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Found 18 results

  1. Understand China Embassy won't allow unauthorized vehicle to enter and parking, but I have to visit China Embassy for some affair can anyone advise me any public carpark nearby that area(150 Tanglin Road)? Thanks very much
  2. Hi all, Any bro/sis been there? Is there any public carparks near the embassy? Thanks.
  3. A CAR believed to be from a foreign embassy was involved in a hit-and-run accident in Bukit Panjang Road early on Tuesday, hitting three people at two different traffic junctions. Police said that the car first hit two pedestrians who were crossing the junction of Bukit Panjang Road and Bangkit Road at about 3am. Mr Tong Kok Wai, 30, and Mr Bong Hwee Haw, 24, suffered head injuries and were taken to the National University Hospital (NUH). Mr Tong is in the intensive care unit while Mr Bong is in a surgical high dependency ward. Instead of stopping, the car continued on its path of destruction. Witnesses said it beat another red light 100m ahead at the cross-junction of Bukit Panjang Road and Pending Road. There, it hit another pedestrian, Mr Muhamad Haris Abu Talib, 18, before speeding off. Mr Haris was also taken to NUH with leg pain. http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_467195.html
  4. RadX

    US Embassy Humor

    yet another US embassy humour ...... happened last week http://asiancorrespo...vitation-gaffe/ The US Embassy in Bangkok was left red-faced this weekend after it emerged that it sent an Fourth of July party invitation to a veteran Thai politician addressed to him as ‘Anti-Thaksin Activist’ on the envelope. Pramote Nakornthab, a former Thammasat University lecturer, posted images of the envelope and the invite on Facebook Saturday, with a pretty clear RSVP. “Thank you. SORRY. Cannot accept invitation due to mis-identification. It should be Pro-Monarchy, Pro-Democracy, and Pro-American.”
  5. A teeny weeny kerb has defeated the Presidential car!!!!!!
  6. Yet the brits threaten to barge in to arrest him? And the americans who are usually the proponents of freedom of speech is seeking to counter just that? http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/20...-asylum-ecuador
  7. Owen_fan

    Indonesia embassy

    Need advice any near by carpark or where to park, as need to bring my maid to Indonesia embassy tomorrow. Thank you
  8. Without_a_car

