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Found 9 results

  1. SINGAPORE: A bull has escaped from a dairy farm in Lim Chu Kang, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) said on Tuesday (Apr 9). SFA said it is working with NParks and the farm to locate the escaped animal, and advised anyone who spots the bull to steer clear. "Members of the public are advised not to approach or provoke the bull," SFA said in a statement. "The farms in the vicinity have been advised of the escaped bull and to contact the authorities, if sighted," it said. SFA said that members of the public who spot the bull should report sightings to the Animal Response Centre at 1800-476-1600. Source: CNA/na(aj) wow what if it run across the road and caused accident
  2. Girl Narrowly Escapes as Escalator Floor Breaks Open Another escalator malfunction in China . A Chinese girl escaped unhurt as an escalator malfunctioned on Sunday at a shopping mall in Shenyang, northeast China's Liaoning Province. The girl, believed to be in her 20s, stepped onto a panel of flooring at the top of the escalator when it suddenly gave way. Staff at the mall soon shut down the escalator, and no one was injured. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtbdrIMa-Wo
  3. He had escaped a blaze at his workplace in the Jurong Industrial Estate four days ago, as he was out on a job. But Malaysian Tan Kian Eang, 45, was not so lucky early yesterday morning, as his bicycle was involved in a collision with an SBS Transit bus at the junction of Jalan Boon Lay and International Road. Paramedics from the Singapore Civil Defence Force arrived shortly after the accident at around midnight and pronounced Mr Tan dead at the scene. The Singaporean bus driver has been suspended pending police investigations. This is the second fatality from a bus collision in less than two weeks. A 42-year-old woman died after she was hit by an SBS bus in Clementi on April 23. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...on-bus-20130504
  4. So many animals killed because of one suicidal madman. Amongst them 18 endangered tigers... From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/afp...1160574/1/.html Police shoot escaped zoo animals in Ohio Posted: 20 October 2011 1014 hrs CHICAGO: Police in the US state of Ohio shot dead dozens of lions, tigers, bears and wolves in a frantic hunt Wednesday after the owner of an exotic farm freed the dangerous animals and then killed himself. The bloody toll - which included 18 endangered Bengal tigers - sparked outrage from conservationists and calls for restrictions on the largely unregulated ownership of exotic pets. Sheriff Matt Lutz defended his shoot-to-kill order, telling reporters that officers were in a race against the oncoming darkness when they arrived at the farm around 5:30 pm (2130 GMT) Tuesday and saw the wild predators running free. "Public safety was our number one concern," Lutz said. "We are not talking about your normal, everyday house cat or dog." He praised the bravery of the men who left their squad cars to confront the animals armed only with handguns, but said he wished they never had to face such a terrible choice. "These killings were senseless. For our guys to have to do this, it was crazy," Lutz said. "We don't go to the academy and get trained on how to deal with 300 pound Bengal tigers. I'm just glad they had the courage to get out of their cars." Game wardens, SWAT teams, and experts from the nearby Columbus Zoo were called in to assist with the hunt as night fell and residents were warned to stay in their homes. But they only had four tranquillizer guns -- which carried drugs that can sometimes take a while to put a large animal to sleep -- and couldn't risk losing the animals in the dark or the woods. One "very aggressive" tiger was shot dead on Wednesday morning when it went "crazy" and started to run towards nearby woods after it was shot with a tranquillizer, Lutz said. "We could not have animals running loose in this county. We were not going to have that," he added. Of the 56 animals set loose, only six were captured alive: a grizzly bear, three leopards and two monkeys. The other slain animals included two wolves, six black bears, two grizzly bears, nine male lions, eight lionesses, one mountain bear and a baboon. At least one of the animals was struck by a vehicle on a nearby highway and the mauled body of a monkey was also recovered. A monkey that might be infected with Herpes was still unaccounted for, but may also have been eaten by one of the lions. The animals were buried on the 