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Found 79 results

  1. Salar boh ... @Tianmo your favourite drink, cannot take in too much (suggested adults only consume 400mg of caffeine a day) ... Yahoo news: Caffeine Could Seriously Harm Men's Fertility: Should We All Just Quit? Caffeine has hit the headlines again as it's been found to seriously affect men's fertility. New research has found that drinking just two strong cups of Joe a day could halve their chances of conceiving a child. We know that too much caffeine isn't super duper healthy for us, but can our beloved coffee and tea really be that harmful to our health? And are we unwittingly drinking far more than is healthy without even realising? In the past women have been warned not to overdo caffeine in pregnancy and there are studies suggesting it can raise the risk of miscarriage - so most women trying to conceive cut down anyway. But this seems to be the first time men have been warned that their caffeine consumption could affect parenthood. The research at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston showed that men who drank 265gm of caffeine a day had the least chance of becoming fathers. Experts suggest this could be because caffeine may harm sperm at a molecular level. And though men who aren't trying to conceive might not think that they have anything to worry about, it definitely raises questions about what else caffeine might be doing to our health that we have no idea about. Last year the editor in chief of the Journal of Caffeine Research Dr Jack James suggested caffeine-containing products need health warnings similar to those found on cigarette packets. Dr James, who is head of the department of psychology at Reykjavik University, Iceland, has claimed that we're all consuming way more caffeine than we think we are. Should we give up caffeine altogether? Should we be ditching our coffee habits ASAP and do we need to be checking all the foods, drinks, medicines and even cosmetics we use to make sure we're not over-doing it? It's suggested adults only consume 400mg of caffeine a day (two cups of instant coffee or four of tea). To put this into perspective, one large Starbucks coffee contains 360mg. So savour your morning cup as you shouldn't be drinking any more that day. Though some studies have linked moderate caffeine consumption to better kidney function and a reduction in gallstones, and even heart benefits, experts remain cautious. Migraine expert Dr Nicholas Silver, consultant neurologist at The Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery, told Yahoo! Lifestyle that he believed we could get rid of 80 per cent of chronic illnesses, sleep problems, migraines and headaches if we simply stopped consuming caffeine Link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/two-cups-of-coffee-a-day-could-seriously-affect-male-fertility-thanks-to-caffeine-levels-130541083.html
  2. Picnic06-Biante15

    This Beast Worse Than Any Other Beast

    Make sure got no payroll for him .... Yahoo news: Teenager sentenced to life for killing of mother A South Texas teenager has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering his mother and then defiling her body. A Nueces County jury took less than an hour in deciding the life sentence for 18-year-old Kevin Jazrael Davis, who pleaded guilty earlier in the week to killing Kimberly Hill. Davis smiled at jurors during the murder trial that heard how he struck his mother, Kimberly Hill, about 20 times with a hammer before sexually assaulting her corpse. "Guess I lost my virginity to a dead corpse," he chillingly told detectives during the investigation. "I wouldn't take back what I did. I did love her in a way." Davis told investigators to that he deserved 100 years behind bars after claiming he wasn't mentally disturbed. "I'm a terrible, disgusting person," he said. "I don't have standards. I don't have morals. A body's a body. A piece of meat." According to police, Kimberly Hill was choked with a cord and stabbed in the head before finally being killed with a hammer. Kimberly Hill, 50, was murdered with a hammer before her son sexually assaulted her corpse. Photo: Facebook Hill's body was found undressed from the waist down. The Corpus Cristi Caller Times reports that her son had 'grown weary with life and hated other people' before he snapped and murdered her. Kevin Davis made a number of grisly confessions after murdering and sexually assaulting his mother. Photo: KRIS Police say Davis decided against killing his sister, instead leaving a trail of blood throughout the house along with a message: 'Chase me. Sorry for the mess. KD.' Davis called 911 the next day to say he had killed someone. Jurors this week were shown a video of Davis' interview with detectives in which he acknowledged having violent fantasies toward women. The Corpus Christi Caller Times reported that the teen told investigators he's sane and was aware of his actions in March.
  3. Picnic06-Biante15

