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Found 16 results

  1. Hoppe

    Swift Owners

    Just thought I would like to make up a list. Start with me : 1) Hoppe - Swift 1.3XG, Blue, SGV xxxx 2) Ssswhite - Swift Sports 1.6AT, White, SJK xxxx 3) pocus - Swift 1.5AT, Blue(duh!), SGC xxxx 4) Rafsimon - Swift ZC31, Blue, SGW XXXX 5) acevin - Swift 1.2XG, Grey, SJF xxxx 6) solaris8899 - Swift, 1.5AT, Silver, SGH xxxx 7) Deathstalker - 1.5AT, Red, SGZ xxxx
  2. Since this is a new model, I think it warranty a new thread to set it apart from the old Swifts The official announcement with happen at Frankfurt Motorshow next week. Anyone as hyped up as me? The info we know so far: Car is slightly larger than previous Swifts, but you cannot tell unless you compare side by side. 1.4 Direct Injected intercooled (front mounted) Turbo, Euro 6 compliant 140ps @ 5500rpm 230nm @ 2500-3500rpm (That's higher than normal turbo range, optimized more for performance) 970kg for MT, 990kg for AT 6MT or tipronic 6AT(They ditched the CVT) 17" rims cruise control and Bluetooth with LED display fabric and leather hybrid sport seats Collision mitigation for higher JDM spec, not sure if it will come locally. JDM release date​ this Month 2017 so PI can start bringing them soon. 0-100 not recorded but based on specs and weight should be in the sub-7 secs The cheapest trim is selling at 1.7 milllion yen, after conversion is around $21kSGD for the OMV.Based calculations of PARF and current cat B COE, the car should be around 120k bracket plus minus. Anyone's radar on this? Close up Interior Zhnged version
  3. In this video, The Suzuki Swift driver is driving on a downhill course along South Buona Vista Road, also known among the driving community as as 99 Bends or "Gao Zhup Gao Wan" in Hokkien. Watch the video here: The driver loses control after a long left curve, which has a decreasing radius that requires drivers to slow down. As seen above: Speed regulating strips to tell the driver to slow down. The Suzuki Swift seems to be catching up to the car infront, but it lost control at the end of this curve, then skidded and crashed into the barrier just opposite the bus stop. Here's the route that the driver was on, and the location of the crash site: Source: Google Maps We hope the driver is okay - and please drive with care next time. Thankfully, there were no pedestrians nearby. Netizens also have some comments about the driver:
  4. All Swift/Cultus GTi (AA34S) owner kindly fall in here please..... do head count.... n pls post ur model. i'll kick off first.. 1992 Swift GTi Mk3 - Gun Metal
  5. Suzuki Swift Extreme Concept Impresses With Striking Looks source: https://www.carscoops.com/2019/12/suzuki-swift-extreme-concept-premieres-in-thailand-with-striking-looks/ Suzuki has unveiled a bold Swift-based concept car at the ongoing Thailand Motor Expo 2019 fittingly dubbed the Swift Extreme Concept. While the Suzuki Swift has a unique character and style, it’s far from the most exciting small car on the market. To give the hatchback some life, Suzuki went to town with a series of bold exterior upgrades. Starting at the front, you will find a revised fascia incorporating a blacked-out grille, bespoke air intakes, and a new splitter, as well as a curvaceous hood with sharp air vents. Then we get to the sides, where the concept it stands out from all other Swift models before it thanks to gloss black front and rear wheel fender flares that give the car a fresh new stance. Complementing the new arches are enlarged silver sports wheels with low-profile tires. Rounding out the modifications are a series of upgrades made to the rear fascia, a large spoiler stretching out from the roof and a secondary spoiler that sits between the taillights. There is also a body-colored diffuser and square tailpipes (which may or may not be functional). Heavily tinted windows prevented attendees from seeing if any changes were made to the concept’s interior, while there’s also no word on whether the concept sports any performance upgrades.
  6. Chiqinhan

    Suzuki Swift owners???

    hi currently i'm driving a 1991 swift... any bros herer also driving the same car??? maybe can meet up some day for all swift owners...... cheers.....
  7. Charmaine12

