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  1. Property Investment Education Company Gets Called Out, They Defend Themselves On YouTube source: https://mustsharenews.com/i-quadrant-youtube/ The I Quadrant Draws Flak For Marketing Ads, Explain Themselves On YouTube For those who have the fortune of coming across certain advertisements on YouTube – you know the ones – you’d know that they promote financial investment classes. People like Imran and Dominic are probably well-known to people by now. They appear enticing and promise that you’ll never have to work another day in your life by 40 — and all you have to do is listen to them and give them money, sometimes in that order. However, the people in these videos have been called out for their marketing tactics, though at least one of these companies offered a defence on YouTube. Responses to the videos haven’t been all too pleasant, however, with more thumbs downs than thumbs ups. The I Quadrant teaches property investing skills One of the companies which drew attention was The I Quadrant, a “financial investment education” company. The company was co-founded by 4 people: Germaine Chow Shawn Lee Ivan Cai Benny Ong They host seminars which people can, as you’d expect, pay to enter and learn from these gurus on financial investments. However, they staunchly claim that they are not a financial or investment company but an educational one. For a period of time in 2019, The I Quadrant was listed until the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)’s Alert List, but that listing was removed. This may be because they don’t provide investment services or financial consultancies. YouTubers call out marketing ‘gurus’ A YouTuber, Rishi, recently called out these “gurus” in a video. Among The I Quadrant’s claims in their ads – some of which drew over 1.5 million views – is that you can invest in property “with little to no money down”, meaning you won’t need a large down payment. Property agents give Rishi their thoughts on methods But the viral videos, Rishi said, don’t answer the most important part — how? Curious people would’ve clicked in to find out, but they’d have to attend a seminar to really get the information they seek. Although there are free seminars, The I Quadrant also try to sell their courses – known as Property Income Mastery Courses. Then, once students complete the course, they’ll get the opportunity to join “masterclasses”, which also come with a princely fee. The costs of these classes aren’t revealed on their website. So Rishi decided to ask 2 property agents about their thoughts of The I Quadrant’s claims. In short, their answer was — yes, you can make investments with little down payment, but the costs will be borne by others. Other YouTubers like Justaway Garnett have also made videos debunking The I Quadrant’s methods. The I Quadrant defend themselves Following the call-outs, The I Quadrant decided to make a YouTube video defending themselves. But it’s fair to say that reception to the video hasn’t been fantastic. However, that video was just a preview for what was to come. On 11 Nov, they released the first of perhaps a series of videos talking about their claims, and presumably, their legitimacy. They went into a case study explaining the methodology. To put it simply, in the video, they explain that others – such as the tenants you rent out to – can cover the repayments you’ll have to make to the bank, and they call this ‘good debt’. However, what we’re also told from the video was that one needs to select the ‘right’ property’ to get the ‘good debt’ going, which in term can yield the returns they supposedly made. And how do we do that? Well, we’re told that we must ‘acquire the knowledge’, which they can conveniently provide — for a fee, of course. Netizens aren’t convinced Regardless of their defence, however, not many have taken to their explanations — including from people who’ve allegedly gone for their seminars. Among the accusations are that The I Quadrant do not reveal the risks of their methods, and that they allegedly deleted negative comments left on their Facebook page. They also claim that people with little to no income can start investing in property as well — but many say this is highly risky and can incur bankruptcy. Selling a dream Whether their tips are true or not, how you spend your money is up to you. But do be wary of people who promise easy or quick riches, because that doesn’t exist. It can sound very enticing to not work a day for the rest of your life while income rolls in. But if that were so effective, people wouldn’t be teaching you how to do it. That, or these things you can find watching YouTube videos, which are free. Paying a lot of money for some secret you supposedly can’t get elsewhere sounds more like a marketing tactic than anything.
  2. Has anyone seen this ? Did you accept it or continue viewing ads ?
  3. Doing research for our YouTube channel, I would like to understand what kind of content you like to watch and on what platform, youtube, tiktok , podcast and. blah blah blah. Do give us your utmost honest comments, so we can improve and spam you with more enjoyable content that you like! Cheers!
  4. Funny music videos parodies : Bohemian Rhapsody : Star Wars Edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oi7KPDi_yQI Frozen : Star Wars Edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eJeCM60awo
  5. I don't know about you but I find it unhelpful to users now that the dislike count is put to private. The dislike button will still be there and we will still be able to dislike the video but only the content creator can view it now. YouTube says it is supposedly meant to discourage trolls from doing a group attack. I do rely on the dislike count to decide if the video is worth my time or not, especially if it's an educational or tutorial type of content.
