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Found 21 results

  1. Hanan_ho

    Goodyear Assurance TripleMax

    Anyone using assurance triple max? Any good feedback? http://www.sgcarmart.com/products/overview.php?ID=8863 Read online about the perks like good braking distance and fuel saving..But wanna get more opinions here.
  2. Saw this oil at Autobacs, ~$80 for 5 litres meets VW 503.01, 502.00, 505.00 can this oil be used on the 1.8T for 15,000km OCI since it meets the VW specs?
  3. SUZUKA: Ferrari's Fernando Alonso set his sights on being Formula One's youngest triple champion after losing his double record to Sebastian Vettel in Japan on Sunday. The Spaniard, who won his second title with Renault in 2006 as a 25-year-old, leaned over to shake the 24-year-old Red Bull driver's hand in congratulations at a post-race news conference. Asked how it felt to have lost his status, Alonso said it was "really nothing special". "I think now we will see who is the youngest three-time world champion," he added. Only eight drivers have ever won three or more championships and the youngest was Brazilian Ayrton Senna who was 31 when he clinched his third at Suzuka in 1991 with McLaren. Alonso, who missed out on a third title last year when Ferrari made a strategic error in the final race that effectively handed Vettel his first championship, will be 31 in July next year. Ferrari have struggled this season, with Alonso's win at Silverstone their sole success, and the Spaniard's second place at Suzuka was a welcome return to form for a team already focusing fully on their 2012 car. Team boss Stefano Domenicali hailed that as an amazing result. "Our driver was always on the attack and came very close to a win which would have been incredible, given our performance two weeks ago in Singapore (where Alonso came fourth)," he said. source http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/...ow/10291300.cms
  4. Hi bros/sis, I just bought a 2nd hand hyundai verna. the previous owner had installed cool n lite solar films when car was new. Day time driving is fine, but when i drive at night, i realised that for all the headlights and traffic lights that are 'shining' at me, there is a smaller duplication of the light both on top and below the original light source. This effectively means there is 'triple vision' when it comes to any light source. This is however not so for the windows. For the rear windscreen, i couldn't confirm yet, as the 'heat lines' there means the lights would be slightly distorted anyway. I cannot be sure whether this triple vision thingy is definitely caused by the solar film, or could it be caused by the previous owner applying rain repellent (like Rain-Ex) on the windscreen. (the windscreen does seem to have Rain-Ex applied before, although it looks like at least some weeks/months old). Anyone here has any similar experience before, or know what could have caused this? Thanks in advance.
  5. I had just picked up a bot of c-----e Triple R 5W/40 @ $27.89 at Giant. Comes with a bot of free oil treatment. Good price? Hari Raya special!
  6. hi all, my ralliart single din gauge is not working, no light no movement even when connected. Any expert out there know how to make it working? Thanks in advance.
  7. Triple National Day celebration for mom and newborn twins Mdm Hayati, who was born on Aug 9, 27 years ago, gave birth to a pair of twins early on Saturday morning. IT WAS a triple celebration for first-time parents Madam Nor Hayati and Mr Ismail bin Hatmin on Saturday. Not only were they feting the nation's birthday, Mdm Hayati, who was born on Aug 9, 27 years ago, gave birth to a pair of twins early on Saturday morning. The twins were expected to be out next week, but Mdm Hayati felt her waterbag burst just past midnight on Friday and the twins were delivered by caesarean section at 4.40am. 'I guess they really wanted to make it out by National Day,' said the customer service officer. 'They are the best birthday gift I have ever received.' Baby daughter Nur Daniah and son Mohd Danish each weigh 2.3kg. They will stay at Kadang Kerbau Hospital with mum until Monday. More than 20 friends and family, mostly dressed in red, visited the couple on Saturday to send both birthday greetings and well-wishes. Mr Ismail's mother was so thrilled with the National Day coincidence, she bought red and white felt blankets for the newborns. But Mr Ismail, 27, an engineering assistant, had to cancel the routine birthday treat - a quiet dinner and watching the fireworks from Marina Bay - that he had planned for his wife. Instead, the new family of four and some relatives will be watching the live telecast of the National Day Parade together in the hospital. 'With three National Day babies in my family now, there's extra pressure for me to get us all tickets to the parade in the future,' joked Mr Ismail. 三喜临门
  8. Hi all ...I am thinking of getting the Suzuki Swift Sport as my first car...am really a noob at this...so can the experienced MCFers, especially the SSS owners enlighten me the monthly expenditure of owning one? OR any 1.6 car for that matter? I am going for the 1.6M from Champion Motors...probably $5k upfront and the rest on 10 year loan....wat other hidden costs? Really thanks a lot to u guys out there!
  9. Rentovski