    Super Virgin Coconut Oil

    Found out latest craze last night during MU with my retired colleagues. It seem that there is a latest hot items in the market "Super Virgin Coconut Oil' as health suppliment. Many of my colleagues who when to JB would buy a few bottles (1 liter bottle) and bring back to SG. Here the health benifits from Web Page: http://coconutoil.com/coconut-oil-weight-loss/ and http://www.care2.com/greenliving/the-amazing-health-benefits-of-virgin-coconut-oil.html Any members here tried ? Think of buying and try. Maybe your commence appreciated.
  4. Picnic06-Biante15

    Taiwan Gay Parade 2014

    I think I spotted @Tianmo, @bavarian, @Chowyunfatt and Picnic06 in the pictures .... Yahoo news: Tens of thousands march for gay rights in Taiwan Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Taipei on Saturday for Asia’s largest gay rights parade, with many urging parliament to push through a controversial bill recognizing same-sex marriage. Supporters from Taiwan and abroad waved placards reading “equal marriage rights” and “support gay marriage” as they marched through the capital for the 12th annual Walk in Queers’ Shoes parade Gay and lesbian groups in Taiwan, one of Asia’s more liberal societies, have been urging the government for years to legalize same-sex marriage. Parliament started reviewing a bill on the issue last year. Participants revel through a street during a gay and lesbian parade in Taipei, Taiwan, Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014. Thousands of gay and lesbian Taiwanese took to the streets showing Taiwan's acceptance of alternative lifestyles and activities from traditional ways of Chinese life. link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/photos/tens-of-thousands-march-for-gay-rights-in-taiwan-slideshow/couple-hugs-during-taiwan-lgbt-pride-parade-taipei-photo-081306087.html#crsl=%252Fphotos%252Ftens-of-thousands-march-for-gay-rights-in-taiwan-slideshow%252Fparticipants-revel-street-during-gay-lesbian-parade-taipei-photo-091129069.html Tianmo & Picnic06
  5. Picnic06-Biante15

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節)

    knowning still early but better early than late cos I weekends busy .. so... Wishing all members ...... HAPPY 中秋節
  6. Luckcent

    Mosquitoes zapper

    Any recommendations for this bugs zapper. Must be cheap and good. Thanks
  7. Picnic06-Biante15

    International Woman's Week

    Yesterday was International Woman's Day. (08-03-2015) WOMAN - changes her surname - changes her home - leaves her family - moves in with you - builds a home with you - gets pregnant for you - pregnancy changes her body - she get fat - almost gives up in the labour room due to the unbearable pain of child birth - even the kids she delivers bear your surname Till the day she dies..... everything she does... cooking, cleaning your house, taking care of your parents, bringing up your children, earning, advising you, ensuring you can be relaxed, maintaining all family relations, everything that benifit you....... sometimes at the cost of her own health, hobbies and beauty. So who is really doing whom a favour? Dear men, appreciate the women in your lives always, because it is not easy to be a woman. *Being a woman is priceless* Happy Woman's week! Rock the world ladies! A salute to Ladies! WOMAN MEANS :- W - WONDERFUL MOTHER O - OUTSTANDING FRIEND M - MARVELLOUS DAUGHTER A - ADORABLE SISTER N - NICEST GIFT TO MEN
  8. Picnic06-Biante15

    What Will Be this Year End Bonus Before SG50?

    As GDP expected to between 2 ~ 4 percent this year Waiting for NWC to announce 2014 year end bonus ..... What will the recommendation be from NWC while we are all waiting to celebrate coming SG50. Most private companies are also waiting for the announcement by NWC as the companies could adjust theirs accordinly. Hoping Public Sector could get 1.5 months plus their annual 13 month bonus .... Any guess or expections ?
  9. Picnic06-Biante15

    7 Thoughts of Life

    1) Heavy rains remind us of challenges in life. Never ask for a lighter rain. Just pray for a better umbrella. - That is attitude! 2) Life is not about finding the right person, but creating the right relationship. It is not how we care in the begining, but how much we care till the very end 3) Some people always throw stones in your path. It depends on what you make with them. A Wall or a Bridge? - Remember you are the architech of your life. 4) Search for a beautiful heart, but don't search for a beautiful face. Coz beautiful things are not always good, but good things are always beautiful. 5) It's not important to hold all the good cards in life. But it's important how well you play with the cards you hold. 6) Often when we lose all hope & think this is the end. God smiles from above and says, 'relax dear, it's just a bend, not the end.' - Have faith and have a successful life. 7) One of the basic differences between God and humans is..... God gives, gives, gives and forgives. But humans gets, gets, gets and forgets.
  10. Picnic06-Biante15

