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Found 12 results

  1. Vratenza

    Carpark Gantry Cheats

    https://www.facebook.com/BehChiaLor/videos/1643962532526501/ https://www.facebook.com/BehChiaLor/videos/1697427000513387/
  2. josephywj

    Avoid Rexy Motors

    Darn pissed off with this company. When they sold me this car at $37000 in April 2019, mileage was at 113,000km. When i went to service at Borneo, they told me the last serviced mileage in March 2019 was 208,000km. WTF man. Another case of odometer tampering. I managed to bug the dealer, and they gave me back my full refund. I asked them to compensate me for the solar film, new tyres, glass sealant and new headlights and fog lights i changed, they refused. Idiots. and now they are selling off the car with all my add ons, hoping to scan someone else. Guess what, the car that they sold me is back on the market for 2 weeks, i got friends to enquire, and they reported to them mileage of 122,000km instead of 217,000km. Careful you guys out there! One dishonest company we have here! They told me they didnt tamper *sniggers* https://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=816726&DL=1198 Rexy Motor Trading Company Address: 61 Ubi Ave 2, #03-04, Singapore 408898 Automobile Megamart Phone: 6468 0082
  3. A driver was spotted tailgating another car to enter and exit a carpark without paying, Stomp reported. Apparently this system of cheating works because the carpark gantry is unable to detect the second vehicle - which is too close, says the reader who highlighted the incident. The reader was at the Ang Mo Kio (AMK) Hub carpark when he witnessed a vehicle tailgating another car to enter the carpark for free. This incident occurred on Dec 15, 9pm. The reader told Stomp: "The owner of this vehicle (in the above photo) followed the vehicle in front closely and exited the carpark without paying his parking fee. "This tactic works and the 2nd vehicle will not be detected as another vehicle exiting the gantry," the reader added. "Carpark management usually will not pursue the matter further as the cost to investigate may not be viable. "To these vehicle owners who try to cheat the system: If you don't have money to park - don't drive! A spokesperson for AMK Hub's management said: "The current system has been designed to ensure the safety of drivers entering and exiting AMK Hub's carpark. "AMK Hub Mall Management will investigate incidents on a case-by-case basis and reserves the right to take appropriate legal action when necessary."
  4. DRIVERS who make false statements on a vehicle accident to insurance companies, take note. The Motor Insurance Taskforce, set up last September to address the issue of rising motor- insurance premiums, said yesterday that it is proposing to criminalise false accident reporting to insurers. This proposal is one of nine recommendations that the taskforce hopes will help lower the increasing premiums, if adopted. The taskforce's members include the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case), the Automobile Association of Singapore, the Land Transport Authority and the General Insurance Association of Singapore. The taskforce added that it has put up the recommendation as there could be cases of dishonest accident reporting when drivers try to shift the responsibility for an accident onto another party. By doing so, they would not have to make a claim with their motor-insurance company. Drivers who do not make claims for a year enjoy a discount on their motor-insurance premiums for the following year. However, a false report could result in the aggrieved party hiring a lawyer to defend him, and these legal costs would be included in one of the accident claims. This in turn would prompt insurers to raise premiums. Last year, the average premium hit $1,033, a 21.5 per cent jump from $850 in 2008. The taskforce is also recommending that touting of motorworkshop services at accident sites be criminalised, a move which Mr Joey Lim, president of the Singapore Motor Workshop Association, welcomes. He said such touts steal business from legitimate workshops, as they would rush to a trafficaccident site to "offer" help. But, in reality, he said, they are trying to hoodwink motorists involved in the accidents to accept expensive motor-repair services, which would then inflate insurance claims. Some touts even teach drivers how to make false reports so that a successful insurance claim can be made to pay for the touts' repair services. Mr Yeo Guat Kwang, the taskforce's co-chairman and president of Case, said the taskforce will speak to relevant associations and the authorities on implementing the recommendations in the next six months. While he could not say when the recommendations may be implemented, he is hopeful that the more straightforward ones, like raising the claims limit at the Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre, can be quickly adopted.
  5. Looks like those who paid for maige tv box are affected ?
  6. Saw this in asiaone.. Not sure posted or not here..so juicy.. Guy cheats on wife Clarification by scandal. Dude cheats on wife and kena sexposed... by wife who gained access to his FB account and posted this photo Pic of Andy and the scandal..... love it.... uploaded by his wife on behalf for him... "Cheated behind the wife and went to HK with the slut..... so loving.... Hell of a good time there... Great sex, great hug and kisses....
  7. How many Drivers really forget to put parking coupon? when i didn't put it's not because I forget but don't want to put. Same goes for OPC drivers. how can forget to put? He also want more unrestricted time but refuse to submit to less tax cut etc. If only he have half the intelligence of MCFers discussing about OPC, he will not be a joke
  8. Driver crushes summons ticket, throws it at parking attendant and yells at her http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/photo/getMediumSizePhoto.do?id=26549 After witnessing how an unhappy driver yelled and threatened a female parking attendant on July 6, STOMPer Rath is shocked at the treatment these enforcement officers encounter in the line of their duty. She wonders if there are any solutions for this. According to Rath, the incident happened at a HDB carpark in Teban Gardens where a wedding was going on at the void deck. She recounted: "There was a trailer parked illegally in the car park, and a parking warden spotted it. She waited for the driver for a few minutes for him to claim his vehicle, but when he still didn't appear, she proceeded on to give him a summon. "While she was printing the summon, a man, apparently the driver and also a wedding guest, approached her and started shouting at her and questioning her. "He then ripped the summon off from the hand held printer, crushed it and threw it at her. "He then gathered more his friends, one of which claimed to be an inspector. When the attendant dialled for her office to confirm his identity, she was stopped. "The man might have known where she lived because he threatened to' look her up' if she didn't back off. "The driver who crushed the summon has driven his trailer off by then, and after five more minutes, both parties dispersed. It's really shocking how this could happen. The STOMPer strongly feels that a word of fairness has to be put in for parking attendants. She has came across previous incidents where these officers were called names whenever they're on their rounds. She said: "You can pay over tens of thousand of dollars to buy a car but you can't spend a few dollars just a buy a parking coupon? "Enforcement officers are doing their duty, and they should be treated with due respect. This is really such a great insult to an enforcement officer. It's harassement! What's the solution for this?" the beedeo http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singapor...nt.jsp?id=27882
