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Found 16 results

  1. This thread will focus on the upcoming facelift model 2019 Elantra [update on 26 Jun 2018] [update on 12 Jul 2018] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_3Q1YmUX6E
  2. Is all new model. So I create a new thread for everyone to comment and discuss. If COE drop below $20k(although very unlikely). Will this become best selling model again?
  3. Hi folks, Looks like my current budget only allow me to buy Avante 1.6A car in the range of 2008-2009 registered vehicles. As such, would like to seek fellow Avante drivers about the maintenance section. 1. do Avante like some older car need to change timing belt ? If yes, at what mileage interval (e.g. 60KM) need to change and how much $$$ ? And also, does it also need to change the water pump that usually associated with timing belt ? 2. How much is to replace the original shock absorber (4x) ? 3. How much to replace the aircon fan belt ? 4. Anything special about Avante car battery ? Can settle with $150 ? 5. So far anybody overhaul or change their auto gearbox before ? If yes, how much ? 6. Anybody replace their master brake pump ? If yes, how much ? The above is based on my current ride experience which I need to replace. Any other areas where I have missed, will be be glad if you can point out to me :) Thanks
  4. Wanna know if your budget is around $130k, total price not down payment, what car would you buy now? I know there are several choices but one came to my mind is shuttle hybrid vs byd e6. Reason is both look v similar, fc is good. I know they are both different category but if your wife likes this 2, which will u choose? 🤔 of course others suggestions are welcome too. Please don't flame k.
  5. My 2008 Avante EPS lights just lighted up today.... Steering seems normal, no problem steering..... Anyone have the same problem before?
  6. Being scouting ard the market to look for a replacement vehicle for my 5 years old nissan sunny... due to other financial commitment... finally settled for a car less than 50k.... Hyundai Avante and Kia Forte come to my mind... both is sedan cos i needed the boot and both fit my budget... testing time... Kia Forte first... due to the heavier weight... the moving off is sluggish... like my sunny... plenty of gadget to play with... chio design... but the attitude of the SE killed it... a take it or leave it attitude... i didnt wan to make a scene... quietly left Kia and went over to Hyundai... Hyundai Avante... the friendly SE is able to give me an excellent package... test drive is positive as i love how to car handle and the pickup is decent... so much better than my sunny... the manual gear box is butter smooth... but not honda smooth... and its a simple no frill design... for the same manual car... i saved 3k compared to forte... but the electric steering is way too light... but the SE mentioned that it can be tuned heavier... weird... Avante had been ard for quite some time... and most prob had been iron out... i needed a strong reliable car... confirmed coe and delivery of car before cny also sealed the deal... looking forward to my new car...
  7. Dear fellow bros who r driving avante.... anyone have any recommended place to haf the fake antenna patch up or replaced? the rubber of mine is cracking due to rain and shine and i'm still sourcing for places for replacement. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi guys, anyone can advise on the length for Hyundai Avante Wiper Blade ??? both Front and Rear ... Need the info urgently, helping my friend to buy and he dunno how to check the length ... thanks in advance
  9. Can someone share with me the steering feedback they receive from their vehicle, hyundai avante. The hyundai avante I'm referring to is the model before the new elantra... Is the steering too light that it isn't good for driving or managing the vehicle?
  10. based on what budget i have, i am thinking of getting either 2009 Rio HB1.4 2009 Avante Could any kind souls advice the reliability, common issues of either the 2 vehicles?
  11. I'm looking for seller who is going to scrap their Hyundai cars, I'm sourcing for gearbox. Anyone can advise where i can get the above?
  12. (FD) Some vehicles steering wheel may become heavy and Electronic Power Steering (EPS) Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) will be turn "ON" with Torque Sensor Main Signal Fail. Might want to call hyundai whether your vehicle is affected.
  13. Any body got info? Buying spares in bulk from taobao.
  14. Fellow bro, Would like to find out if any avante driver experiencing quite strong vibrations during when the car is idling. I've changed the engine mounting few months back n it seemed the improvement is not much. I've heard about ignition coils misfiring n tat might cause the vibration. Any bro who encountered this prob b4? Any tell tale signs and recommended ws to solve dis prob? Care to share abt the damage? Thanks in advance
  15. Approximately 9 months ago, we caught our first glimpse of the all new Hyundai Avante. What got us petrol-heads a little bit excited was the fact that it would feature a 1.6-litre direct injection engine reportedly chucking out close to 140bhp and 187NM. Pretty impressive figures for a 1.6-litre engine of this era (late 2000s). But now it would appear that we have been somewhat premature in jumping to the conclusion that we would be able to lay our greasy paws on this engine in Singapore. What we are going to get, in all likelihood, is simply an updated variant of the engine found in the current Avante. Now, this is disappointing news for me, as I had previously blogged that the new Avante with its direct injection engine was one of the few affordable cars I was looking forward to driving. But this decision probably makes the most financial sense for Komoco Motors. Just like how Borneo Motors initially launched the Altis without the better Dual VVT-i engine did not stop the Altis from scaling our local bestseller chart; the lack of a more powerful engine in the new Avante is unlikely to be the deal breaker for potential buyers of the Avante. It is going to be stuff like the tech features and most importantly price. After all, I dare say that 90% of Avante buyers simply want an economical, fuss-free commuting tool with a few bells and whistles. For the new Avante to succeed, it just has to be a better value proposition to its nearest competitor, the Kia Forte. Oh, that and a lower Cat A COE. So as much as we mourn the fact that the line up of bread and butter cars in Singapore is sleep inducing; we the car buyers of Singapore simply have to shoulder a large proportion of the blame. Not that most of us would care. And since we don't, why would the car dealers? They would just keep introducing basic spec-ed variants with just enough to convince Singaporeans to sign on the dotted line. So it looks like my hopes for an exciting bread and butter car will remain an elusive dream for the upcoming years. Bah.
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