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Found 18 results

  1. I had bought a resale house and town council had performed routine rubbish chute fogging yesterday and give instructions to mask up the chute door to prevent roaches from escaping. Today, I found a few small roaches and some eggs on the kitchen floor. To make things worse, there is this big roach as well, all not dead yet. Any bros/sis can share their experience and the ways to prevent roaches from invading into the house after the fogging process ?
  2. A National Environment Agency (NEA) official has raised the possibility that Singapore residents may in future be asked to "pay as you throw", as part of efforts to monitor and limit rubbish dumped by households. This could involve bin chutes that use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to track how much waste any one household produces, he said at a major sustainability conference on Tuesday. "We are working on a trial to track the number of times a household opens a rubbish chute hatch, with each opening accepting only a fixed volume of waste," said Mr Cheang Kok Chung, director of the NEA's department for environmental protection policy and international relations. "(There is a) glaring lack of a 'pay as you throw' element in the (waste disposal) fee," Mr Cheang said, adding that Singapore's ubiquitous rubbish chutes made it very difficult to implement a "pay as you throw" system using prepaid waste bags. He was speaking at a presentation during the 2019 Sustainable Innovation Expo in Nairobi, Kenya. The Expo is being held on the sidelines of the fourth United Nations Environment Assembly meeting. Each HDB household currently pays $8.25 a month for waste regardless of the amount thrown away. With this new scheme, some might end up paying less. Said Mr Cheang: "Hopefully (the trial) works and the next time we can report that we are a bit closer to the 'user-pay principle' tax." If there are monitoring systems like RFID tags, people might be motivated to throw less rubbish indiscriminately, which would mean less rubbish landing up in Semakau, Singapore's only landfill. According to the latest figures, about 200,000 tonnes of solid waste and all incineration ash are sent to the landfill annually. At this rate, Semakau will be filled to the brim by 2035. It was envisaged earlier that the landfill, when it first opened in 1999, would last until 2046. Singapore currently has the technology to use RFID tags on bins. According to reports in 2016, recycling collection crews could scan RFID tags on recycling bins upon collection for recyclables to be tracked in a system. It is not impossible to implement such a project. The "pay as you throw" principle has worked in other countries. In South Korea, for example, households can buy designated bags to dispose of their trash, or take it to centralised RFID food waste and rubbish bins. There, the trash will be weighed and the household billed accordingly. The NEA told The Straits Times yesterday that there are currently no plans to introduce pay-as-you-throw RFID waste disposal systems in Singapore. "Building on lessons from past trials and other countries' experience, the National Environment Agency is constantly exploring ways to incentivise households to reduce the amount of waste disposed of," an NEA spokesman said. "There is no current plan to implement a pay-as-you-throw RFID waste disposal system," the spokesman added.
  3. War on Plastic: 20-foot high mountains of 'recycled' British rubbish found in Malaysia Chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall exposes the plastic waste that should have been recycled but was dumped in Malaysia instead Celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has discovered mountains of plastic waste from Britain intended for recycling has been shipped 6500 miles to Malaysia then apparently simply dumped or burned. Up to 20-foot high mounds of plastic waste were uncovered by Hugh and Anita Rani as part of a new BBC documentary investigating where our waste goes and if it is being properly recycled. Worryingly Hugh found that the plastic waste which as well as having High Street brands, includes local council recycling bags, split or torn, suggesting they were indeed used for their intended purpose by some well-meaning taxpayer. Hugh, 54, tells the cameras: “It’s like someone dystopian nightmare. A plastic planet. Last year 65,000 tons of plastic waste were exported by the UK. Until 2018 China was the biggest recipient but their government placed a ban on the trade and now Malaysia takes our plastic, and last year was thought to have taken up to 130,000 tons in the last year alone. https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/war-plastic-20-foot-high-16205243 KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia will send as much as 3,000 tonnes of plastic waste back to their origin countries, the environment minister said on Tuesday (May 28), adding that those who imported the trash illegally were “traitors”. Ms Yeo Bee Yin, the Minister of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change, said 60 containers of trash that had been imported illegally would be sent back. "These containers were illegally brought into the country under false declaration and other offences which clearly violate our environmental law," she told reporters after inspecting the containers at Port Klang. She said that the blame should be shared between the exporters and their partners in Malaysia. "Every container (imported) will have its local player here ... otherwise they cannot export it here; that was why I said they are traitors." The minister said she could not disclose how many local companies were involved as it was still under investigation. However, she said all perpetrators would be brought to justice. Malaysia last year became the world's main destination for plastic waste after China banned its import, disrupting the flow of more than 7 million tonnes of the trash a year. Dozens of recycling factories have cropped up in Malaysia, many without operating licences, and communities have complained of environmental problems. