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  1. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/hong-kong-tells-residents-smile-103335063.html Something as in why I never have a good HK friend till I meet the guy who teach me golf (he is one and only, but he almost considered as Thai) Hong Kong, the Chinese enclave that’s still struggling to revive its tourism economy post-pandemic and in the wake of a Beijing-influenced crackdown on civil liberties, has taken a new approach to wooing visitors: curbing its residents’ reputation for rudeness. Earlier this week, the city government launched a new campaign to promote politeness. A “handful of black sheep,” culture, sports, and tourism secretary Kevin Yeung said, have made headlines for behavior that “tarnishes our image.” Unfriendly service staff at restaurants, once viewed as a charming hallmark of visiting Hong Kong, has increasingly been described as a turn-off for tourists, while rudeness topped the list of complaints about the city’s taxi industry in a survey last year. Yeung announced on Monday a multi-department effort to reverse this reputation: the Education Bureau will promote programs to teach courtesy to students, while the Home Affairs Department will organize community activities to encourage friendliness, with potential reward schemes for “good performance.” Yeung also announced that authorities will share a series of video clips urging residents to “go the extra mile” to promote the city’s hospitality and to volunteer at visitor centers. Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee backed the campaign during his regular press conference on Tuesday: “I ask you all to take part, to enhance visitors’ experience,” he said through an interpreter. “We should be more courteous, we should be more helpful, we should smile more, we should take the extra mile to promote Hong Kong’s hospitality so that Hong Kong will become a well-known place where visitors are welcome.” It’s not the first time Hong Kong has tried to solve its perceived attitude problem—similar politeness campaigns were launched in the ’90s and early 2000s. But the city has struggled to see its pre-pandemic level of visitors return, even after the strict measures against inbound travel that were taken in effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 were lifted and despite a slew of efforts—including hosting more than 200 “mega events,” from conferences to concerts to sports games—aimed at reestablishing itself as an international destination. Data since 2002 from the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department and Tourism Board show that the city saw a peak of over 6.7 million visitor arrivals in January 2019. In April 2024, it saw less than half as many. But it’s not just COVID that has kept people away. The decline in visitor numbers has coincided with Hong Kong’s shifting political landscape, with arrivals beginning to dip after major pro-democracy protests in 2019 and the subsequent quelling of dissent and of any anti-China sentiment in the city. (Some say simmering political tensions, along with other social and economic factors, is partly to blame for the brusqueness of Hong Kongers today.) The profile of Hong Kong’s recent post-pandemic tourism has also largely changed from what it used to look like. In 2010, according to government statistics, 10% of visitors were from Europe and the Americas, while 63% were from mainland China. In 2023, 5% hailed from Europe and the Americas, while 79% came from mainland China. It doesn’t help that countries like the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. have issued travel warnings cautioning their citizens about “arbitrary” and “broad” enforcement of local laws. (Those from China now are also more cost-conscious than the predominantly rich Chinese tourists of the past.) Yeung, the city’s tourism secretary, for his part, seems to be aware of the immense task before him: “The hospitality movement cannot solve all of society’s problems,” he said, “but the spirit is what counts.”
  2. Which one of the above you think is the best? And why? Or if you have any better one, please state here! Thanks!!!
  3. Welcome to my virtual home! After all the hoo-ha, here I finally am with my own thread. My name is Chryst, and I am your self-proclaimed MCF beauty guru. In my boudoir, let me dispense my expertise *cough* about any beauty concerns* you might have present-buying advice female psyche insights But my opinions are solely my own, and you shouldn't apply them wholesale to the female of your choice. *Please go see a doctor if you have a serious condition because I am most definitely not a doctor. To make things easier to search for/look at, I'll be linking queries in this first post so anybody can easily access them. Unfortunately, my previous thread is dead so I will repeat those past questions in full here. Please feel free to either post your question in this thread or send them to me via PM. I will edit and truncate your PM and reply it anonymously here. A little extra information never hurt anybody. And just cos this is my home, the entry fee is feeding my insatiable curiousity. From time to time, I'll be asking weird questions too. When there are no more questions to be asked, let's just have a nice time chitchatting. (Virtual) food & drinks on your left, lounges on your right. The exit is just a click away. Enjoy your stay. * General Skin Care Basic skincare all men need: Facial wash, sunblock/sunscreen, moisturizer Tested Korean skincare brands that's not bad: Laneige, belif, Iope, Sulwhasoo, Dr Jart+ Skin Problems To calm rosacea: Clinique Redness Solutions Daily, La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water Mist Hair Care To delay hair loss: Pantene Hair Strength Tonic (personal favourite) or apply fresh aloe vera daily Botox Cost: Legally this cannot be advertised, so PM me! Clinics I've gone to and think are okay: Prive, Astique and EHA Where I usually go and the cost: Milan Clinic at Huai Kwang, Bangkok. Approx SGD$300 for 7 areas *waves* to @jamesc, @Terrylmt, @kdash, @Theoldjaffa, @Tianmo ... sorry I can't remember everybody. Housewarming party!
