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  1. https://www.straitstimes.com/tech/tech-news/apple-shows-off-new-series-9-watch-with-double-tap-ahead-of-iphone-15-debut https://www.cnet.com/tech/mobile/apples-iphone-15-and-15-plus-first-look-dynamic-island-new-colors-usb-c/ Among the big new features is the expansion of Dynamic Island, the animated feature at the top of the screen that gives contextual information and which debuted last year on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, to the iPhone 15 line. Also widely tipped was the addition of USB-C, which has replaced the Lightning port for wired charging and connectivity. The Dynamic Island appears to be the same incarnation that debuted on the iPhone 14 Pro in 2022. It's essentially a secondary display that can be used to view media playback, sports scores, rideshare status and other bits of information without flipping back and forth between apps. As with 2022's iPhone 14 line, there is no "mini" iPhone 15, with Apple once again releasing a 6.1-inch iPhone 15 and a larger 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Plus. The displays are brighter this year as well, up to 2,000 nits of brightness. There are five colors for the new phones: pink, yellow, green, blue and black. The main camera on the iPhone 15 is now 48 megapixels and in addition to taking higher resolution photos and videos, also allows for a new 2x telephoto zoom (albeit at 12 megapixels). That's a significant jump from the iPhone 14's 12-megapixel camera system, although it's impossible to tell how much of a difference that makes in practice without spending more time with it. But it's not just the colors that are different. Apple is using a new color-infused back glass for the iPhone 15, which gives it a frosty and translucent look. So far, this new matte finish looks less prone to fingerprint smudges compared to the glossy iPhone 14. The chip under the hood is last year's A16 Bionic, which was in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. (Last year's iPhone 14 and 14 Plus relied on the A15 Bionic.) There is a bigger battery in the iPhone 15 line, though Apple didn't reveal specific battery sizes.
  2. anyone has succcess blocking the use of instagram on your kid's iphone using screen time ? in my setup for my kid'siphone, i dont have instagram in "always allowed" app list n set one hour in app limit. but my kid can still useit beyond one hour n even continue to use it after the schedule downtime. i basically followed the tips intranet already but in vain. anything else to try ?
  3. Any bro can suggest website to download Chinese ringtones for iPhone? Thanks!
  4. https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Supply-Chain/Apple-already-building-latest-iPhone-14-in-India?utm_campaign=GL_asia_daily&utm_medium=email&utm_source=NA_newsletter&utm_content=article_link&del_type=1&pub_date=20220927123000&seq_num=11&si=44594 Apple already building latest iPhone 14 in India Move a sign South Asian country is gaining importance in supply chain Apple has started producing its newest iPhone 14 in India, within weeks of their global launch. (Source photos by Reuters and Kosaku Mimura) CHENG TING-FANG, Nikkei Asia chief tech correspondentSeptember 26, 2022 19:40 JST TAIPEI -- Apple announced it has started producing the iPhone 14 in India just three weeks after the release of the smartphone lineup, a significant win for the South Asian country as it attempts to grab a bigger piece of the global electronics supply chain. Apple said on Monday that it is "excited to be manufacturing [the] iPhone 14 in India." It is the first time that Apple has started producing its newest phones outside of China so soon after their launch. For now, only the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 model is being built in India, two people told Nikkei Asia, saying that additional models, including the iPhone 14 Plus, could follow in a matter of months. Traditionally, Apple keeps the manufacture of new iPhones entirely in China until it is confident that production of the devices is running smoothly. Only then does it begin producing the latest models in other countries, like India. Apple started assembling its budget iPhone SE in India in 2017 via a smaller iPhone assembler Wistron. Two major assemblers, Foxconn and Pegatron, later expanded production in India and helped Apple assemble some parts of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models in the South Asian country. In April, Apple confirmed it had started to build iPhone 13 in India -- more than half a year after it introduced the product. Most iPhones are still built in China: in the Chinese cities of Zhengzhou and Shenzhen by Foxconn, in Shanghai by Pegatron, and in Kunshan, Jiangsu province, by Luxshare Precision Industry. Foxconn is still the biggest supplier, securing orders to build three different models of the latest range, including the iPhone 14, and is the primary source for the premium iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max models, sources briefed on the matter told Nikkei Asia. Pegatron and Luxshare mainly assemble the standard iPhone 14 and 14 Plus models, they said. Apple has started to diversify production out of China, its main production base, in recent years. It asked suppliers as early as 2018 to evaluate producing some AirPods outside of the country, with the test production of the earphones beginning in Vietnam the following year. Apple also plans to build iPads and the Apple Watch in Vietnam as it attempts to lower its dependence on the world's second-largest economy. "We see Foxconn and Pegatron are all expanding production in India," said Jeff Pu, an analyst with Haitong International Securities. "Given the rising labor costs in China and the ongoing trend of diversifying regional manufacturing, we do see a growing portion of iPhones being built in India in years to come." Additional reporting by Lauly Li.