    Gong Xi Fa Cai (Happy Chinese New Year)

  11. Can he just keep it to himself .......... :angry: yahoo news: Increase petrol taxes to ease COE prices of smaller cars: economist Singapore’s government could do more to help the environment through the Budget by increasing petrol taxes and raising the certificate of entitlement (COE) quota on smaller cars, an economist from Nanyang Technological University said on Monday. Speaking at a forum organised by the Economic Society of Singapore on Budget 2014, Ng Yew Kwang, professor of economics at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), said that raising petrol taxes would encourage motorists to take trips only when necessary. It would also relieve the pressure on rising COE prices, especially those for Category A vehicles, cars 1600cc and below and engine power not exceeding 97 kilowatts. He said that the government should increase the quota for the smaller vehicles to allow their COE prices to become more affordable, as these have already come close those of the bigger cars in category B. Increasing petrol taxes would offset the revenue impact from a decline in smaller cars' COE prices, he noted. The economics professor also suggested that the government increase taxes on luxurious cars and move to boost the number of taxis on the road. It had been expected by many analysts that Budget 2014, which was unveiled by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam last Friday, would raise taxes on the rich. Instead, higher duties on cigarettes, alcohol and lottery betting were announced. Ng said he wanted to see more things in the Budget that would address environmental issues. He criticised the electricity rebates announced by Tharman as being “environmentally unfriendly” as they would encourage people to consume more electricity. Tharman said that 800,000 households in HDB flats would receive one-off vouchers to offset utility bills. Ng said providing a lump sum that households could choose to spend however they wished would have been a better alternative. link: http://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/increase-petrol-taxes-to-ease-coe-prices-of-smaller-cars--economist-123004170.html Increase petrol taxes to ease COE but what happen to those already on the road, burnt a bigger hole in our pockets ..... Our petrol is already not cheap per liter ...
  12. Picnic06-Biante15

    Swiss Standard Of Living ?

    Hur..... they reject minimum wage increase .... Yahoo news: Swiss voters reject world's highest minimum wage, block fighter jets ZURICH (Reuters) - Swiss voters on Sunday rejected proposals to introduce the world's highest minimum wage and spend $3.5 billion buying new Gripen fighter jets from Saab. About 76 percent of voters in the wealthy nation dismissed the proposal made by Swiss union SGB and backed by the Socialist and Green parties for a minimum wage of 22 Swiss francs ($25) per hour, final results showed. Meanwhile, some 53 percent blocked a government plan to free up funds to replace Switzerland's aging fleet of fighter jets with 22 Gripen jets from Saab. Just over 55 percent of those eligible voted, the government said. The clear rejection of the proposed minimum wage - which corresponds to a monthly paycheck of 4,000 francs (about $4,500) - brings relief to business leaders worried the measure would have hurt competitiveness and damaged the Swiss workplace. "If the initiative had been accepted, without doubt that would have led to job cuts, particularly in remote and structurally weaker regions," Swiss Economy Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann said at a news conference. Sunday's vote is the latest in a slew of initiatives being put to voters to try to address the widening income gap in the generally egalitarian country. Voters overwhelmingly backed a referendum last year to give shareholders a binding say over executive pay, but turned down a proposal to cap the salaries of top executives at 12 times that of a company's lowest wage. Supporters of the minimum wage had argued the proposed measure would have helped smooth out salary inequality and ensure a person working full-time can live decently. Despite the resounding "no", Daniel Lampart, chief economist at SGB, said the debate around the measure in the run-up to the vote had prompted many firms to introduce a minimum wage of more than 4,000 francs. Discounter Lidl raised minimum Swiss salaries to 4,000 francs last year and retailer H&M has vowed to follow suit next year, although employers do not acknowledge a direct link to the proposal. Swiss voters have a history of voting against proposals they feel could hurt the country's economic success story or threaten competitiveness. Yet the public unexpectedly voted by a razor thin majority in February to curb immigration from the European Union and last year backed a proposal to give shareholders a binding say over executive pay - both times ignoring warnings from business groups. more of the stories: link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/swiss-voters-reject-worlds-highest-minimum-wage-projection-115625943--finance.html
  13. Picnic06-Biante15

