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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, Anyone knows where can I find frozen / matte color code? Wanted to change color but workshop ask for the color code.
  2. Anyone having this problem? apparently i just cross 50 yrs old and this came along. about a month ago i was doing some exercise consecutively for a few days, and i believe due to the wrong posture and suddenly one day the shoulder having sharp pain and couldn't lift up beyond shoulder height from certain angle. The pain persist for a week, tried rubbing and doesn't help. went to polyclinic and now waiting for an appointment to see a physiotherapy. Google more on frozen shoulder and can 99% confirm i have it. For past 2 weeks trying to relax and loosen up the shoulder, it get very painful in the evening after 2 'not so painful' days, the cycle repeat. Funny thing is i can really feel the stiffness as if it was 'frozen' in certain part of the shoulder and front chest. Any way to ease the pain or relief the stiffness?
  3. GURGAON, India: Authorities suspect a chunk of ice which landed on a village in India's northern state of Haryana is frozen human waste leaked from an aircraft overhead. According to the BBC, the ball of ice which weighed 10 to 12kg, fell on Fazlipur Badli village last Saturday (Jan 20), startling locals. The Times of India reported that some villagers thought it was a "priceless celestial object" and kept pieces of it in the fridge. Senior official from Gurgaon Vivek Kalia, who inspected the ice ball, told the Times of India: "The heavy mass of ice, which is not associated with any type of rainy weather, suggests there is a possibility it might have fallen as frozen toilet water coming out from some aircraft lavatory. "There are a number of air routes in this area." Kalia also stressed that the projectile was "definitely not a meteorological phenomenon" and has sent it to a forensic lab for further testing. According to the BBC, the frozen human waste that falls off airplane toilets is often called "blue ice", because of the chemicals added to the toilets to reduce odour and break down the waste. Frozen human waste "very occasionally" forms around the overflow outlets for aircraft toilets, before falling to earth, the BBC added. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/chunk-of-suspected-frozen-airline-poo-lands-on-village-in-india-9886206 So this is the so called holy shit.
  4. RadX


    the premium for a frozen paint job from BMW is $14k. I kinda like it and want to hear from anyone here who may or not have done as such. My local groomer can do it and well, might be my MOD for 2013. Any views? Example here
  5. frozen to die :( http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/las-vegas/family-says-woman-died-cryotherapy-chamber-seconds Medical examiners told the family of a woman who died last week in a cryotherapy chamber at a south valley business that her death happened in "seconds." Chelsea Ake-Salvacion, 24, of Las Vegas, was identified at the Clark County coroner's office by her uncle, Albert Ake, hours after her body was found Tuesday, he told the Review-Journal on Sunday. That same day, investigators at the coroner's office told him it was too soon to tell what caused his niece's death, but she died in seconds, Ake said. They told him they were looking into the gases she inhaled before her death, as well as the chamber's mechanics and whether she could keep her head above the chamber to breathe. Rejuvenice, where Ake-Salvacion worked and died, offers facials and whole-body cryotherapy, which involves brief exposures to air temperatures below minus 240 degrees Fahrenheit. Some athletes say the regimen enhances recovery after exercise and helps rehabilitation after injury. Cryotherapy is described as the use of low temperatures for "medical therapy," the center's website said. It's been used as "early as the seventeenth century." Ake-Salvacion's family disagrees with TV news reports that said the woman's death was the result of operator error. She was an aesthetician and a chamber operator, her uncle said. "She knew exactly what she was doing," Ake said. She had done the procedures many times, prompting her bosses to promote her to a management position at the center, 8846 S. Eastern Ave., near Pebble Road, Ake said. On Oct. 19, Ake-Salvacion worked as the center's night supervisor. She was seen on video cameras closing the business, he said. She was last seen on video walking to the back of the center. Her body was found when the business reopened Tuesday morning, Ake said. Coroner's office staff said Saturday she was declared dead at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday. A Rejuvenice employee who called to give the family condolences told the family it was common for employees to use the machine on their own and with no supervision, Ake said. It still isn't clear how Ake-Salvacion died. The center's website advertises two machines, the "Cryosauna" and the "Cryochamber." The first is a single-user device in which the user's head sticks out the top. Video of the chamber in the website shows a TV host's head sticking out of it while gas billows from underneath. The Cryochamber requires users to wear a mask, earmuffs, slippers, gloves and underwear. The Cryosauna does not require users to wear a mask or earmuffs. It wasn't immediately clear which machine Ake-Salvacion used. Ake-Salvacion's family said they don't want to speculate about what caused her death. The family asked for privacy until the coroner's report is complete, her uncle said. Her autopsy was scheduled for today, and lab results won't be available for six to eight weeks. Ake-Salvacion was passionate about her job, her uncle said. The Honolulu native was well-loved by her family. She was "a great woman who will be missed," Ake said. "We're just all mourning." She was planning to move home next year after she gained more experience at the center, Ake said. She also had a job at the Commonwealth. "Anyone who knows Chelsea knows that she's a kindhearted and sweet person," Ake said. "She made sure that she made everybody comfortable and she was there (for them)." Her funeral is scheduled for Thursday in Honolulu, Ake said.