  5. I'm looking forward to replacing my 7plus and maybe my XR... https://www.macrumors.com/roundup/iphone-14/ Is anyone else looking forward to it's launch on the 7th Sept? At a Glance Rumors Apple's 2022 iPhones will feature a notchless display with a hole-punch camera, A16 chip, flush rear cameras and more. Rumored Features 6.1 and 6.7-inch sizes No notch Large pill-shaped camera cutout A15/A16 chip Qualcomm X65 modem The 14 Max looking to be the balance of cost and function A16 Chip New iterations of the iPhone typically come with an updated A-series chip, but Apple might deviate from standard operating procedure this year. According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, only the iPhone 14 Pro models will get a new and faster A16 chip. Kuo says that the standard iPhone 14 models will continue to use the same A15 Bionic that's in the iPhone 13 models, marking a significant differentiation between the Pro and non-Pro iPhones in 2022, and the rumor has been backed up by other sources. According to Kuo, the A16 chip may only be a minor upgrade over the A15 chip. The chip is expected to be built on the same N5P process used for the A15 chip, which limits improvements. Next-generation N3 and N4P fabrication processes will not be available for mass production until 2023. Apple chip supplier TSMC has developed a new N4 process, but Kuo says that it has no meaningful advantages over N5P, so Apple will stick to N5P for the A16. The upgrade to the A16 is more for marketing than notable improvement, according to Kuo. Though the iPhone 14 is expected to use the same A15 Bionic chip that's in the iPhone 13 models, leaker ShrimpApplePro has suggested that the new devices will get an "overall performance boost" thanks to an updated cellular modem, a new internal design, and other updates, which could see it offering faster performance. https://www.tomsguide.com/news/iphone-14-5-last-minute-rumors-you-need-to-know Huat ah!
  6. Crash detection is one of the new features of the iPhone 14. If the phone detects a collision, then it makes an emergency call after 20 seconds unless the person cancels it. If the occupants are unresponsive, there's an audio message for emergency services that advises them of the incident and the latitude and longitude coordinates. The YouTube channel TechRax puts this system to the test. The team has a beat-up Mercury Grand Marquis as the test vehicle, and there are a bunch of wrecked cars to crash into. The sedan has a rig using an electric skateboard so that the accelerator works remotely. The seatbelt is around the steering wheel to keep the vehicle going straight. The first attempt at testing the system we see in this video is a failure for a few reasons. They underestimate the Panther-body Grand Marquis' strength, and it plows through the burnt-out car acting as an obstacle. Also, there's seemingly no control of the brakes, so the sedan goes pretty far before rolling to a stop. Next, they put multiple cars in the Mercury's way. It's not too hard of a crash, but the collision is enough for the crash detection feature to activate. Like Apple says, the system doesn't start immediately. After several seconds, the phone begins a countdown before calling emergency services. There's also a loud noise that would get the attention of nearby people. The Mercury only suffered minor damage in this crash, so the team sets things up again. This time, the vehicle has a solid collision and appears to keep driving briefly after making contact. The force is enough for the airbags to deploy. After a delay, the crash detection system starts blaring. If you're curious about how the Grand Marquis is doing after these crashes, it's still running. These big, body-on-frame sedans have a reputation for being tough, like the Ford Crown Victoria police cars and taxis on the same platform.
  7. hi all !! Any idea where I can get an obd cable that connects to the iPhone ? Going to try out a new app that works like scanguage !
