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Found 42 results

  1. Axela525

    Bosch wipers!

    Anybody knows where to get this wipers? Looks like only amazon sg can get at $70 with shipping...any local shop selling? Thanks!
  2. At ST Mobile Audio Auto Accessories, we believes awesome sound system does not refer to expensive audio products, but rather a good integration of proper audio components, speaker placement and sound tuning. Regardless you are enhancing your current sound system or building a new system, you will be able to receive correct recommendations base to their knowledge and experience over the year from this merchant. In order to sharpen workmanship and judgment, ST Mobile sends their installers to participate in various car audio competitions, winning quite a number in the process. Our Services: In Car Entertainment General Accessories Car Camera & Electronics Car Alarm & Security System Bodykits & Parts Air Conditioning (Repair & Servicing) We are dealing with car audio, car accessories & car air-con services. Pls do contact 62661719 if there's any enquires Address: 160 Sin Ming Drive #08-02 Sin Ming AutoCity S(575722) Opening Hours: 10am - 7pm (Mon - Sun) including PHs Contact No: 62661719 Join our FB Group for Car Accessories & Audio Discussion: https://www.facebook.com/singtradeaudio/
  3. INTRODUCTION: U-Audio is a Pit Stop for all your car accessories need. Being in the car accessories trade for more than 20 years, we do not just sell accessories but provide customised solution to all of our customers' needs. Apart from audio system we provide a comprehensive list of services like Car Alarm Systems, DVD, TV systems, Solar Film, Sound proofing, Air-Con Servicing, Car Battery, Customised Car Number Plates, and many more. LOCATION: 22 Boon Lay Way #01-62 TradeHub 21 S(609968) PHONE: 9688 4020 (Ah Seng) OPENING HOURS: 9.30am to 7.30pm (Mon - Sat) Our listing on SGCARMART: http://www.sgcarmart.com/directory/merchant.php?MID=11526
  4. ABOUT US Our core business is to specialise on armrest console box and compartment with difference design/size models available to suit your car. Various base-bracket mounting available to accommodate your car's need for best comfort of arm-resting and storage. *We do provide installation at YISHUN and strictly by appointment only. WHY US? Our price is reasonable to suit your budget and provide best customer service, include after-sale support. Feel free to contact us via Whatsapp @ 98521155 (Mr Kong) to make an appointment or find out more! Other than armrest console box, we also sell a variety of products such as: a) Engine air filter b) Cabin aircon filter c) Door visor d) Front & rear wipers Note: Self-pickup at YISHUN by appointment. By postage possible for small parcel size. We're located at: Block 328 Yishun Ring Road S(760328) View our full product listing here: https://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?app=sgcarstore&req=listprod&ppuser=126525&what=available
  5. 7hm

    Hybrid wiper blades?

    Anyone tried the newer "hybrid" type wiper blades? The kind where it's like a beam-type wiper blade, but has a shroud frame to protect it or improve evenness of pressure or some marketing bollocks. E.g. Michelin Stealth, or Trico Sentry
  6. dcb

    Windscreen foggy patches

    Sometimes after the wipers wiped and return, there will be a few patches on the windscreen that is foggy for a few seconds. This is irritating and sometimes block the view on the road. Any idea how to remove that? Also what is a good recommendation to remove fine scratches on the windscreen as well? Used the 3M grey sandpaper thing and resulted in scratches.
  7. Anyone knows where to buy those NWB wipers in yellow boxes? Kindly advise the damage as well. Million tks in advance.
  8. Magfocus

    Bosch Wipers

    Anyone know where to get Bosch aerotwin wipers at a good price?
  9. Automotive Aftermarket Within the Automotive Technology business sector, Automotive Aftermarket manages the supply, logistics, and sales of automotive spare parts and Bosch products for retrofitting. In addition, its services include customer service for automotive products and systems. The Bosch Automotive Aftermarket headquarters is located in Karlsruhe, as is its main distribution center. One of the tasks of the distribution center is to supply Bosch customers – including car manufacturers, wholesalers, and workshops – with a wide range of spare parts, which are shipped from Karlsruhe to over 140 countries. The division also manages 24 other warehouse locations around the world. More than 10,000 associates in 140 countries, as well as a global logistics network, ensure that some 450,000 spare parts reach customers quickly and on time. In its diagnostics operations, AA supplies testing and repair-shop technology, diagnostic software, service training, and information services. The division is also responsible for the “Bosch Car Service” repair-shop concept, the world’s largest independent chain of repair shops, with some 15,000 branches. In addition, AA is responsible for more than 500 “AutoCrew” partners. Feel free to inquire more about our products and services!
  10. chitchatboy

    Windscreen wipers not working? Fret not.

