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  1. Tokyo 2020's Hashimoto rules out Games postponement -report The president of the Tokyo 2020 organising committee ruled out a cancellation or another postponement of the Olympic Games in an interview with Nikkan Sports newspaper, amid concerns about hosting the event during a global pandemic. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/sport/tokyo-2020-s-hashimoto-rules-out-games-postponement--report-14937370
  2. Badminton: Singapore's Loh Kean Yew, Yeo Jia Min's slots at Tokyo 2020 confirmed SINGAPORE - National shuttlers Loh Kean Yew and Yeo Jia Min have qualified for the Tokyo Olympics after the Badminton World Federation confirmed its qualification list on Monday (June 7). While the qualification period closes only on June 15, the BWF had confirmed in May that there would be no further tournaments due to the coronavirus pandemic. This had led to the postponement of the May 11-16 India Open and May 25-30 Malaysia Open and the cancellation of the June 1-6 Singapore Open. As a result, Loh and Yeo secured their Olympic spots by virtue of being 18th and 17th in the Race to Tokyo men's and women's rankings respectively, with 38 places allocated for each singles event. https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/badminton-singapores-loh-kean-yew-yeo-jia-mins-slots-at-tokyo-2020-confirmed
  3. He just smashed the Olympic Record and set a brand new World Record!
  4. hope this is the right section, went down to sports museum at kallang stadium yesterday, felt so proud seeing the silver medal the great tan howe liang won at the rome Olympics in 1960. this was the era of simple n basic training methods n facilities, no sports science, no huge monetary rewards, no multi million dollar training facilities, no professional coaches..... during 80s, used to head down to the demolished stadium gym n had on numerous occasions, met the great Mr Tan Howe Liang, who never had any airs n ever helpful, teaching us how to use the equipment there. Hes a true Son Of Singapore, not an imported FT, proud he could win a silver medal for our little red dot. together wif ang peng siong, who in 1982 was the worlds fastest man in the pool, should inspire future generations of home grown talents like the quah family n joseph schooling n others
  5. Tokyo 2020 Olympics Using Cardboard Beds for Althetes source: https://hypebeast.com/2020/1/tokyo-2020-olympics-paralympics-cardboard-beds-althetes-recycled With the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games coming up this summer, host city Tokyo has just unveiled recycled cardboard beds that the althetes will be sleeping on. The bed frames have been crafted from recyclable cardboard, while the mattresses for the beds will be formed of polyethylene materials that will be reused for plastic products after the events. The beds will be 2.10 metres long and the manufacturers say they will be able to support a weight of about 200kg, which is more than any athlete weighed at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. 18,000 beds will be needed for the Olympics, and 8,000 for the Paralympics. Following the games, the mattresses will be recycled into plastics. The environmentally conscious sleeping arrangements were put on display for the media for the first time on Thursday at a mock apartment in the Tokyo 2020 headquarters. The apartment units, located in Tokyo Bay, will then be sold privately following the games, with prices starting at around ¥50 million JPY (approximately $456,000 USD). Check it out above. In addition to the cardboard beds, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic medals have also been fashioned entirely out of recycled consumer devices, while the Olympic torch is made from aluminium waste and the podiums from recycled household and marine plastic waste. Even the electricity used during the event will come from renewable sources. With people all over the world pushing for more sustainable efforts, the 2020 Tokyo Olympicslooks to be starting off on the right foot. The TokyoOlympics take place between July 24 and August 9 2020 and the Paralympics from August 25 to September 6.
  6. Japan PM Abe says postponing Tokyo Olympics an option source: https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/east-asia/japan-pm-abe-says-postponing-tokyo-olympics-an-option TOKYO (REUTERS) - Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Monday (March 23) that postponing the Tokyo Olympic Games may become an option if holding the event in "complete form" became impossible. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said on Sunday after an emergency meeting that it is stepping up its “scenario planning” for the Tokyo 2020 Games – including a possible postponement – as the coronavirus pandemic spreads. Mr Abe said the IOC decision on Sunday was in line with the view that the Tokyo Games should be held in its complete form. “If that becomes difficult, we may have no option but to consider postponing the Games” given the Olympics’ principle of putting the health of athletes first, he told parliament. Mr Abe also said cancelling the Games was not an option. He said he had conveyed his views about the fate of the Olympics to Tokyo Games chief Yoshiro Mori on Sunday evening, who then discussed the issue with IOC President Thomas Bach.
  7. Jonathan Chan becomes first diver in Singapore history to qualify for Olympics https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/sport/jonathan-chan-singapore-olympics-first-diver-history-qualify-11885268 Well done! 👏💪
  8. For sharing pics of chio atheletes at the London Orlimpigs Sad to say I have yet to spot any chio atheletes till now . Watched the gymnasts, divers and ping pongers but nothing good so far.