    S$25 SMART Phone Coming

    Smart Phone cost on S$25/- ..... Its started with Xiaomi at S$169/-, now Mozilla ............ yahoo news: Why You May Be Buying a $25 Smartphone Feb. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Mozilla has revealed a prototype smartphone running on Firefox OS aimed squarely at emerging markets. Costing only $25, it's the cheapest in the world...and it's better than you might think. (Source: Bloomberg) watch the video on link : http://sg.news.yahoo.com/video/25-cheapest-smartphone-ever-040351602.html MS & Andriod can step aside, heres come Firefox ..........
  14. Picnic06-Biante15

    Indian FT Charged For Molesting

    He is a Bio-Technologist ... yahoo news: Indian jailed in Singapore for molesting girl Singapore, Feb 19 (IANS) An Indian has been jailed for four months for molesting a girl on a Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train last year. Jayaraman Kannan, a bio-technologist, Tuesday pleaded guilty to using criminal force to outrage a 19-year-old girl's modesty around 9 a.m last Aug 18, the Straits Times reported. Jayaraman could have been jailed for up to two years, or fined, or sentenced to both. The defendant rubbed his crotch against the victim's buttocks and when she turned around he zipped up while travelling on the train between Choa Chu Kang and Bukit Batok stations. The girl reportedly slapped him and informed the train staff. Police arrested Jayaraman soon after the incident. Defence counsel Vasantha Kumar said that his client, who is married, had acted totally out of character. link: http://sg.news.yahoo.com/indian-jailed-singapore-molesting-girl-144805701.html Hmmmmmmm .......... conducting "bio-test" onboard MRT ....
  15. Picnic06-Biante15

    If You Have Money - Guo Meimei

    If you have the money, She will be your honey .... Yahoo news: China Internet backlash after televised 'mistress' confession Chinese Internet users rose up in anger Tuesday after the televised prostitution and gambling "confession" of a woman who embroiled the China Red Cross in scandal -- but condemned the media, rather than her. Guo Meimei, now 23, triggered a wave of public ire in 2011 when she flaunted her wealth online and claimed she was the general manager of a firm called "Red Cross Commerce", which web users took to mean she had received embezzled funds. "Guo Meimei Baby", as she is known online, posted photos of her opulent lifestyle to nearly two million followers on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo, posing in front of a Maserati or sipping a drink in business class on a plane. The China Red Cross denied any ties to Guo, and the actress and singer later insisted that she had made up her job title. Guo was detained last month on suspicion of illegal gambling during the football World Cup, and on Monday, state broadcaster CCTV aired her lengthy televised "confession". In it, clad in an orange prison vest, she acknowledged that she had helped organise a gambling ring and had "many times" engaged in sex for money. "I made a very big mistake just to satisfy my vanity," Guo said. Guo is only the latest suspect to be paraded on Chinese state television before going to trial, in what critics call politically motivated public shaming by the ruling Communist authorities. more of her stories, link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/china-internet-backlash-televised-mistress-confession-000623986.html
  16. Picnic06-Biante15

    Don't Answer Phone Call While Doing Robbery

    Answering phone call is above all ...... yahoo news : Teller Laughs at Cleaver Wielding Man This tough teller isn't fazed by a bank robber. Matter of fact, she's so calm that she laughs in the guy's face when he shows her his weapon. watch the video : http://sg.news.yahoo.com/video/teller-laughs-cleaver-wielding-man-182256148.html Maybe he forgot his purpose in the bank...
  17. Picnic06-Biante15

