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Found 23 results

  1. A week-ish after my Bali trip, I traveled to Taipei! During that period Taiwan had about 40ish COVID-19 cases and Singapore probably had double that. So here's my Taiwan travelog for everyone stuck in Singapore now! 🤩 Bought 4 bottles of Lifebuoy hand sanitizers from Changi Airport just because I wanted the red and blue bottle bottle. Lots of stock here. This was during the period Singapore had a shortage of hand sanitizers. Now it's mostly back in stores. Took a Scoot flight, maybe about 60% to 70% filled? 4 hours of uneventful flight time, thankfully. Arrived in Taoyuan Airport at around 5.30am. Immediately you are reminded of COVID-19. You feel the seriousness in the air as compared to Bali Airport. There's three stations to pass. First one, you are required to hand in your COVID-19 Declaration form to the CDC staff. Visitors are also reminded to put on a mask at all times for the next 14 days and monitor your health condition. There is also a police officer stationed there. Not sure why but he seem like he was looking out for potential COVID-19 symptoms. Right after this will be temperature taking. Third station will be thermal screening. Right up till this stage, you feel like the Taiwanese are taking this a little more serious than our measures in Changi Airport, although thermal screening is still the primary defence. Temperature was a cool 20 degrees then. After luggage collection, realised that Feigo Bus is no longer in service!? Change of plan took the train to Taipei Main Station and to Ximending. Stayed at Hotel Puri Ximending. Super convenient location at it's just right across Exit 6 of XMD. Spent the next two hours catching toys on the claw machines. Not me. My friends. 😤 Finally some street stalls at 9am ish! My favorite to have whenever I'm in Taiwan! Poor them had to push their carts away when the police came. Although you really gotta give it to the Taiwanese police. They gave ample warning to these food cart owners. Ending my update here. Will update when I have time.
  2. A 3-part series short travel-vlog in Hsinchu. Will be updating the next few video in this thread. Tofu Rock is the first visit I made when I arrived Hsinchu.
  3. It has been a long time since I visited Taiwan. This time, my in-laws were interested in visiting the country. They wana see Taichung and Taipei, so it was an excellent opportunity for me to include a road trip to satisfy myself. Having driven on the left in USA last year, I do not see myself having much trouble with driving on the left. So why not and they(in-laws) get to experience an overseas driving holiday. Also we planned it in late Feb for the cooling weather and to see the cherry blossom. Average temperature was around 16 - 18°C but it got warmer around 20°C when we left Taiwan. For this thread, I will touch on more of my driving routes. Half of the trip is driving and the other half is on public transport. Day 1 An overnight flight on Scoot and arrived in Taoyuan Airport 5.10am. OMG, it was too early in the morning. Did not expect to arrive so early so we just sat around in the airport while my bro-in-law went to buy sim card for data. Next we took the MRT to Taoyuan HSR station, about 20 mins ride only.Our arrival at Taoyuan HSR station was early too as our scheduled booked train is at 8.05am. So we just sat around the station. My in-laws first time ride HSR, so it was something new for them. I planned it. It took 45mins of ride and we arrived at Taichung HSR station. This is the place where I had booked our car and pick up of the car was. I went with Hotai rental, a large local rental car company. It offers the option of returning the car at a different city. Had booked a 2.0L Toyota Wish for the five of us. The car had 45K km on the odometer. Took me a while to install my car camera(Blackvue DR650S), all the wirings to charge hp and hp holder. I am using two hp, one with Waze and another with Maps.Me.
  4. Getzoooom

    Taiwan: Hotels in Taipei

    Bros, Planning to go taipei for holiday with wife~~ Which hotel you would recommend?? Any recommended place to visit?? Shopping, food, sight-seeing etc.. thanks in advanced.
  5. Jman888

    The biggest sotong in the world

    me and wife after spending 5 happy holidays in taichung and da xi, ready to return to Singapore on evening 8.10pm flight with jetstar. however, I am now sitting at Taipei taoyuan airport now...... the story was I booked the return flight on 20 Jan instead of 21 Jan!! and I booked it 6 months ago, with hotels and itinerary planned for full 5 days. Yet I never thought of checking the ticket for past 6 months.... I have been a sotong in many occasions, booked movie ticket on wrong day (went to cinema then realised it was for next day), wrong cinema (went to plaza sing then have to rush to yishun!), purchased voucher online and expired before I realise, etc. but this will be in the record as the bestest screw up , I just wonder if my wife would divorce me when we return home
  6. https://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/entertainment/jacky-wu-orders-son-to-quit-show-business https://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drink-man-woman-16/jacky-wus-son-want-make-bomb-bomb-taipeis-government-5887323-4.html
  7. http://news.xin.msn.com/en/singapore/spore...ransport-system If they only want profit. There is no way we can learn from them. Hong Kong and Taipei transport system are under subsidy if I not wrong.
  8. Bro, For those whom are very familiar with Taipei, what are some of your recommended hotels? I was told it is best to stay near to Taipei Main Station. My requirements are: 1. Walking distance to Taipei Main Station, 2. The bedrooms must come with own bathrooms, not common bathrooms. 3. Three or four stars range.
  9. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10152660854612934&id=93889432933&_rdr
  10. 3km, 4 minutes, 16 injured, 3 deads.... young men slashed passengers on Taipei MRT this afternoon... 台北地铁砍人事件致3死8伤 醉酒嫌犯被捕(图) 2014年05月21日17:22 中国新闻网 我有话说(708人参与) 收藏本文 取自“中央社”/受伤网友供图 江子翠站入口处/TVBS资料画面   中新网5月21日电 据台湾TVBS新闻台报道台北地铁江子翠站21日下午发生随机砍人事件目前已造成3人死亡8人受伤。   据报道警方逮到一名浑身酒气的男子但因他意识不清还没办法对案情进行厘清。 (原标题台媒台北地铁随机砍人事件致3死8伤(图))
  11. KNNBCCB! Guys, please check your credit card transaction! Log in today and found out that Neweb Technologies charged my credit card 4 times (each time S$49)! Called to block the card and get dispute form. Never got any SMS from POSB also. FYI only.
  12. Any bro know of any recommended private room hotspring in Taipei (Beitou Hot Spring)? This Villa 32 is charging NT $6000 for 3 hours. http://www.villa32.com/frameset-en.htm Most of the hot spring at Beitou are public, but I'm looking for those private hotspring that is attached to your hotel room and no time limit on the usage, that is you can use any time you like. Would also prefer that the hotel is located within 5mins walk to the Xin Beitou Station.
  13. SYF77