  9. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/olympic-champion-joseph-schooling-launches-swim-school-10476812 Schooling launches own swim school in Tampines Hub called Swim Schooling but he is not going to be a full time swim teacher there. Students will be taught by the trained coaches employed by the school, which makes it same same as other swimming schs I presume? Ever since the Olympics ended he has been so busy with being a superstar and now even his own sch. How many of you will send your child to his sch in hopes of grooming the next Olympics Champ of the future? Nevertheless best of luck in the Asian Games Joseph Schooling!
  10. This year 2018. In PyeongChang, South Korea, hosts the Winter Olympics, February 8-25, 2018. More information below:- http://edition.cnn.com/specials/sport/winter-olympics-2018 Security challenges at 2018 Winter Olympics : -http://edition.cnn.com/videos/world/2017/12/21/2018-winter-olympics-security-hancocks-pkg.cnn/video/playlists/coming-in-2018/
  11. Finally, we've something to shout about. To me, her achievement is comparable to the first Olympics medal won by Tan Howe Liang 48 years back. Well done Laurentia Tan
  12. Olympics not over yet. F1 season is reaching climax. Usain bolt might rewrite world record. For Sunday discussion sake, post schooling Olympic triumph, let's see which of these are your very own sensational news? I will go for Leicester city.
  13. Sports Council is amining to win 6 medals at the 2016 Olympics. Do you think it is possible or another Goal 2010 in the making? Even if possible, what are the tangible benefits of Olympic medals to the S'porean in general?
  14. I dont subscribe any Starhub or Singtel tv. So during this period, no matter which tv channel I switched to, they are almost all certainly table tennis! want show olypics cannot other games die die must be only table tennis? .. oops.. posted in wrong thread. mods pls move for me. thanks!
  15. [extract] Nissan has created a one-off gold-coloured GT-R embossed with Usain Bolt's signature and interior fittings finished in real gold. This unique GT-R will be auctioned on eBay and the proceeds will be donated to the Usain Bolt Foundation, which creates educational and cultural opportunities for the young people in Jamaica. The special edition GT-R is an extension of Mr Bolt
  16. Go to Google and play. My results: I self declare myself as the MCF record holder at present.
  17. For the past 3 Olympics, they have won gold in double digits averaging ~15 per Olympic. With only a few days left to London 2012, they have only won 4 gold. Swimming where they have been traditionally strong suddenly became a none event for them.
  18. Looking at archery n pistol shooting, n other 'less' physical games. I was wondering why Singapore don support such games instead? The training is 'less' strenuous, and should be more acceptable. I mean how difficult is shooting n archery? Make it compulsory in schools, to Suss out those with stable hands and good aim, and train them. Surely we can have better chance in such simpler games. I see shooting and archery as 80% skills/trainins n 20% luck( uncontrollable factors like wind, sunglare, heat wave, etc)
  19. Just caught a glimpse of shotput.. i thought it was fired from cannon [sweatdrop] can throw so far..
  20. Don't know whether to feel sorry for the girl or not. On one hand she was "robbed". On the other hand, getting "robbed" and last second defeats are fairly common in other sports like football and basketball. Anyway, I feel FIE shouldn't even offer a special medal. Machiam adding insult to injury LONDON (Reuters) - Fencing's world governing body (FIE) said on Tuesday it had offered South Korean Shin A-lam a special medal following her controversial elimination from the Olympic epee semi-final. "The FIE (Federation International d'Escrime) will give an FIE medal to Shin A Lam," a spokesman said. The exact date, location and who would make the presentation have not yet been worked out yet. "It will probably occur during the Olympics," the spokesman added, giving the first official indication that the FIE recognised there was a problem with their timing systems. The inscription is to say: "For aspiration to win and respect of the rules." On Monday a weeping Shin staged a one-hour protest and had to be physically escorted off the fencing piste following her loss to Germany's Britta Heidemann. Her protest created one of these Games' more unsightly images of an athlete slumped over and distraught but forced to endure the eyes of over 7,000 spectators while sitting alone on a dramatically spot-lit piste, pristine in her white uniform. The row erupted when two double-touches were recorded with a second to go and Shin thought she had triumphed. However, a single second was put back on the clock after some discussion. Heidemann then unleashed a blistering surge forward, hitting Shin while also avoiding her blade. At a news conference on Tuesday, Korean Olympic Committee President Park Yong-sung said that the FIE recognised there were issues with their timekeeping and apologised to Shin. The FIE also praised Shin for competing in the bronze medal match, which she later lost to China's Sun Yujie. "I spoke to the FIE today. They never expected this kind of thing to happen in the last second, three attacks. Their timekeeping machine is only in seconds, not points of a second," Park said. "Because of this system design they could not handle the situation correctly yesterday, that they admit." An FIE statement issued earlier on Tuesday had said the technical director's decision was final.
