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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all Mcfers, Do check out for monthly promotion here. Hope to bring you MCFERS more products and promotion in the near future. Latest promotion will be updated here. Keep a look [/size]out Cheers Benny aka Maddriver aka Maddetailer Visit me at www.optivax.com.sg for the range of detailing products
  2. Optivax

    Optimum OptiCoat Tested

    These products have been in the market for almost a year but only available to professional groomers only..Why not let DIY users have a chance to try since some of the detailers are quite pro..I decided to start retailing this coating to fellow DIY users..This OptiCoat is not spray on type of coating..This Opticoat can be removed with some hard machine polishing compound so dun worry if wrong application will damage your paint..With this coating underneath..You can still DIY with some of your favorite waxes or sealant or even AIOs... It has been a while since I last stop my FL detailing..I decided to do this test to see how OptiCoat can last in our tropical weather.. Surface used..4 years old Citroen Berlingo..Condition is quite bad..decided not to do a wet sand as time is quite consuming..oxidation and water marks are main issue..I dun expect a 100% removal.. Machine used- Makita 9227C and Flex polishing pads - Lake country purple wool and orange/white pads.. Products Used - Since I am still waiting for my Optimum Professional polish..I took some Merzerna Power Gloss and Intensive polish 91 and 85..Optimum Poli-seal..Optimum Power clean..70% IPA ..Optimum No Rinse and the main dish Optimum Opti-Coat Here are some pics.. condition of the surface before polish..
  3. Car owners with an engine oil temp gauge. On a cold morning, maybe can you share how long does it typically take for your car to reach optimum operating temperature of > 90deg ? I am not referring to the water temp gauge, that warms up much faster though. Reason i am asking this is because when your engine get the most wear and tear is always during the initial startup. The engine oil doesn't thin enough to really get into the minute places of our modern tight tolerances' engines. in fact, using a w20 or w30 engine oil might be better than that w40 or w50 oil you are using. at the same time save you the trouble of warming up the engine?
  4. Decided to put a new yet to launch Duragloss Nano Clear Seal on a test with Optimum Opti-Guard..Not sure it will be a fair comparison since Opti-Guard is a coating.. Observation Duragloss Nano CS produce a wet finished...The application is easy on and not require to buff off..Application is similar to Enviroshield..Apply a little and it enable to spread on a large area easily..Once cured..It has a very slick feel.. Let see how durable and resistance it is.. The panel is divided into half..With Opti-Guard and Duragloss Nano CS..As for the prep..clay with Duragloss claybar..Polish with IP and finished with FF.. Wipe down with 99% IPA.. This is after applying DG Nano clear seal and Optimum coat..
  5. Optivax

    Optimum Opti glass on windscreen

    Once again Optimum technology has come up with a new coating and this time is meant for glass. Optiglass is a coating with hydrophobic effect for glass and it suppose to prevent stone chips, scratches and those usual water stains and marls for pollutant. How good it is? I decided to put on test on my berlingo windscreen. It has been awhile since i touch the machine. With the help from Jeremy of Miracle detail. Everything went smoothly. Polishing windscreen is never a easy job as it require the correct material and equipment. Unlike paint, glass is much harder, probably those expert in glass polishing knows better. My windscreen has been a testbed for various products amd this is how bad under the inspection light. Material used. Cerium oxide and rayon pad. Cerium oxide has good cutting amdit works well with machine. If you are using hand, i would advice you to get those off the shelves glass polish.
  6. I purchased optimum trial packet yesterday and washed with its car shampoo today. Most car shampoo that I have used, suds or foam die off soon and is like washing car with simply just plain water. Was quite amazed that this optimum car wash is very concentrated, producing lot of foam. I filled a 4 gallon pail of water with 1 1/2 capful shampoo. GPGT. Finished washing
  7. To All Duragloss and Optimum car care products users.. Get yourself a free product when you upload any Duragloss-ed or Optimum detailed photo of your cars.. Here is the contest plan.. 1) Upload photos of detailed car with either using Duragloss or Optimum or combination of both in this thread 2) Share with us your detailing steps 3) Share with us any products reviews 4) Choose one product from below 4) PM me which product you wish to try next * Duragloss 521 Quick detailer * Duragloss 951 Aquawax * Duragloss Odor Eliminator * Duragloss Tar Removal * Duragloss 901 car shampoo * Optimum Gloss enhancer and detail spray * Optimum Opti-Clean * Opti-Gel tire shine (250ml) Details of product can be found at Duragloss Car care Optimum car care products Collection of your prize You can collect from me during night time at Yishun on weekdays if you are near.. Lastly there will be 3 top prizes (Best photos) worth $60 car wash item given out..The top 3 winners will be announced on 30/11/2011 This contest close on 30/11/2011 HAVE FUN GUYS!!!!
  8. ok, after driven it for around 1mth, i'm almost adjusted to the feel of it from Ku31.. the only area im still exploring is the air pressure... for my previous Ku31, i pump 260F/240R and it works well on wet and dry and steering feel...... so, naturally i will pump the same for my new V12 to try it out and adjust accordingly... looks like V12 is very "hard" with 260F/240R...drove for a week, dont like it.... it's not "holding" the road well to my liking.... toned down to 250F/240R.... well, still not to my liking.... especially on corner..... it doesn't gives me the confident i get from Ku31.... then further down to 240F/230R... better but still got the "weird" feeling of it not holding the tar well initially.... i drive for ~2week with this and at later stage, it feel better.... when i checked, it drop to ~225F/220R at at this reading, it seems to give me a better feel..... but so far, i've never pump so low for a 16" (for my stock 15", recommended is 230F/210R)......... any bro with V12-16" and care to share your experience with pump pressure?.... and btw, V12 is already noisy with 3K mileage.... it's definitely noisier than ku31 but i like tyre noise since it gives me the sense of security knowing im still touching the ground...
  9. Optivax

