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Found 37 results

  1. 2 weeks old Hyundai Elantra. Scratch to a pole when I make a reverse turn on a narrow road. Left side tail light cover crack, but all lights function well. My own car. Any suggestions? I only treat it as a transportation for my family. So do not want to spend much on repairing it. 1. Bring back to Komoco. But I do not think warranty will cover any. 2. Claim insurance. Excess 600. Maybe I just pay repairing cost and next year premium increase. 3. Outside workshop. Not sure what the cost for the light cover. 4. Use glue or tape to fix it by myself. To me the looking is not an issue. Wait next time go JB or has other issues repair together. Any ideas. Please help. Thanks.
  2. StreetFight3r

    Sydney tower concrete cracked on xmas day

    Any engineers here? Is this still structurally safe to stay? Say if suay suay happens in SG, government declare HDB building still safe for 3/4 of residents to stay, but the other 1/4 got some works need to be carried out to be declared safe again.. will you sell or stay put?? https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/dec/26/opal-tower-cracks-nsw-government-urgent-investigation
  3. Darn! my less than a year old Kia hit by stone again on NSH. There's a small star crack at the center bottom of the windscreen. Should I repair it or just send to Kia to file for claim to change it?
  4. DazTan

    Kia Rio 1.4M HB

    Dear Professional Driver, Would need your advice if this is crack in my Kia Rio 1.4HB at the front engine chassis with strut bar? Picture as attached. Thank you many many for your advice and if it is safe to travel to Malaysia - KL?
  5. Bluepica

    Windscreen crack

    Two weeks ago, coming back from ipoh on NSH, windscreen got hit by a stone near the IU area with a "big flower" crack..... then yesterday, I was shock to see the long hairline crack appeared! maybe under the heavy rain of yesterday afternoon. As my car got only 1 year to go, do I need to replace it? I mean will it have the tendency to shatter any time? My windscreen is pasted with solar film.
  6. Little_prince

    Iphone crack screen repair.

    Anyone got any lobang for iphone cracked screen repair? thanks.
  7. Need to find out if there's a hairline crack on the windscreen, will it affect result of car inspection? Anyone experienced this before?
  8. my mark x dashboard crack, anyone gt a good place to recommend maybe i can wrap with leather ?
  9. When I was cleaning my rims just now, I notice one of my Michelin Energy Saver tyre had similar cracks on the sidewall as shown in the picture. (Photo was extracted online) But mine was not as deep. It's not very visible yet. Anyone can advice if I need a replacement or the cracks are normal due to exposure to bad weather on our sunny island? Cheers!
  10. as above. anyone got lobang?
  11. Little_prince

    Samsung S3 screen crack while charging...

    hey guys. here's the story. I plug in my phone left it over night to do the software update and when i woke up in the morning, i found it cracked. i googled online and there's a few cases out there that they suspected that glass cracking may be due to over heating. anyone with similar experience?
  12. Sofarsogood

    Good neck crack

    Hello all Anyone know where I can get a good neck crack? Used to have a TCM shifu but he has already retired.
  13. fuel leaks when full tank right after servicing at CnC went back to CNC and they told me my warranty was over for 2 months, cannot claim. so now either i get a new fuel tank for $2000 or I have to pay $200 for their inspection of the leak. KNN...... asked them what caused the leak, they say dono... will never step into CNC or buy another kia again...
  14. Kwanheng

    Crack rims

    i just found out i got 2 sport rims having crack on 1 spoke each per rim. kindly advise of i should change the rim or repair it, where to repair. im on 17 inch, im not sure how it crack
  15. Hi all! Hope to get advice on claiming windscreen damage insurance. Just noticed a 1 cm crack but wonder if it is enough to initiate a claim. Just want to arm myself with some advice before I call up the insurance company as the policy doesn't state how bad's the damage before claim is allowed. Thanks.
  16. Ftco

    Crack found on tyre

    Just found a crack on the sidewall of right rear tyre when washing. It extends about 1 inch from the sidewall to the thread area. Is it safe to use this tyre for another few months? Tyres just done about 32k km and was fitted in Jun 2010.
  17. Veeresh

    Windshield Crack

    Hi Everybody I was up in Malaysia (Penang) for a long Holiday. To my surprise the whether for extreme hot and without rain thru out my stay there. Anywhere, my car was park under a hot shine sun just outside the chalet for hours and around 3 plus , we drove into a car wash and as the guys poured water on the car , the windshield just cracked form the top center of the from body to almost the center of the screen. I was using the Aircon at 22 Degree. S? Moto?? (The Agent) ask to claim insurance but I think design or the material is not catered for Asian Whether. What Should I do ..? Just claim insurance Or Make Volvo investigates if the material used is not up to standard .... . Did anybody had this experience before ? Please advise ... V
  18. hi guys i've discovered a crack on the treads of one of my tyres. it's about 5mm deep and 5-6cm long, doesn't extend to the sidewalls and the tyre hasn't been losing pressure abnormally. the tyres are just about 2 yrs old and travelled about 20k. my question is whether i need to replace them? i know sidewall cracks are a definite no go but anyone has any advice on this tyre tread crack? my main worry is a blowout halfway while driving! thanks guys!
  19. My cards all crack liao, credit card, atm card, IC, driving licence .........wallet always sit in rear pocket ....sianzzzz ....anyone has the same problem as me !!!
  20. hi brothers... this morning when i was driving along eng neo road sudden heard a crack sound and i spotted s small crack on my windscreen..maybe abt 2cm liddat..is it advisable to change now or wat?
  21. My colleague ask me to check here as he no account so cannot post Topic. Honda Stream Owners - Do you have problems with your Air Con Vent (Driver) ? His both have Cracked Joints. It seems its a Quality issue but Agent say no warranty for them. Each cost $50... Comments please. Thanks,
  22. hi, anyone knows how to 'crack' the iphone so that can download and install games and applications? dun tell me bang the phone against the wall or stuff like those, k. =) thanks in advance to all smart person here~~
  23. Hi, Can some1 advise if my tyre hit on a stone and there is a hairline crack can it still be mend or I need to buy need tyres? Any recommendation where to repair tyre or change tyre? TIA
  24. Genes

    Windscreen crack

    Hi guys. Recently heard a sharp crack sound while driving. Didnt see any obvious damage so I just continued driving. Today, just as I was about to start the car, I noticed that was a crack of about 10cm in length at the base of the windscreen. Could feel the distinct crack on the outside of the windscreen. Question. If claim insurance(AIG) will affect NCD? How much would it be to change the whole thing? A bit bo hua tho coz the car is due to be traded in for a new one in about 2 months. If this is the case, it there any possibility to repair it with maybe epoxy filler or is there anyone to recommend that can repair a crack? Thanks in advance for all advice.