    Intro a car

    Guys.. i am thinking of changing to a smaller car with lower maintenance. . Reason is my latio seems to give me problems.. and fuel consumption is quite high.. i am clocking 2.5k km per month. I am looking at suzuki swift 1.3 or 1.2. Toyota vios or yaris. Budget is 50k plus considering selling my latio 09 at that price. Looking at at least 2009 car and newer. Okay with manual gear. Any other recommendation?
  8. To those who have been driving the new Suzuki Swift for a while, perhaps this could be the thread for any update or complaint or any component or mechanical failure. This is so that we can determine how reliable has Swift been. Personally, I have voided my warranty by sending my car to other workshop for servicing instead of going down to the Authorised workshop, which charges higher price and also takes longer waiting time. Any component failure so far, folks?
  9. [extract] Suzuki has unveiled a photo, one measly photo of the 2012 Suzuki Swift Sport to the world. This little teaser is ahead of its launch at this year
  10. Peninsular Malaysia is a great place to travel and do some motoring. Some would do motoring for sightseeing, some would do it to reach their holiday destination, some for the thrill of driving and some for food hunting. I know of some friends who would hit the Causeway or the Second Link in Tuas early in the morning for some fishball noodles at Yong Peng or for some Biryani Gam Rice in Batu Pahat. Both towns are located in the neighbouring Malaysian state of Johor. One other Johor delicacy that is worth mentioning is Asam Pedas. Asam Pedas is a spicy fish stew-like dish made with tamarind (asam) fruit juice. Now without sounding too much like Gordon Ramsay the cooking process involves soaking the pulp of the fruit until it is soft and then squeezing out the juice for cooking the fish. Various vegetables such as brinjals, lady fingers and tomatoes are added. Fish (such as mackerel or red snapper) is added to make a spicy and tart fish stew. It is important that the fish remain intact for serving so generally the fish is added last. Note that there are various styles of preparation, the Johor Malay version, the Johor version by the local Chinese and the Baba Nyonya (or Melaka) version. I won't go into detail as this isn't Now enough with the cooking lesson and on with the article. The thing with asam pedas is that it usually is difficult to find properly tasting ones like those you find in traditional Malaysian households of the races mentioned above. One nice place to try asam pedas and soak in some rustic rural Malaysian environment is in Parit Jawa in Muar. Muar is a town that is located on the North-Western Tip of Johor and close to Malacca. It should be about two hours away from the Causeways and you can take the Pagoh or the Yong Peng North exit and make your way towards Muar. Parit Jawa is located on the Muar-Batu Pahat trunk road and is one of the older settlements in the state of Johor. You can even find pre-war shophouses (photo above) lining its small town center. So once you reach Parit Jawa you will see signboards pointing the way to 'Medan Asam Pedas Parit Jawa'. The local council has basically seen the demand for freshly cooked asam pedas and has actually built a food court specially catering for asam pedas. And what makes Parit Jawa a pretty good place to have asam pedas is the fact that it is a traditional Malaysian fishing village. This means that the fish is extremely fresh. The asam pedas food court is located right beside a fishing village complete with a water lock (for irrigation in the nearby crop plantations), fishing boats all lined up and an authentic Malaysian village (kampung) environment for you to soak in while eating some fish stew. I was there on a Johor state public holiday and only some of the stalls in the food court were open. I'd recommend the 'warung' or stall under the name' Mak Pon' for pretty authentic Malay style asam pedas. I am sorry I didn't take any pictures of the actual dish as I was pretty captivated with the fishing boats and all. I was thinking about being in a scene of the Deadliest Catch (albeit a very tame and localized version without the rough seas and all) as I was more enthralled about the boats and water lock. It must be the kid in me being more interested in machinery and engineering stuff and all. So what did I drive throughout this trip then? A Suzuki Swift 1.5automatic with about 55,000km on the clock. It felt beautifully taut on all the roads it encountered. On a couple of occasions I let it stray to beyond 160km/h and it felt solid at those higher than average speeds. On the B-roads around Muar, namely the Tangkak to Muar road its suspension deftly handled the bumps and undulations. Its 185/60/15 tires may not have the grip of the slightly wider 195/50/16 tires of the Swift Sport (it understeers earlier and isn't as snappy like the Sport) but if you learn to drive within its limitations it is a pretty great hatchback for B roads. The beam axle at the rear felts nicely tied down and the sideways movement that you often feel in cars with this sort of rear suspension is very limited. It must be the fact that the car's overall weight is only slightly above 1,000kg so there is a lack of inertia compared to larger beam axle equipped cars like, say the Latio hatchback or the Pug 308. Bombing down the sweeping corners and twisties that are also full of undulations in a very well made little hatchback shows that it isn't necessary to have an extremely powerful or fast car to enjoy motoring. Of course it'll help if you do, but if you cannot afford all the power and speed, then there is always a small Suzuki to fall back onto. Let's hope that the next generation Swift drives as well as this one.
  11. Rigval

