union race car we've seen before, but we're willing to wager on the Mercedes on the premise of historical importance. If you're unaware, the Mercedes-Benz W196R, especially the number 12, is part of the family of Mercedes Formula 1 race cars that marked the automaker's return to motorsport in 1954. In the hands of Juan Manuel Fangio, it was a successful comeback, winning both the World F1 title and World Sportscar championship within two years. There were only 14 W196R ever created, with 10 still existing. The real Silver Arrow with chassis 006/54 that the Lego build was based on is the remaining example existing in private hands, auctioned for a whopping £17.5 million (around $24.4 million with the current exchange rates) in July 2013. The resemblance of the actual car and the Lego Ideas build above is uncanny, with the owner even taking photos in the same angle and background as the original. The gallery above shows images side-by-side with the auctioned piece. The Silver Arrow Lego Ideas build used more than 1,600 pieces to create, with an operating control system, air inlets that you can open, and a removable engine cover. As mentioned, this isn't official, but you can help to do make it one by leaving your support at the Lego Ideas website via the source link below. Source: https://www.motor1.com/news/494162/fangio-mercedes-w196r-lego-ideas/
  3. Say hello to Lego's latest Technic model, an 830-piece remake of the McLaren Senna GTR. The model apes McLaren's famed attention to detail, sporting the actual car's beautiful aerodynamic curves, the same one-of-a-kind blue livery, as well as a V8 engine with moving pistons. And apparently, the same wicked doors that are a signature of the McLaren brand since the F1. Of course, just like all 75 examples of the real-life car, your Lego model will be exquisitely hand-built. The McLaren Senna GTR Lego model will launch globally on 1 January 2021 at LEGO.com and all participating McLaren dealers. "Just like the incredible engineers at McLaren do when designing their supercars, we really pushed things to the max so the resulting model perfectly honours the art form that is the McLaren Senna GTR," Uwe Wabra, Senior Designer, Lego Technic. For ages 10 and up. What do you guys think? This or the Lego Technic Land Rover Defender?
  4. IKEA says LEGO Brick Storage Boxes are coming to S’pore, they double up as home decorations source: https://www.greatdeals.com.sg/2020/08/29/ikea-lego-bygglek-collection Good news for LEGO fans – IKEA Singapore has just announced they will be bringing the much-anticipated LEGO collaboration referred to as BYGGLEK. IKEA x LEGO At first look, the BYGGLEK is simply a set of storage boxes. It is made from the same material as LEGO bricks to ensure the same quality and feel. The BYGGLEK collection consists of 4 different products – a set of 3 small boxes, two sets of bigger boxes and one set of LEGO bricks to kickstart the playful experience. However, it’s unclear at this moment if IKEA Singapore will bring in all of them. Besides the obvious purpose of storing stuff, the lids also have the iconic LEGO studs which let you create and recreate unique decorations at home. Here are some examples. Only limited by your creativity. You can have some family fun by creating the monster in your closet with the new BYGGLEK storage sets and of course, a bunch of LEGO bricks. So cool. Coming in 2021 IKEA Singapore did not specify an exact date on when the LEGO storage boxes will be released, only saying it is coming in early 2021.
  5. https://mothership.sg/2020/04/lego-stand-creative-coronavirus/ Take the example of Low Xiaoxuan, a Mandarin teacher from Casuarina Primary School, who faced the challenge of teaching with the textbook while training her camera phone on it at the same time. She apparently got permission from her children to use their toy bricks. Education Minister Ong Ye Kung shared Low's little hack on a post on his Facebook page. In which he lauded teachers who are "coming up with new ways to teach remotely, collaborating with each other, and overcoming their unfamiliarity with IT tools". He promised also to share more of these little stories and tips in the coming days. Quite smart! Applying childhood skills to work life very creative!
  6. Forza has has given its Horizon 4 players a new LEGO expansion pack called Lego Speed Champions pack. The racing game which is available on Xbox and Microsoft Windows, is a competitor for Sony Playstation's Gran Turismo Sport and is known for its huge vehicle choice. The new expansion pack allows players to race a few Lego cars including a McLaren Senna, a Ferrari F40 and a 1967 Mini Cooper S rally car. The pack opens up a new themed world that includes a ‘Falcon Speedway’ circuit and the ‘Super Mega Awesome Adventure Stunt Park’. It will allow drivers to race through an airport, a pirate cove and many more areas. Interestingly, players can also choose to drive the game's normal car selection while racing through these LEGO worlds.
  7. Deeq

