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Found 26 results

  1. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/politics/singapore-has-to-tighten-measures-promptly-if-needed-to-clamp-down-on-spread-of The recent ban on travellers from India, amid record infection figures surpassing 300,000 there, has further worsened the situation for the construction sector, he added. The Government is therefore working on emergency legislation to address this severe disruption and to "share the burden more fairly between the different parties - the contractors, the developers, and the buyers", he said. "We will introduce the legislation, I hope in the next sitting of Parliament," he added.
  2. Another high-performance car has been spotted in a crash while going at a good speed. Our latest post shows a Black Renault Megane RS going at a decent speed before losing control while stepping on his brakes. e166fed5-f4f3-4fbc-b00b-9de415dbd071.MP4 From the video, we can see that the driver was trying to avoid the road works in his lane but curiously, the car seems to have malfunctioned while he was on his brakes. If you looked at the video carefully, you could see straight black lines on the road, indicating that the tyres locked up before he slammed into the left side of the viaduct before bouncing across into the opposite barrier. While it did seem like the Megane was at or slightly above the speed limit, the crash is quite a mystery to us as under normal circumstances, there is more than sufficient space to stop or avoid the roadworks. What do you guys think? Could it be a brake failure, tyre puncture or a case of the driver falling asleep at the wheel? Let us know in the comments below!
  3. pegasi

    Toufu dreg construction

    we heard of * toufu dreg projects in overseas construction i am sure our authorities are extremely vigilant to prevent such things from happening in singapore anyone in the construction industry can share how quality & safety control are conducted for projects in singapore touchwood so far so good none of such nonsense found in singapore * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tofu-dreg_project
  4. Construction works for five stations on the new Jurong Region Line (JRL) are expected to start next year and slated for completion in 2026. The five stations are Choa Chu Kang, Choa Chu Kang West, Tengah, Hong Kah and Corporation, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said yesterday. The authority has awarded two contracts worth $739.5 million to construct the five MRT stations. The stations will form part of JRL, Singapore's seventh MRT line, which is set to open in three stages from 2026. Comprising 24 stations, the line was announced last year to improve connectivity in the Jurong area, with the aim of boosting the area's transformation into a second Central Business District.
  5. Theoldjaffa

    Newspaper used to build flats?

    Saw this on FB. Walls hacked during Reno only to reveal newspapers being stuffed in with concrete. This takes renewability and sustainability of materials to a whole new level of meaning
  6. Would like to know if it is possible to get a road tax refund because roads are not up to standard? The number of roads on construction has increased and caused damage to car suspensions and caused hazards. Ie the workers anyhow place the cones and reduce the lane size and put concrete anywhere and. Then the sign "urgent road works" always have urgent construction? In addition There are big rocks on the road - could cause massive damage if your tyre were to go on it or hit your bottom of the car. The arrows of the roads are also not properly painted after construction - causing possible confusion. The old arrow marks are not removed either Any one has an idea why they make the road in an S shape? Thanks
  7. 40 indian construction workers based in yishun hv stopped working demanding pay. they joined their ah tiong frens who stopped working last month caused not paid salaries. SMRT strike has now started to influence others.... tomorrow pinoy nurses isit den bangla den thai den myanmar? wonder wat tan chuan jin and MOM goin to do and wat excuse? the workers complained that MOM not doin aniting and since ah tiongs already stopped work for 1 month, shouldnt someting be done by MOM,tings mus really be bad for these workers to carry on working after the ah tiongs stopped and all promises must hv been lies for them also to join in and stop work, malu the whole world now see singapore in a bad light so sad
  8. Kudos to the workers. Wonder if the public called MSO, how long would it hv taken for the tree to be removed?...... http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/construction-workers/1328914.html SINGAPORE: A fallen tree briefly blocked off all the lanes on Still Road on Monday (Aug 26), but a group of construction workers quickly cleared the obstruction, allowing vehicles to pass. All three lanes along Still Road, heading toward Eunos, were rendered impassable after a tree fell at about 2.15pm, following heavy rain. A Twitter user, Grace, told @ChannelNewsAsia that the workers, who were helping to renovate a house nearby, immediately helped to move the fallen trunk, clearing one lane for vehicles to pass.
  9. http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/over-2-billion-construction-projects-deferred-stagger-fo As suspected... wholly wrong implementation....WE ARE NOT AGAINST FW BUT FT especially sub-par PMET.... What is wrong with them... total disconnect... and our SME gonna take the brunt of this fiasco...
  10. Restricting the foreign workers through DRCs, reduction in MYEs and raising worker levies are causing massive tsunamis in the construction industry as we speak. Guess those waiting to get their dream homes will be growing taller by the day... From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/forum-...growth-20130321 More targeted approach needed in moderating population growth Published on Mar 21, 2013 THE labour crunch faced by the construction industry is worrying ("BTO flat buyers face longer wait amid labour and supply strains"; Monday). The backlash against the increasing number of foreigners arises mainly from Singaporeans' concerns over the limited supply of housing, overcrowded public transportation, competition for jobs and the dilution of the Singaporean identity. Workers in the construction industry generally stay in dormitories, get ferried to and from their workplaces and, except on weekends, travel during off-peak hours. They also work in industries that few Singaporeans are interested in. Not being on the front line, they do not dilute our social texture much. We have had foreign workers in our construction industry since the 1980s - when Thai workers formed the mainstay - such that they are already pretty much ingrained in the Singapore psyche. So this group of foreign workers does not seem to be the cause of the push-back that we have observed. On the contrary, reducing their numbers ironically exacerbates the very source of our angst, which is that housing supply is not meeting the increasing demand. And how would reducing their numbers impact the building of our public transport infrastructure like MRT lines and roads, another source of angst? Shouldn't we be more targeted when moderating population growth, and not address the issue with such broad brush strokes such that it becomes counterproductive to what we are trying to achieve? Tan Kok Leong
  11. One in ten of the inspections carried out at construction sites last year found mosquitoes breeding there. That is out of some 12,000 inspections that were conducted last year, said Environment and Water Resources Minister Vivian Balakrishnan on Tuesday, in response to MPs' queries in Parliament on the dengue situation during the debate on his ministry's budget. Contractors have been penalised with fines that total $3.5 million, he said. In the last six months, the Government has issued 55 stop-work orders and prosecuted 26 contractors in court, Dr Balakrishnan added, urging construction contractors to strengthen the environmental management at worksites. Last year, dengue cases peaked at 842 a week in June, while for the week of March 2 to 8, there were 210 reported cases of dengue fever here. Dr Balakrishnan said the current outbreak is driven by a new strain of the dengue Type 1 virus, which accounts for up to 85 per cent of all diagnosed dengue cases, as the population has low herd immunity against this strain. Meanwhile, he added, the National Environment Agency is deploying new tools like gravitraps which catch mosquitoes and their eggs, allowing officers to monitor where dengue-carrying Aedes mosquitoes are spreading. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/singapore-budget-2014-one-10-construction-sites-breeding-mosquitoes-20 ---------------- 1 in 10 is actually 10% which translates to over 1200 inspections..and to think that NEA kept checking on residents instead of focusing on constuction sites
  12. Dinosaka