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/malaysia-returns-3000-tonnes-plastic-waste-importers-traitors-11572690 Canada hires company for $1.14M to bring trash back home from the Philippines Shipment cost will be covered by Canada, says McKenna’s office Canada is spending more than a million dollars to bring dozens of containers of rotting garbage back to Canada from the Philippines in the coming days. Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna announced on Wednesday that her government has awarded a contract to Bolloré Logistics Canada to remove the garbage by the end of June. According to the tender, it will cost at least $1.14 million to do so. Her office said the garbage will be treated to meet Canadian safety and health requirements, and will be disposed of by the end of this summer. McKenna also said the $1.14 million cost of preparing, shipping and disposing of the waste will be covered by the Canadian government. McKenna's announcement comes just hours after Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte ordered his government to hire a private shipping company to leave 69 containers of garbage in Canada's territorial waters. That's what's left of the 103 containers shipped by a private Canadian company to the Philippines in 2013 and 2014 and wrongly labelled as plastics for recycling. The other 34 have already been disposed of in the Philippines, despite objections from local officials and environmental groups. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/philippines-duterte-orders-garbage-shipped-canada-1.5144537 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvFBrGUdyaI&t=232s Exposing Australia’s recycling lie There is no doubt Australia is one of the most wasteful nations in the world, so the practice of recycling helps to lessen our guilt. As we drag our bins out for collection each week, we feel like we’re helping the environment. But the reality is that we’re all being conned. Right now, Australia is stuck in an unsightly and worsening recycling crisis. What is being done with plastic waste, the material most people think would be easy to salvage and re-use, is of the greatest concern. As Liam Bartlett discovers, most of it ends up either being buried or worse – exported to countries like Malaysia, a place we are now treating like a garbage bin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqrlEsPoyJk
  4. Wahaha....i feel so insulted for milo https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/mahathir-disappointed-over-cool-response-to-second-national-car-10536322 KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on Monday (Jul 16) expressed disappointment that his idea for a second national car has not been well-received by the people. Dr Mahathir said he was informed that no one wanted to see another national car being developed as most of the people regarded “it was enough” having the Proton, which has been deemed to be a failure. In a posting on his blog, Dr Mahathir sarcastically remarked that “we are not qualified nor capable of having an automotive industry”. Malaysians, he said, were prepared to buy imported cars, including from China, and also get Japanese-made and German-made cars, especially those who could afford them. "I still remember the Japanese car after the war. As users, if we scratch with our fingernails, we’ll see Milo tins, but it is from these Milo tin cars that came the various models, such as Toyota, Nissan and Suzuki which we are now using. "Certainly this will not happen with Malaysia. Our car will always be made from Milo tins forever,” he said. Dr Mahathir clarified that the government had no plans to make the proposed second national car as a government-owned automotive industry He said the private sector in the country was now capable of designing, making clay models and test models, as well as produce cars on a large scale. “But, because early on we have rejected the idea of a second national car, then we will oppose all proposals to produce cars by the private sector. Certainly, the government will not have a government-owned automotive industry,” said the prime minister. Dr Mahathir said the country’s market was now full of imported cars, both of good quality and also the Milo tin type. "Produced by giant companies, they monopolise Malaysia’s car market so much so that it buried Proton. “In the end, Proton was sold to foreigners. There is no more national car, no more automotive industry. Workers, engineers, managers are also out of jobs. Everything drops. "Malaysia becomes a consumer country, padi farming country, fishing. It’s alright. This is what we want and this is what we get. Just forget about Vision 2020,” said Dr Mahathir.
  5. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/video/angry-mob-throw-ukrainian-mp-172544292.html This is a direct way of disposing an unpopular MP!
  6. This 53 yo guy graduated from NUS Engineering course. Early every morning, he goes to the rubbish dump to scavenge for stuff. In 1993, he had a high flying job with a big company but he was retrenched in 2007. This gave him a big psychological shock. Although his company gave him a recommendation letter, he feels his reputation is tarnished and cannot find a job easily. Since retrenchment, his outlook on life has also changed and attention has shifted from career to family. He has 4 daughters aged between 5 to 9 and an elderly mother at home.
  7. Ysc3

    Poor man = rubbish

  8. STOMP Police car crashes into rubbish dump at Choa Chu Kang
  9. Me and wife till have 5days left in HK, other than watching the xmms there, the food is the next best thing any bros has recommendation where and what to eat?? my stomach is already (although now #3 alert for typhoon, kindergartens closed, some schools also) Many thanks...