    Scholar ask help from China embassy

  9. THE outlook seemed bleak for the worst-hit victim of a double hit-and-run accident on Tuesday. Mr Tong Kok Wai, 30, is suffering from severe brain damage. He has not regained consciousness. Doctors at the National University Hospital have told his family that there is little chance of him recovering. Just as all seemed lost, Mr Tong, feared to be brain-dead, shed tears of hope. His wife of three weeks, Madam Yenni Young, 31, an assistant manager at a hotel here, had mustered enough courage yesterday to utter the most painful words she has ever had to say to him. "I don't want you to suffer so much," she told her husband as she stroked his face and held his hands. "If you really cannot take it and you want to go, it's okay. Don't worry about me. I've got so many people with me. So many people are here with me." After she said those words, she saw "two fat tears" rolling down his cheeks. She told The New Paper: "I had been waiting a long time in the morning to have some time alone with him. "So many people were walking in and out to see him. Then finally, I got some time alone with him. When I saw his tears, that was when I knew he could hear me." Madam Young, a Chinese Indonesian, said she immediately rushed out of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to tell her mother and mother-in-law about what she saw. The family saw, in those two tears, a miracle. And now, they're praying for an even bigger one - that he will pull through. Mr Tong, a Malaysian working in Singapore, was accompanying his friend, Mr Bong Hwee Haw, 24, to take a taxi home after supper when a black Audi A6 ploughed into them along Bukit Panjang Road at about 3am on Tuesday. It went on to hit a third person, Muhd Haris Abu Talib, 18, at the next junction. The car had been reported stolen by the Romanian embassy and was later found abandoned in Sungei Kadut. The driver remains at large. Madam Young has been keeping vigil by her husband's bedside since yesterday morning, soon after he was admitted. She said: "I also told him that I wish to hear him call me 'lao po' (wife in Mandarin) and 'Tang fu ren' (Mrs Tong in Mandarin) again. "After we got married, he used to call me that, teasingly." The couple solemnised their marriage at Traders Hotel just three weeks ago, on 20 Nov, after which there was a high-tea reception. It was attended by about 90 relatives and close friends from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. "We planned the whole wedding ourselves," she said, fingering her wedding band, which carries a single diamond. The couple were planning to go to Japan for their honeymoon. Madam Young added that Mr Tong would be undergoing more tests to confirm his condition. She described him as a faithful man whose love for her stood the test of time. "He fell for me first," she said, breaking into a smile. "We were friends many years ago when we were working at the same hotel. "He told me twice that he liked me. But at that time, I did not have any feelings for him. It probably wasn't the right time." She then left for Australia to pursue further studies and returned to Singapore only in 2007. The couple, who kept in touch while she was in Australia, met up a few times when she returned. It was on one of those outings that she realised she had fallen for him. They dated, and he proposed to her six months ago. "It was a simple proposal," she recalled. "He had dropped me hints before that, and I told him that I didn't want any ring. "We were sitting and chatting at our usual bench in the park near his place. Then he asked me, 'When should we get married?' That was it." She described her husband as a "very chatty and sociable person".
  10. By Agence France-Presse SINGAPORE, Aug 27, 2010 (AFP)
  11. Mon, Apr 05, 2010 AFP by Prashant Rao BAGHDAD, IRAQ - Iraq's security forces were on high alert Monday after three suicide car bombs targeting regional and European embassies rocked Baghdad, killing 30 people. The attacks came as Iraq's political parties struggled to form a government. Incumbent Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, whose coalition finished second in the March 7 general election, held a meeting with Iraq's national security council over Sunday's blasts, a statement from his office said. Officials said the near-simultaneous attacks, which a minister said bore the signature of Al-Qaeda, had also wounded 224 people. Two were suicide attacks against the Egyptian and Iranian embassies, while a third struck an intersection near the German, Spanish and Syrian missions. Baghdad security spokesman Major General Qassim Atta said a bomb-laden car had also been intercepted in Masbah, central Baghdad, apparently heading towards the headquarters of police tasked with diplomatic protection. Its driver was arrested and the device was defused, he said. "It looks like (Al-Qaeda)," Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari told AFP. "I really feel it's early, however, unless we ensure the investigation is complete" to say who was behind the blasts, he added. "They bear the same marks of previous attacks, in the timing, the targeting, the simultaneous attacks on different targets in different places to have maximum impact," Zebari said. He was referring to co-ordinated bombings in August, October, December and January that killed more than 400 people. The two bombs that battered the diplomatic western neighbourhood of Mansur were followed soon afterwards by a third huge explosion outside the Iranian embassy in central Baghdad. Said Mohammed, who was close to the blast at the Egyptian embassy, said guards had tried to prevent the attack. "Three security guards shouted at the truck to stop moving, and opened fire on the driver," said Mohammed, before turning angrily to nearby Iraqi army officers and shouting: "How did the truck get here?" "The explosion was really strong," said taxi driver Abu Ahmed of the blast at the Iranian embassy, which