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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, good day to you. I would like to have some advice on the gearbox jerking issue of Mercedes-Benz, A class model. Is there any discussion on this topic? Hope you can direct me to that link, thank you.
  2. hi all, i have an issue when i am idling at traffic lights. As and when, i will feel a shuddering shiver from the engine bay. Worst when i on the aircon. Then if i move in low speed, i will be jerking badly. I used to have this problem then i changed the ignition coil. All is fine only for a few weeks and the problem came back again. Anyone have any ideas what is going on?
  3. Ungtiong

    Car jerking during acceleration

    I have this problem.......when i drive my car in the morning or after parking for a long time, when i accelerate hard, the car will jerk a few times (4-5 times) at around 5000 rpm...this will ALWAYS happens once in the trip and after that in the same trip, no matter how hard i accelerate, i can never repeat the jerking. When the car is jerking (or engine hesitating) the speedo will jump around. What seems to be the problem that will only happened once per trip.....after that the car drives fine. If i never accelerate hard, the car is also fine. Spark plugs changed, air filter clean, mass airflow sensor cleaned, engine oil changed.....
  4. Hi VAG experts, Recently I have to drive up to Malaysia quite regularly, thus I have bought another car, a 2nd hand 2006 Passat 2.0 FSI for this purposes. In the D mode, while I have revving up the gears, I always feel a hard jerk (machiam gears throwing) for the following gears change i.e. 2 to 3 and 5 to 6. This also happens when I am engaging the R gear. However, when I used the S mode or manual shift to drive, there are none of such incidences. Any advice? Thanks, F_S
  5. Hi, I am a light-footer on the accelerator. At times, my car will shudder or jerk during gear change. The shudder happens only when I try to accelerate (lightly) after dropping speed (i.e downing from higher gears). The shudder is just like how a manual transmission car is about to stall when there's insufficient rev. The shudder will go away when 1) I release my footing from the accelerator, or 2) I rev harder on the accelerator. The problem does not happen all the time on all gears, but only about a couple of times per drive, and only at gear change between gear 2/3/4 (i have a 6 speed auto gear box). Also, if I provide a heavier footing on the accelerator, I will not get this problem at all. Well, I don't wish to be heavy on the gas all the time, as it will drive up fuel consumption. It's also not my driving habit. What could be the problem? Is there a problem with the gears, auto transmission system, oil, or valves? I'm loss at this as I can't seem to find much info about this from the internet. Thanks!
  6. Kungfu

    Car Jerking

    my car starts to give me the occasional, but noticeable jerk at times,esp when it's 50km'h or below. I really not sure what is causing it but really discomfort taking the jerks. could it be - the accelerator starts to loosen or become not sensitive - fuel filter becomes v dirty,must change - that i used a btl of http://www.marvelmysteryoil.com/index.php/site/mmo/ - other reasons that i yet heard of
  7. hi all, i've had this prob ever since i got my ride. in 1st n 2nd gear, when i release accelerator or step on it after i have released it for a while, there is some rather heavy jerking of the car body (dunno if jerking is the right word but in hokkien shld be 'chua4') i thought it was engine break, but after trying my friends' cars, the engine break is very gentle, unlike mine. then i changed the spoilt engine mountings n cleaned the throttlebody, but no improvement. any bro might be able to pinpoint the problem? thanks in advance man
  8. guys, my car (proton wira) clocked 75k km and having serious jerking at low gears, at 1st, 2nd and sometime 3rd gear. it is intermitten. things have done to resolve the problem: 1. changed fuel filter 2. changed ignition cables 3. cleaned spark plug 4. adjusted clutch cable but the problem is still persist. next suspected item is the clutch plate worn off. how to check and confirm the clutch is worn off? BTW, this is a very informative forum TQ jigc
  9. Can anyone suggest who to complaint to at GM. SA is unable to solve the problem, i am driving an optra (A). My car will start to jerk during morning warming up and during idling, this problem occurs since day one i collected my car and is already been 4 months. Please help should you know the contacts. Many thanks.