  9. Penalties for fare evasion on buses and MRT trains kick in on Tuesday By Hoe Yeen Nie, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 01 July 2008 2206 hrs SINGAPORE: Penalties for fare evasion on buses and MRT trains kicked in on Tuesday. Under the new system, those who do not pay the correct fare will be fined 20 Singapore dollars while those who abuse concession cards face a penalty of 50 Singapore dollars. As of 3pm, 16 people had been caught for these offences, all of them bus commuters. At Tanjong Pagar MRT station, there is an average of two cases of fare evasion every month, mostly those abusing student concession cards. Since the penalty system was announced on May 2, ticketing operator TransitLink, which manages the ticketing system used on buses and MRT stations here, has issued over 10,000 warning letters. But from now, the guilty ones will be fined. TransitLink and the two public transport operators SBS Transit and SMRT conducted a public education campaign in May and June. All public transport officials will carry an identification card and issue a receipt once the fine is paid. Offenders can pay on the spot or at any of TransitLink's offices and Add-Value Machines located at bus interchanges and MRT stations. They have up to 14 days to do so. Any appeals should also be made within this time. An additional penalty of 1,000 Singapore dollars will be imposed on fare cheats if they do not pay their fine. The same penalty applies if one refuses to give their personal details, or provide false information to the public transport official. Repeat offenders may be fined 2,000 Singapore dollars or be jailed up to six months, or both. SBS Transit and SMRT said over 300 fare cheats are caught everyday but they believe the actual figure is higher. The new system is meant to help stem the loss of about nine million Singapore dollars each year from fare evasion. - CNA/vm ----------------------- http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stori...353201/1/.html 120000 cases of bus fare evasion were reported in a year. About half of the cases had commuters who failed to pay the full amount 328 cases a day on record.. at best can dig up only 16? overstated?
  10. 0% jump in fare cheats. One cabby cheated 3 times in 8 days One man even raised his fist Passenger 1 opens door & bolts when he reaches destination Passenger 2 claims he has no money & offers $4 for $32 cab fare Passenger 3 asks him to open boot, then flees By Chong Shin Yen July 01, 2008 IT has been three times unlucky for cabby Lee Lian Seng. Within a week this month alone, the 57-year-old cabby has encountered fare cheats thrice. And he is not alone. ComfortDelGro, the largest taxi operator here with about 15,000 taxis, said that the number of such cheats has increased by 50 per cent. The company received a monthly average of 128 cases this year, up from 85 last year. As a result of such cheats, Mr Lee lost $72 - not to mention the time spent lodging police reports and informing his company. He is a cabby with ComfortDelGro and works the night shift. Mr Lee said that in one case, the fare cheat bolted before he could stop him. Another was bold, refusing to pay outright. Then, there was a man who came up with a ploy that allowed him to slip away unnoticed. SNEAKY PLOY Mr Lee had picked up one man from Boat Quay on 21 Jun. He asked to go to Block 249, Bangkit Road in Bukit Panjang to pick up his wife and children before going on to Gangsa Road. Mr Lee said: 'Along the way, he even asked me if $30 was enough for the fare. I told him that it was more than enough.' The man then talked on his handphone, telling his wife to wait at the void deck with the children. When they arrived at the block, the man asked Mr Lee to open the boot so that he could put his baby's pram in there later. He got out of the cab and lifted the boot up. Mr Lee said: 'I was looking at him through the rear-view mirror. But after he lifted the boot up, my view was blocked.' He waited for about a minute before getting out to check. 'He was gone. I went to the nearby lift lobbies to search for him but I couldn't find him.' The man's fare came up to $24.30. Mr Lee waited for another 15 minutes, but the man did not return. 'I've treated fare cheats as part and parcel of my job. But I waste time waiting for them to return, when I could be picking up other passengers,' he said. Five days before that, Mr Lee had picked up three men along Geylang Lorong 4 at about 3.30am. The passengers spoke Thai and one of them alighted at the Singapore Discovery Centre. The other two asked to go to Kian Teck Crescent in Tuas. Mr Lee said: 'The fare was $32.10 when we reached Tuas. But one of them told me that they had no money and showed me two $2 notes. 'I replied, 'How can? I will call the police'. The man who was in the front seat then raised his fist at me. 'I feared for my safety so I kept quiet.' The men then left his cab, but Mr Lee did not dare to follow them as the road was quiet and both sides were forested. There was a dormitory in the distance and the two men went towards it. Mr Lee immediately lodged a police report. In the last case, Mr Lee picked up a man from Serangoon at about 9pm on 14 Jun. He asked to go to Tanjong Pagar first and then to Orchard Road. But along Craig Road, he asked Mr Lee to stop so that he could pass some documents to his friend. 'We waited for about a minute but his friend was still not in sight,' Mr Lee said. 'He then said that he would go and look for him. Before I could say anything, he opened the door and bolted.' The fare was $15.60 and the man never returned. Mr Lee said he has come across seven other fare cheats during the 23 years that he has been a cabby. He added that fare cheats often got away scot-free because they felt that cabbies would not bother taking action against them for a few dollars. 'But a few dollars here and there will add up to a lot,' Mr Lee said, 'and it's not fair to cabbies who had worked hard to earn the money.' Still, he can take comfort that from tomorrow, taxi fare cheats will face harsher penalties. Under the law, first-time offenders can be fined up to $1,000 while repeat offenders can be fined $2,000 and jailed six months. ComfortDelGro's spokesman Ms Tammy Tan said the company takes a serious view of such cases and plays an active role in helping their cabbies recover the fare. Ms Tan said: 'Our cabbies are advised to lodge reports with the company and the police whenever they come across fare cheats.' The company has reimbursed part of the fare to Mr Lee for one of the incidents and is working with him on the other two. http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/news/st...69546,00.html?? no $$ wanna cheat others somemore.. really CMI. recent news said this can result in jail & fine. soon an example will b made.
  11. Picnic06-Biante15