    More details on the 2011 Suzuki Swift

    [extract] Suzuki has released more official photos of the 2011 Swift as well as the specification for the models that will be initially launched for the European market. From these pictures we can see that the car looks slightly larger than the previous model but keeps the previous model
  12. Suzuki has unveiled the first official photos of its upcoming, next-generation Swift model. The new Swift features a more lightweight and stiffened frame compared to it predecessor and comes with a widened track and larger wheels for improved performance and handling. Compared to the previous generation, the car is longer by 9cm with a 5cm increase in wheelbase. The revised hatch will be available with a 1.2 liter gasoline engine with variable intake and exhaust valve timing or Dual VVTi. It produces 94 PS at 6,000 revs and 118Nm of torque at 4,800 revs. Fuel consumption on the unit is 5 liters/100 km and CO2 emissions are 116 g/km. A new Euro 5-compliant 1.3 liter diesel will also be made available in 2011 with a CO2 bona fide of 109 g/km and a consumption rating of 4.2 liters/ 100 km. On the front, we have a reworked front fascia with a new grille, headlights and front bumper. The rear sports new taillights, bumper and boot lid. Interior information is limited at this moment.
  13. Some breaking news for Suzuki fans out there. Suzuki has previewed the next generation Swift (the third generation) and it is slightly longer (wheelbase up by 50mm to 2530mm -amended ), wider and taller than the model that currently plies our roads. It will also be cleaner and more efficient than the earlier model and will be lighter yet stiffer due to Suzuki utilizing more high tensile steel in its chassis. This surely would make the new Swift handle better than ever and this is a very good thing as the old one is one of the sweetest handling yet affordable superminis out on sale in the market today. This third generation Suzy Swift will have two new engines; a 94bhp 1.2liter petrol with dual variable valve timing will effectively replace the 1.3liter petrol. The engine will be slightly more powerful and even more economical than the 1.3liter engine. It will make 56.5mpg or 5ltr/100km for the manual, which is 7.8mpg better than the second generation 1.3liter model. . Some markets will also gain a 1.3liter diesel. Very important for the European markets where oil burners are very popular. It will be more economical and will make 67.3mpg. No news as yet on the sweet handling Swift Sport or 1.5liter model, which would be the one Swift fans out there are waiting for. There will be both manual and automatic transmission for the Swift when the car is officially launched. As for the looks of the car, it is an evolution, not a revolution. The car is easily recognizable as a Swift but with a larger rear Renault Megane styled rear. The lights front and rear look pulled longer to the sides but everything looks almost the same. This would at least keep the second hand residuals of the current model high and not make people who just bought the current model feel they bought something outdated. Like a Mini, if it isn't broken, don't fix it. Less change is better. etc. etc. This new 2010 third generation Suzy Swift will be on sale in the third quarter of 2010 and this news came about as Suzuki had just held its premier line-off ceremony for this car at its car manufacturing plant in Hungary, which is where Suzuki builds most of its Swifts for Europe. The plant in Japan should be gearing up for the production of this new car too. This is a car that I am really looking forward to as I thoroughly enjoy driving the current Swift, both the 1.5liter version and also the 1.6liter Swift Sport. Both versions are so chuckable and so much fun on B-roads. It handles very well, has a high level of refinement and good build/material used quality yet it is still very affordable for most people. It is a driver's car for the masses. Let's hope the new car is as good or better than this current one. - image via totalcar.hu
  14. Let's look at a S$65,000 or thereabouts car (depending on the COE of course) that had recently been launched and see whether its any good to drive it or not. The car in question is the Mazda 2 Sedan 1.5 automatic. Yes, the hatchback has been around for two years and it has basically taken Mazda that amount of time to come out with a sedan version of it for the sedan loving Asians. I think one of the reason people in this region like sedans is because it looks a little more dignified and bigger looking than something without a boot. Actually the real reason we Asians like sedans is the fact that we like to carry durians, belacan (fermented prawn paste) and many other naturally bad smelling good food that we tend to love eating so much. A boot would separate the smelly food from the passenger cabin where unlike a hatchback a piece of cardboard acting as the parcel shelf only separates the passenger cabin from the boot space. Of course you still get the smell of durians in a sedan as its not really air tight, but it is lessened compared to a