  8. steveluv

    New iPhone 12

    https://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2020/09/27/apple-iphone-12-pro-max-design-camera-display-release-date-iphone-11-pro-max-upgrade/#70ffd0c66433 New iPhone 12 Exclusive Reveals Stunning Apple Design Decisions Gordon KellySenior Contributor Consumer Tech Apple’s iPhone 12 range is officially delayed, but it is the company’s controversial design decisions which are the real talking point, and now new leaks have revealed what might just be the biggest of all. Apple iPhone 12 Pro concept render EVERYTHINGAPPLEPRO Working together, popular YouTuber Filip Koroy (aka EverythingApplePro) and prolific leaker Max Weinbach, have revealed that Apple has decided to differentiate the iPhone 12 Pro Max from other iPhone 12 models and that means you will have to go big (and expensive) for the best features in 2020. “The 6.7-inch mammoth iPhone [12 Pro Max] will truly be considered a flagship this year,” states Koroy. “It will have the best display and best cameras... The [iPhone] 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max really were the same devices, the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max will be more differentiated.” Koroy doesn’t break down these differences, but recent leaks have speculated that the iPhone 12 Pro Max may be the only new iPhone to sport Apple’s exciting new LiDAR camera. Apple’s decision to downgrade the batteries in the new iPhones will also impact the iPhone 12 Pro Max model least, which may also mean it's the only model to get a 120Hz ProMotion display, despite fears all models will miss out. But the big problem is not everyone wants a 6.7-inch smartphone, and Koroy explains that the range’s edgy new design is only likely to strengthen those feelings: “Max Weinbach’s source, who has had hands-on time with the 6.7[-inch iPhone] 12 Pro Max model, is saying that it’s quite uncomfortable [to hold]. The bigger the size gets, the more it digs into your palm and, depending on the size of your hands, it may be a problem. Cases could alleviate this, but it definitely is a very slick and sharp piece of hardware.” Angular edges on the iPhone 12 Pro Max Vs the rounded edges of the iPhone 11 Pro Max EVERYTHINGAPPLEPRO The other uncomfortable aspect to the iPhone 12 Pro Max is its price. Leaks earlier this month revealed increases for every new model, with the iPhone 12 Pro Max now starting at $1,199. Is this price hike deserved? Yes, and no. The primary driver behind it is the inclusion of an expensive 5G mmWave modem that has also seen rivals push prices sky high. That said, Apple is also cutting cuts with the iPhone 12 line-up. Aside from the downgraded batteries and their knock-on impact for 120Hz displays, Apple will also remove both the wall charger and EarPods from the box. This has clear environmental benefits, but may not sit well with customers in conjunction with the price increase. All of which means the iPhone 12 range is likely to be one of Apple’s most polarizing iPhone releases to date. My tip: the cheapest model looks the best.
  9. Bros I need some help: I wish to sell an iPhone, and I want to get rid of the contents and personal info, but I do not want to update to the latest iOS? Can I just use the erase function or how should I do it? Thanks!
  10. Fcw75

    IPhone 5

    Real or not? You decide. Looks good though.
  11. Tianmo

    OPPO phones

    I have 5 lines up for recontact soon, now checking ard for good deals. My daughter said her friends many recommend OPPO, say very good and closest to Iphone. anyone using OPPO phones? Any input? Thank you many many.
  12. EV is a game changer not only for automotive manufacturers, but some OEM... Foxconn is best known for assembling the Apple iPhone, but now they’re setting their sights on electric vehicles. If that is not a news "big" enough, they are also aiming to be the Andriod of EV! iPhone Builder Foxconn Unveils EV Platform, Wants To Become The Android Of EVs During their HHTD 20 event, Foxconn unveiled its new “EV Open Platform” which will be shared with other companies for the “common good.” Like platforms from traditional automakers, the architecture is flexible and can underpin a variety of vehicles including hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs and MPVs. In particular, the company said the platform can accommodate wheelbases ranging from 108.3 to 122 inches (2750 to 3100 mm). The architecture can also support various tracks and ride heights. On the performance side of things, Foxconn mentioned battery packs with capacities of 93, 100 and 116 kWh. They’ll power front- and rear-mounted electric motors as well as a dual-motor all-wheel drive setup. Front motors will have outputs of 127 hp (95 kW / 129 PS), 201 hp (150 kW / 204 PS) and 268 hp (200 kW / 272 PS). Likewise, rear-mounted motors will produce 201 hp (150 kW / 204 PS), 268 hp (200 kW / 272 PS), 322 hp (240 kW / 326 PS) and 456 hp (340 kW / 462 PS). The company is also promising high-tech software that supports over-the-air updates as well as different levels of autonomous driving. Amazon Alexa, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are also slated to be part of the package. While it seems odd that Foxconn is jumping into the EV game, the company said Tesla is the iPhone of electric vehicles and they want to be the Android of EVs. Reuters also noted the company is set to build electric vehicles in China as part of a joint-venture with FCA.
