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Found 14 results

  1. All bros, its the time of the year again. time for renewal of car insurance. i was shopping around online and found directasia. question is................... why directasia car insurance so cheap??? got wad ahm ahm clauses anot?
  2. bros - wanna see if anyone has any experience my family has a 2012 VW Jetta 1.4, but don't drive often as parents retired and driving to town is damn ex. insurance is currently on axa under mum, 50% ncd ~900. the car only drive ~6-7000km / year, so thinking of trying some of the low mileage plan when renewal comes. There are a few I notice - a) NTUC: 20% off only if 7000km, and must renew then next year get the discount b) DA: under 8000km got discount, but also not much, i think 20% c) Got one I just saw of fb called auto armour that gives 50% off immediately for under 6000km, then pay per kilo after that. Quite cheap, like $380 only. any one try before? no reviews like that, but when i dig looks like they are supported by etiqa... so should be ok? thnkx in advance
  3. SINGAPORE: DirectAsia, a fast-growing Singapore firm that specialises in selling motor insurance policies online, has been acquired by London-listed insurance group Hiscox for US$55 million. DirectAsia was founded in Singapore in 2010. It launched in Hong Kong in 2012 and Thailand in 2013. Its primary business is motor insurance, with ancillary lines in travel, personal accident, healthcare and life insurance. DirectAsia employs 140 people and had gross written premiums of US$25.3 million last year, Hiscox said in a press statement. "DirectAsia complements our direct-to-consumer businesses in Europe and the US, and in time, we will use it to distribute Hiscox products," Hiscox said. The UK-listed insurance group said it has gotten the Monetary Authority of Singapore's approval for its purchase of DirectAsia. The acquisition is, however, still subject to approval from regulators in Hong Kong, Bermuda, the UK and Thailand. - CNA/nd .......................................................................................................................... SO what will happen to policyholders and their claims???
  4. Are you a driver who does not use his vehicle too often? We have good news for you. DirectAsia.com an award winning online insurer has launched a new car insurance aimed at leisure drivers. This first of a kind motor insurance is available to drivers who use their car less than 8,000km per annum. You do receive all the coverage but just at a reduced premium, including Off-Peak cars. Interestingly drivers who drive less than 8,000km per year are less prone to accidents. As such DirectAsia would like to reward such drivers by providing savings to their premiums. Through introduction of such premiums motorists can be expected to save between 10 to 15 percent, all you have to do is drive less. CEO of DirectAsia.com Simon Birch commented the new low mileage based insurance saves motorists money if you do not drive frequently or you possess a second vehicle that is not used often. He is also delighted to be the pioneering company to offer such a service in the tropics. DirectAsia.com, is a new and innovative online insurance provider that began operations back in June 2010. As a dedicated direct personal lines insurer, DirectAsia.com provides fast and easy access to insurance needs online. They are fully licensed and regulated by MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore). The company
  5. In an otherwise monotonous and 'traditional' local insurance industry, DirectAsia.com aims to inject a little dose of excitement and freshness with its new advertising campaign. Inspired by similar and successful campaigns overseas, DirectAsia.com will be represented by folk hero Robin Hood in its promotional and advertising materials. The award-winning insurer is natural with stirring new business methods and models within the industry and the firm believes the use of the iconic figure will accelerate and further establish the firm's standing as an innovator. An animated Robin Hood in real world settings will be featured heavily in the insurer's marketing campaigns, with the first adverts addressing the insurer's 'Best Price Guarantee' message. The advert will be aired on local TV and cinemas, as well as YouTube and the other internet platforms. Commenting on the new concept, Simon Birch, CEO of DirectAsia.com, said, "So far, advertising for insurance here has remained traditional and rather boring. You know the ones with impossibly good looking families with perfect teeth standing under umbrellas etc. Our latest campaign aims to change all that, as well as change people
  6. Help has arrived for drivers marked as 'high risk' to obtain a insurance policy thanks to a new insurance scheme by award-winning online insurer DirectAsia.com. Drivers identified as 'high-risk' based on their past records can find it difficult or even impossible to get car insurance. Drivers are marked high-risk once they have met with two or more at-fault accidents or have made numerous claims on their insurance. Thankfully there is help now. Thanks to award winning and innovative online insurance company, DirectAsia.com, a new 'SOS Car Insurance' is recently introduced aimed for the benefit of 'high risk' motorists. DirectAsia.com prides for being an innovative insurance company especially when it comes to improving road safety. With this in mind, any driver who makes a claim on their SOS insurance will be asked to attend a Refresher Driving Course for a day. Insurance is compulsory for drivers in Singapore thus it is near impossible for 'High-risk' drivers to obtain one given their 'unsafe' history. Some drivers transfer the ownership of their car to their spouse and under circumstances can get you penalized with a 0% No Claims Discount on top of transferring all remaining loans relating to the car. DirectAsia.com believes in giving people a second chance and removes the hassle to get drivers back on the road within the shortest period of time. In a win-win situation, any 'high-risk' driver who decide to claim under DirectAsia.com will be asked to attend a Driving Refresher Course which not only benefits yourself but the rest of the driving community. If you choose not to sit through the course, DirectAsia.com may cancel your policy. Considering its only a one day refresher course, its not that difficult is it? Besides the course is not punishment but a form of assistance to help you. Simon Birch, CEO of DirectAsia.com, says, "At DirectAsia.com we understand that accidents happen and it's sometimes beyond your control. Not everyone has a perfect driving record. That's why we've come up with SOS car insurance, a policy that gets motorists back in the driving seat and back on the road in no time." "Of course, this is not only beneficial to the driver but also the rest of the driving community. We think you'll agree that as far as everyone's safety is concerned a driving refresher course makes perfect sense. And once again we're delighted to be the first insurance company in Singapore to offer this product. Another first for DirectAsia.com!"
  7. Hi all, I find signing up for directasia car insurance easy, agent free and hassle free. Been with them for last year. Now I'm not always around in SG so wanted to find an equivalent where I can do the same thing in the internet and compare prices. Is there another one in SG? Please advise and Thank you very much. Regards,
  8. recently i purchased an insurance policy for my vehicle through directasia. the first two installments were correct and followed what was on the schedule, but this 3rd installment was overcharged by $70+ dollars. any brothers/sisters experienced such things? tried contacting them but no response yet.
  9. My insurance is due for renewal soon so run thru DA quote & a few broker quotation & found out DA quote me $13xx+ NTUC quote me $1198 & my current Liberty quote me $9xx+ for renewal.. All bro & sis,I urge u guys to get a few quote before settle with DA
  10. how is their customer service? are claims easy? their prices seem unbeatable by a wide margin
  11. [extract] Online insurance company, DirectAsia.com, is issuing a challenge to motorists to find a cheaper quote on their car insurance elsewhere. Singapore's online insurer is so sure safe drivers won't find a better deal that they‟re promising to reimburse
  12. Heard so far these 2 insurance companies are competiting. Any pros & cons that you had discovered so far?
  13. I just got a quote from them for my wife's car insurance. It was the lowest. I wonder if any bro has bought insurance from this company. Any feedback?
  14. Seems like the trend is towards online for car insurance, following Aviva footsteps. Premium are cheaper because they bypass agent NTUC used to be online, but now can key in online but Customer service will get back to you on the quote. the question is, how's their support?