hatch. Ergo, this is the reason Asians prefer sedans over hatchbacks. Anyway the Mazda 2 Sedan is a hatchback that has been redesigned to have a boot instead of a hatch. Hence the sheet metal from the B pillar rearwards is redesigned. Wheelbase is similar and the rear legroom is as per the hatchback, therefore adequate. If you're looking for Toyota Camry like rear space within this category you're expecting too much. Now when it comes to the styling of the car it is of my opinion that Mazda have been pretty successful in the conversion from hatch to sedan (with a boot that would fit baby strollers with ease). It does not look like a dumpy, unbalanced and ugly looking 2nd generation Honda City or a dumpy, unbalanced and ugly like the new (basically for China) Peugeot 207 sedan. Hey, they are both hideously similar so they deserve the same description. Both are really bad looking hatch to sedan designs. Period. So it looks good and even after adding the boot the car is still light, weighing only 30kgs heavier than the hatchback version. Mazda still designs their cars light even with all the usual safety equipment, and this helps in how the car handles. Lightness also helps with the performance of the car too. The 103bhp 137Nm engine provides ample propulsion for this 1051kg sedan. But when you compare this against the 1098kg Toyota Vios (109bhp 141Nm) or 1130kg for the Honda City (120bhp 145Nm), the weight advantage is negated by the extra power/torque of the other cars. But the good thing is that the lighter weight allows the Mazda to burn less petrol in order to achieve the same level of performance as the heavier Vios or City. So you would seem to be the more eco-friendly person if you drove a Mazda 2 over the other two. However any small, built to a price sedan is going to have merely adequate performance. But if its main purpose is to spend most of its life in an urban environment, with maximum speeds hovering around the 70-90km/h mark the Mazda 2 does this pretty well. The controls are like the Mazda 2 hatchback and nothing has changed. The seats are good and I could find a nice driving position pretty quickly. It is like anyone can can jump in and drive it fast straightaway without any problems. The ride is pretty good on the 195/45/16 tires (the version I tried had this specced), the car turns on a dime and the electrically assisted steering has some feedback and feels pretty natural most of the time unlike some other wheels of the same type. The car has pretty good road manners at urban driving speeds and when you up the ante and do some high speed driving the Mazda 2 sedan still delivers. It is agile and it does handle well with this rim and tire combination. If you take sharp corners at around 80km/h it feels very neutral. You could make steering correction at speeds above 120km/h and it does not get unsettled. Front end is high and it will mildly understeer in-extremis but it is quite throttle adjustable at the limit. However the lack of grunt or pulling power somewhat limits this. This may be due to the fact that the car had less than a thousand kilos on its clock and you can't really expect a small family sedan to do wonders with only 137Nm of torque. But couple this lack of torque with an unintuitive autobox its not so nice if you're into spirited driving. When left to its own devices the 4 speed automatic gearbox somehow likes to be in a gear higher than what I would have liked in mid-corner. It doesn't shift down fast enough on full throttle after you are done braking and when you want to get back on the power. It isn't as intuitive as some other gearboxes as it does not shift down when you wish it would. So you're out of the power band and performance suffers mid-corner. So if you want to be in a lower gear, you have to shift down manually before the corner. This is the only way to overcome this slightly slow transmission if you want to do some spirited driving. The ride doesn't suffer at high speeds and even with that torsion beam rear suspension it does not unsettle easily over large bumps. This is one happy handling small sedan. Oh yeah, the brakes are adequate for the car. I have no complaints except that I would like better pedal modulation. But that's nitpicking. So does it have any faults other than the presumed lack of torque and the sedate gearbox? Engine noise and wind noise. Too much of both intruding the passenger cabin at high revs. If you're a sedate (read very conservative and slow driver) these and the earlier mentioned slow acting gearbox wouldn't be a problem as you'd never even hit 4,000rpm in this car. But cross the 4,500rpm threshold, things get pretty loud and trashy. Maybe this is down to keeping the car light or down to a cost until it lacks more soundproofing. Aside from engine noise, at speeds above 120km/h there is a noticeable amount of wind noise around the A-pillars, so high speed cruising in this car isn't too quiet. This could be down to lack of aerodynamic development due to cost or the car I drove had faulty seals. If you want a comparison on comfort, ride and handling, the Suzuki Swift 1.5 has better Noise, Vibration and Harshness suppression as well as better driving pleasure, which I put as one of the two most important criteria in a car (the other is the looks and/or character of the car). I would personally choose the small Suzuki hatchback over this sedan. But this Mazda has above average handling and also a boot. So you can smell less of the durians you may be carrying. And that may be all the reason you need to try a Mazda 2 Sedan before making a decision. Actually you could try a Honda City, Toyota Vios or any other car in and out of the price range. But that is another story altogether.
