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Found 26 results

  1. Leonknapp

    Soft99 Products Rock!

    Hi Bros, Recently discovered some excellent Soft99 products that I had to recommend after trying them out! 1st Product used was the 3M Swirl Mark Remover: http://www.properautocare.com/3mperswirmar.html This really give the paint a deep shine. Managed to hide many swirls but still not perfect as I did it using my hands. Overall still excellent results for an amatur like me. 2nd Product used was the Soft99 Fusso Coat 9 Months Protection: This product really amazes me as it is the easiest sealant I have ever used! The box contains a microfiber towel and all you have to do is pour some of the polish on the cloth and spread it on the car. It dries clear so you do not need to buff of any residue! So basically all you do is wipe ur car with the Sealant and its finished! Best is that it boasts 9 months of protection but I would take that with a big pinch of salt. Beats everything else in the market and is excellent for beginners. I suspect this product can be layered like Zaino for a deeper shine. 3rd product used was the Soft99 Authentic Premium Wax: A Pure Carnuba Wax, it really gave the car a 3D very wet glow. The paint actually looks like those of higher end cars such as the Benzs and BMWs! Very easy to apply, I simply used a foam applicator and applied the polish, waited about 15 seconds and wiped it off. Did panel by panel so as to not allow the wax to totally dry and become almost impossible to buff off. Can be layered so cant wait to apply my second coat! Sorry if I got too carried away but its the first time I managed to achive such excellent results by hand. Other Products I have used include Zaino, Glare and Autoglym and this probably beats them all! I have attached pics to see the finished article! Cheers!
  2. Can anyone confirm if this is a sealant? If so, is it advisable to apply carnauba wax over it?
  3. oomph

    Soft99 meta-clean

    just bought this to clean my PEARL WHITE 5year old odysset... what can i say ... CHEAP AND GOOD got lots of ang-mo brand in my storeroom, but this one cleans the best. see so many stains after 5 years come out so easily. its a cleaner-polish-wax in one, so good for lazy folks like me.
  4. Hi, Shop assistant at Concord told me: Soft99 claybar color Blue - for white color cars only Green - for dark color cars and metallic surface My car is silver, which color claybar should I use? Thanks in advance. Regards, limws1
  5. OK I can't remember who but some posted a product from Soft99 that removes RainX and cleans the glass. Costs around 10 bucks. Could this be their Glare Cut Liquid with ceramic powder in a liquid suspension. Whoever that is who posted this, said that it was found in the windscreen treatment section of Autobaccs. Interested in it to keep the windscreen nice and smooth instead of using harsh household detergent. BTW, see the link here on their step by step application of Glaco and the step before the last which is the application of Glaco (a RainX glass treatment) is the application of the yellow bottle which is the Glare Cut Liquid. See the pic on the water cascading down after the Glare Cut Liquid treatment. They even have a special claybar for the windscreen with its own quick detail liquid. Glaco for those who are interested have 2 versions. I don't mean the applicator size. The normal orange bottle one is the normal RainX style ones. The black bottle with the orange Glaco label is their Fusso version. It is their Teflon version that is supposed to last 6mths. http://www.soft99.co.jp/...o/glaco03/index.html Soft99 products do rock and are very affordable. If only the Japanese write their websites in English to reach out to the massive American autodetailing market.
  6. Dipstick

    Soft99 Cleaner Wax

    Anyone tried this before? Pls feedback. Thanks.
  7. Hi guys, as titled, i'm searching high and low for it for can't seem to find it... can anyone help... tried various ntuc, giant but still cannot find...
  8. Babyt

    Soft99 Authentic Wax

    I just brought this wax from Autobacs coz its on offer...about $29++ anyone uses this before? Previously using Rainx Ultra Wax but wanna try sometimes new. www.authentic-mania.com
  9. Booboon

    Soft99 Carnauba Hard Wax

    Today managed to do some detailing on my ride. So try out this Soft99 wax. Effects not bad, can bring out the warm glow of shine of my 2.5 year car. Wat I did today 1. Wash and shampoo 2. Dry 3. Slap on a thin layer of Soft99 carnauba wax, wait for it to half dry and buff off w MF cloth. Not sure how long the shine can last as I have just slap it on today. Of course my ride cannot compare to Cefiroboy's cefiro kim or Slephygirl's slephy shine, but wat the heck, this pdt is only $12. Avaiable at major petrol station.
  10. Marcostan

    Soft99 claybar on sale

    To those who need to buy new claybar: Soft 99 claybar is now on sale in Autobacs. Original price is $20.24 now only $11.50. Dun miss this, it's very cheap
  11. Kingbowler

    Soft99 polish n sealent

    any bro can any advise on soft99 polish n sealent??? what does the bottle/packaging looks like?? tks
  12. Best_ctzn

    Soft99 Water Block Wax Lasting?

    Just bought the above from Carrefour recently as was fascinated by its claim on waterproofing ($20 only). Tried on my my car and found it really could repel water amazingly. But as recently got no downpour, so could not confirm if it can last long. Could any kind soul who has used it feedback on this product? Many TIA.
  13. What is the difference between Soft99 Fusso Coat 7 & Fusso Coat F7? Both are polymer sealant, both "last 7 months", etc...
  14. Ken1898

    Soft99 Fusso Coat F7

    Anyone using this product? Understand it is a sealant.. Just wonder after washing & apply F7 is it ok?
  15. Kozen

    Soft99 Fusso Coat???

