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Found 16 results

  1. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/covid-19-mc-donalds-to-temporarily-suspend-all-restaurant-operations-in-singapore-230224039.html Wa now enen drive through is closed. Looks like Mcdonald side is getting super serious.. Don't know is it because that there might have more new cases to be uncovered that is linked to McDonald's or because of management want to be on safer side of the option.
  2. What comes into the mind when you see this 2 logos? Nope, it is neither a JV nor acquisition (I hear some screaming heng ah), but for the development of sustainable material as part of the corporate initiative to go green. Ford is turning McDonald's coffee waste into headlights New York (CNN Business)Ford has tapped McDonald's to help it turn coffee parts into car parts. Starting this year, Ford is incorporating coffee chaff — coffee bean skin that comes off during the roasting process — into the plastic headlamp housing used in some cars. It's asked McDonald's, which doesn't roast its own coffee, to connect it with suppliers. In recent years, as consumers become more concerned about plastic pollution and carbon emissions, companies have made sweeping commitments to reduce their impacts on the environment. They've also been developing innovative, sustainable materials to build consumer products. Traditionally, Ford uses plastic and talc to make its headlamp housing, explained Debbie Miewelski, senior technical leader of materials sustainability for Ford. The coffee version is more sustainable because it's lighter and doesn't use the talc which, as a mineral, isn't renewable. Coffee chaff, on the other hand, is widely available, Miewelski said, and much of it goes to waste. Eventually, Ford hopes to incorporate the material into more cars and use it for more parts. Ford decided to work with coffee chaff a few years ago. But it's been experimenting with organic materials for over a decade. The auto company has been using soy-based foam in its cushions since 2011. It also uses waste from wheat, coconut, tomato and other plants in its cars in order to help meet some of its sustainability goals, which include using more renewable materials. "If you came to our lab, it looks somewhere between a landfill and a farm," Miewelski said. Her team decided to examine the potential of coffee because the beverage is so ubiquitous. Once the Ford team figured out how coffee chaff could be used to build car parts, it reached out to McDonald's because of the restaurant chain's scale and its comparable sustainability goals, Miewelski said. Like Ford, McDonald's also wants to incorporate renewable and recycled materials into its products. The partnership between Ford (F) and McDonald's (MCD) is an example of how brands with distinct sustainability initiatives can work together. McDonald's recently achieved its goal of sourcing all of its US coffee sustainably, one year ahead of schedule, and is also working with competitors to develop more environmentally friendly coffee cups. When Ford approached it about the coffee chaff product a few years ago, the company was able to consider another way to make its coffee greener, said Ian Olson, senior director of global sustainability at McDonald's. "We've conventionally thought of collaborations as within the food industry," Olson said. The Ford partnership can help McDonald's see "what kind of larger impacts are possible," when it works with a company in another sector. "This is just scratching the surface of trying to understand what's possible," Olson said.
  3. It seems like McDonald’s is indefatigable when it comes to releasing new items, considering past reception. Chocolate pie The fast food giant has announced that it will be selling the much-hyped chocolate pies in Singapore starting March 1, 2018. Singaporeans have long heard of this menu item, which was previously only available in countries such as Korea, Japan and Bangkok. In other news, McDonald’s Singapore will also be releasing Fish & Fries, as well a Sweet Chilli Fish Burger on the same date. https://mothership.sg/2018/02/mcdonalds-singapore-chocolate-pie-fish-and-fries/ Looks good! Anyone tried before?!
  4. Zxcvb

    Bishan Park McDonald's

    Just opened not long ago. 24hrs. Right below condominium Clover By The Park. One thing = No car park nearby. Residential area carpark confirm full by evening. It's not like AMK Park or West Coast or East Coast where there's dedicated parking.
  5. Ender