73-acre farm Wednesday. It is a "tragedy" that the animals died but officials had no other choice, said Jack Hanna, director emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and the host of an animal television show. "I'm sorry that this had to be done but if you had 18 Bengal tigers running around in these neighbourhoods, you folks would not have wanted to see what happened," Hanna, who helped to organize the hunt, told reporters. The remaining animals were taken to the zoo but were expected to eventually be returned to the estranged wife of Terry Thompson, 62, who was found dead in the driveway. Ohio has few laws governing the ownership of exotic animals, but Hanna said he was working with the governor's office to enact regulations to try and prevent a repeat of the tragedy. Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich issued a statement urging swift passage of a bill restricting the ownership of exotic animals, noting that there have been 22 incidents in the state involving such animals since 2003 including the death of a man last year while feeding a pet bear. A spokesman for Governor John Kasich told AFP that a task force already working on new rules for exotic animals is expected to have legislation ready within 30 days and defended the decision to shoot-to-kill. "The safety of the populace has to be the paramount concern -- period," spokesman Rob Nichols told AFP. Local news reports said federal agents raided the farm in June 2008, seizing more than 100 guns, and that Thompson had previously been fined for letting his animals wander. But WWF Tiger expert Leigh Henry said the fact remained that people "can go buy a tiger in Ohio" or in seven other states that have no requirement for any kind of license or permit to do so. "I would say the current patchwork of laws in the United States regulating these captive tigers is inexcusable," she said. Born Free USA, an animal protection group, said the death of so many animals should be a call to action against private ownership. - AFP/fa
  5. Was travelling on PIE towards Jurong East at about noon on Lane 2 after Eng Neo Exit. Traffic was light on Lane 3 and 4. Lane 1 empty. I remembered went past a TP talking to a motorcylist at the shoulder. After I went past them, I can see some traffic cones on the road, Lane 1. I saw a car coming from behind some distance away on the rear view mirror. Then the next he was not there. Shortly he was coming alongside on my right. Its a MPV. We were approaching the traffic cones with some 25 metres away. The MPV decided to floor his accelerator, went past me and cut into Lane 2, my lane. I gave a honk at him. I did not see any acknowledgement from the driver. From here the MPV filtered into Lane 4 towards BKE. I tried to follow but he was darn fast. Then when I thought he's going to proceed to BKE, he decided to filtered back to PIE and went onto Lane 1. Did he go to the Woodland Road exit or onwards to Jurong? I don't know - I did not want to chase cos if the TP is behind me, I am dead. I caught a glimpse of the MPV - its gold or light color. It bears S??11?
  6. Very funny, MAS escape end up blame peasants for being complacent. Am I complacent? My answer is definitely NO!
  7. Gahmen Reassigns Crack Chee Team to Hunt Escaped Terrorist Posted on Tuesday, March 04, 2008 Topic: Local News by Nyonya Kway To prove its seriousness about hunting down escaped terrorist Mat Alamak, the Gahmen has assigned the case to its top enemy-of-the-state hunters
  8. Escaped terrorist helps Singaporeans bond Wah, let a terrorist escape can actually be a GOOD thing! Help the people bond! Maybe we should let a few more escape then. Once a year, have an Allow a Terrorist to Escape Day to facilitate national bonding. From the Straits Times: "S'poreans' response as 'one people' lauded THE response by Singaporeans to Mas Selamat's escape from detention is a good example of how the community should respond in such a situation, said Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Zainul Abidin Rasheed yesterday. He said people's reactions to the incident at the grassroots-level Inter-Religious Confidence Circles (IRCCs) have been the same, regardless of race, and that it is good the community is taking the matter as seriously as the Government. 'It shows we are responding as one people and in times of need, we are there to help Singapore, which is reassuring,' he said." Even Finance Minister Tharman weighed in: "S
  9. Place your bets everyone ( errr....I mean pick!! ) what will the possible outcome be for the latest news on the escaped JI leader!