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Found 26 results

  1. Just starting a thread so members can post about any discounts, offers, promotions that can help us save $$$. This thread covers all brands (I noted some chat on adjacent threads about specific brands, and some chatter in the petrol thread too, so if this thread isn't appropriate, please merge) And some other threads are getting long? Anyways, please share any discounts and coupons, and if you have some, you can post here so others can get it from you. If you know if any new promotions, please post - location - brand - type of offer Thanks!
  2. Just received a set of SPC coupons left on my windscreen at MSCP. the discount values from $2( for every $30 pumped), $3(dun remb) and $4( for every $70). I think using the coupon together with POSB Everyday...could SPC be the cheapest petrol in town? lets not talk about using special credit cards which offer more discounts than general cc.
  3. Hi All, Where could you purchase parking coupons by using credit cards? Normally at the petrol kiosk the staff expect me to pay separately by Cash or NETS if I were to purchase for petrol. I wonder supermarket like Shengsiong, NTUC, Giant do they sell parking coupons & can pay by credit cards.
  4. Ahgong

    ECoupons? anyone?

    http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/seeing-the-last-of-parking-coupons interesting project. if they offer more payment methods besides paypal and credit card, i definitely will use it! looking forward to their app release to see what it can and cannot do.
  5. If cannot afford, dun drive!!! SINGAPORE: More motorists have been caught tampering with their parking coupons. And most of the offences are committed in housing estates. This is according to figures by the Housing and Development Board (HDB) and the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). The HDB caught 400 offenders last year, compared to an average of 150 between 2007 and 2011. The URA caught more than 1,500 offenders last year, compared to an average of 800 between 2007 and 2011. The authorities say tampering with coupons is tantamount to cheating. Those who are caught are liable to fines of between S$80 and S$300.
  6. I have called both translink and HDB, none of them can give me an answer. (taichi to one another) As my job requires me to run around, i parked frequently at Park & Ride carparks. Just need to tear $3 worth of coupons. But many of the time i see the red lots empty during morning/noon time. can i park there or have to drive up all the way to find a white lot?
  7. http://www.petrolwatch.com.sg/news/archive...2.html#comments Read on petrolwatch comments that Ang Mo Kio still giving away $2 discount for every $40 pump. Anyone knows if other SPC station still providing this discount?
  8. Steppenwolf

    Parking coupons at Night

    Hi guys, Would want your comments on this. I'm sure many of you must have noticed that in public carparks they have a sign that states the rate per hour. In most carparks, they state that it's $1 per hour 7am to 10pm (outside CDB of course). a) Some then stated that Night parking is $2 from 10pm to 7am. b) Some state parking at night and public holidays and sundays is free (this is in Orange). c)Some don't state anything at all about night parking beyond 10pm. So my questions are : 1. For (a) If i don't park for the whole night, but just from 10 to 10.30pm can i place a 50 cent coupon? 2. For © do you need to place a coupon at all? If so then why don't they state it explicitly that is requred like in (a), and conversely if not, then why not be explicit like in (b)? If coupons are required, is it the 50 cent ones or the $2 ones? I tried writing to URA about this, and after 2 weeks of waiting, all they can ask is which car park i am refering to. As if this was the best avoid answering the question. No help at all. Share with me your thoughts.
  9. I not from Kia ok... though I driving same brand car. Maybe bros here can combine to get bigger prize?$20 petrol voucher leh. Or go MSCP carpark dustbin search...sure have inside... [laugh]
  10. I have a stack of coupons where, for example, you mistakenly peel off wrong year or month etc. They are not fully torn and can be exchanged. Previously long long ago, there used to be these URA booths, where you can go swap the coupons for new ones. But now these URA booths don't exist anymore. Any ideas, where do you go to change these coupons now?
  11. Dear Forumers, Since there are so many automated HDB carparks lately and all got 10 mins grace, do we actually have to put coupons if we park at a non-automated one for less than 10 mins? Anybody knows?
  12. Straits Times Jun 19, 2011 New URA/HDB parking coupons to deter forgery By Ernest Luis THE URA and HDB will release new parking coupons with a security watermark feature to deter the forgery of such coupons. To be implemented progressively from June 20 in new coupons, the watermark feature will be in the form of a URA/HDB logo imprinted on the coupon, visible to the naked eye when held against bright light. But in a statement on Saturday, URA and HDB said motorists can continue to use existing parking coupons without the watermark feature, alongside the new coupons. They do not need to exchange their existing parking coupons for new ones. Parking coupon agents will continue to sell the existing 'non-watermark' coupons until their stock is depleted. Motorists can still buy from this current stock of 'non-watermark' coupons. But the new parking coupons will be sold in major outlets such as 7-Eleven, NTUC FairPrice, Shell, EssoMobil, and so one by July 2011. For more information, go to the URA website at www.ura.gov.sg or HDB website at www.hdb.gov.sg. Or call URA at 6329-3434 or HDB at 1800-2255432.
  13. Saw a group of parking wardens surrounding a car at a URA car park near CBD. Subsequently two stayed behind till the drivers came back and was caught red handed. Good luck to them. One was a new car some more, SJZ Hyundai. Got money buy car no money to park
  14. Just a simple poll. Do you guys give away coupons which you used half-way and there is some leftover time? Let's say u tear a 1 hr parking coupons and left 30mins..will u give to the next driver who parks? For those that don't..what's ur reason(s)? for myself..I have always given away coz i can't used them anyway..since I'm going somewhere else or back to work..i've received leftover coupons myself too..from kind drivers who's leaving early..pay it forward perhaps? whatever it is..whats ur views or opinions?
  15. he was trying to save a few dollars. saw it on today's newpaper.
  16. Redboy