  4. https://youtu.be/-VmrDqFNvxs A group meet up among group of Subaru owners. Enjoy
  5. Hi guys, Starting the v2.0 of this thread, since the previous one is full.
  6. Just purchased a box of walkie talkies ( 4 in a box ) for $50+ and I did a little short range test just to find out the sound quality and having a little fun. Great to have on a convoy trip with your friends , or when visiting theme parks or zoo etc.. where everyone can roam around freely and then call each other for a meal or drink together. Well, at least without incurring overseas charges. For about $12 to $13 per piece.. the price is unbeatable. Not selling nor am I a vendor. So please do not PM or ask me where to buy. Online do your homework. https://youtu.be/UaJwRp-45P4
  7. Bros Just starting a thread to talk about all kinds of photography. I saw some old threads, but none specifically to talk on good photos in general, techniques, and just skills exchange. For starters, Google is offering their photo-editing software free! https://www.google.com/nikcollection/ Create stunning images faster Add the power of the Nik Collection by Google to your workflow today. Advanced editing, simplified Easily create the photos you’ve imagined with six powerful plug-ins for Photoshop®, Lightroom®, or Aperture®. Make precise edits quickly Use U Point® technology to selectively edit just the parts of your photos that need touching up without losing time on complex masks and selections.
  8. Hi, Inspired by the mega Alfa thread on MCF, so I am starting a thread for those interested to talk about their ZC generation Swifts or any related/unrelated stuff. I know there are a few ZC owners here, like Lucaswh & BBSyah. Please pop right in and chip in with all your knowledge/nonsense! As an introduction, I am driving a MY2010 Swift 1.6M (ZC31) in Pearl White. Registered as an OPC and took delivery on 12/12/10. So far no mods, except for some lights for vanity reasons. Been enjoying the drive but the hard part is keeping the RPM below 4k for this run-in period and getting used to a NA manual! Lets see where this thread goes, shall we?
  9. If your boss is standing at the urinal next to you? Ask him "How's the water jet?"??? ... or close your eyes pretending you are concentrating to pee....
  10. http://www.straitstimes.com/GeneralElectio...ory_664767.html PRIME Minister Lee Hsien Loong was bombarded with thousands of questions during his online chat with netizens on the People's Action Party's (PAP) Facebook page on Wednesday night. Most of them raised hot-button issues that have been cropping up on different platforms and at political rallies in the past week. These include the influx of foreign talent, cost of living and rising housing and transport costs. The Facebook chat with PM Lee started at 8pm but hundreds of questions and comments, with some pledging support for the PAP and expressing words of encouragement for the Prime Minister, had started pouring in much earlier. Within four minutes after PM started the chat, more than 200 questions and comments had flooded the page. Responding to a question from Visakan Veerasamy who had asked if it was morally justified for public transport companies to make hundreds of millions in profits from commuters and if some of this could be passed on to the poor to pay for their bus fares, Mr Lee replied: 'We put billions of dollars in govt money to help subsidise the tunnels, trains and bus interchanges. I think that's morally justified, don't u think so?' He also sought to assuage concerns over the influx of foreign talent. 'We are not planning to make a 6+ million population. Not trying to get there. Don't worry,' replied the PM to a netizen.
  11. http://www.facebook.com/pap.sg Welcome to my webchat! This is my first time doing this So please dont flame me, I'm a newbie :-) I see many of you are interested in how we can engage youths more Shall we start with this?
  12. It's always empty... Do you ever use it?
  13. What happen to the java chat? I cannot seem to find.
  14. I seem to be having a problem acessing the chatroom. Is there problem with the chat room? I have updated my JAVA and it didnt solve the problem. Can the admin help?
  15. http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/news/story/0,...,186447,00.html?
  16. Hardly been here... just wondering...
  17. it has been 4 months, still on mineral oil. realised that contrary to what people say toyota is best in FC, i m getting 9plus in my first 5k. now at 7k, i m getting about 10plus. i m expecting this to go up (by how much??) when i change to sync oil when i go fr 10k servicing. bros driving altis, how is your ride performing?
  18. If there are any Chevan Bros Or Sis like me have some free time why not come and have a chat? we can talk about mods cars anything under the sun Cheers
  19. all can come in to chat on line lao at cfm
  20. Mdvic

    MCF Chat!!!!

    Hey everyone, Why lately no one is logging in to MCF Chat!!!!! All MIA Liao!!!!!!!
  21. Have been experiencing frequent disconnection. Anyone else having this problem? Any solution?
  22. Hi everyone We are beta testing a cool new chatting software which is flash based... Do try it out and give us your feedback. http://www.mycarforum.com/chat/ Lots of cool features and configurable options like sound, smilies etc. Just like MSN Messanger... Cheers.
  23. Seems like the chat function is not very popular...
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