    I'm looking for wax to polish my White Honda Fit now, and happened to find this Japanese brand Soft99 Fusso Coat for White Car??? Anyone try this before? is it good? Cost S$18 buck and it's just a small tube. Btw, what's the differences between Clay and Wax??? Any better brand to recommend for my White Car? I'm currently using Meg NXT Wash for my car.
  16. Miketow

    King of Gloss - Soft99

    Hi guys, I did a search for this product on MCF but found only one or 2 threads that mentioned it, so I thought i start a new one to see if I can get some good feedback on it from those who have tried it compared to dizzying choice of soft99 wax products. The choosing process was quite simple, though the number of choices was not. I wanted a really good wax that didnt cost 40 bucks or more ( Meguairs NXT is out) and I wanted to try a NON-carnuba based wax ( Meguairs doesnt use Carnuba in their wax products b/c it is supposedly not the best for the paint surface). King of Gloss is a 100% synthetic, non carnurba wax and has a very slippery teflon like sensation when you put it in your hands. Application was straight forward and easy. The shine was acceptably "wet look" and it was more slippery to touch the other carnurba waxes I had used in the past. Anyone have any opinion of this product in terms of result, protection and durability compared to say "Authentic 100% Carnuba" or "Manicure" or Meguiar Wax products? Cheers!
  17. Aikshin

    Bought the wrong soft99 claybar

    hi all, need to enquire any diff in the soft99 claybar, seems it has 2 versions, the one for white cars and another for dark cars ... i bot the claybar meant for white cars, any diff between this against the claybar meant for dark cars ? cheers
  18. Sofarsogood

    Got soft99 claybar for ten bucks only

    Walked pass ntuc fairprice just now. Went to car section, surprised to find soft99 claybar there. The price was 12.60. I remembered autobacs selling for 17 and diygurus for 14.50. Furthermore, got 20% discount. So in the end paid only 10 bucks! Good lobang for those wanting to top up their stock.
  19. Chinese reviews click link @ 16款撥水劑 電子顯微鏡 集體現形 Too bad the current Carrfour Suntec Soft99 products promotion didn't carry in the highly rated "Ultra Glaco" Only saw "Glaco Jet" and "Glaco ROLL ON" both selling at S$9.00 . Any1 got lobang for "Ultra Glaco" ? .
  20. Comments? I have been using Fusso since day one without any wax. Thinking of using Klasse AIO combined with Fusso. Where got sell besides KlasseSG? 1L one...$$$? My other alternative is to use: - Hi-shampoo to strip wax and miscellaneous - Apply Kizz Clear - Fusso - Wax (Optional) Thanks Southpark The Dude Klasse AIO ---------- - Acrylic - Does everything --> remove oxidation, minor swirls, old wax, and other surface blemishes - Expensive Fusso 9 mths ------------ - PTFE (Teflon) - Super easy (apply - if kilat a bit, buff when dry) - Cheap
  21. wanna ask the opinions of some of the pros at detailing here. used to be an autoglym supporter, but now that my supply is running out, im tempted to try something else. After much surfing around and reading, im thinking of trying this combination: 1) Menzerna FPII 2) 1Z Glanz Wax 3) Soft99's Authentic Wax Excellent would it prove to be a good combination? or will anyone of them negate the effects of another? looking for all opinions/feedback.
  22. Lokturne

    Soft99 Premium Authentic Carnauba

    Posting this here because it's where I heard of Soft99. My car was previously wearing Collinite #845IW, which went through a few months (half of it through winter) and was still beading nicely today. I would've left it for longer but unfortunately the car encountered lots of bird bombs after being parked under a tree (evil eye to other half). It all washed off no harm done. The wax might've been fine but you guys know how it is, take no chances. Time for something new. Process: Wash VM Soft99 Premium Authentic (needs an acronym, how about S99PA) Not a lot of pics since it was dark by the time I finished and I was working in the garage most of the time anyway because of the weather (rain rain rain, I hate spring). Pics: 2nd time I've used VM and the bottle's still almost full S99PA was a joy to use. Applied by WOWO method with foam pad. This stuff spreads so easily that I managed to get a very nicely even and thin layer. Minimal effort was needed to remove residue. It behaves quite differently to something like Collinite which is oily in nature. It spread more like a liquid, and finished up surprisingly slick. Looks wet but I'd say maybe 10% at most is due to S99PA. VM had more to do with the look. Another shot. Hopefully Melbourne gets some sun tomorrow, I'll put the car out and take a few more pics.
  23. Ehonda

    Where to get Soft99 Clay bar?

    Can anyone adv where can get Soft998 clay bar for Black car at good price? Went to TS auto, and was out of stock, and they told me the coming stock prices wl increase to $12 to $13 ... no more $9.50 Saw at Stamford, selling $15, after 10% discount wl be $13.50 .. still a bit ex ..
  24. Kuninama

    Soft99.com translated

    http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=e...6lr%3D%26sa%3DN above is a roughly translated link to soft99.com(thanks to Google) hope it help with those not familar with japanese. check out e PRODUCT link, all items priced in yen some more now can know ex or not. me myself just got my ride for less than a week, very confuss with which product to use. any kind soul pls tell me pls, step by step better. thanks.
  25. I was kinda bored yesterday.. so i decided to give my car a little shine.. application was quite easy.. just dap a sponge onto the wax and apply.. buffing off was a killer man.. i took 2 whole hours to buff off the wax even with the help of a buffing machine.. gawd.. i feel much stronger now.. haha.. here are some pics..