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Found 15 results

  1. Anyone finding? $50,000—sponsored by OCBC Pay Anyone—is now hidden and waiting to be found in the sunny island known as Singapore. 3 daily hints will be released on this album from 10am to 6pm until it has been found. You can find a real-time update on the status of the missing mouse at sqkii.com/huntthemouse. https://www.facebook.com/pg/sqkii/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1478995472158859
  2. Losing something is always a stressful experience. No matter what the item is, we don't like losing things. Hope she gets back her bunny companion of 17 years. Hmm, Radder . . . quite close to someone here, haha http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/desperate-hunt-bunny-lost-train-20141012 After eight hours combing MRT stations along the East-West Line and spending close to $500 on lost-and-found ads, a 23-year-old is still desperately looking for a companion which had been by her side for the last 17 years. Its name is Radder and it is a yellow shirt-clad white rabbit soft toy. Ms Ng, who works as a charity fund-raiser, wrote in an online ad on STClassifieds that the toy is more important than her "wallet, handphone and passport combined". She is offering a reward to anyone who helps her find it, but declined to reveal her full name as she is afraid of getting harassed. Her uncle had given it to her when she was about six years old and it has been with her through thick and thin, Ms Ng told The Sunday Times. She lost the plushie on Sept 27 while rushing out of a train at Outram Park station.
  3. Hacker trying to make PM look bad and SPF look incompetent?
  4. Darth_mel

    For LOTR fans: The Hunt for Gollum

    Made by fans, for fans. Excellent production values ! http://www.thehuntforgollum.com/player_film-hd.htm
  5. Sk65

    Liberty Hunt 2013

    www.libertyhunt.com.sg this URL leads to a facebook page, for now. registration starts tomorrow. let me know if you wanna join my "team" Cheers SK
  6. Genie47

    Torque wrench hunt

    OK, I decided to go looking for one. I went to some local hardware stores. They do stock the Taiwan ones but many of them keep telling me not to get them. The calibrations look very dubious because there is no certificate. All the hardware shop uncles say if you are serious and want insurance from proper calibration, don't get Taiwan ones. What they recommend? Over the top in price ones like Britool or Armstrong. For a simple one that has a range from 6Nm to 33Nm is $165 for a Britool. The Armstrong one is worse and I will not mention anymore for fear of having your jaws drop onto your keyboard. So what about eBay? US ones are good. I've been spying on eBay and the DIY torque wrenches for simple jobs like oil sump drain plug to spark plugs with 3/8" drive can be bought at USD5-16 lowest but the shipping even within continental USA is around USD15 making the total cost around USD60. So you can imagine the shipping from the US to here. Most are manufactured in the US and have calibration certificates to meet Federal standards. All-in-all, if you get one from eBay, they should cost less than a Britool that is sold locally. But of course, nothing beats the shear joy of owning a Britool or an Armstrong.
  7. There is no vendetta against Lewis Hamilton, the 2008 world champion's formula one competitor Mark Webber insists. Australian Webber was heard on the radio complaining about the Briton during the recent Chinese grand prix, when a clash pushed the Red Bull wide. After Malaysia, Hamilton was the subject of intense controversy surrounding his weaving in front of Vitaly Petrov, and in China he was again warned by officials after a pitlane encounter with Sebastian Vettel. But Webber, 33, denies the McLaren driver's rivals deliberately give Hamilton a hard time. "There's absolutely nothing against Lewis," he told the BBC. Regarding the Petrov incident, Webber said the drivers wanted to clarify the FIA's future response to straight-line weaving, insisting there is no "witch hunt against anyone". "If anyone had driven like that there would have been some questions asked. It's totally fair to do that. In the end it was nipped in the bud. Lewis is fine with it and we move on," he added. Triple world champion Sir Jackie Stewart thinks it is Hamilton's overtaking skills and on-track "enthusiasm" that are causing the problems among his rivals. "He has woken up a lot of drivers with his skills," he told the Mirror. "I don't think he is dangerous. He has got a lot of enthusiasm but he has to realise that can induce judgments you otherwise might not make. That is part of the maturing process," added the 70-year-old Scot. Source: GMM
  8. Bro and Sis, Need support for the event mentioned as above. Anderson Primary is organizing Car Rally / Treasure Hunt as part of the 10th Anniversary celebration. The purpose is to raise fun for the improvement of school facilities, resources and also support the needy pupils. The Car Rally Theme will be based on 'Singapore - Then and Now' Basically from the starting point (Anderson Primary), there will be clue given which will direct the participant to the next point. Total will be 5 locations over Singapore which depict the theme 'Singapore - Then and Now' Date: Saturday,23rd May 2009 Time: 8.30am - 1.00pm (7.30am registration start) Starting Point: Anderson Primary School (19 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 9, Singapore 569785) Participant Fee: S$160.00 (Maximum 4 pax per Car). Additional pax will be S$20.00 each. There'll be goodies bag for each car. To participate, please call 6456-0340 (limited Cars only) Attractive Prizes to be won Sponsor will be welcome...
  9. Kungfu