    Parking coupons

    Hi all bros and sis. Recently, my uncle bought for me a booklet of $1 parking coupons. But I figured that I will need 50cents parking coupons more often. Hence, I'd like to know if $1 parking coupons can be exchanged for 50cents parking coupons. Have anyone tried exchanging it? Thanks.
  17. Valid from 6 October 2009 to 30 November 2009, coupons available @ Esso stations. $2 off for every S$40 $3 off for every $55 $4 off for every $70 Additional 12% discount if paying with Citibank credit card.
  18. was reading the back of my road tax form... says that must produce NRIC to get the free OPC licences limited to 5??? does that mean OPC car owners can get free day licences/coupons?
  19. Pippo20

    Parking Coupons?

    Hi All Can parking coupons be refunded for cash? As I have given up my car, I still have $30+ worth of URA/HDB carpark coupons. Where can I exchange them? Thanks in advance.
  20. bros Let's say you get extra compliementary car park coupons from wedding you attended in Fairmont or Marina Mandarin Hotels. Can it be used subsequently on other dates?
  21. Can I re-use coupon under the following situations - Q1. $2 coupon reused to park at different car park lots with $0.50 half hourly charge. Q2. $2 coupon used to park 1 hour in CBD ($1.00 per half hour) and re-used outside CBD ($0.50 per half hour) for another 1 hour. Q3. $2 coupon parked 1 hour in CBD ($1.00 per half) from 4pm to 5pm and carry on using same coupon after 5 pm in the same CBD lot (which becomes $0.50 per to hour after 5pm).
  22. Parking for half an hour - $0.50 Let's say at 7pm. We will place 7.00pm, 7.30pm, 8.00pm and 8.30pm. All together 4 coupons for 2 hrs. Isn't it e same if we place four $0.50 coupons all starting at 7.00pm meaning instead of tearing pic by pic we juz need to tear once wif all 4 coupons stack wif another. There is confirm no cheating and e amount stil go to HDB by using up the coupons. am i wrong to do that?
  23. I read in this forum that we can tear an equivalent to $2 coupons to make up for the night parking. In this case, do we still need the night parking coupons? Seems like we can use the daytime $2 coupon instead.
  24. Today at the National Stadium, I only tore one coupon, and displayed another 2 brand new unused coupons beside it. I figured that with so MANY cars in the carpark, Fatimah will not bother to look at each coupon in detail, and will likely take a quick glance and zoom in on only those cars without any coupons displayed Good idea right? Just wondering whether this is considered cheating and whether the fine will be heavier than parking without any coupons displayed. (this is not the case where the tabs are folded down without tearing them off entirely. for my case, i displayed brand new untorn unfolded coupon) well, i have the intention to cheat, but they can prove it right?
  25. Turbonetics

    Used parking coupons....

    i was caught wif used parking coupons from HDB personnel... they ask me to wait for a letter to attend court... was wondering if anybody here had this experience before??? wanted to know wat is the penalty for it...thanx