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Found 9 results

  1. Crazy Prasarana bus driver went on a mad rampage and hit many cars. Caught and beaten up.
  2. In Berita Harian Malaysia. Not sure whether those not using EDL have to pay... The Malaysian government has announced a toll for vehicles using the Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) which connects the Johor Baru immigration complex to the North-South Expressway, the main highway used by motorists heading to Malacca and Kuala Lumpur . The new fee for cars from Singapore to Johor Bahru is RM9.70, and RM6.80 from Johor to Singapore. Earlier Cars and lorries exiting Singapore paid RM2.90 and RM5.50, respectively to use the N-S Highway, The announcement comes as Malaysia's Transport Ministry on Friday said Singapore motorists driving into Johor will pay no more than RM50 (S$20) for a new Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) charge for Singapore-registered vehicles, details of which are being discussed. Effective date 1 August 2014...next Friday During the Hari Raya period.
  3. Sibeh fierce...probably a small knock (not known) and lost her mind...intimidating the old uncle. Driving Peugeot nia ma...not as if the uncle say not compensating her...demanded RM2k on the spot... Now kena CSI on internet already... http://tw.gigacircle.com/927162-1
  4. For those Msian who have surrendered their Msian driving license to convert to Spore driving license, it is legal to drive Msia car back in Msia using ur Spore driving license?
  5. Bluepica

    Renouncing Msian Citizenship

    Any bro here renounced their Msian Citizenship and join the party here? If you had done so, what happened to your property in Msia? Do nothing about it or sell off/change name? Exhausted trying to google but can't find a definite answer
  6. SporeHongkong

    F$%# ing Msian Police...

    yest nite when turning back to msian customs complex u guys know the side road before going down slope into complex..knn kana wave by kopi guys to stop by the side..bloody hell say i never signal n cut into lane in which i was travelling only in THAT 1 lane accessible..stop by the side, knn tell me this offence must summon RM300..haha..i told them i didnt do anything wrong n if they wan they can go ahead to issue which i will appeal..that B@#tard told me give license n took to copy on a piece of paper..walk back tell me "how u wan settle"??? i ask him back how u wan me to settle? he say fine is RM300 i say i only have RM20 w me..he say not enough to pay so went back to take his summon book..walk back again ask me again if u dont pay now must go TP counter pay before 9am tomo..i told him its fine w me anyway.. the way he say really feel like slapping him..f up man..anyway he cant seem to extort from me then he asked another "senior" officer to come talk to me n ask me get back into the car first..came by my window n asked me u wan settle???i say i only have RM20..he LL then ask me put on his file n ask me to go off..really f up all this B@#$ards..saw quite a few spore cars also kana..in between got 1 jaguar inside old couple..dont know how they going "Settle"...
  7. I think Singaporeans with local license are not allow to drive a Malaysia registered vehicle in Msia. What if I'm to get a international license? Can I then drive a Malaysian car? Pls enlighten.