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Found 15 results

  1. Wow didn’t know Seletar going to have one airport too?
  2. Last night went there with a group of friends, saw alot of modified Singapore and Malaysian cars. Saw 1 Malaysian car (can't rem the model) went fast past us and fire came out from his exhaust. He repeatd this for quite a few laps. A good car showroom place
  3. RadX

    Soya found skiving AGAIN!

    http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/100...nstruction-site SINGAPORE - Combat engineers and the Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) team from the SAF have uncovered a 100kg armed war relic that is more than 60 years old at a construction site in Seletar yesterday. SAF said on The Singapore Army Facebook page that they were activated yesterday to assess the war relic - an aerial bomb - which had been buried at the construction site. In an update this morning, the SAF said that they are preparing for their EOD Team to carry out a safe and controlled detonation on site. Serious Qn: Do they detonate these on the spot or bring back?
  4. Zacxaviqer

    Seletar Sunset grill and Pub

    Heard that they had reopen? Anyone know about their new location? Are they open on Tue? Thanks!
  5. The new road to CTE via Seletar West Link opened a few days ago. Seems like the black Odyssey and City Cab got confused. But hey it was dangerous and I almost got into an accident. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyBUm0oPvkA
  6. StreetFight3r

    20 Tiang

    Lai confess! Who are the ones who dump your wifeys at home every weekend and hang out here?
  7. Orang Seletar sue Danga Bay Bay developer and other parties Johor Native claimed graveyards buried by Danga Bay developer Singapore has a very small population of Orang Seletar that lives in boats off Yishun Dam.
  8. Iceklsy

    Seletar West Farmway 5

    Anyone knows abt the "Mini Kampong Zoo" at Seletar West Farmway 5 ? Any specific directions as to how to drive there ? Tks
  9. Little_prince

    Anyone working in Rolls Royce Seletar?

    hi guys. Need some advice... Any one working at RR ? can give any feedback on work enviroment, culture etc? thanks in advance.
  10. Hi i usually use SLE to go from seletar to woodland checkpoint using the expressway, is there any real speed camera along the 10+km expressway? I travel at around 98km/hr there at night, but many taxi and other cars seems to zoom by at around 120km/h when there is speed camera sign along the sides. so question is, is there any real camera there at all?
  11. Hi folks, intend to bring my in-laws to this famous place. i heard about their super spicy baffalos wings which come in diff level of spiciness (up to level 25?). as my in-laws are really good at eating spicy stuffs, i would like them to try something really out of this world (but dont want to "kill" them). may i know which level of spiciness should i be ordering in order not to disappoint them but at the same time, not getting them overwhelmed? Merry X'mas!
  12. SGCMmaomao

    Seletar Wings!! HOT! HOT! HOT!

    Have any 1 been to Seletar Sunset grill and bar B4? I tried the level 3 wings, whole lips swell big time!!! Holy cow! Wonder how they made it that hot.. They have from level 1 to 10.. P/s* Not for weak heart!!!
  13. Just came pass by Seletar dam and there was an accident. A red kia, silver hatch back upside down facing the sea and mitsubishi lancer (should be stationary, as rear right side doors damage by the hatch back). Haiz, couldn't take pic as i can't stop on the road... Basically can't drive into Seletar dam from Yishun Ave 1.
  14. Just wondering if anyone has taken a place from Seletar Airport to Pulau Tioman or Redang. And whether there are any parking lots which are safe to leave the car overnight for 3 days. Being Singapore should be not too big a problem, but still i would rather the car be left in a decent location with no strange people hanging around during the night or even day time.
  15. To the bro who take our photos, we totally forget to ask your contact number....if u happen to come to look for us in the car forums. Pls kindly drop me a mail at darkzealot81@hotmail.com ....thanks If the guys didn;t see wrongly, u were driving a nissan. we look forward to keeping in contact with u though i duno if we can ever find u Cheers