    Treasure Hunt

    Kanna big arrow my company gg to move into new building,tasked to organise a treasure hunt,the objective is for staff to get the know the place better any kind soul can advice me on how to organise a treasure hunt?????????????? buy food/prizes ok. but the game itself i a bit lost [confused] [confused]
  10. Sosaria

    MSK lookalike sparks hunt

    Lookalike sparks hunt http://www.straitstimes.com/Breaking%2BNew...ory_307961.html Surely they cannot possibly believe that this guy is still hanging around in singapore after all these months... Never mind, to admit that he has left singapore would be admitting that our border controls are not so world-class . So, no choice, have to keep up the charade...
  11. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin.../337278/1/.html "SINGAPORE: The search for alleged JI leader of Singapore Mas Selamat Kastari will now become more targeted - based on specific intelligence on where he might be hiding. Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng on Wednesday said information showed the wanted man is still in Singapore. He gave this update on the manhunt efforts after meeting some 80 Gurkha soldiers involved in the search....." Honestly , after almost a month hidding in the forest ; this MSK must be either very well train in jungle survivor skills or his body already decompose somewhere in the reservoirs....
  12. Gahmen Reassigns Crack Chee Team to Hunt Escaped Terrorist Posted on Tuesday, March 04, 2008 Topic: Local News by Nyonya Kway To prove its seriousness about hunting down escaped terrorist Mat Alamak, the Gahmen has assigned the case to its top enemy-of-the-state hunters
  13. Key database useful in hunt for Mas Selamat By May Wong, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 18 March 2008 2014 hrs SINGAPORE: Officers searching for escaped Jemaah Islamiyah leader, Mas Selamat Kastari, are using a database to make their hunt more effective. Mas Selamat escaped from the Whitley Road Detention Centre some three weeks ago. The 47-year-old is alleged to have been the mastermind of a plot to crash a hijacked plane into Changi Airport. The database used in the hunt contains key information such as the location of vacant buildings in Singapore and possible hideouts used by illegal immigrants. These details come under a programme called Operations Terrain Mapping, which has been updated over the last three years by Home Team officers who registered their observations and contact networks on the database to tackle crime and terrorism. There are also plans to enhance the IT system that centrally stores and shares such terrain information to allow the Home Team to share some parts of the database with other ministries and possibly grassroots organisations in the future. This was revealed by Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng on Tuesday at a workshop for some 700 Home Team officers from agencies like the Police Force and the Internal Security Department. Mr Wong said: "Our sector officers were able to identify 121 vacant or abandoned buildings within a day and the search operations conducted against these sites were mounted expeditiously. This swift response would not have been possible had we not already marked these buildings in our terrain maps. "Another example was the location of cordons and road blocks. As the search operations expanded islandwide in response to public calls, our officers were able to swiftly set up cordon lines and road blocks which were pre-identified in the terrain maps. This enabled us to swiftly lock in the search area while other officers commenced the searches." He added that these officers will face more complex tasks in the future, but efforts to build stronger relationships with various communities will pay off. In fact, the deputy prime minister said such partnerships have already contributed to the fast mobilisation of the community in the search for Mas Selamat. Many organisations have stepped forward to help distribute over 210,000 pamphlets on the fugitive. With more officers involved in the on-going search for Mas Selamat, the attendance at this year's Home Team workshop was lower compared to last year. Despite the security breach that led to Mas Selamat's escape, Mr Wong told his audience that the Home Team spirit is still very much alive. He said: "Indeed, without excusing the lapse which led to Mas Selamat's escape, our Home Team officers should not lose heart for they have done much to be proud of. The work of the Home Team must go on because life goes on in society, whether it is to combat crime, drugs or fire hazards or deal with those who break the law." The Home Affairs Ministry also said on Tuesday that it has checked with its Indonesian counterparts and found no information to validate a report in the Jakarta Post that said Mas Selamat was already in East Java. On a separate note, seven groups received the Home Team Achievement Awards at the workshop. - CNA/so ................................................................................ .... so i guess they will be able to get him soon?
  14. Anyone else?