  13. Do upgrade to the latest iOS for apple iOS users. It makes the iOS devices faster. Or so it seems. 😅
  14. https://www.macrumors.com/2019/08/30/ip ... ate-rumor/ iPhone 11 Lineup Tipped to Have Familiar Rollout: September 13 Pre-Orders, September 20 Launch Friday August 30, 2019 7:52 am PDT by Joe Rossignol Apple yesterday invited the media to a special event on Tuesday, September 10 at the Steve Jobs Theater, where it is widely expected to unveil three new iPhones alongside an Apple Watch refresh and other announcements. A tipster who claims to work at a major carrier has since provided MacRumors with internal communication that suggests the rumored iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models will be available to pre-order Friday, September 13 ahead of deliveries to customers and in-store availability starting Friday, September 20. MacRumors has received similar tips echoing these dates in recent weeks, so there is a good chance they are accurate. iPhone pre-orders have begun two to three days after Apple's event for years now, followed by availability a week later, so these dates are hardly a surprise but good to know nevertheless. Unlike the iPhone X in November 2017 and the iPhone XR in October 2018, however, all three 2019 iPhones are expected to launch simultaneously. The tipster requested anonymity and asked us not to share the screenshots of the internal communication.
  15. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a32936716/apple-iphone-car-key-bmw-revealed/ Apple announced digital key that opens and starts vehicles using the iPhone and Apple Watch. The first vehicle that will support the system is the 2021 BMW 5-series. The feature will roll out next month on iOS 13, and Apple is working with industry groups to bring the feature to more cars in 2021. If you've ever decided that your car key is just too bulky, Apple has a solution. The company announced at its annual World Wide Developers Conference that its digital key solution is coming to iOS 13 and the upcoming iOS 14. The first automaker partner will be BMW, but Apple says it's working on a standard to make it work with more cars next year. Opening a car with an app or even a piece of plastic isn't new, of course. For the BMW, setup will take place via the BMW app. The system will open car doors and start vehicles. Plus, on the BMW, an owner can share the key with five others via Apple's iMessage texting app with either full access or a restricted driving profile that lets you control top speed, horsepower, maximum radio volume, and other features—helpful for when you want to give a teen access to the car. carplay-bmw-1592856971.mp4 The digital key uses NFC technology. The driver can just tap the vehicle to unlock it and once in the vehicle, put the phone in the charging tray and start it. At least that's how it works on the BMW. The digital key will live in the iPhone’s Wallet app. Apple says it’s working to make it possible in the future to do all of this without taking your phone out of your pocket or bag. Sort of like how most keys currently work. If you're concerned about your phone becoming worthless and stranding you if the iPhone's battery is depleted, BMW states that there is a power reserve feature where the phone will still function as a key for up to five hours after the phone turns off because of a low battery. Apple touted the security around the digital key feature saying that keys can be disabled for other drivers from the phone and if your phone goes missing, access to the vehicle can be revoked via Apple’s cloud service, iCloud. While automakers already have apps that can open car doors and start vehicles, what Apple wants to do is create a standard based on its secure hardware found in the iPhone and Apple Watch. That hardware ensures that the encryption keys that make the phone or watch talk to the car stay on the actual device. No one else, not even Apple, has access to that data. Apple announced that it was already working with auto-industry groups to make the system work with more cars and is hoping to expand the feature to other vehicles next year. It's likely each automaker will want to implement its own options within Apple's digital key, but at today's event, the tech company was very excited about the ability to share keys over iMessage. Fortunately for BMW 5-series owners, the feature will be available starting in July on iPhone that use iOS 13. So they don’t have to wait until this fall when iOS 14 is available to the general public. Can't wait for this to happen. I think the best part is the 'key' will still function even if your iPhone battery is low.