    Tourist Dress Code in Malaysia

    Wah lau ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ...... wear sarong when visiting MY ... Yahoo news: Restrictive dress codes will impact tourism industry, association warns KUALA LUMPUR, March 2 — The country’s tourism industry will suffer if tourists are forced to comply with Islamic guidelines on how to dress during their visit here, the Malaysian Chinese Tourism Association warned today. Association secretary-general Tai Poh Kim said imposing such rules is unnecessary in the first place as “we don’t have much problems with tourists thus far”. “Of course it will affect tourism,” Tai told Malay Mail Online when asked about the implications of such guidelines. “Tourists must respect local culture, but to have tourists dress 100 per cent in line with Muslim rules is overdoing it. No one wants to go to a place that’s full of restrictions.” Tai was responding to the dress code for tourists that recently appeared on Teganukita, the website of the Terengganu state government. The guidelines have since been removed. According to The Star today, the new dress code was to be distributed soon to all travel agents both in Malaysia and in neighbouring countries. Terengganu Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Razif Abd Rahman, however, denied today that the state issued the Islamic dress code for tourists, claiming he was surprised to hear that the story went viral. He added that such rules to police tourists’ attire were unnecessary as there were already sufficient laws to ensure public modesty. Tai warned that if such rules come into place, it could spread far beyond Terengganu. “(The rules) will affect the whole of Malaysia, not just Terengganu,” he said. “If one of the states starts doing it, others might follow.” Tai said Malaysia’s tourism has already been suffering since last year, especially after the MH370 disaster. He over the past year, many hotels in the country have experienced a dip in bookings, adding that Malaysian tourism could ill-afford further damage. “Investors in Malaysia’s tourism industry, including international chains of hotels, might pull out,” he said. Asked to comment on the issue, Terengganu-based travel agencies Ping Anchorage and DYG Travel said they have yet to receive any directive from the Terengganu government, but said they were confident such rules would only apply to Muslims. “It would disturb tourism if it affected non-Muslims,” said Zulkefli bin Salleh, who is the manager for DYG Travel, “but I don’t think it does.” “The Terengganu state government should make a clear statement that it (the guidelines) doesn’t affect non-Muslims,” he told Malay Mail Online over the phone. In The Star’s report, a source told the newspaper that both men and women need not dress entirely according to Islamic requirements, but their attire must be “decent.” Failure to comply will result in offenders being sent to “counselling”. It is unclear if said counselling will be religious in nature. The east coast state of Terengganu is almost entirely Malay-Muslim, with only a handful of other ethnic minorities residing there. more stories, link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/restrictive-dress-codes-impact-tourism-industry-association-warns-085700276.html Didn't know 'Roti Prata' or "Roti Chenai" is Bolehland MB (Mentri Besar) fravourite food, flip & flip & flip ...
  18. Very shocking at one fraction of the orthodox Jew did to infant ... . Infants infected with STD .... Of all places, happen in USA, New York City .. Yahoo news: NYC, Orthodox Jews reach deal on circumcision suction ritual NEW YORK (AP) — The city said Tuesday it has reached a tentative agreement with members of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community over a tradition known as oral suction circumcision. Health officials have linked 17 cases of infant herpes since 2000 to the ancient ritual of sucking blood from the wounds on the infants' penises. On Tuesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration said mohels, as the circumcisers are called in Yiddish, should no longer be required to obtain signed consent forms before the rites. Administration officials said they will ask the Board of Health to vote to rescind the requirement while working with a coalition of rabbinical leaders and medical experts to educate members of the ultra-Orthodox community about the possible dangers of the practice, known as metzitzah b'peh in Hebrew. A vote is expected in June. If an infant is found to have herpes after a circumcision, officials will ask a rabbinical coalition to identify the mohel who performed it so his DNA can be tested. If he's found to have infected the infant, he'll be banned from performing the ritual. Oral suction circumcisions first came under scrutiny in 2012 during Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration, which asked parents or guardians to sign consent forms indicating they understood the medical risks. But the city's mohels, believed to perform more than 3,000 rites annually, say they apply strict medical procedures, including testing for herpes, sterilizing their hands and rinsing with mouthwash before the ceremony. Rabbi A. Romi Cohn, who has performed 35,000 circumcisions, said he believes babies could have contracted the herpes virus from sources other than mohels. Officials said Tuesday that DNA testing by health officials likely would prove or disprove whether there's a match between an infected infant and a mohel. If not and a baby still tests positive, health officials will try to seek the source of the herpes, which often results in skin blisters. Of the 17 cases cited since 2000, two were reported in 2013 and four were reported last year. Families refused to name four of the six mohels, and the other two declined to be tested, the city's Department of Health said. link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/nyc-orthodox-jews-reach-deal-circumcision-suction-ritual-233533884.html
  19. http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/courts-crime/story/tv-host-quan-yifeng-fined-800-inconsiderate-driving-20140423 By Walter Sim Mediacorp artiste and popular Channel 8 TV host Chuan Yi Fong - better known as Quan Yifeng - was fined $800 and disqualified three months from driving on Wednesday after she pleaded guilty to one charge of inconsiderate driving. Quan is said to have knocked Mr Raman Selvaraj, 28, down at the junction of Selegie Road and Sungei Road one morning on July 2 last year. But she immediately pulled over and rendered assistance to the man, who suffered a laceration to the back of his head, abrasions on his left elbow, and pain in his left hip. She also offered compensation of US$1,000, and to pay for all his medical expenses. This is her third brush with the law here. In 1996, she was convicted of fighting, and in 2011 was placed on 15 months' probation for committing mischief in an altercation she had with a taxi driver. Imo, driving is not for someone who easily lose control their emotions.
  20. Picnic06-Biante15

