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Found 14 results

  1. Would like to tap the vast expertise and wisdom of fellow forumers here on what computer notebook you will recommend to buy, as am out of touch with the latest development. It should be very thin and light, and must not cost $500k (a la bank speak) ? Also, is it advisable to get windows 8 now ? Thanks mates.
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for a notebook with the following spec, can you help me? 1. i7 3rd Gen/ 4th Gen 2. Independent Video RAM (Non-Integrated) 3. less than 1.7Kg 4. Screen size = 15" 5. Windows 8 Pro/7 Pro 6. Memory, minimum 8GB 7. Not particular about brand Not easy find. But I'm sure there are experts out there who can help. Kindly advise me. Thank you very much. Regards,
  3. main attraction - the thin form factor, even though to be frank, i dont really carry my laptop ard except only during weekend (but i do drive though). Have wanted to go for Mac BookAir, but after thinking a while, think the high price may not justify it.. I would think my preferred laptop brand would be Asus. Few noob questions: - anyone of you regretted switching over to ultrabook? - usually how many USB ports would ultrabook have? - do ultrabooks have the usual ports that a normal notebook would have? - since ultrabooks are using SSD nowsadys, would i be able to plug in a normal 2.5 inch external hard disk and USB thumbdrive to read the contents? - are the battery lifespan generally better? Many TIA
  4. I did a check on my Asus K43S and it shows that it is running on two graphic cards, how is that possilbe?
  5. Geesh! This is one of the most outrageous use of a laptop....but it sure was interesting! From STOMP: MacBook Air is 'good' in kitchen too -- for cutting apple, veggies and prawn The MacBook Air can be useful for surfing the web or doing homework, but this guy has brought the notebook to another level. He is using its thin, lightweight aluminium body like a knife, to cut various food items in the kitchen! STOMPer Applefan shares these videos. The STOMPer commented: "I'm not sure what this guy is trying to prove, but this is ridiculous yet funny. "Especially when he cuts the apple: Using Apple to cut apple? "So be careful when you use the MacBook Air; you might cut yourself!"
  6. Wife bought an i-pad look-a-like from Shanghai for a mere S$170 equivalent. Not so use to using touch screen to nagivate. Find Android OS very clumsy too. A no-frill 10" mini-computer for causal use and internet surfing, may be. 5 hours use for full-charge. So what is the trend now? Would I be better off buying a Netbook (Mini Notebook/Laptop) instead? Just for internet surfing during travel. 7~8 hours use for full-charge. Dell Mini is only selling at RM999 (S$420) here but Singapore selling at S$499. Any other good buys to recommend? Thank you very much. Regards,
  7. Ace

    Netbook or notebook

    I am thinking of getting a notebook or netbook to replace aging desktop. Basically the intend is to surf net, simple word processing, simple photo editing like resizing, rotating, etc. download and watch TV series online One question though, is netbook powerful enough to perform the above???? Can anyone advise me... TIA
  8. Inserted a SDHC card into my notebook's SD slot.... but notebook unable to detect it. Is this normal? Do i need separate reader for SDHC? Thx. Sorry..new to DSLR.....
  9. Hi all, I got a notebook which I installed Windows XP. The notebook model is Compaq Presario A900 series with exact model no. A906TU. After much searching, I managed to get hold of all the drivers required for XP. For the wireless adapter ... the installed driver is this "Atheros AR5006X Wireless Network Adapter". I have also install XP Service Pack 3. Now ... I am using a Linksys wireless router BEFW11S4 .... I configured it for "WPA Pre-Shared Key". No matter what I do, I just can't connect it to the network. I tried setting the router to "Unsecured" and Yes ... it could connects. It could also connects to other "Unsecured" network which it detects in the area. I got another notebook .... the wireless is InterPro .... it is also running XP and it could connect to the wireless with the same security settings. So just wondering anyone here could help me out here?
  10. IF YOU HAVE ONLY $1,200... What: Acer Aspire Timeline notebook (AS4810TZ-272G25MN) How much: $1,198 (U.P. $1,598), comes with freebies like notebook carrying case, memory upgrades and vouchers Where: Harvey Norman booths A1926 and B1908 Why buy: This baby is lightweight, at only 1.9kg, and has a long battery life of up to eight hours. Anyone have this notebook, need your review. Online reviews gave it high marks. Understand the same notebook would probably costs the same at Sim Lim and you get get them to load up software for free due to competition with PC show. But Harvey Norman may be offering shopping vouchers....
  11. While looking around for a pocket PC in Harvey Norman, I came across ASUS Eee PC which looks something like a cheap/small laptop. It costs as low as a pocket PC (price is less than $600). Has anyone used it here? How is your experience with this unit?
  12. Being a 1st time owner, care to share the lifespan of yr notebooks (past and present) before stuff like motherboard gives way. Doing this poll to determine whether worth to settle for desktop or notebook. My sister's desktop can't last beyond 2yrs whereas mine OEM desktop up the lorry during 2nd yr and getting replacement MB was such a hassle. Now, she is considering between desktop and notebook. I told her that my notebook last longer than the desktop but showing signs of dying as well. So now checking lifespan of notebook. Whether it pays to settle for established brand or not. The results will also comes in handy when my desktop and notebook's lifespan are up. TIA
  13. Hi need to add 1gb of ddr2 ram for my notebook. Intend to do at sim lim sq. Anyone can recommend a shop to me? And wat is e approximate price 4 1gb of ddr2? Anyone added ram recently pls welcome to feedback too. Tks