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Found 22 results

  1. Hi guys/gals I owned a 06 trajet and found that its leaking gearbox oil. There will also be a great-felt jerk when changing from gear 2 to gear 3. Does this mean gearbox kaput liao? Other then this, it still drive smoothly. No high revs and all. What are the things that could happen? Need to find out some info 1st before headin to the workshop. Scared workshop easy way out is too overhaul or change recond gearbox. Pls advise. Or any trajet owners scrapping their car maybe I can swap your gearbox?
  2. Ferraricalifornia

    Used Hyundai Trajet

    Hi! Anyone driving a Hyundai Trajet??? Care to share your driving experience, fuel consumption, servicing, problems if any on this car??? my family is expanding, and is in need for more space.... and thanks to the sharp rise in COE, this is the car that is viable to our family at current situation. thanks.
  3. Saw the news today. Now worry abt our kids in school, with more educators found guitly of sexual offences. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/former-river-valley-high/1268322.html
  4. Azman79

    Body value for Trajet

    Guys, Any idea how much I can get for my Aug 2005 Trajet 2.0 body? Mileage is about 42,000KM It's an OPC car. Any exporters want to quote?
  5. Multi

    Spy Pix of the New Trajet

    FYI...The New Trajet, coming soon.
  6. here's how the stock snokel located, inside the left wheel arch (inside the left bumper area) with the snokel facing the wheel
  7. any of u jet owners out there suffered this symtoms... i gotta stop once to cool down my brake when i begin downhill journey. the brake went spongy and ineefective 10 min into my decents. perhaps the oem brakepad heat limit is low. there were only 3 of us in the car tho. i know the jet weight is heavy and all but 10- 15 mins of downhill??
  8. My current trajet's centre and rear row headrest is too big that its blocking my rear view. Anyone knows where to get the low profile type, that's available on the Matrix?
  9. I'm thinking of changing to a anti-theft lock nut for my rims. What's the tread size of Trajet's wheel? Where's the best place to look at the range of lock but? Is forged aluminium lock nut good (as in performance)? Are opened end nut allowed?
  10. Psfong

    Trajet's soft spring

    To all those jeters, do you find your rear springs too bouncy when there's no passenger on board? Or is it my car only? Can things like Spiltfire spring adjuster helps?
  11. Komoco is quoting me 900++ for leather seats and triming for the whole car. Is it worth it?
  12. Chuapcd

    Considering Trajet

    Hi, Was always bias of korean cars due to it poor fuel consumption but after hearing some forumers did some logical calculation on the fuel cost against owning a japanese car....it make me re-look again at korea car. Am looking at Trajet and Tuscon, the previous look more worthwith as it allow me to have extra space when needed...whereas Tuscon look more rugged and nice....Can someone further comments on Trajet ? Do u think the price might go down further ? Many thanks
  13. 1. Thinking of getting a really cheap OPC MPV as a second car. 2. I think Korean MPVs have noisy engine. No much gadgets just pure space and easy to drive. Anyway, the cheap price make up for all these. FC, I heard is bad..sould I be looking at 6/7L? 3. Which is a better buy? in term of space, comfort and ease of maintenance? Please advise me. Thank you. Regards,
  14. Kytl68

    New Hyundai Trajet

    Anyone own the new Trajet ... with the CVVT engine ? Can share information please How is the fuel consumption (FC) for the 2.0L model ? I also understand the car has power or torque problem. Three MPV went up Genting namely Picnic, Odyssey and Trajet .... the trajet driver made a lot of noise when they reach the top as his car was struggling all the way ... is the new trajet the same or improved ?
  15. Hi all! I had just got a stebel magnum horn fix into my Trajet (by Sin kit). They did not use the given relay. Is this ok?
  16. Csiewtn

    Trajet Info Needed

    Hi All, Trajet at $69K look really attractive and seriously thinking of getting one. Could you guys out there advise the following? (1) Any news of new model of Trajet coming soon in the next couple of months ? Or another facelift soon? (2) Any major problems or bad experience with this value for money MPV ? (3) Any specific reasons not to get this MPV ? Thanks !
  17. Kytl68

    Think of Trajet Again

    I am seriously considering the Trajet now that the 2.0 model is down again .... very tempting. I just need to re-confirm two points about the car ... the FC and the Power ... can anyone existing trajet owner especially those who drive the newer one (with the CVVT engine) .... older model also can. What is the FC like ? 8-9 km/l I heard ... is this right ? Can the car climb the Sheares Bridge on the ECP without dropping gear ? (in the direction from Changi to City) and when climbing up the Sheares Bridge from Ophir Road to Changi Airport without needing to floor the accelerator ? Many thanks for your kind feedback.
  18. Flanker

    Sound proofing for Trajet

    I driving a Trajet , the cabinet is qite noisy , feel like sound proof my car , can anyone recommand what should be done to reduce the noise ? Thks
  19. Flanker

    Trajet timing belt

    Hi , I looking for workshop to replace my Trajet Timing belt , any one can help , my millage is now 63000 km , it is too early to change, Regds Flanker
  20. This is the 1st Trajet meet up in Singapore.
  21. Multi

    Trajet onwers?

    Any Trajet owner out there care to share your experience and what kind of mods you did on you car? I am drivng a 2.0 auto so far only 3 weeks old. So far so good, I get about 9km/l which I think is quite acceptable. Any ways to improve that?
  22. Jagash

    Rims and tyres for Trajet

    I have traded in my Trajet for a new Civic. Anyone interested to buy my rims and tyres. Rims 2 years old and Falken tyres about 17,000 KM on it. Both in good condition! Pls PM me if any interest and can discuss further.