    Optimum Grand Turismo

    Got to do a Black GT today..Indeed an awesome beauty..Since is very nice..groomer engage by Hong Seh did a good job..No swirl except one or two hairline and some blur patches around..I did some light polish with a LC white polish pad and manage to get them off..No chance to bring this beau out under the sun as it was raining..took some shots in the carpark..sorry for the poor pictures.. My steps.. 1. Did a wash with mixture of Optimum shampoo and ONR.. 2. Dry with drying towel 3. Light cutting compound along with white polish pad with XC3401 4. Optimum Poli Seal with white polish pad 5. Wipe down with Optimum All purpose cleaner to remove the excess oil 6. Final application manually with Opti-Seal and a micro-fiber applicator
  10. Garlic

    Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine

    Check out this new product from OPT. Picture and introduction: http://www.superiorcarcare.net/opnoriwash.html Reviews: http://autopia.org/forum/showthread.php?t=66384
  11. hi bro..... anyone can advise on this product. Think both have cleaning properties. Can OPS mix with JW product.
  12. After reading many comments on Autopia regarding rinseless washes, I finally decided to try out ONR. Another fellow forummer demo-ed to me before and I found it extremely disturbing that a rinse step is not required. His sheepskin mitt literally turned BLACK and when dunking it into the ONR washpail, the dirt does not go away First I started off with the rims which haven't been washed in 2 weeks. Before [inline rim1.jpg] After [inline rim2.jpg] Here's the wash bucket AFTER all 4 rims/tyres + 2 dirty fenderwells [inline rim3.jpg] That's 4 reasonably dirty rims, and almost clear ONR in the washpail, only a little grit trapped inside the Gritguard. At this point I don't have a drying towel for the rims so I just let it be, I'm not about to dry the wheels and paint with the same towel Moving on to the paint, previously I would be doing Rinse > Wash > Rinse > Dry Now I am going to ONR > Dry (panel by panel, top to bottom) Mitt & Washpail before [inline mitt1.jpg] Mitt & Washpail after (you can't see but the ONR is rather clear, all the crap is trapped in the mitt) [inline mitt2.jpg] Nothing to shout about & the paint is still intact [inline "onr (640 x 480).jpg"] I used only 1 surface of MD's WWMF towel for the entire vehicle, including door jambs just to see how dirty the towel would get. [inline towel.jpg] After all this which took about 40 mins, I AW-ed the entire vehicle, rounding up a 'quick' detail at just over 1.5 hours which included spot claying, hand polishing the entire roof with Poorboy's Polish with Sealant and polishing the sunroof with Optimum Compound. My verdict: Safe, time-saver, cleaning power not good (perhaps I under-diluted) and good for areas like door sills. Get 2 drying towels, 1 for paint and 1 for rims, if you let ONR stand it will cause some watermarks. There are ABSOLUTELY ZERO suds. It looks just like plain water. [inline "final (640 x 480).jpg"]
  13. Lucio

    Optimum car wax

    Any one knows where can i get the optimum car wax? Thx