    Missed Your Sales Target

    This Chinese company real extreme ....... Yahoo news: Sales execs who missed targets forced to kneel on public bridge and chant 'We are sorry' For most sales people, failing to beat their targets might mean a private dressing down from the boss or missing out on a bonus. But these shamed execs in China were publicly humiliated for missing their targets – by being forced to kneel on a bridge and chant how sorry they were. Pedestrians who were using a busy crossover in the city of Xiamen, the capital of south-eastern China’s Fujian Province, were stunned to see the men and women in suits on their knees with messages in front of them detailing their name, age, and exactly what it was that they had done to bring such shame on themselves. One, named as Zhen Liu, 43, had the handwritten message on the ground in front of him saying: "I failed to beat my sales targets." Another, Ming Chou, 39, had the message: "I have to kneel down on the bridge for one hour as punishment for not finishing my job." The images of the named and shamed employees went viral after they were uploaded by shocked passer-by Zhu Ku, 29. She said: "I saw people spread out across the bridge with their heads bowed, chanting they were sorry. "There was no indication what sort of company they worked for but it certainly doesn’t look like a fun one. "After a while one of them decided he’d had enough and stood up shouting and grabbing a piece of paper and throwing it on the ground before marching off. "But the others remained, calmly accepting their punishment." Internet users were unanimous in saying they would refuse to work for a firm that demanded such embarrassing apologies and many wanted to try and find out the name of the company in order to name and shame them for such bad treatment of staff. link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/sales-execs-who-missed-targets-forced-to-kneel-on-public-bridge-and-chant--we-are-sorry-144915151.html
  21. Picnic06-Biante15

    Happy New Year - 2015!

    Hope admin don't lock this threat although there are some old wishes before. Every year is a new begining and let just give chance for this one. WISHING ALL MCF MEMBERS ............. HAPPY NEW YEAR .............. AND A HAPPY AND HEALTHY LIFE AHEAD
  22. Picnic06-Biante15

    This Guru Advise, I Would Not Follow !

    I will siam far far away from him ......... Yahoo news: India police probe godman over alleged castration of 400 followers Indian police said they are investigating a popular self-styled godman for allegedly encouraging 400 followers to undergo castrations at his ashram so they could get closer to god. The country's top crime fighting agency has registered a case against Gurmeet Ram Rahim, known as the "guru in bling" for his penchant for garish clothes and jewellery, over the operations in the country's north. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) said in a statement late Wednesday Rahim is being investigated for criminal intimidation and causing grievous bodily hurt, saying 400 castrations were allegedly carried out. The guru, who heads the Dera Sacha Sauda organisation based in Haryana state, is already facing trial for conspiracy over the murder of a journalist in 2002 along with claims of sexually exploiting female followers. The latest case was filed after one of his devotees, Hans Raj Chauhan, lodged a complaint in court alleging he was manipulated into having the "painful" operation at the ashram. "They were told that only those who get castrated will be able to meet god," Chauhan's lawyer, Navkiran Singh, told AFP on Thursday. "We will put all the facts of the case to the court and seek compensation for the victims." He said doctors carried out the castrations over a period from 2000, but for years his client had been too scared to come forward. The court asked the CBI to undergo an investigation into the alleged castrations. Forty-seven-year-old Rahim could not immediately be contacted for comment. The Dera Sacha Sauda says it is a social welfare and spiritual organisation with millions of followers in India and abroad. On its website, the group describes Rahim as a saint as well as an author, inventor, scientist, philosopher, philanthropist, peace activist and "the ultimate humanitarian". Rahim also stars in an action movie to be released later this month called "MSG: Messenger of God" in which the guru fights criminals, sings songs and is shown dousing himself in water in slow motion after a rugby game. India has been rocked by numerous scandals involving popular godmen who are mostly Hindu ascetics claiming to possess mystical powers. In November, police arrested Baba Rampal Maharaj after a long and violent siege at his ashram in Haryana when he refused to comply with court orders in a murder case. In a bizarre case, devotees of a dead guru are fighting a court battle in Punjab state to preserve his body in a freezer, insisting he is only meditating. For many Indians, gurus play an integral role in daily life. They say they offer a pathway to enlightenment in return for spiritual devotion and often give donations to ashrams, temples and charity projects. link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/india-police-probe-godman-over-alleged-castration-400-115715089.html Poor 400 male villagers, just follow blindly ... hmmmmm............. so he got chance to get close to 400 wives of his followers ....
  23. Picnic06-Biante15