  16. Apple announces the new $399 iPhone SE for 2020 https://www.theverge.com/2020/4/15/21221918/iphone-se-announcement-apple-price-specs-release-date-features Apple has officially announced the new iPhone SE, a lower-cost iPhone that starts at $399 for a version with 64GB of storage. It has the same basic shape and look as the iPhone 8, which means it has a 4.7-inch screen, large bezels on the top and bottom, and a home button with Touch ID. It’s a design that has stayed consistent since the iPhone 6, which makes the iPhone SE essentially the fifth generation of that same look. Apple knows this design well. It is available for preorder this Friday, April 17th, and it will ship on April 24th. There will be a 128GB model offered for $449 and a 256GB model for $549. Like other iPhones, it will come with a free year of Apple TV Plus. It will come in black, white, and Product Red. The iPhone SE is essentially an iPhone 8 with a better camera and processor — and a lower price tag. Although it’s a relatively old design, this iPhone SE has Apple’s A13 Bionic chip, the same that’s available in the latest iPhone 11 and 11 Pro models. That should ensure that it has a much longer lifespan than the $449 iPhone 8 model that it’s replacing in Apple’s lineup, which had an A11 chip from 2017. There won’t be a plus-sized version of the second-generation iPhone SE, but the iPhone 8 Plus will continue to be sold in certain markets. The processor also lets the new iPhone SE gain some new camera features. There’s a single 12-megapixel camera lens on the back (along with a flash). Apple says it’s using the A13 Bionic’s chips to improve its Smart HDR photography, which combines multiple shots into a single photo to improve lighting and detail. It also has a portrait mode with technology Apple calls “monocular depth sensing.” It uses machine learning to detect depth and faces — which, unfortunately, means that it will only work on people, not pets. It includes optical image stabilization, and Apple says it can do “cinematic” stabilization on video as well as support 4K video at 60fps. The front-facing selfie camera is 7-megapixels, and it can also do portrait mode effects. Many of the new second-generation iPhone SE parts are identical to the iPhone 8. It should have about the same battery life as the iPhone 8 (but no word on exact battery size). Apple says that cases designed for the iPhone 8 will work fine on the SE. It has Apple’s 4.7-inch IPS LCD Retina display with True Tone color. It sounds as though it’s the exact same display as what’s on the iPhone 8. That’s not a problem from a quality perspective. This IPS display is well-known and well-regarded, but it does mean that people who were holding out for a smaller phone are out of luck. Apple says that this is the most popular screen size it has ever sold — 500 million devices and counting — and that’s part of the reason it’s using this screen size now. It only comes with a dinky 5W charger in the box, though it can support 18W fast charging if you have the right adapter. It uses a Lightning connector for charging, of course, and it will also support Qi wireless charging. There is no headphone jack, but it will come with Lightning headphones in the box. Rounding out some of the other modernized specs, it supports Wi-Fi 6, Gigabit LTE, and dual-SIMs. (The second one is an eSIM, however.) It also supports Haptic Touch, which is Apple’s replacement for 3D Touch, amounting to a long press with haptic feedback. The 2020 iPhone SE is another major smartphone release coming in the midst of the pandemic. The SE’s lower cost and Touch ID sensor may have slightly more appeal than usual, especially as people realize that they’ll be wearing masks more often. Apple noted that it believes that people are depending on their phones more than ever right now, but there’s no getting around the fact that its physical stores are closed. Apple’s website and app offer good customer support, but it remains to be seen what the appetite for new phones will be right now. Best Buy will be offering curbside pickup at locations where that is available. The iPhone SE looks like a very good deal overall. It’s a $400 phone with what appears to be a strong camera and the very same processor that’s in Apple’s most expensive iPhones. As noted above, that means a phone purchased today should be getting software updates for many years to come. Deciding whether it’s a good phone will have to wait for a full review, but I suspect more than a few people who have been waiting for this phone will be a little disappointed. The original iPhone SE from 2016 is beloved in part because it was so small compared to most other smartphones. It had the same design as the iPhone 5 — and while that screen is tiny by today’s standards, it also still feels like a more natural size for some. Apple stopped selling the original SE in 2018. For people who thought the iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and iPhone 8 were too large, the second-generation iPhone SE is unlikely to change their minds. But it’s clear that phone screens are all going to be big from now on, which makes 4.7 inches the new small.