  6. Crash detection is one of the new features of the iPhone 14. If the phone detects a collision, then it makes an emergency call after 20 seconds unless the person cancels it. If the occupants are unresponsive, there's an audio message for emergency services that advises them of the incident and the latitude and longitude coordinates. The YouTube channel TechRax puts this system to the test. The team has a beat-up Mercury Grand Marquis as the test vehicle, and there are a bunch of wrecked cars to crash into. The sedan has a rig using an electric skateboard so that the accelerator works remotely. The seatbelt is around the steering wheel to keep the vehicle going straight. The first attempt at testing the system we see in this video is a failure for a few reasons. They underestimate the Panther-body Grand Marquis' strength, and it plows through the burnt-out car acting as an obstacle. Also, there's seemingly no control of the brakes, so the sedan goes pretty far before rolling to a stop. Next, they put multiple cars in the Mercury's way. It's not too hard of a crash, but the collision is enough for the crash detection feature to activate. Like Apple says, the system doesn't start immediately. After several seconds, the phone begins a countdown before calling emergency services. There's also a loud noise that would get the attention of nearby people. The Mercury only suffered minor damage in this crash, so the team sets things up again. This time, the vehicle has a solid collision and appears to keep driving briefly after making contact. The force is enough for the airbags to deploy. After a delay, the crash detection system starts blaring. If you're curious about how the Grand Marquis is doing after these crashes, it's still running. These big, body-on-frame sedans have a reputation for being tough, like the Ford Crown Victoria police cars and taxis on the same platform.
  7. Why does the police play copyright music during work, particularly when taking actions against suspect(s)? Well, most of you should know that social media such as youtube, instagram and such have built-in functions for user to share copyright material, INGENIOUS act! 🤣👍 Cop Admits To Playing Copyrighted Music Through Squad Car PA To Keep Videos Off YouTube Source: https://jalopnik.com/cop-admits-to-playing-copyrighted-music-through-squad-c-1848776860 https://youtu.be/9f-z-5HZr6w Watch Sheriff’s Sergeant Play Taylor Swift to Avoid Ending Up on YouTube Source: https://www.vice.com/en/article/dyv48q/watch-this-sheriffs-sergeant-play-taylor-swift-to-avoid-ending-up-on-youtube New Video Shows Beverly Hills Cops Playing Beatles to Trigger Instagram Copyright Filter Source: https://www.vice.com/en/article/bvxa7q/new-video-shows-beverly-hills-cops-playing-beatles-to-trigger-instagram-copyright-filter Is This Beverly Hills Cop Playing Sublime’s ‘Santeria’ to Avoid Being Live-Streamed? Source: https://www.vice.com/en/article/bvxb94/is-this-beverly-hills-cop-playing-sublimes-santeria-to-avoid-being-livestreamed It Sure Looks Like This Cop Played Country Music to Avoid Being Filmed Source: https://www.vice.com/en/article/wx89kn/it-sure-looks-like-this-cop-played-country-music-to-avoid-being-filmed
  8. SINGAPORE: A 17-year-old boy learned how to drive on YouTube and illegally used his father's name to rent cars on a car-sharing service. The teenager, who is now 19, pleaded guilty on Monday (Jan 17) to a charge each of cheating by personation and underage driving. Another two charges will be taken into consideration for sentencing. The court heard that the teenager applied for a Tribecar account in his father's name around Sep 24, 2020. He submitted his father's particulars and uploaded photos of his NRIC and driving licence. The application was successful and the teen gained access to a Tribecar account in the name of his father, a 56-year-old man. Between Sep 24, 2020 and Oct 7, 2020, the teenager rented cars using his father's account on eight occasions and paid for the rentals himself. He usually drove the cars in the early mornings - between 12am and 8am. On the morning of Oct 7, 2020, he was ferrying two passengers in his car when he was stopped at a police road block along the Central Expressway and asked for his licence. The two passengers did not know that he was only 17 and did not have a valid licence. The legal age to apply for a driving licence in Singapore is 18. The teen was arrested on suspicion of cheating offences and crimes under the Road Traffic Act. He admitted to driving the rented vehicles on all eight occasions, despite being underage. He added that he had learnt his driving skills on YouTube. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/singapore/teenager-singapore-learned-drive-youtube-and-illegally-used-fathers-name-rent-cars-2440286 That's the thing with automatic transmission cars, anyone can watch a tutorial on YouTube and then learn to drive by themselves. I would imagine it'll be a lot more challenging to drive a manual just by watching a video. Impressive that he didn't butcher the car while parking though.
  9. Wasn't intending to post about this saga but I think with the release of this latest news today, it's almost the end of the road for Night Owl Cinematics. https://mustsharenews.com/noc-staff-sylvia/ What a waste. PR disaster right from the start. Will NOC be able to pick itself back up, or is this the final nail in the coffin? 1 If Sylvia remove herself as management, is there a chance for the company to bounce back? 2 Will brands still believe in the NOC brand? 3 Will Ryan start his own company and bring staff along with him? Judging from the online support shown towards him, I'm sure he'll have no problem building his own fanbase or loyal supporters. 4 Say its not the CEO but an employee, should people "cancel" the entire company because of an individual? 5 If those conversations were sent to an individual over private message instead of a groupchat, would the damage be lesser? I mean, we've all cursed and sweared at colleagues or friends privately to another party, sometimes a rant, just wanna vent out your frustration. I'm not condoning her actions but I'm specifically picking two scenarios, change the variables and discuss the consequences.