  15. Someone mentioned Suzuki? I have to honestly say that the current Suzuki Swift Sports is a mighty fine supermini. The first time I drove it I was slightly taken aback by the slightly rubbery steering feel and the slightly high up sitting position. But the more and more I went back to the same corner with the Suzy things became much clearer. This little hatchback is really good. This was a car that reminded me of the time when hot hatches were small dainty cars with responsive and revvy engines coupled with handling to boot. Classic hatchbacks that come to mind are the original Mk1 and Mk2 VW Golfs (surprise, surprise), the 4th Generation Honda Civic EF, the CRX EF (in some ways), the original Swift GTI and the Fiat 130TC. A notable new mention would be the BMW Mini Cooper S. Some of these cars were 'hot' long before some of you started to walk and they are in some ways the quintessential hot hatches. They were light, nimble small cars that had slightly powerful engines stuffed under their bonnets. Note that I said light, nimble and small. Cars like the Mk 4 and Mk5 Golf GTIs became a 30 something year old guy suffering from middle age spread around the tummy but due to some weight lifting and bulk, had the bhp and torque to still throw a punch; somewhat. Ergo the Swift Sport reminded me of the good ol' days. One of the important facts of a hot or slightly warm hatch is affordability. The Swift Sport epitomizes this fact and when you add the all important point of handling, it's a done deal. This is the only small Front Wheel Drive (FWD) hatchback that I tried which would allow its tail to wag upon trail braking into a corner or the fact that when you lift off mid corner the nose would tuck in and its rear would follow through. It was unnerving at first because most of the FWD cars that I had driven lately seemed happy to understeer early on if you entered a corner a little too fast. I then realized that this was a car where anyone didn't need to spend tons of money on tuning the suspension to chuck the car about. While the steering was slightly rubbery and springy, always wanting to straighten out, it was precise, quick and had feedback & feel, making any corner an opportunity for the driver to go for it. The only other affordable car that will handle like this is the Proton Satria Neo, but you'd suffer from a serious lack of headroom and the overall lack of quality if you bought one. Unless you were a hobbit and have never seen or felt better grades of plastic before. If you wanted a car that you felt you could trust while attacking the apex of a corner, you'd want a Swift Sport. Due to the short wheelbase and the tire at each corner of the chassis you would feel that when you point the little car into a corner and before you know it, you're at the apex and powering through it. But if you're the kind of person who's not used to the car, I'd suggest taking time to learn the handling before going Banzai. If you didn't, you might shock yourself when it does what it does best, which is take a slightly drifting attitude at high speeds. Forget gadgets like launch control, traction control or even mind control. This car is pure, old school fun. The drawback to owning this car is the fact that the 1.6liter 125bhp engine is merely adequate due to the 1100kg curb weight and a 0 to 100km/h time takes about 9seconds. Give it another 25bhp you'll be grinning like crazy 100% of the time instead of 90% of the time when you're driving this car. The other drawback is that it has a small boot. But how many times a year do you use it to carry things? Or do you even go on drive-to holidays? So if you're looking for a decent warm to hot little car, buy the Suzy even though it has been around for awhile now. Do not buy Nissan Latios or Hyundai Vernas. Because if you do, you're just buying transport, and not fun. However, if you decide to save some money and buy the basic 1.5liter or 1.3 liter models of the Swift, the handling is pretty much the same but understeer sets in early and the tail refuses to wag about like the Sport. Maybe its safer for novice drivers too. I suppose the understeer is due to smaller tires (185/60/15 over 195/50/16) on rims one size smaller and narrower (15inches over 16inches). Shock absorber setting also differ but I do not think by much. The plus side is that the steering somehow feels less rubbery, without the slightly more aggressive self centering effect probably due to less rubber on the road. It is still a fun car to drive nonetheless.