    Check out this Lego BMW M1

    You must have heard of Lego Ideas. It’s a platform where people are invited to submit ideas for new Lego sets. Get to 10,000 ‘supporters’, and something called the ‘Review Board’ seriously considers offering your set for sale as an official Lego product. And yes, you do get commission. This BMW is one of those sets. Blocky cars always translate well into Lego models for, well, obvious reasons. And because the M1 hails from an era that curves (mostly) forgot, it’s blocky as they come. Frankly we’re surprised nobody thought of this sooner. There are loads of ace cars from the Seventies and Eighties that we’d love to see as Lego models. Someone get going on the Lamborghini Countach and Aston Martin Lagonda, stat. Made from around 1,000 standard Lego bricks, user TOMOELL has rendered BMW’s first mid-engined car as either a standard road car or Procar racer. It has opening doors, an opening engine compartment and working steering. Looks like you can separate the body from the chassis too, for a better look at the engine and interior. At the time of writing, it’s got almost 2,000 supporters and still over 500 days left to run.

    Modelling kits or lego

    Hi I would like to ask if anyone around here knows where to get the 'singapore flyer' modelling kits or does 'lego' have any one of these products ?
  9. Boringchap

    Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Toy Car

    I don't think I can afford a real Ferrari, so a toy one would have to suffice. The Lego car is rather cool though. Kid had great fun assembling it. Check out the video. Car Specs: YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2013 ENGINE TYPE V12 ENGINE CAPACITY (CC) 6262 POWER (BHP) 730 TOP SPEED (MPH)211 ACCELERATION (0-60MPH) 2.9s
  10. Hondaes8

    Shell Lego Tanker

    Dear all, Any idea where is this still available ? seems like many stations are out of stock !! Thanks.
  11. Kt2u

    WTB: 250 gt berlinetta lego

    As above, looking for one for my 4 yr old daughter. If you have one to let go please PM me price and contact info. Thanks!
  12. Canadian 17-years old students Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad launched and recovered a Lego man holding a Canadian flag after an epic journey reaching 24 km above the Earth. The teens used a weather balloon to carry the Lego figure, 2x Canon cameras, a GPS tracker and insulated styrofoam box with parachute.
  13. Turbonetics

    1:1 size lego F1

    saw this being displayed at ang mo kio hub. "Ferrari F1 with Michael Schumacher". using 146,000 pcs of lego and weighs at 600kg.
  14. >>>Ferrari has signed a three-year licensing agreement with Lego, the world famous Danish producer of toy building blocks. The deal includes development of the Lego Racers line and includes Ferrari single-seater models and a full Formula 1 set up that includes the pit area and podium. The 'Lego Racers' line will be distributed to toyshops during 2004 and was announced yesterday at the Toy Fair in Numberg. The presentation of the new line included a life-size Ferrari single-seater constructed from 146,000 Lego bricks and fitted with original Bridgestone tires. "A market niche with the highest growth potential for the development of the Ferrari brand is that of children's toys", declared Alberto Crippa, Director of Ferrari Licensing and Merchandising. "This new and significant collaboration with Lego is an important move in this direction, as, like Ferrari, Lego has been able to expand and yet maintain its identity as market leader, thanks to its competence and creative capacity." The BMW-Williams Team has had a licensing agreement with Lego for the past two years that offers the 'Williams F1 Team Racer' which has been a successful product line for Lego.>>> With that, here's a top secret, sneak peek at Ferrari's 2005 F1 machine... [inline "lego 680.jpg"]