    5 Worst Tourist

    Not surprise with China chinese make it to the top 5 ..... Yahoo news: Are Americans Really the Worst? 5 Other Countries Whose Tourists Make Us Look Good By Paula Froelich | Y! Travel Journal – 15 hours ago We’ve all heard it before. “The Ugly American.” The clueless ding-dong who travels to other countries doing the following: talking too loudly, complaining about everything (especially cigarette smoke and the lack of decaffeinated coffee), bringing their own peanut butter to live on lest the local food poison them, wearing funny-looking clothes, and ignoring the personal space of everyone around them. 1. The Russians Armed with rigid self-confidence and a boatload of rubles, traveling Russians just don’t give a damn. Case in point: Last year, there I was in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt — all sorts of covered up, not just because culturally it’s respectful, but also because I didn’t want to get a third-degree sunburn — when I noticed the locals’ eyes bugging out. Behind me, a tour bus of Russians had arrived, the women in bra tops and short-shorts, the men in various stages of undress (it was 100 degrees out), and all turning a nice shade of boiled-lobster red. As the relatively scantily clad group wandered around, a bunch of local kids started running over to catch the pay-per-view. “Those Russians don’t care about anything,” said my guide, Osama. While I wouldn’t go that far, Osama has certainly seen his share of tourists and had an opinion. I’ve heard versions of that opinion before. A few years earlier, when I stayed at the Amantaka resort in Luang Prabang, Laos, a hotel employee said, “No one is here right now but a few Russians. They just sit by the pool and yell at us.” 2. The Chinese Chinese tourists’ behavior is so bad, even their own government has commented on it. Vice Premier Wang Yang has criticized the “uncivilized behavior” of certain Chinese tourists, saying, “They make a terrible racket in public places, scrawl their names on tourist sites, ignore red lights when crossing the road, and spit everywhere. This damages our national image and has a terrible effect.” He’s not wrong. Last year, a 15-year-old Chinese boy scratched “Ding Jinhao was here” into the 3,500-year-old ruins at Luxor in Egypt. Another group of tourists killed a dolphin while trying to use it as a prop in their photos. Others ate endangered sea clams while visiting the Paracel Islands, and still others forged marriage papers to get a honeymoon discount in the Maldives. One mother even let her child defecate on the floor at an airport in Taiwan. So you can see why they’re earning a bad rep. “Overseas travel is a new luxury; Chinese who can afford it compare with each other and want to show off,” Liu Simin, a researcher with the Tourism Research Centre of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told Reuters. “Many Chinese tourists are just going abroad, and are often inexperienced and unfamiliar with overseas rules and norms.” Indeed. 3. The Germans It’s almost not their fault that some German travelers can’t seem to chill out — almost. Germans love rules. They also like to do things their way, and they want to do them speedily and do them now. I was on the climb to La Ciudad Perdida outside of Santa Marta, Colombia, recently and there was a German we’ll call Gunther. Gunther was practically a speed walker and couldn’t understand why the strenuous trek had to be broken up into four days. "Why can I not go to the top now? I want to walk fast and go! Why can this country not be like Germany? I pay park fees, and I walk and go!” “Dude, Gunther, relax,” someone said. “There are still some FARC rebels around here, and someone was kidnapped a few months ago from this trail. You’re not allowed to go off on your own for a reason.” “Yes, but I go now!” Another group of Germans almost lost their minds when they saw a Brit smoking on that trek. “It is a drug addiction,” one German woman sniffed to her partner. “Disgusting!” he said in a stage whisper. “They kill themselves and us!” “They cannot help themselves. They are just little addicts.” 4. The British Ever since the sun set on the British Empire, the subjects of the queen have been going out, trying to recapture the glory. They show up in former colonies, pale (not their fault — the sun never shines in the U.K.) and ready to rock. Many get drunk, some even get belligerent, and a few undress. When they get arrested for bad behavior — like having sex on the beach in Dubai or dressing up as naughty nuns in Greece — they are incredulous. In 2012, according to a British Foreign Office study, more than 6,000 Brits ended up behind bars on holiday, often because of crimes fueled by alcohol. The study also showed that as many as 10 Brits a day ended up in the hospital on vacation. 5. The Saudis You probably won’t run into a Saudi outside of the Middle East unless you are in a quite swanky location like New York City, St. Bart’s, St. Tropez, Aspen, Gstaad, Monaco, or … well, you get the point. Though Saudis don’t make most worst-tourists lists, they are certainly making a case for themselves. Take this, for example: Earlier this year, would-be vacationers were understandably peeved when their previously booked (and very expensive) accommodations at Anantara’s Veli, Naladhu, and Dhigu resorts in the Maldives were reportedly canceled at the last minute. The reason? The crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, decided to book three whole islands for nearly a month. And apparently Prince Abdulaziz al-Saud gets what he wants. Though the crown prince is not your normal tourist, Saudis traveling abroad almost all seem to be part of the ginormous royal family, and many hold diplomatic passports, which can allow them to get away with unacceptable tourist behavior: If they do something bad like driving drunk or murdering someone, they often expect to get away with it. Sometimes they do. Incidentally, even Saudis themselves seem not to love Saudi tourists. In fact, many deliberately avoid vacationing where they’ll run into their fellow countrymen, according to some travel agencies. Complaints include Saudis’ not respecting the laws of the country they are visiting and engaging in generally disruptive behavior. More of the stories, link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/are-americans-really-the-worst--5-other-countries-whose-tourists-make-us-look-good-082056674.html Don't quite agrees with her....... SG tourist when in oversea, will goes hey it cheap cheap cheap, can buy ....
  24. Just couldn't believe my eyes .... How KL can beat Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo or Taipei ... Yahoo news: Kuala Lumpur one of 7 magnificent cities in the world KUALA LUMPUR: Kuala Lumpur has been voted one of the seven most magnificent and incredible cities in the World. The other six were La Paz (Bolivia), Havana (Cuba), Beirut (Lebanon), Doha (Qatar), Vigan (Philippines), and Durban (South Africa). From a long list of 1200 nominees from 220 countries the list was narrowed down to 28 through qualification and selection process. Top 28 cities went through three phases of worldwide voting until seven cities were chosen. The seven cities were chosen based on voting from people using the Internet, smartphone applications, international telephone voting lines and text messaging. Announcing the results at the New7Wonders voting center in Dubai, Bernard Weber, Founder-President of New7Wonders stated, “We congratulate each of these cities on achieving their New7Wonders status, and we look forward to celebrating their election to the “canon of 7″ with their citizens in 2015.” Launched two years ago, New7Wonders Cities is the third global vote and follows the New7Wonders of the World and New7Wonders of Nature campaigns. Established in 2001, the foundation seeks to contribute to the protection of the world’s human-built and natural heritage and cultivate respect for the planet’s diversity. –BERNAMA Link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/kuala-lumpur-one-7-magnificent-061544478.html
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    Johor To Seize Malay Land From Non-Malays