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJjh7lW5OZE From the land that brings you the Golden Horse Awards comes a series of fake accidents intended for insurance claims. The latest incident shows a young man who simply walked onto the road right in front of an oncoming car and squatted down. The best part is, the car has sufficient time to slow down and avoided the pedestrian. This public nuisance is probably risk-adverse and hence resulted in the failed attempt. The footage looks rather hilarious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDfy6lxuSgo This incident is not the first of its kind in Taipei in recent weeks. Previously, a young girl simply run towards a car and threw herself onto the bonnet, pretending to be injured. The whole incident was captured by the CCTV in the car. Well, at least this young lady is braver than the joker above. However, it looked painfully silly as well. The pair should get some acting tips from the winner of the 2011 Golden Horse Award Best Leading Actor, Andy Lau. Try harder next time!
  14. As above , what to look out for ?
  15. Gadgeter

    Car accessories shop in Taipei

    Hi, I understand that there is a camera street in Taipei, ". It's the junction between 博愛路 and 漢口街一段. Is there any streets that sells car accessories?
  16. Hi Bros, I will be gg Taipei for holiday soon. Just wondering whether you guys know of any MEGA car accessories shops in Taipei. Thanks in advance!
  17. Check this out... Vivi Wang's Black Forest
  18. Sunny3664

    Taiwan: 8 days @ Taipei

    Dear Bros, My first trip to Taipei with my wife.. Any good places to intro for food and entertainment? Cheap things, good food, nice scenery etc... I staying Rainbow Hotel... Heard it ok right? Thank u in advance...
  19. Picnic06-Biante15

    BKK & Taipei : Demostrations in Progress .....

    Planning 2 weeks ago to go to Bkk but because of the plan demonstrations, decided to go to Taipei during nexk week school holidays. Seem like had to postpone this plan again as Taipei (lucky me, haven't make confirmation booking), tens of thousands of ppl demonstrated against Ma Ying-Jeou. The demo at Bkk had lead to the closure of Phuket's airport and will it be the same for Taipei airport. Reported at CNA : Thousands rally against Taiwan's MaPosted: 30 August 2008 1736 hrs TAIPEI: Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Taipei Saturday to protest what they said was President Ma Ying-jeou's China-friendly policies and his failure to lift Taiwan's sagging economy. Braving the heat, the slogan-chanting demonstrators -- pro-independence activists and their sympathisers -- launched the island's first major rally against Ma since he took office on May 20. They demanded Hong Kong-born Ma step down over his conciliatory approach to China. The pro-independence rhetoric of his predecessor Chen Shui-bian of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) had irked Beijing. Look like will do with a short trip to Malacca instead so as fulfill promises to children...... Last time when to Malacca was 8 years ago & wonder any changes....... , this time not driving in but taking a coach in so as to relax all the way.
  20. Hi all, are there any Bro or Sis that have went to Taipei and been to any car accessories shop in Taipei? If there are any, any kindly advise me how to go or the address would be great. Thanks in advance!
  21. hi all, will be going on a trip to taiwan soon, heard that hair salons there are cheaper than those in Singapore. thinking of getting some highlights and a nice haircut, any experienced bro/sis got any good hair salons to recommend within taipei itself? thanks!
  22. I am planning a F&E trip to Taipei this Dec with my wife and kid. Need to plan early cos my boss is asking for my vacation schedule Since both my wife and kid are strong supporters of TW variety shows, I think a visit to TW will be interesting for them and they will be able to better relate the places they are going to visit. After doing some research on the web, the following are some places that I have shortlisted. Appreciate advice from all bros here. The last I visited TW was almost 20 years ago during NS 1) Ximending - heard this place is very happening and if lucky enough can catch glimpses of TW artistes? 2) Shilin night market - makan paradise 3) Change of Guard Ceremony? - worth watching? 4) Rao He night market 5) Wu fen pu - shopping paradise? 6) Taipei 101 - major landmark 7) Danshui - see sunset and some shopping? 8) Leo foo Village - dunno if this is worth visiting; need to find a place for my kid(10 y.o.) to enjoy. 9) any interesting places outside Taipei? advisable to use the new bullet train to get there? Will be good if those who have been to TW can advise the approx time needed for each location and whether to visit during weekend or weekday. I still have to neg with my boss the number of leaves i can take. Most prob i am looking at 4D3N or 5D4N depending on my leaves....leaving on a Sat. thanks beri much.