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Found 19 results

  1. AndyHo

    Car seat upholstery

    Was quoted 1.8k to redo car seat upholstery. Full grained leather. What is full grained leather? Is it good?
  2. Any recommendation other then classic auto leather? Their business too good already.
  3. Any one know where got cheap and good deal for Johor Bahru Leather upholstery for car seats?? Pls list address and contact no here.... Thanks
  4. Been wanting to leather my car seats as my kiddo has been tramping on it like nobody's business. Fabric just doesnt work. So I went to a famous shop in Sin Min estate and was quoted an incredible S$5,600. My balls dropped at that instance and I left. To all bros here, any other shops with good stitching and REASONABLE pricing?
  5. Dear all Fit/Jazz Owners, Jackspeed is currently offering a promotion for fellow Fit/Jazz owners, please refer to the following:- 1) Full Automotive OEM top-grain leather: $ 700 2) Combi-leather: $ 550 3) Steering wheel: $ 180 for normal, $ 160 for GB of 10 or more at confirmation 4) Gear Knob and Hand Brake: $ 80 each for normal, $ 60 each for GB of more than 10 at confirmation 5) Gear Knob and Hand Brake Gaiter: $ 80 each for normal, $ 60 each for GB of more than 10 at confirmation The above includes 2 free embroidery with artwork provided, price excluding GST. 2-tone and contrasting stitches are included in the package. Change of design to be discussed separately, exceptional complex change of design to be impose a norminal design charge and to be discussed separately with our designer. Leather and man-make leather used will be compliance to EURO, ASTM, DIN, BS and ISO standards, which are typically the OEM Automotive standards being call for. Jackspeed premium leather will be used, which is the top-grain cow hikes leather, the most premium layer of the hike. Technical specifications can be provided upon request. You can choose the colours you prefer, the range for full leather will be wider than the colours for combi-leather. Please let us know if GB are being organized so that proper scheduling can be arranged, otherwise come at individual basis for colour, design and installation schedule. You may look for Joan or myself Desmond at 96951379 or desmond@jackspeed.com for further information or clarifications.
  6. my mark x dashboard crack, anyone gt a good place to recommend maybe i can wrap with leather ?
  7. Hi Everyone, I am a little sensitive to leather upholstery that comes with my car. Any recommendation where to get it refurbished to fabric? Many thanks.
  8. Hi, anyone can recommend leather upholstery for Nissan Latio? I'm driving a 2007 Nissan Latio Premium Sedan and plan to change the seat leather cause colour faded. What are the cost like? No need to be high class one. Thanks.
  9. anyone know where i can swop the foam on my stock vios seats. they are flat now. as seeing 6 yrs of bum supporting.....
  10. Hi all, My frd will like to change her picanto seat fabric to those normal leather seat. Anyone can recommend which workshop is good ? I mean in term of workmanship? Budget around 300-350++. Any kind soul can advice? Tks..
  11. Hi all, esepcially prospective Skoda owners, Rencently I have the opportunity to ride in one of the Premiercab Skoda Superb taxi. The leather upholstery is done locally. Prior to this, I have viewed the leather interior of a Skoda Superb which was delivered to a SOG member in early October. To my surprise, the leather upholstery in the cab and the private car is provided by the same contractor. The main tell-tale sign is located at the rear bench seat at the middle. There is a seam on the leather upholstery which is found 5 to 10 cm away from the seat cushion which supports the back. This is a common technique to connect 2 adjacent pieces of leather to make up for the deficiency in length. The second tell-tale sign is the inclusion of leather upholstery on the door panels of the Superb, without the need for extra cash top-up. For the Superbs which have been delivered prior to Oct 2006, the original cloth upholstery is left intact even though the seats have been upholstered by the previous leather contractor, which is renowned for its workmanship and quality. The third tell-tale sign is the pitch of the thread found at the seams where 2 adjacent pieces of leather are sewn together. The fineness of the pitch is related to the genuity of the leather. For leather which has a higher percentage of genuity, the distance of the pitch is finer compared to half-leather and PVC. From what I have observed, the pitch is coarser for the leather upholstery provided by the current contractor. As seen by one of the new Superb owners whose leather upholstery has been done by the current contractor, the grain and quality of the leather have taken a step backwards. Workmanship has dropped considerably. There was excessive leather on one section of the rear seat bench, revealing a bulge. (Nobody has sat at the rear before, just in case anybody thinks that the bulge is a crease.) According to the owner, the cost of getting leather upholstery installed has not been lowered even though the quality and workmanship are considerably poorer. To add to his woes, the leather seats of his Superb look no different from those found on the taxis. To those potential Skoda owners who are keen to opt for leather interior, it could be a wise move to order a Skoda vehicle ditto leather. Besides having the flexibility to choose the colour and texture of the leather upholstery you desire, you will be assured that you will be getting your money's worth from a reputable leather upholstery provider. The upgrade which is worth topping up are the rims provided by CA. Albeit they are not original Skoda rims, it is value for money considering the top-up price.
  12. Satinepink

    Upholstery Issues

    Does anyone know of any workshop that does interior upholstering? Jsgtturbo, you mentioned doing your seats..?
  13. Accordvtec

    Leather Upholstery

    Any suggest for half-leather/full leather? Any recommendations on where to go for good quality workmanship?
  14. Hi, I am looking at doing a leather upholstery(2 tone) for my ride and wonder if any of you guys are interested. Thinking that if we could do a car pool, prices should be cheaper. If you have better deals with good worksmanship and price, kindly let me know as well!
  15. Knightskid

    Upholstery for DIY

    Hi Bros here, where can i get fabric for DIY, e.g leather, sythetic leather, vinyl etc... And also wheel skins that can suit various sizes of steering wheel jus like those in the website www.wheelskins.com? Thanks.
  16. Silver_z

    Upholstery Shop

    Any upholstery shop to recommend? Want to change color of interior. Use to know 1 at Geylang Lorong 9, then now become a football club.
  17. Lwongcc

    Leather Upholstery

    Hi bros.. Can I askwhere can I get good quality and worksmanship leather upholstery?? Which Company/brand is good?? How to check if it's genuine Leather and not man-made leather?? Thanks a lot!
  18. Spotted on The Classified Ads of The Straits Times @ Upholstery.. Goodbay is having a stock clearance sale for car leather... For Japanese car - Usual $750 Now $299 For Continental car - Usual $750 Now $399 subjected to stock availability Goodbay Leather Manufacturer 30 kaki bukit Road 3 #01-06 Empire Techno Centre Tel: 6398 1101
  19. F1fan


    Hi, I am looking for a shop to redo/rewrap my seats with fabric (probably two tone, i.e. two colours and two type of materials). Also redo the fabric on my doors, centre console etc. Anybody got any recommendation where to do such work??? And how much? Anyone very happy with similar jobs done on their car before?