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Found 10 results

  1. Maxell00

    1.6A optra fuel comsumption

    hi, i noticed that my optra, which is 1.5 yrs old, has better fuel mileage lately. It happened suddenly after I have removed the spare tire and fill in shell petrol. maybe just coincident. I used to buy petrol from petronas station. me from malaysia. last time, 1 litre could go for about 7.6km and now 1 litre can go as high as 9.3km. 100% city driving. is it that the engine just ran in, which i heard so much about. The total mileage is only about 12000 km now. I don't use that car very often last time because of poor fuel mileage. Thank you Regards
  2. Hi Friends,i am helping a friend,he is driving an Audi A6 with the 2L turbo engine,which is i think the same engine used in the V.W. Golf GTI,recently his car used about 1L of engine oil every 1500km,which i think is a bit too much,his mileage is 65,000km,no leak is detected,agent says it is normal,did any V.W./Audi owners here have this problem,thanks.
  3. Pleas feel free to share you FC here:- TC: Mine is jeebun 2L TC, stock (except exhaust, mild cams n re-map), shd be around 310hp @ crank: daily 70% expressways, 30% smooth traffic on normal roads -----------------------> 7-8.2km/l northsouthHW, stick to speed limit of 110kmh, 90% aircon off, 60% zero boosy --> 11.3km/l northsouth HW, average say 160kmh 60% aircon off ---------------------------------> 9.0km/l on track ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> 3.0km/l
  4. Driftking

    A168: Fuel Comsumption

    Hi everyone, With my ride already run-in, I'm getting a FC of 12km/l! I think this is quite remarkable: since I'm quite heavy-footed plus my ride's relatively heavy body. Btw, I'm driving a A168. Anyone feeling the pain already from the rising oil prices? Seeing that the fuel prices are going up each day, I'm glad I'm not driving a guzzler! Imagine the pain of those guys driving heavy-FC rides like Alfa, BMW, Volvo etc. Heck, I think it's already quite bad for those Hyundais... Cheers!
  5. Immortal

    Where is the fuel comsumption

    hey where is the fuel comsumption chart which the old MCF have? can anyone pinpoint. sry too long never come forum already don't know what is happening
  6. hi bros... would like to find out tat wat r the models of cars tat pple drive in singapre wif low fuel consumption?
  7. issit true tat using a bigger rim de fuel comsumption is high???
  8. i wonder your guy out there driving harrier what is the FC like, mine seen to be very low, around 7.5 to 8.0 with 70% city and 30% high way, after installing broquet, grounding, cable, magnet thing, i think all this ******** only, not really helping at all.. Really appreciate any feedback..
  9. Anewtech

    Fuel comsumption of Accent 2003

    Dear all, I'm sweating over for my Accent 2003 1.5A, the fuel comsuption is incredible... it's like 9km++/litre....it's less than 1 mth old, upgrade rims to 15" only.. anyone has similar experience? any improvements recommended?