    Mcdonald's New Ebi Burger

    I have succumb to their marketing, and tried it just now. Not bad. the fillet is not as big as the bun as shown on TV, but at least real prawn inside. crunchy too.
  6. To each his or her own. Local context die die must chiong up the corporate ladder in order to be successful meh? On a side note she though not that pretty but quite sweet leh... BTW married to a property agent liao hor... From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...ds_manager.html Posted on 23 Oct 2012 Top student from NUS chooses to be a McDonald's manager Source: The New Paper Photos: The Straits Times, The New Paper Ms Christina Ong made the Dean's List while studying at the National University of Singapore, an accolade reserved for top students. But instead of slipping on high heels and conquering the corporate world she chose to serve burgers and sundaes at McDonald's. Before even graduating from her course in project and facilities management, she had two offers from quantity surveying firms. She is now a manager at the fast food giant. While the 27-year-old beams with pride when talking about her job, many people think otherwise, she says candidly. "It's not something that people always think graduates should do. "Some think it's a job people do in their spare time as a short stint in their teens, and do not see it as a viable career option," she adds. Her career choice is an unconventional path among her peers, she muses. Most of her friends work in offices, not fast food joints. Her decision to join McDonald's full-time in March last year also raised eyebrows at home. Her NTUC cashier mother and coffee-shop assistant father felt that she could get better pay elsewhere. The fact that she had to work shifts was also a sore point. Fresh graduates like Ms Ong earn between $2,000 and $2,500 a month, says a McDonald's spokesman. Some of her relatives also asked her point-blank why she would want to work at a fast food joint, doing such menial tasks as mopping up greasy floors and taking orders. But she waves away the dismissive talk, showing perhaps the determined streak that allowed her to graduate as the top student of her cohort at Singapore Polytechnic. "At McDonald's, we lead by example, so I do everything from the basic to the advanced, like scheduling the work timetables of the crew and interviewing new hires." And it's clear that Ms Ong has great affection for her job and the company, which she started working for as a part-timer at 16. Every weekend, she assembled Happy Meals and dished out chilli packets for eight hours a day from 7am to 3pm, before going out with her friends. Through her schooling days at the Institute of Technical Education (where she won the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship), polytechnic and university, she worked two days a week at McDonald's. During the school holidays, she worked full-time. "I really enjoy the family-like environment and people there. It's a young, vibrant environment and it doesn't feel like I'm working at all. "I even worked on my birthday," she says with a big grin. That she bumps into friends who visit the outlet does not make her feel embarrassed or awkward, Ms Ong insists. Asked if their opinions bother her, she replies without skipping a beat: "If they don't buy it (my decision to work at McDonald's), I don't try too hard to convince them. I enjoy it. If you're always so concerned about what people think, your life will be very difficult." Ms Ong's parents are gradually coming round to her career choice. The job has taken her overseas - to the US city of Orlando for an international convention organised by the company, and to the Philippines for a restaurant leadership programme. Just two weeks ago, she bagged the Super Star Award - the highest service honour - at the Excellent Service Awards for the food and beverage industry. That certainly helped, she says with a smile. Although there are sacrifices she has to make for the job, she makes it clear that she finds them minor inconveniences. "I really don't like night shifts, which start at 10.30pm and end at 7.30am, or run from 5.30pm to 2.30am," Ms Ong says. Working over weekends is also something she does on a regular basis. She and her husband, a property agent, have learnt to work around it. "We try to have dinners together on weekday nights," she says. The bubbly and spirited individual adds that she sees herself working at McDonald's at least for the next five years. "One day, I may want to open a business of my own, a cafe perhaps?" she says.
  7. Losing another nice McDonald's Restaurant soon after East Coast Park..... CNA reported: McDonald's Place sold to Oxley Holdings for S$150m Posted: 10 April 2012 2341 hrs SINGAPORE: Boutique property developer Oxley Holdings has acquired McDonald's Place for S$150 million. In a statement released on Tuesday, Oxley said its subsidiary Oxley Sanctuary had purchased all seven strata commercial units in the freehold development located at King Albert Park from Valewood Investments Pte Ltd. The freehold two-storey commercial building is sited on a land area of 5,535 square metres that is zoned for commercial and residential use with a plot ratio of 3. The developer said it intends to set up a joint venture with Unique Rezi and Luxe Development to redevelop the property, subject to obtaining all the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities. Oxley will hold a 55 per cent share in the proposed joint venture, Luxe Development - a wholly owned subsidiary of Lian Beng Group - will own 15 per cent, with the balance 30 per cent share held by Unique Rezi. The acquisition is not expected to have a material impact on the earnings per share or net tangible assets per share of Oxley for the current financial year ending June 30, 2012. - CNA/wm Have fond memories of this King Albert Park McDonald' cos on duty after midnight, drove there to buy snack..... Hope the one in Queenstown garden will not close down...
  8. Ahtong