  17. BMW and Apple Are Teaming Up to Make Your iPhone a Car Key, iOS Leak Reveals source: https://gearpatrol.com/2020/03/26/bmw-and-apple-are-teaming-up-to-make-your-iphone-a-car-key-ios-leak-reveals/ Next time you go to kit up before heading out of the house — y’know, loading your everyday carry equipment like wallet, keys and pocketknife into your pockets — take a second to notice the weight of your car keys in your pants. Do they feel awkward or excessive? Is the combined weight of your EDC threatening to overwhelm your belt? Do they feel like you have just one item too many? Well, if so, BMW and Apple may just have the answer. When the next generation of iOS rolls out later this year, it will apparently include the ability to use your iPhone as a car key. That’s the word from 9to5mac, which found the code for buried in a beta version of iOS. According to the report, the feature — cleverly dubbed “CarKey” — will be available in iOS 14, which is expected to arrive in the third quarter of 2020; while it’s still unclear exactly what features it’ll feature, 9to5mac‘s deep digging into the technology involved and the known facts has them believing that the CarKey system will enable BMW drivers to lock, unlock, and drive their cars just like a regular key would. Unlike a regular car key, however, CarKey would also enable users to share their virtual fobs via Messages if they want to give a friend access to their ride; it’d also keep the keys in your phone’s Wallet, enabling you to use Face ID or Touch ID verification to open or start the car. While the CarKey system, presumably, would eventually roll out to other automakers, the report suggests BMW will be the first car company to offer the tech when it goes live. It’s not a surprising choice, as Bimmer and Apple have partnered to launch automotive technology before; after all, the Bavarian Motor Works was the first brand to offer wireless Apple CarPlay, even if they chose to do so with an irritating subscription-based plan for quite a while. Now, this isn’t a wholly new idea. Tesla has been offering it on the Model 3 for years; in fact, your Bluetooth-enabled, Tesla app-equipped smartphone is the default key for the car. (A thin NFC chip-enabled card serves as the backup.) Other carmakers like Buick and Volvo don’t go quite as far, but they do offer certain app-based functions, such as the ability to lock and unlock your car via your phone from a distance (assuming, of course, your car has a cellular connection). If this seems like another case of tech trying to replace something that doesn’t need reinventing, well, you’re not alone. “I feel like you’d have to be insane to do this!” tech editor Eric Limer says of the idea. A fair point; then again, we’re not sure if he’s ever had to grapple with one of BMW’s giant, newfangled LCD screen-packed key fobs.
  18. iOS 13.4 beta hints at new CarKey feature that lets users use their iPhones to unlock cars source: https://www.hardwarezone.com.sg/tech-news-ios-13-carkey-unlock-cars Apple has just released the first beta version of iOS 13.4 to developers and reports say it contains references to a new "CarKey" API. This new API will allow users to use their iPhones or Apple Watch to unlock, lock, and possibly even start a car. The car must support NFC to work, and iPhone and Apple Watch users only need to hold their devices near the car to use it as a car. The initial pairing process is said to be done through the Wallet app and the car manufacturer's app. After pairing is done, the CarKey should appear in the Wallet app and can be added to the Apple Watch. Interestingly, it is reported that the CarKey can be shared with other people so that they can have access to the car too. Also, it won't be necessary to authenticate with Face ID, which means the CarKey will work even if your iPhone or Apple Watch is out of battery. This is thoughtful but it also raises some security concerns, since this means someone can take your phone and unlock your car. Then again, I guess it's no different from misplacing your car keys. Even so, it's still good news for most car owners who are using Apple users as it could possibly mean one less thing to carry around in your pocket. No word yet when this feature will be officially made available as it requires car manufacturers to come on board as well.
  19. The email in my iPhone and iPad is not showing the attachment but my Macbook is. Anyhow know what's wrong? By the way its a gmail account.