  10. Just now i was watching youtube on korean food and an advertisement showed a boy stroking his "weapon" and then a lady hand stroking a big one. KNN i need pomelo leaves to wash eyes.. Youtube allow such advert meh?? i try to replay it never show liao.. this is the video i watched
  11. I've been watching this channel for quite a while. Our Grandfather story on youtube. They have some rather excellent videos about awkward/sensitive questions that we'd rather not ask. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=can+ask+meh The most recent one of course was the one with the mother with the 2 deceased children. But think their videos are worth checking out.
  12. Hey there guys, So not a performance review this time ( next week will be another one though) but I did my first one on one interview with a known but very unpopular brand in South Africa ... Mahindra. I went to find out more about their range and history of the brand. a few very interesting facts came out that I didn't even know about. Was a fun one to do. https://youtu.be/lMwPzT_K0Dk Please let me know what you think.
  13. Hi there guys, So this weekend I had some time spent with an OPC Corsa and decided to do my first Performance road test for 2019. I have to say, this was not blistering fast but my word was it a fun little car with a big bark. Yes I'm a youtube creator that does car performance reviews as a hobby Please let me know what you guys think. Thanks guys.
  14. In a world where browsing social media, getting info on the net first hand is king, and binging videos on your rest days are a must, well... Youtube is down if that's even considered breaking news. It's as SERIOUS as the MRT breaking down. Brings your life almost to a halt (for some/many/most). If you're not seeing videos on the MCF blog, don't panic. It's not us. It's Youtube. So to summarize.. Youtube is down. Don't panic. Some reports are of blank screen, some showing internal errors. https://heavy.com/tech/2018/10/youtube-down/
  15. Hi, Anyone know how to do the above?? some video i want to download and view.
  16. Youtube CNN news http://edition.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/asiapcf/....japan.warning/ http://www.ausbt.com.au/sendai-airport-hit...apan-earthquake Tsunami warnings are also in effect for Russia, the Marianas Islands, the Marcus Islands, Guam, Wake Island, and Taiwan. Tsunami watches are also out for Yap, the Philipines, the Marshall Islands, Belau, Midway Island, Pohnpei, Chuuk, Kosrae, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Nauru, the Johnston Islands, the Solomon Islands, Kiribati and Hawaii. Airports across the Western Pacific are likely to be affected, as the geography of the coastline and islands of the Pacific mean that airports tend to be built towards the coastline. Initially reported as a magnitude 7.3 earthquake, the United States Geological Survey has hiked the reported magnitude to 8.9. After such a massive earthquake, tsunami warnings spread out across the Pacific
  17. Don't know if there's any sponsoring for the youtubers to promote Singapore
  18. Hi all Need some advice and recommendation for my odd requirement / criteria for a HU. I would like to have the following features for my HU but I am not sure any .. please advice thanks a million ! 1. Volume knob ( not press button volume ) control, and I want it to be mounted on the right-hand-side of the HU instead of the usual LHS. 2. Touch screen double DIN that can play movies. 3. Can connect to Android phones by wifi / bluetooth so that I can play my Spotify or Youtube video onto the screen instead of from my phone. 4. Bluetooth hands-free capability. 5. Plays CD. Can be 1 disc, or multiple disc. 6. Can plug in SD card or thumbdrive to play video and music from the media 7. Or even better, I can download into the HU directly for playing. These are all I need for a HU.. any unit brand model you guys had been using and already had such features ? Please do recommend thanks
  19. I notice those videos using [youtube ] are not turning out properly. But those [media ] are alright. e.g http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2698834-nice-english-songsvideo-to-share/page-84?do=findComment&comment=5901809
  20. Totally ROckS!!! Love the Song & Video. http://www.ilike.com/artist/Garry+Schyman/track/Praan
  21. A few vids from across the causeway.... No signal auntie Yellow light speedster Road bully Queue cutter
  22. Ender

    SG50 video

    Stumble on this touching video. Didn't know about this band, but thanks for letting me know. Sounds like Sam Cooke kinda of song. For the Ah Gong of MCF.
  23. Because I love wasting time in the office - three questions for discussion 1. Which Singapore AD has the best facebook page? 2. Which is your favourite motoring Youtube channel? 3. Which Manufacturer has the best Youtube channel? Note - wasn't sure to put this into cars or L&E - but as it's about watching and not doing decided on L&E My answers - I like Chris Harris on Cars and Autocar channels for good information, Topgear for great cinematography. Manufacturers - Lamborghini still makes the best promo videos, but for sheer amount of content I like ///M Cars - their driftmob video etc rock. As for local facebook page - too many to choose!
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