    Construction Trades Foreman

    Hi.... Anyone in this line of work? How's the industry and work duties? Is it good money? I know you have to wrk under hot sun everyday 6-7days a week... Thought wanna go into this trade...anything else I should be aware of or mentally prepared? Anyway I'm just a security opicer at school Ok thank you...
  13. Just now at 11.30am saw a trailer truck transporting some long and bulky construction materials making a left turn from Sengkang East Ave to Sengkang East Drive towards Upper Serangoon Rd/KPE when everything came crashing down onto the grass patch, damaging the roadside kerb. think the items were not secured properly! TP and crane now at the scene. lucky never hit any people or passing vechicles. that area now got a lot of constructions going on
  14. It may be less than a smooth ride for commuters using roads in Rochor, Newton, Orchard, MacPherson, Geylang and Thomson over the next eight to 10 years. Construction of five major infrastructural projects will take place over the next decade, and of these, two or more will be converging in these areas from next year until 2022 or so. These are transport and power projects that involve deep excavations, which means commuters can expect road diversions and traffic disruptions. The projects are: the Downtown MRT line, Singapore Power's (SP) Transmission Cable Tunnel, the Thomson MRT line, North-South Expressway, and the Eastern Region MRT line. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...ojects-20120926
  15. Motorists can expect traffic snarls along some roads where the Thomson MRT Line is being built, transport experts say. They expect the roads around the Upper Thomson, Stevens and Orchard stations to be most affected by the construction. The 30km, $18 billion line will start in Woodlands and traverse heavily used roads such as Upper Thomson Road and Stevens Road. It will have 22 stations, six of which are interchange stations, and open in three phases from 2019 to 2021. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...uction-20120831
  16. Tohto