  10. If you want to see how your estate will be become if you go with Opps...check out this link..
  11. Is this a professional auto journalistic review of the Mitsubishi Lancer GT 2009 - Or a complete pay off by C&C motors? I wonder how much C&C paid the guy to say nothing but nice things about the car. http://multimedia.asiaone.com/Multimedia/V...81021-4679.html
  12. Most of us weren't too thrilled when we first saw the BMW X1 last year in Frankfurt. The reasons were many and varied, but they can basically be lumped into one of two camps. First up is the aesthetics camp. Cries of "ugly" cropped up in the comments faster than they would have in a Susan Boyle Playmate layout. While BMW's particular brand of crossover design has never been anything but controversial, we think the X1 looks pretty much okay. But the second, and maybe more vocal camp, can best be summed up as, "Why?" As in why would BMW bother? According to Top Gear ace Jeremy Clarkson, they shouldn't have. No stranger to stinging reviews, even of BMW products (here's Jezza calling the 335 a "dog turd"), Jeremy really seems to particularly dislike the new X1. He hates the ride, the interior, the name (sDrive in particular), the diesel motor and the way it drives. Is there anything he likes about the small crossover? In a word, no.
  13. any good contractor ? how much ?
  14. Ed Gorman I was doing some research, at a fast pace, it has to be said, into last year's race in Singapore and I came across the official Renault press release from that Grand Prix. I am surprised I had not stumbled across it before because it is a pretty smelly document all round. It reminds us that Briatore, Symonds and Piquet not only deceived motor racing fans the world over that night but also the vast majority of their own team who genuinely thought they had won a race against all odds. P1020273 The press release is worth quoting from because it sums up what a shabby and disgraceful episode this was. The fiction that it contains, by the way, is presented alongside the corporate brand images of 26 commercial sponsors of Renault's Formula One team, among them ING, Mutua Madrilena, Elf and Universa. I am sure they are delighted about that... The document starts as follows: Singapore Grand Prix, Sunday "The ING Renault F1 took its first victory of the season today as Fernando Alonso produced a brilliant tactical drive to win the Singapore Grand Prix, the sport's first ever night race." And here are the quotes from the key players that night, three of whom knew about a conspiracy to cheat, one of whom has said he did not. It starts with the latter - the race winner. Fernando Alonso P1 "This is a fantastic result - my first podium of the season; my first victory and I'm very happy, although I think it will take several days for me to realise what we have achieved. Winning a Grand Prix here just seemed to be impossible because we missed our chance yesterday in qualifying, but we were very fortunate today and it's a superb result for the team. We chose an aggressive strategy and we had a bit of luck, but we had the pace and the car was fantastic throughout the weekend." Nelson Piquet DNF "From the start of the race things were complicated and I had a lot of graining and the situation got worse and worse. The team asked me to push, which I tried to do and finally I lost the rear of my car. I hit the wall heavily but I'm ok. I am disappointed with my race but obviously very happy for the team this evening." Flavio Briatore, Managing Director ING Renault F1 Team "This is an amazing victory for Renault and for Fernando. Since Friday we knew that the car was very competitive and we were very disappointed at the end of qualifying. Today the car was extremely quick, stronger than Ferrari and McLaren, and although we had some luck when the safety car came out, we deserved this victory. It's a very important result for Renault after two difficult seasons and that helps us to prepare for 2009 in the best way possible." Pat Symonds, Executive Director of Engineering "I think the luck we had in the early part of the race was nearly a cancellation of the bad luck we had yesterday. The car has proven itself and so has Fernando. The whole result is a tribute to the team and this wonderful circuit is a tribute to Singapore." I have resisted the temptation to annotate or add exclamation marks. A "brilliant tactical drive", things were "complicated" a "deserved" victory, a "tribute" to the team? I imagine there must have been one or two people on the plane home from that race who felt absolutely sick to their stomach. On that night I was far too naive to suspect that Renault could have fixed the whole thing. I remember hearing people discussing it and dismissed it immediately. I just could not accept, for a moment, that a team would risk its driver or risk its reputation in that way or sink that low. But I was wrong. Some of my colleagues were not so sceptical and among the most prescient was the veteran Joe Saward who dealt with potentially explosive and legally sensitive material cleverly in his race report. Have a look here, it makes interesting reading.
  15. These days, I tend to hear at least 1 car alarm blaring away everyday. Either at work, at home or even in the public car parks. Most times, it's that irritating Clifford system with the 6 or 7 different siren sounds. This is the most over-rated alarm system for a car. Why do people insist on installing an alarm in the first place? There's no call for it in Singapore. Besides, even when it goes off.... who gives a damn anyway? Not a soul would pay any attention or do anything about it.