caused no casualties among its staff. "They never kill ministers, officials or heads of state. They kill taxi drivers, public employees and shopkeepers," he added. "How much longer will this last?" German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in Berlin she was "profoundly affected" by the blasts, while the Arab League said that they sought to destabilise Iraq at a "delicate moment." French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner condemned the bombings as "barbaric". The attacks came as Iraqi political parties negotiate to form a government, nearly a month after an election that left none of the four main blocs with enough seats to form a 163-seat parliamentary majority on its own. Former premier Iyad Allawi, whose bloc finished first in the election, has accused Iran of seeking to prevent him becoming prime minister again by inviting all major parties except his secular bloc to Tehran. Security officials had warned that protracted coalition building could give insurgents an opportunity to further destabilise the country. Although the frequency of attacks has dropped significantly since peaking in 2006 and 2007, figures released on Thursday showed 367 Iraqis were killed inviolence last month - the highest number this year. --AFP
  12. work of Ah Long...ambassy also owe $$$?? http://www.asiaone.com/News/The%2BNew%2BPa...323-206319.html THIS sleek silver Porsche Cayman-S was a head-turner in more ways than one yesterday. Scrawled on its rear were the words "O$P$" - loan sharks' shorthand for"owe money, pay money". The culprit had also written a name, address and handphone numberwith a red marker. The two-seater Porsche Cayman-S, which bore diplomatic plates, was parked at a reserved lot at the United Square carpark. The car is registered to the Italian embassy, whose office is there. When contacted, it declined to comment, citing ongoing police investigations. When The New Paper arrived yesterday, police officers were there conducting their investigations. One of themwas seen taking photos of the vandalised car. A police spokesman said they received a call about the vandalism of the car at 9.25am and are investigating the incident. The New Paper understands that the vandalism was discovered by the driver of the car after he had parked at the United Square carpark. It is believed that the vandalism occurred at the residence of an embassy staff member. A man who works in the building said he had seen the car arriving at United Square, which is in the Novena area, around 9am yesterday. The graffiti was already on it. The reserved parking lots there are monitored by security cameras and patrolled by security guards. A few curious onlookers gathered around the car when they noticed the words on its rear. They took up five linesand filled a large portion of the surface. They even whipped out pen and paper to jot down the licence plate number. One of them, who did not want to give his name, said: "I better buy 4-D first before the licence number comes out in the newspapers." When we called the handphone number scrawled on the car, a man picked up. He claimed that the debtor was involved in illegal football betting and had borrowed money from loan sharks. The man also said that the handphone number used to belong to the debtor. He declined to speak further and hung up. Targeting neighbours Previous media reports showed that loan sharks have taken to vandalising the cars of debtors' neighbours as a pressure tactic to make the debtor pay up. The New Paper reported last April that two BMWs were vandalised by loan sharks who were chasing down a debtor who lived in a nearby unit. The left sides of the BMWs were found defaced with "O$P$". The following month, a Hyundai Tuscani was similarly vandalised, scrawled with the same address as that written on the BMWs.
  13. Another news from OMY today. Can't find in CNA webbie leh. Another hit-and run.... http://news.omy.sg/News/LocalNews/Story/OM...428-112870.html A suspected Eastern Europe embassy vehicle runs 2 redlights and knock into three pedestrians this morning at 3.10am from two different locations, 1 is at the cross junction of B. Panjang Road and Bangkit Road, the other is at the junction of Pending Road. The driver sped away after both accidents. 2 Chinese male and 1 malay male was seriously injured. Witness mentioned to Shin Min that the first 2 guys was knocked down and flown to about 8 metres away... 一辆属于东欧国家的大使馆座驾凌晨超速连闯两红灯,撞飞三个人,其中两人重伤昏迷,司机过后逃逸。 这起事故发生在今天凌晨3时10分,第一个案发地点是在武吉班让路与万吉路的交界处,第二个地点则是武吉班让路与秉定路的交界处。 《新明日报》记者接获热心读者拨电通知后,立即赶到现场了解情况。 据目击者描述,该轿车,先在武吉班让路与万吉路交界处,撞倒两人,过后又疾飞而去,又闯红灯冲过秉定路交界处的交通灯,结果再撞倒一名男子。 轿车司机过后还是没有停下来,反而加速离开,不顾而去。 3名伤者分别是30岁的董国伟、24岁的彭志豪以及18岁的默哈末哈利。一名目击者向记者表示,他正坐在武吉班让路与万吉路交界处的巴士站等巴士,突然传出一阵
  14. Anyone know where is the best place to park my car? I have to bring my maid there to renew her passport. Thanks
  15. Qpik

    Non-car, Spore Embassy

    http://app.mfa.gov.sg/generator/asppages/b...ok/HomePage.asp Sorry, need an outlet after finding out deviation of working hours as stated on their website. Was told need to make prior appointment. Okay then I asked if I can go down before 12noon and was told that they closed at 11am instead on 12noon Then I asked if I can go today as it is urgent. Embassy: "please come after 2.30pm and before 4pm as we close at 4pm". Me: "your website says 9-12noon, 1-5pm right." Embassy: "Eh, now we operate fm 9-11am, 1-4pm". Me: "So, I asked can I go at 1pm instead as I got to be home by 3pm?" Embassy: "Even if u come at 1pm, I cannot confirm the person-in-charge will be in." Me: "So, can you please help to check if person will be around, thank you" 1st time, our ambassadors at bangkok kept us waiting for hours at a CNY dinner celebrations hosted by a school. Not even an apology. Now, this nonsense. Thank you...ranting over...time for govt to clean up their act.
  16. Regboyboy

    Outing to Embassy!

    Any one intrested in this outing? So far Guyver me craig is ON.