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Found 14 results

  1. Picnic06-Biante15

    Best Roast Duck

    Craving for roast duck and any suggestion where is the best roast duck stall in Singapore ? Used to buy roast duck from a stall along Jln Mata Ayer off Sembawang Road and another along Jalan Legundi also off Sembawang Road. Tried Tiong Bahru one not that fantastic as claimed. Also tried Golden Duck along Balestier Rd. Johnson Loke Duck had gone downhill ....... One of my favourite is along Paya Leber Road after ITE, beside former BP petrol kiosk. It had been shifted to somewhere ever since the building of MRT (Circle Line). Anyone got any information on this stall had shifted too. Thanks ....
  2. Jamessoh

    Has anyone tried DUCK TOURS?

    Hi everyone, thinking of bringing my family to ride on DUCK TOURS-the one that has part water part road in its ride. anyone sat in there before? care to share? cheers!!!
  3. All the food lovers out there, kindly share your favourite roast duck rice. My favourite is the Lau Phuay Chay roast duck at Alexandra Village. The roast duck is good; Roast duck is crispy and not too oily. Roast meat is nicely done and some burn ends add to the cripsy texture. Their signature is their thick and aromatic gravy topping with every plate of rice.
  4. Tianmo

    Jiangbanya (酱板鸭)

    Ladies and gentlemen anyone knows where I can get this???..............jiangbanya (酱板鸭) I tried google and baidu ...........cannot find anywhere selling this............called a few PRC eating places also nobody carry. Tried to buy from taobao.....but was told cannot clear custom..... Anyone got any lobang where I can get this here?? can you pls share with me. Thank you many many............ [blush]
  5. Extremme

    Sea Cucumber braised duck

    Hi, I have been trying to find this dish from Zhi Cha stalls but it seems hard to find. Anyone knows where I can buy this? Preferably near Jurong
  6. Passing of an Era 1 hour ago I have never posted before but on hearing news that the great Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice is closing by June 2013, I have to write something. Warning: Article/Review below may border on being a little emo and over dramatic. If there is a restaurant that encapsulates the story of the makan nation, it has to be Lim's. From a tender age of 5+ (am mid 30s now), I have patronised this far flung restaurant admist stories of motorbike racing along the "99 corners" road (a.k.a Kent Ridge Road). In all my years of patronage, the food there has never disappointed. If you read the other reviews here, the duck meat is really as good as it gets. It is the combination of the duck meat and the hot porridge doused with luscious gravy that have warmed the stomachs and hearts of many Singaporeans. What is even more charming and rustic of Lim's is that the place has never changed, the staff (that friendly uncle who always insist in speaking English and give you a feeling that he is just estimating your bill rather than calculating) are the same, the look is the same, the drinks are the same.. Everything you see, eat and feel there is a page out of the 1960s. There are very few places left in Singapore that has such tradition and remain staunchly "unfranchised". I will be going there very frequently until the very end.
  7. I was at SingPost Jurong Point to collect something this afternoon........there were a total of 10 counters......but only 3 out of 5 working for general services........2 out of 4 on remittance..........of which 1 is for telco boxes return or something like that............only 1 counter for registered mail collection cum parcel sending............ I had to queue for more than 30 min just to collect a few mails.............reason being there was only 1 counter and the staff had to handle both collection of registered mail and those who wants to send parcels........ The fun part was........a PRC wanted to send parcel and the Filipino counter staff could not understand, and best part is nobody behind the counters were able to help......the Filipino had to refer the PRC all over the counters while the PRC got very lost and started to get demanding............I stepped forward to help translate and settle their dispute so that the queue could move on............or we would all be stuck....... two things came to my mind........ 1) the PRC was very demanding and requested for someone who can speak mandarin to come forward to service her..........but Filipino could not understand a single word of what she was saying.........really a chicken and duck talk situation......... 2) what have our SingPost become???.............not even one staff can speak mandarin in the whole place...........and now SingPost really look like an Emart liao.......selling funny funny things.......even sell handphone and all......... things here are really changing........... [:/]
  8. Alvinchua1975

    Yummy Roast Duck Drumstick Rice

    After so many years, I managed to taste I feel in my opinion the best roasted duck drumstick rice at Block 37 coffeshop Jalan Rumah Tinggi. At first am wondering why there were not many people since it was so tasty? Later realised because they were previously very successful in another coffeshop but after re-located, probably people do not know where they have gone to... yummyy
  9. If u are looking for nice braised duck, u can try this store located at Chinatown, a coffeeshop near Fu Ya Shi. I dunno the street name, but the store name I think is 88 teochew duck or something. I wun say it's the best, but definitely worth the $$$, and I personally love it's kway chap & duck soup noodle, meat very tender and soup very nice, with slight herbs taste I be going down again during my lunch time, will update u all again about the full address. Anybody want go down too, can meet up as well
  10. Hi, Used to go to this stall at Kreta Ayer Hawker Center but seems to close down recently. Do anyone know where are they relocated or closed for good? Many Thanks.
  11. Hey Mr Black Q7 driver...wah lau!!!! You have a cool car and know how to drive it
  12. Meecar

    Duck that refuses to die

    http://www.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews...0205-48293.html I respect all religion and I also respect all living things suffering should not be borne by anything that is living
  13. Symantec9

    Duck! Here comes Super Teacher!

    Duck! Here comes Super Teacher! Tue Sep 18, 2007 12:15 AM ET TOKYO (Reuters) - A Japanese teacher who threw a chair at his students was named "super teacher" by the local board of education despite having been reprimanded several times for using corporal punishment, a news agency said on Saturday. The 52-year-old high-school teacher in Kyoto has been awarded the title every year since 2005 in spite of a history of aggression in the classroom because his strict teaching methods improved his students' performance. He was punished three times between 1997 and 2001 for physically attacking students, including throwing a chair at the volleyball team he was coaching, and was again accused of corporal punishment this year, Kyodo news agency said. The teacher, who was not identified in the news agency report, resigned on Friday, having been on medical leave since the latest accusation. He was selected as a role model due to his "outstanding achievement in leading the volleyball team," Kyodo said, citing board officials. Japan's school system has been at the centre of heated political debate for some time. Some politicians have demanded stricter discipline at Japanese schools, including harsher forms of punishment, to improve overall standards. But others say that school children are already under too much pressure due to a heavy workload, a strict exam system and frequent cases of bullying.
  14. Poortraveller

    Peking Duck

    pass by this stall in ubi alomst every weekend and always a long Q form outside the stall ... anybody buy from them b4? are they really that good?