    China 'ToFu' Construction

    There are many china construction company here, will it happen here http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/afp...1221903/1/.html BEIJING: Three people were killed and five injured when an eight-lane bridge in northeast China collapsed early on Friday, only nine months after it opened, state media said. The bridge, part of an airport expressway in Harbin city, only opened last November after two years of construction that cost 1.9 billion yuan ($300 million), China News Service reported. A 100-metre (320-foot) section broke off when four heavy trucks drove onto the bridge, plunging them to the ground, said a CCTV news reporter at the scene. The bridge was designed to handle up to 9,800 vehicles per hour. Two people were killed on the spot, a third died later, and five remain in hospital. "To break after apparently just under a year of operation, for sure there is a problem," said Huang Yi, spokesman for the State Work Safety Administration, which operates under the State Council, akin to a national cabinet. The official Xinhua news agency said at least six major bridges have collapsed across the country since July last year, and that shoddy construction and over-loading were to blame. China has rapidly expanded its road and rail infrastructure over the past decade as its economy has boomed, but critics say that safety has sometimes been overlooked in the rush to develop. At least 40 people were killed when two high-speed trains collided near the eastern city of Wenzhou in July last year, and another train crash on Thursday in Heilongjiang province, where Harbin is located, left at least 24 people injured. Authorities investigating Friday's incident will look into the bridge design and construction as well as the truck loads, the Harbin government said in a statement. Thousands of people commented on the collapse on Sina Weibo, a popular Twitter-like service, with most blaming corruption. "Just imagine, some corrupt official takes four-fifths of the project funds, that means the project manager can only make money by skimping on the job," said one user. "I really want to yell at someone," said another. "Seeing the pictures is so tragic." -AFP/ac
  17. I am sorry to disappoint you if you think that the FMX is some sexy coupe or concept. Volvo (well, Volvo Trucks, to be more precise) has just pulled one very big sheet off of a new heavy-duty construction truck called the FMX. The leviathan bears a host of features designed to help it excel on the manufacturing and construction sites of Europe, including impressive ground clearance, substantial skid plates and one badpush-bar. Of course, there's also impressive engine options. Volvo will let you equip your very own FMX with either an 11-liter powerplant capable of anywhere between 330 and 450 horsepower or a 13-liter lump with 380-500 horsepower, depending on the configuration. The larger of the two engines produces around 1,800 lb-ft of torque. The FMX also comes with i-Shift
  18. http://www.todayonline.com/Sports/EDC11052...ke-Hub-deadline 04:47 AM May 28, 2011 SINGAPORE - The country's first permanent motor racing track could be heading for an unnatural death after its embattled developers admitted yesterday they would not be able to get the facility operational by the end of the year. SG Changi are also likely to default on another major milestone: To complete a 2,000-lot car park before the start of the Singapore Airshow 2012, scheduled from Feb 14 to 19, which will be held next to the facility. With prospects bleak for the consortium, some in the motor-racing industry feel even a re-tender is now possible, to ensure the Changi Motor Sports Hub project is fulfilled. Work at the 41-hectare site on the eastern tip of Singapore ground to a halt in January after SG Changi - they pipped two other challengers to win the bid to build and operate the S$380 million project in 2009 - could only pay S$6 million of an agreed advance payment to piling contractors CSC Holdings. They owe CSC Holdings S$8 million, which includes progressive claims for piling work on 1,000 of 6,000 points at the site. SG Changi can try to fulfil their contractual obligations but would require millions more pumped into the project. However, raising funds has been the problem for the consortium. Andrew Ujiie, the company's head of people innovations, admitted that after a four-month delay, the cost to get the 4km FIM Grade 1 and FIA Grade 2-certified track ready by December would be extremely high. Speaking to MediaCorp from the United States, where he is on a business trip, Ujiie said: "I think that is the reality. Although nothing is impossible, to get the track ready by the end of the year is now going to cost us a lot more." CSC, who were contracted to do piling work for a total of S$50 million, are hoping that if the Government in the end calls for a re-tender, they will be given "preferential consideration" if a new consortium takes over. "We are weighing our options," said CSC president and group CEO See Yen Tarn. "Pulling out is one of them, but we are holding out for a better outcome. If a new consortium comes into the picture, we hope they will consider resuming work with us. "Even with a new design, what has been piled into the land need not be yanked out and we will be able help them work things around." In March, MediaCorp reported that a group of interested parties had met SG Changi directors Fuminori Murahashi and Moto Sakuma, with a view to taking a share in the company. After submitting plans to considerably reduce the cost of building the Hub and hoping that the deadline for the project would be extended, the potential investors are moving cautiously. "With the Sports Hub (at Kallang) allowed a delay, they were banking on the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) indicating they were open to extending the deadline for the permanent track as well," said a source close to the negotiations. "Their plan hinges on this because at this stage, it is clear to everyone that the costs are going to be extremely high to meet the Motor Sports Hub objectives if the SSC stick to their guns."
  19. one biggy on 2 lots... he parked there prolly more than 2 hrs.... who can i complain to? :angry:
  20. can someone verify this?
  21. Hotamp

    A construction question

    very sian at office now ...staring out at a construction site opp my window....can any bros frm the construction sector enlighten me as to why they want to transport and stacked those huge concrete cubes up 2-3 levels on steel beams placed on the ground?
  22. Metalbone

    Construction everywhere!

    Do u all feel there is too much constructions in sg compared to 10 yrs ago? Everywhere I go, I see there will be lift upgrading, road widening, circle line construction, IR etc...causing a lot of inconvenience.
  23. Does anyone knows when this construction is going to complete? It causes jam in the morning and evening and this constructions seems to go on forever. I think it has been going on for 5-6 years or more. 2-3 Integrated reports would have been completed during this period so what the hell are they building underground?