    Malaysia boleh ............ My friend had ever warned me with regards to buying houses in MY, they could seize back anytime.... Yahoo news: Johor to seize Malay land from non-Malays NUSAJAYA: The Johor government will seize Malay reserve land which had fallen into the hands of non-Malays. Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin said several action plans would be enforced to seize land which rightfully belonged to Malays. “This shows that we did not neglect our responsibility in defending or increasing the size of Malay reserve land,” he said to questions from Datuk Maulizan Bujang (BN-Tiram), Ayub Jamil (BN-Rengit) and A. Aziz Ismail (BN-Senggarang) at the Johor state assembly sitting here yesterday. However, he did not elaborate on what the action plans were nor the size of Malay reserve land which had changed hands. Khaled said Johor had 432,157ha of Malay reserve land as of last September, compared with 87,536ha in 1957. “In the Iskandar Malaysia economic region, the size of Malay reserve land is 23,517ha, compared to 1,921ha in 1957. “These include land in Johor Baru and in Kulaijaya. “This clearly shows that the acreage of Malay reserve land in the economic region has grown in size, and not the other way round. “In fact, the size of Malay reserve land has grown by 12 times as compared to 1957,” he said. Link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/johor-seize-malay-land-non-001539205.html So those who rush in to buy condos or bungalow will now as the developer could build them on Malay land and will be seized back....