  6. Wow...... Grace Lee .. where she's from ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=CXqWVWHW8dA The world has fallen in love with the song “Let It Go” in Disney’s hit movie “Frozen”. Since the music clip was posted it on YouTube in December, it has gotten more than a hundred million views. Sung by Broadway star Idina Menzel as the character Elsa, the song has also spawned a string of covers on the Internet. link: http://yahoosg.tumblr.com/post/80250306760/the-world-is-in-love-with-frozens-let-it-go Her 'V' shape body with big 'HID' ...
  7. Dankoo

    Check out below video...interesting thing at almost the end of the clip...Child and adult same reaction to different things....
  8. http://www.songfish.com.sg/ self explantory! .. Jus wanna share with fellow bros. This place is really well priced... a tad far tho for east side dwellers... its in fishery port road personally recommend the alaskan crab legs! p.s... i don't work for them!
  9. The US became a hotspot for visual treats this week, when the record shattering polar vortex saw Hell freeze over, turned boiling water into snow and even froze the Niagara Falls in its tracks - quite literally. These images show the US side of the three waterfalls straddling the border between Canada and America after they were frozen in time by the Arctic chills. In these pictures taken on Wednesday the water can be seen after it has been replaced by icicles dangling from its precipice. The Midwest of America, home to the Niagara Falls, has experienced temperatures plummeting as low as -37C. Yet the freezing weather failed to deter visitors eager to see the falls in the midst of the polar vortex, which affected approximately 240 million people. Tourists were out in force with their cameras yesterday at the Prospect Point at Niagara Falls State Park and Rainbow Bridge, where frozen mist and solid ice was clearly visible. The weather conditions produced by this polar vortex have been so severe that even polar bears at the Lincoln Park zoo in Chicago were brought inside as the mercury dropped to a record low of -26C. Residents were warned their skin may freeze if they leave their homes when wind and Central Park broke a 118-year-old record when the temperature dropped to -15C. But people in the US and southern Canada can look forward to a reprieve from the subzero conditions later this week, when the frigid air and polar vortex departs and a far-reaching January thaw begins, AccuWeather.com have predicted. Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/niagara-falls-frozen-in-time-by-polar-vortex-9048837.html
  10. Hello, does anyone know where i can buy frozen xiaolongbaos? preferably in lots of 50 or so. to store away in the fridge and steam when i want to eat. ty
  11. Just received this in my mail, pattern of the frozen ice resembles salmon.
  12. 1. Recently, I went to fairprice to buy a bunch of frozen pork, since it has been heavily advertised on the news, radio and etc. 2. My maid cooked the usual dishes with the frozen pork and yark! the meat is so tough and dry. I asked my maid, did she change her usual way of cooking but she said no. 3. Now my question is, is there a special way to defroze the meat and the way to cook the frozen meat is different from chill meat? Thank you very much. Regards,
  13. Hi bros and sis...PLS HELP!, My mum just told me that she caught an episode of Heartland Getawaya on Ch5 few days ago, and it showed a shop owned by an ang mo PR who imports frozen fishes especially those of cods and salmons. To bad my mum as always can't remember the exact address bu just told me it is in Woodlands. As my the other hald has just finished a major operation and "needs" to eat fishes daily. I was hoping to stock up for the CNY. Hope you all can help, where is this shop all about? Or do you have any other recommendations.
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