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Found 14 results

  1. mcpd001

    testing embeds

  2. I am wondering, are admin fees or football fees or whatever u call it... are they still in 'fashion'? If so, then it makes buying a 2nd hand car more costly. Admin fees lar, lagi transfer fees, lagi higher loan interest etc
  3. there is something unusual in MCF? The admin and moderator team has been very quiet in the past weeks. - Winner for HTOTM has not been announced (usually within 1st week of the month) - Winner for MWTOTM has also not been announced (we are less than a week away from a new month) - No response with regards to security concerns in MCF and other SPH site - No response to the feedback provided in the newbie and feedback thread - Last but not least, a few requests I have made to MCF's 3 (@pchou @babyblade @kobayashigt) was not attended to... I hope I am just being overly sensitive... Long Life MCF!!!
  4. IF there is any admin on line now, please take a look at my last post int the LITE and EZ thread about the 6 year old boy with cancer. Will need you to see if it is appropriate to update to first post of the thread. Thank you ---------------------------------- Edited to reflect the turn of events as requested by TS 03/02/15 ------------------------------------------------ 02/02/2015 Hello everyone. There are some good updates! Indiegogo has suspended my account and refunded the last 5 donors. The last 5 donors went to my Indiegogo account as my Paypal was suspended by then. They are working to refund all platform fees with paypal now and paypal will then refund everyone every single cent. No fees at all. Sit on tight bros! Money coming back soon liao. Please don't chase me for 1 week's worth of interest. Attached Thumbnails -------------------------------------------- 02/02/2015 Dear Bros and Sis, Please check your accounts in a week or so. Currently i wouldnt know the funds movement because i am locked out of my Indiegogo and Paypal accounts. So i do not know whats happening in there. Cheers! Hope all these will come to an end soon. Attached Thumbnails
  5. I remember more than 10 years ago when I was buying used cars, the first payment to make was a. Down payment depending on how much you like to finance b. Insurance c. First month instalment (if under financing) d. Transfer fee of ownership of vehicle (2% of sale price if remembered correctly) It was all the while the above fees to pay for until government decided to set to transfer fee to a standard $11.00 regardless of make and model some 4 or 5 years ago in order to relieve our burden in getting a used car. I have heard from friends that an "Admin Fees" was implemented and we don't know which department of the government actually implemented this. After a recent visit to the used car market, I was quoted a standard sum of $800.00 for the admin fee usually while a few others quoted $500.00. Some dealers even told me depending on how they play with the price. They can also waive the admin fees but it was already mark up in the car price. So I assumed this "admin fees" was implemented by Used cars traders since there isn't a real standard. All dealers I have spoke to so far all said that this is a fee buyer "must pay". Does anyone pay for this fee recently when purchasing a used car?
  6. VenomMX

    Part Time Admin Staff Wanted

    JSSL Arsenal Soccer School is looking for a part time administrator to work on weekends. 1) only open to females (as all the other admin staff are females) 2) only open to Singaporeans (dont want to give this lobang to FT) 3) able to commit on saturdays and sundays (8am-7pm) 4) outdoor working environment (NOT an office job) 5) basic admin work, but most of the time handling customers (parents of the kids) or potential customers 6) fluent in english, friendly, sporty, efficient, good with handling customers 7) Working venues include UWC East, Victoria Junior College, Tanglin Trust School, and the Floating Platform. 8 ) $10/hour A perfect part time job especially for students, who wish to earn a decent pay, and yet not interfere with their studies. However, I must say that your weekends will definitely be "burnt", due to work from 8am to 7pm. So I think it will be better if you have some sort of a passion for soccer, so at least you will enjoy what you are doing every weekend. For "unofficial" enquiries, for example, questions like "why is it only on weekends?", or "can males apply?", sms me at 97823647. For official enquires, contact Rina (Head Admin) at 63485780, or email rina_jsslarsenal@yahoo.com.sg
  7. ..and please do something about the IRRITATING MERCEDES AD.......any mouse over, even FAR AWY from the biugger, initiates it! Kindly remove it OR readjust the whole ad so that it is NOT SO SENSITIVE!!!
  8. u had ur chance to choose, so just shut up and get on with your choice!
  9. Fattychubby

    Used Car Admin Fees

    I was checking out some used cars with trade assist .. i was told there is a admin fee of $700 to be borne by buyer and this is non negotiable. was thinking this is on the high side , might as well go for the direct sellers than to go thru a "middleman"as they claim that the purchase is DIRECT from sellers ... what a joke.. i hope i am not offending the moderators of MCF.
  10. Hi, Im getting a Civic ESI. In house loan. And the 1st payment is inclusive of a $500 admin fee!?!? HE said, its under finance side.. He never earn from admin fee. I tried nego-ing with him. Ask him lower the admin fee to $200, he wont budge... Need help here? What should i do? Just pay n proceed or walk off?
  11. remove the damn complaints folder.. cos obviously some of these super LJ members cannot take to ppl complaining.. likewise like stomp, ppl post photos of incidents oso kenna bombed like nobody business.. i personally dun give a damn, i can take on them anytime.. but for wad? flaming very song meh? i chiong forum since 1999 and seen it all.. clones wars, ppl ganging up to gain upperhand in forums cos even if wrong, their numbers make up for it.. seriously, remove it la.. if not surely u see members from old time around only, newbies will just keep to themselves cos scared offending the LJ ppl..
  12. it has been more than 1 mth liao despite sending numerous emails to your mailbox for request...no response from you...
  13. This so-call admin fee aka "football money" or "tak-kew-looi" in Hokkien, any dealer or kaki here can clarify the purpose of charging this amount? What is the amount that is charge, ie. percentage? Dealer on one hand already mark up the price of used car and yet want to earn some more? Thanks.