  16. Bankai87


    To the driver (MOST LIKELY FT) of HUGE ASSED rubbish truck plate number XB 133FIVE H, driving on TPE towards SLE today at about 1.30pm, just after sengkang/punggol, what the hell is your freaking problem? Are you in a very very huge rush that you have to travel at 90km/hr on LANE 2 to poke me, forcing me to give way to you? I know my car small, low cc because non sports version and if u run me over i sure kenah crushed. Then when the black sunny in front of you refuse to give way to your intimidation, you go on LANE 1 and travel at SPEEDS EXCEEDING 100KM/HR to overtake the sunny, only to be pwn by the sunny's acceleration and switch back to lane 2? Then when the sunny FORCED TO SLOW DOWN to switch to lane 3 to exit at JLN KAYU EXIT you have to purposely stick to close to him to intimidate him, forcing him to take evasive action n swerve quickly to lane 3 if not kenah crush by you? Want to play stunt dont be stupid, your big red vehicle with company name big big ""ELEVATOR JACOB"", I have a good mind to lodge an official complain with your company and TP, and the driver of the black nissan sunny SFT, please contact me I am the blue SJB swift who was behind you and witness the whole incident, and I am MORE THAN WILLING to be your WITNESS behind this damned 2F2F DISPOSAL TRUCK DRIVER. This rubbish truck is not those normal rectangularish rubbish truck, is those high mounted disposable kind, definately bigger than normal rubbish truck and much much taller than normal rubbish truck. crazy ass playing punk and bulldozer on a sunny afternoon.
  17. DETROIT, Michigan (AFP) - - General Motors Corp. is planning on making biofuel with garbage at a cost of less than a dollar a gallon, the company's chief has said. ADVERTISEMENT The US automaker has entered into a partnership with Illinois-based Coskata Inc. which has developed a way to make ethanol from practically any renewable source, including old tires and plant waste. The process is a significant improvement over corn-base ethanol because it uses far less water and energy and does not divert food into fuel. "We are very excited about what this breakthrough will mean to the viability of biofuels and, more importantly, to our ability to reduce dependence on petroleum," said Rick Wagoner, GM's chief executive officer, on Sunday. GM, which was late in introducing gas-electric hybrids, is the industry leader in flex-fuel vehicles that can run on gasoline blended with up to 85 percent ethanol. It is currently producing more than a million flex-fuel vehicles a year globally and is committed to making half its production flex-fuel by 2012. It is also introducing 16 new hybrid vehicles over the next four years, including a plug-in hybrid which can run on electricity alone, and will soon have the world's largest fuel-cell test fleet when it delivers more than 100 Chevy Equinox fuel cell vehicles to customers in the United States, Europe and Japan. But while these may be the vehicles of the future, flex-fuel is the best "interim" solution as it will take 12 years to replace most of the vehicles currently on the road, Wagoner told reporters at the Detroit auto show. "There is no question in my mind that making ethanol more widely available is absolutely the most effective and environmentally sound solution," Wagoner said. "And it's one that can be acted on immediately." Coskata's first pilot plant will be up and running in the fourth quarter of 2008 and the fuel will be used on GM test vehicles. "We will have our first commercial-scale plant making 50 to 100 million gallons of ethanol running in 2011," said Coskata chief Bill Roe. The prestigious Argonne National Laboratory analyzed Coskata's process and found it generates up to 7.7 times the amount of energy used and reduces CO2 emissions by up to 84 percent compared with a well-to-wheel analysis of gasoline. The process also uses less than a gallon of water to make a gallon of ethanol compared to three gallons or more for other processes. President George W. Bush's energy policy includes plans to increase the consumption of biofuels from 7.5 billion gallons in 2012 to 36 billion gallons in 2022. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/afp/20080115/tts-...gm-972e412.html
  18. Hi all, I've a few appalling experiences after having some food at Ikea Tampines. Now everytime I go there, I can see heaps of rubbish on tables, uncleared plates, food on the floor, serviates flying around. Its like a pigsty! I do remember going Ikea is a nice experience as everyone would clear their tables after they finish their food. This doesn't seems to happen now. It got to a point that I'm truely disgusted by the behaviour of the customers patronizing the place: 1) only 1 poor pathetic cleaner trying to clear hundreds of never ending plates and dirt piles 2) customers complaining to this cleaner for not cleaning their table fast enough 3) best of all.. they see the rest not clearing their tables, they join in as well, leaving their filth for others to clean. Just to let all of your know. Ikea's food area has a long running policy that the customers should clean up when they leave. Do your part, remind those beside your table that they need to clear when they leave. Rgds