  21. Late last year, Mini revealed a quirky looking concept known as the Rocketman. It was smaller in size compared to the Mini hatchback and it was ideal for urban dwellers. But soon after the Rocketman Concept was released, Mini had to place the idea on the shelf. This was mainly due to the overall size of the Rocketman which said to cause handling and stability issues. With the announcement of Mini releasing a revised Mini Rocketman concept for the London Olympics, there is a possibility that the concept is due for a return. The new edition of the concept car sees Mini reaffirming its commitment to the brand's British roots. The new Mini Rocketman Concept wears its British heritage on its sleeve, most prominently in its exterior and interior colour schemes and more subtly through the use of extremely high-quality materials and stylish details. All in all, it embodies a typically British form of sporting elegance. The colours of the Union Jack, looks prominent on both the outside and inside of the car; where red and white accents accompanies the dominant dark blue. The body's non-metallic paintwork is interspersed with exposed carbon components at the front end and around the doors. And the 18-inch light-alloy wheels have white polished areas and a metallic red accent. Matt Porcelain White paintwork is also used for the mirror caps, boot opener and surrounds for the radiator grille and headlights. The grille structure, made up of MINI logos, could certainly be described as eye catching, thanks to its red metallic paint finish and contrasting white surround. A red strip emphasises the path of the hallmark MINI diagonal link between the wheel arch and door at the foot of the A-pillar. This takes a particularly chunky form on the concept car and also makes a feature of the door hinges. The two-section split boot opening consists of one upward-pivoting element and a second segment which extends out of the body in the form of a drawer and which is also painted blue on the inside in the new Mini Rocketman Concept. The rear lights have a trapezoidal stirrup design and work using projector technology. Another special feature is the distinctive lighting design for the roof. The concept car has a full-surface glass roof, where illuminated braces recreate the look of Britain's Union Jack flag. The interior of the car exudes a sporting ambience, while intricate details emphasise the car's connection to London. The inner door panels and rear side sections are trimmed in dark blue nubuck leather, while the familiar MINI elliptical door rings provide an effective contrast with their white leather. The circular surrounds for features such as the air vents, door pulls and stereo speakers are split into two sections and consist of a red inner ring and white outer ring. The exposed carbon elements in the interior accentuate the Mini Rocketman Concept's high-tech character and are incorporated into its colour scheme. For example, the blue paintwork used for the dashboard merges smoothly into black around the steering wheel, producing a harmonious flow of colour into the dark carbon surfaces. The most distinctive element of the dashboard is the cockpit surface, which is bordered by a red bar and has a striking 3D effect. Its relief structure depicts the name of every host city of the summer Olympic Games in the modern era using artistically intricate lettering, with London given particularly prominent billing. The seat surfaces blend blue nubuck leather with an innovative textile fibre. The upper sections of the seats' side bolsters, which provide additional support under dynamic cornering, are made from a rubberised material whose composition takes its cues, in terms of both style and function, from high-performance sports textiles and shoes. The seat belts also share the dark blue tone of the seat surfaces, while thin red and white strips add extra flourishes. The new design of the Mini Rocketman Concept also displays its sporting spirit, Brit-chic style and eye for extravagant details through the range of sophisticated accessories for the interior. The stowage compartment on the centre console between the driver and front passenger symbolises a basketball court with miniature players. The key fob for the new concept car, meanwhile, comes in the form of a rocket decked out in British national colours. Other interior features include a rucksack attached behind the front passenger seat, which is made from the same rubberised material used for the seat bolsters and also sports the three-dimensional cockpit motif. The new edition of the Mini Rocketman Concept cuts an unquestionably British and an unmistakably Mini automobile. Designed to welcome the athletes taking part in the "greatest sporting show on earth" to London this summer, the new edition of the concept car underlines the central role played by typically Mini customisation in every new product idea from the brand. Photo credit: Auto Evolution and Net Car Show
  22. SYF77


    [extract] BMW Group, the official automotive partner to the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games, has revealed the specially livered 3 Series and 5 Series sedans for the summer
  23. It is just a matter of months for the 2012 London Olympics to take place; Mini has released a limited edition of Olympics-inspired Mini Cooper. The cars will hit the road as early as March next year and Mini will only built 2012 units of it. The London 2012 Edition models will come in one of three Union Jack-themed colour schemes which are Chilli Red, White Silver or Lightning Blue. All three will feature white mirror caps, a white roof with the London 2012 logo, and a Union Jack stripe running over the bonnet, roof and rear of the car. The cars will also get specially designed grey 17-inch conical spoke alloy wheels, which are not available on any other model. Inside, a picture of the London skyline is etched across the piano-black dashboard, featuring landmarks like the Tower Bridge and the London Eye. And the patriotic theme extends throughout the cabin: the black leather seats get red, white and blue stitching, as do the headrests, handbrake and floor mats. All models feature extra options such as Lounge Leather sports seats, DAB radio, air-conditioning, cruise control, and chrome interior touches. Start-stop and brake regeneration also come as standard. These cars will be released in the UK and there is no word on whether will they be released overseas. Prices in the UK will start at
  24. wah liau, swimmer Yip Pin Xiu actually won a Paralympic gold for Singapore in Beijing yesterday, I'm thrilled, its finally something to be really really proud of ! ( and also no need waste money on imports ) er....so where's her $1m ? http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/spo.../376199/1/.html
  25. Congratualtions to Singapore!! Regardless of any origin, as long as medal is won under Singapore's name, its ok!!
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