    What if your windscreen wipers break down on the way up to KL on the north-south highway? This might be a funny and very short term solution. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r41w2AV56M0
  11. Panalogic

    Cloudy Wipers

    Hey ppl, My wiper blades will leave a cloudy haze during rainy days, any advice on this? My blades are abt 9mths old. This situation did not happen in the first 2 mths on ownership being a new car, however,after the 3rd mth, this started to happen. I tried using car shampoo to clean the blades and it improved a little but its back to normal after a few wipes. Any useful advice greatly appreciated. Thks
  12. Maxxtotal

    Where to get wipers for G Punto?

    Any idea where to get wipers for G Punto? (other than TTS) Went to Autobac, but they dun have, cos Fiat not using those universal type
  13. E-Jazz

    RainX Wipers

    hi bros/sis, i was topping up at a petrol kiosk the other day and happened to note that they were selling RainX wipers. as my current wipers are struttling after rainX application, i was wondering if the RainX wiper would help so was thinking of asking if any bros/sis here have tried it. Thanks.
  14. From some feedbacks that I read, it seems that most people encounter this wiper juddering effect after they have applied Rain-X or similar products on their windscreens. And so I'm wondering, if we were to choose only one of the solutions, which will most of us prefer?
  15. Anyone using these? I just wanted to check whether the wiper blades themselves are black (because the pre-facelifted ones have grey-coloured wiper blades). Thks!
  16. Contest from 1st Sept 2010 till 30th Sept 2010 Stand a chance to win 1 of 4 sets of Silicon Frameless Wipers total worth $160. Just post your items on sgCarStore to win! Just advertise on sgCarStore! More details here : http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?autocom=contest
  17. Eviltrap

    WTGAway: Front Windscreen Wipers

    Hi folks, I was packing and throwing away some stuff, and found some of my previous ride's wipers. Since I have no more use of it now, I intend to give them away. Bosch Aeortwin Wipers 22" and 18" The 22" one has some streaks after wiping. 18" is fine. RainX Wipers 22" and 16" Used only a few days. After that upgraded to the above. Please PM me if you are interested. As I'm giving them away, it will only be self collect. Thanks.
  18. Bulls_is_back

    Carall wipers

    I have a silly question. You know the Carall wipers sold at AA? Are we supposed to remove the yellow strips on the rubber blade b4 installing the wipers? Thanks
  19. hi, been getting this problem my windscreen wipers when i operate them, the sound of the wipers on the screen is very rough, almost like scratching them. anyway to get around this?
  20. hi Guys and ladies, just wonder how do you know it time to change your windscreen wipers? any telltale sign? thanks
  21. Changed from original rubber wipers to silicon wipers recently on my civic and realise that the wipers make a squeaking sound. Will putting rainx or any other solutions help? Any advise is appreciated. Thanks.
  22. Hi all, I have a pair of brand new Bosch Aero Twin Wipers 21" suitable for installation on the Superb and A4 Octavia. These wipers fit directly onto J-hooked wiper arms. No change of the wiper arms is required. The main advantage of the Bosch Aero Twin Wipers: the entire wiper blade assembly need not be replaced, thus reducing material wastage. The new wiper insert can be sourced from Xin Zhong at $22 per pair. (For those who are keen on how to DIY the wiper blade refill, please read http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=1118806) Price: $65 (a pair). Please PM me if you are keen.
  23. Hi pple, any one has the problem of Borsch Aero wipers chattering?= Thanks.
  24. I drive a weekend car but usually dun go check my car when i come home from work. But today unusually I went to take a peek on my car, see if got kena dent by lorry or van drivers or kena scratch... #$&^#&$%&$&* To my surprise, someone 'kiap' a f**kin live snail on my windscreen with my wipers! LIVE!!!! Imagine when i pull it up, its like sucked there and its disgustingly slimmy! I omit the possibility of the snail crawling up my car to my windscreen cos there was no streaks of the path it crawled up. The slimmy part is only the area where it was 'kiap'. Luckily that snail is not on my bonnet or car top... else the slimmy 'juice' would hav ruin the paint. Damn this guy who did this! I curse his Anyone with similar experience or kena the weirdiest or disguisting sxxt caused by someone on ur ride before?
  25. Hi all My wipers have been juddering very badly whenever i turn it on. The wipers are new (new ride collected about 3 wks ago) and it was fine and it happened about a week ago. Spoke to some friends and they mentioned to wipe away the dust from the wiper blade and also clean the windscreen with glass cleaner (the type of blue solution we use to wipe our windows at home). Have done it but still no use. Any kind bros/sis out there can give advice? Many thks!!