    Uncle Sam Investigating PSLE Cheats

    Today New Paper Headline read: "CPIB probes PSLE cheating case" - Teacher suspected of changing pupils' exam answers. A school teacher caught cheating by altering some answers in the Mother Tongue (Tamil Language) in the northern part of Singappre in October (2007). The thing came to light when the chief examiner found out that the composition and grammar papers had been altered by crossing the wrong words and written over it. The chief invigilator found that the hand writting and the ink is different, he made a report of the finding to MOE and Singapore Examinations And Assessment Board (Seab). The case had been referred to CPIB and currently the teacher is under investigation. Wahhhh......... no wonder some pupils can score so many A's easily. During my time, don't have lay..........sigh. . If not, plenty of A's......
  12. Read a report in yesterday copy of New Paper on the incident of cabby cheats at KL. A reporter whilst travelling in KL for a 4 km ride was charged RM60 (S$26) about the distance of Tanglin Mall to Suntec City. The taxi driver apparently had rigged his cab with a "Rocket Meter" which caused the fare meter to change at a faster rate than usual. The reporter was riding with an official from Malaysia's Road Transport Department (JPJ) who flagged the suspected taxi for a ride. They notice a wire near the driver's seat running under a rubber mat on the cab floor. (see photo attach) The wire appeared to be connected to the fare meter at one end and the other to the button that opens the vehicle boot. How the wire work was not mentioned in the report. So, beware when you are taking a taxi in KL. With the report made known in MY, I strongly believe that the taxi drivers with "Rocket Meter" will target the less suspecting tourist next. Especially Singaporean who will be going to MY during the year end school holidays. Anyone who suspect that they had been cheated could report to JPJ, Complaints and Investigation Unit at 03-0420 2223 or after office hours = 03-4023 6470.