  20. 12 September 2018! https://www.apple.com/apple-events/september-2018/ Looking forward to this: https://www.macworld.co.uk/news/apple/when-is-next-apple-event-3658198/ It has been confirmed, Apple's next major iPhone will be unveiled Wednesday September 12th, 10 am PDT (1am in SG). The event will take place at the Steve Jobs Theater at the Apple HQ in Cupertino, Californa. You can watch the live stream (or add it to your calendar for now) here. Apple is also likely to let the audience know when the next version of the Mac and iOS operating systems will be available for download. The rumours surrounding the date and time of this Apple Special Event were originally reported by the French Radio Station, Europe 1, that claims it got the information from two sources. The difficulty is predicting what Apple will call the next iPhone (or iPhones). Below we will run through the products we expect to see at the event, you can read more about what to expect in our: What will Apple announce on 12 September story. iPhone X Plus, 9, Xi, 11, or something else...There are lots of rumours pointing to an iPhone X Plus - expected to launch at the September event. It's likely that this will be a next generation of the iPhone X, launched alongside the new version of that phone, perhaps the iPhone Xi. We may also see an iPhone 9 (or iPhone 9 Plus). Now may be the time it ditches the numbers and refers to the iPhone simply as iPhone and iPhone Plus. What ever happens, it looks like all the new phones will have Face ID - and no home button. Some rumours suggest that Apple will announce three new phones in 2018 - two high-end X models with OLED screens, and one cheaper model with a LCD-TFT display. All three models are said to have all-screen displays (although we assume the notch will remain). Read all the news about the new iPhone for 2018 here. iPad ProApple updated the iPad back in the Spring, but it's now nearly a year since the iPad Pro was last updated. All the rumours point to Apple updating the iPad Pro at its September event, with the new model using a Face ID camera rather than Touch ID - and hence having no Home button. You can expect smaller bezels and the 10.5in version may get an 11in screen without a significant change in dimensions. Read all about the iPad Pro rumours here. iOS 12 & macOS 14The iPhone usually shares its September event with announcements of when the latest version of iOS (in this case iOS 12) and macOS (Mojave) will become available to the public in their final form, having been announced earlier in the year at WWDC 2018. Apple Watch September is also a good time for Apple Watch updates, and in September 2017 we saw the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE. Anyone waiting for their phones? https://wccftech.com/what-to-expect-from-apples-gather-round-iphone-event-on-september-12/
  21. Not that I will watch or use any of these. Apple unveils TV streaming platform and credit card - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-47697647
  22. https://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2018/12/30/apple-iphone-xi-11-xs-max-xr-upgrade-price-cost-3d-camera-iphone-11/#5c8cfb0a48c5 Looks like the iPhone 11 is going with a major shift in camera ^^^^^^^^^^ . 91,565 viewsDec 30, 2018, 09:40pm Apple Leak Reveals Radical New iPhone XI The iPhone will be completely redesigned in 2020, but until then we knowApple AAPL +5.69%’s design plans are modest with a focus on official price cuts. So how will the company generate excitement for its 2019 iPhones? Now we know… In a major scoop, Bloomberg has revealed Apple is working with Sony to integrate long distance 3D cameras into its next-generation iPhones. This is technology, with the potential to transform photography, security and gaming. Furthermore, the source couldn’t be better: Bloomberg spoke to Sony itself. Apple iPhone XI conceptCONCEPT CREATOR “Cameras revolutionized phones, and based on what I’ve seen, I have the same expectation for 3D [cameras],” said Satoshi Yoshihara, head of Sony’s sensor division, when speaking with Bloomberg. Bloomberg reveals Apple’s interest in incorporating the technology and Yoshihara subsequently confirmed its commercial availability. Yoshihara said Sony will have front and rear-facing 3D cameras ready in 2019 with the company “kicking off mass production in late summer to meet demand”. With Apple’s next-generation iPhones launching in September, this should make you very excited indeed. Differentiating itself from rivals, Sony’s 3D cameras use ‘Time of Flight’ technology (previously used only in industry). It sends out invisible laser pulses and measures the time before they bounce back to build detailed 3D models of objects up to five metres away.
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