    2007 VW New Beetle Triple White

    Only 3,000 customers will have the opportunity to own this truly special edition. http://automen.blogspot.com/2007/03/2007-v...iple-white.html
  10. For those who want a reference, these are the UOAs on cxxxxxe 5W40 used in local cars. Links are to BITOG. By mkl22 By genie47 By dm By Hockie
  11. http://theoildrop.server101.com/ubb/ultima...ic;f=3;t=003177 Pretty good for a cheap oil in a car having a 2.7L oil sump. Cheap oil can be good oil.
  12. Hi All, Has anyone used the Splitfire Triple Platinum spark plug before? How's it as compared to stock spark plug? Any performance yield so far? Thanks
  13. It is finally here! See the attached .pdf file! Only if you are really interested, I can PM you Terry's comments. He doesn't want it public. My personal comments. TBN is at 5.0 and this is oil is sampled at 8k. So it does have some life left. It looks a little better than the one by the Corolla. This could be due to my mild driving style I strive for. I would say, it can last 10k if you are a pretty mild driver. If the Corolla driver is a mild driver, I must say the 1ZZ-FE engine is pretty hard on oil . The oil still sheared down from a 40wt. 40wt should be 12.5 to 16.5 Cst. Should work well for the 1.4L DOHC Aveo engines up to 10k. Up to 12k if you dare. Still pretty good for a cheap oil. Go get it if you drive a similar engined Aveo like me. Disclaimer: This UOA is the wear analysis for my car which is a 1.4L DOHC Aveo. It is a result of my driving style as well. In no way should it be applied to your engine. 87128_NGEE1_E140-34251-1543.PDF
  14. Spotted at Suntec Carrefour today.
  15. i bought the SJ instead of SL a few mths ago. going for 20K servicing soon. does it have any sluggish effect on the car? thanks
  16. gurus...what do you think of this brand?????cuz seling cheap in carrefour
  17. It is in the Maintenance folder. Check it out. Can use up to 10k if you drive like me. Applicable to 1.4L DOHC engines.
  18. seen it in Plaza Singapure Carrefour today, 5 litre pack. looks like cheaper now, bought one month ago at $29.90
  19. Please follow this link to BITOG for an analysis on CLTR! Whoopee! Damn! The oil has a TBN of 4.0 after 5k and seems like it will not last very long. Sheared down to a 30wt too! I suggest OCI of around 6-7k no more. The oil was on a Toyota. Now if it behaves like this on a Toyota, imagine it in an Aveo . Wear looks very good though. Just like mine. Like they say in Chinese. Yi fen chian yi fen huo. Seems like the RP 5W20 is good. Next oil change coming up!
  20. Audiorook


    Anyone used the Splitfire Triple Platinum plugs? Are they any good? How much could one get?
  21. For all the Chevy kiasu cheapos out there. The oil is a 40wt oil. Confirm in line with the manual. Costs only $35.90 for 5L! Grab it from Giant quickly. Very little left. Also teach you all to watch the other folders in MCF and not just here for Chevy news. There are lots of kangtaos floating in the forums. Rated SJ and CF. Confirm can use. ACEA A3 and B3 rated. Dunno which year. If A3(2002), damn worth it man! They advertize on the bottle that it will stay in grade. So it could be A3(2002).