    McDonald's Monopoly Game

    From now until December 09. Buy a value meal = 4 stickers, upsize get another 4 stickers. Collect all stickers in a set to win prizes For those who are playing, we can use this thread to swap stickers Prizes / stickers: 1) $50,000 cash / Sentosa Cove + Marina Bay 2) 7D Hawaii Cruise / Ardmore Park + Orchard Road + Holland Road 3) 100,000 Esso Smiles points / Scotts Road + Newton Road + River Valley 4) $3000 Courts voucher / Raffles Place + Robinson Road + Shenton Way 5) 2N Malacca - KL Cruise / Tanjong Rhu + Amber Road + Bayshore Road 6) $400 Jetstar travel voucher / Thomson Road + Farrer Road + Queenstown 7) $200 Toys R Us vouchers / Bishan + Toa Payoh + Ang Mo Kio 8) 32BG touchscreen MP3 player / Joo Chiat Road + Geylang Road
  9. I got river valley M315, Amber Road M310, Queenstown M306, Kaki Bukit M301 for sale... Singapore Flyer 1 for 1 selling at $10. Cheers....
  10. SINGAPORE, May 21, 2010 - FOOTBALL fans in Singapore now have another option to watch 2010 World Cup matches for free. McDonald's will be screening live matches of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa at it's 24-hour restaurants in the lion city. A total of 34 outlets in the city and heartlands like Ang Mo Kio and Bedok will be screening the matches despite the recent announcement on the price hike for rights to publicly screen the World Cup matches. "Over the years, our restaurants have become friendly football hubs in many neighbourhoods, as football fans gather with their buddies and families to catch the World Cup or Barclays Premier League match screenings over their McDonald's favourites. "This year, we are more excited than ever about bringing the World Cup action to life - we anticipate our restaurants to be an even more popular choice for football fans who want to catch the World Cup action on TV for free," said Agatha Yap, Marketing Director for McDonald's Singapore. In addition, McDonald's has also teamed up with the Coca-Cola Company to bring customers a limited edition Coca-Cola Contour Glass series with the World Cup theme. The six different coloured glasses are each embossed with official 2010 FIFA World Cup football figures, carrying a different football pose showing a bicycle kick, header, kick, save, volley and strike. The promotion will kick off before the matches on 3 June, whilst stocks last. List of McDonald's restaurants with World Cup screenings:
  11. McDonald's takes the charm out of Doraemon series MCDONALD'S started a Doraemon lucky charm series recently with each lucky charm sold at $2 if one orders a set meal. My two-year-old daughter is a Doraemon fan and can sing the song whenever she sees the cartoon cat. Thinking of getting four Doraemon lucky charms representing the Chinese zodiac signs of my family - Tiger, Rabbit, Pig and Ox - I visited the McDonald's outlet in Tampines Mall on Monday. The idea was to display them during Chinese New Year. After I bought the Tiger and Rabbit lucky charms, I scanned the series and realised one animal was missing from the 12 signs - the Pig. Instead, McDonald's had a Cupid Doraemon. I could understand why Cupid was there as the first day of Chinese New Year happens to be Valentine's Day. But why should the Pig be missing from the series since all other 11 animals (even the mythical dragon) are included? Puzzled, I asked the counter staff. The answer surprised me even more: As a halal restaurant, McDonald's could not display or sell Pig soft toys. I understand that we need to respect our Muslim citizens as Singapore is a multiracial and multicultural society. Halal food establishments must meet the criteria set by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) to be certified as such. I also understand why some restaurants do not allow dogs on their premises as it may offend Muslim diners. I have Muslim friends and when I invite them for a meal, I make sure I have a halal food option. If I dine with them, I avoid ordering pork dishes too. However, in this case, the Pig is one of the Chinese zodiac signs - part of Chinese culture and customs - and it is just a soft toy, not food. Will the sight of a Doraemon collectible Pig soft toy offend anyone? Was the decision based on a recommendation from Muis? I have given up collecting the lucky charms because my girl was born in the Year of the Pig and she has no 'luck' in getting her Doraemon charm. Pauline Koh (Ms)
  12. Nutsack

    McDonald's in 1979

    Hey everyone. McDonald's opened in Singapore in 1979. How much did their stuff cost then in 1979's SGD? How much did a cheese burger cost? How much did a pack of fries cost? Just curious. I was too young to remember. Perhaps some wise sages can enlighten me. Thanks!
  13. Man beats girl over who was first at McDonald's 1 day ago LOS ANGELES (AP)
  14. Rats fall from ceiling of restaurant: Source of rats being investigated, says McDonalds On September 8, STOMP received an e-mail from STOMPer Nightwind about his encounter that involved rats falling from the ceiling of a Tampines branch of McDonald's. In the original e-mail, Nightwind says:
  15. Fortress

    Coffee at Ridout Gardens McDonald's

    Dear All, Interested to have a chit chat at Ridout Gardens McDonald's, 1500 hrs on Friday, Jan 6. 1. Fortress 2. Skodarr - he said that just tell him the place and time, "as usual" - assuming he is coming.
  16. Check what bike McDonald is using for delivery vs those from Pizza Huts !