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Found 43 results

  1. Just received calls from my friend - Wira 1.3M $39,988! Looks like now more and more car price moving below $40K mark
  2. Hi to all current or ex Wira owners, I have noticed that the power delivery during top 3 gears for wira 1.5M are rather unresponsive resulting in slow pick up. But from 4th gear onward, the power & response seems ok. For an old model like wira, my FC is often 12km/l or more. Is wira a high revving car, dun get me wrong...I dun relate this to a civic vti..wat I mean is could the max power be designed to be at higher engine revs thus mey need to rev it to obtain the max power output. I ask this qn because I have driven many cars that pick up speed much faster than my wira but when they reached 130km/h or so, their response seems to be slower. However, at the same speed, when I tap the accelerator of the wira & the response still comes pretty fast even thou I could feel the lightness of the wira. What is surprising is at 130km/h or so, the accelerator is only depressed abit, does that explain the frugality of this car? Last qn, I realised when engine is cold, my top 3 gears shifting are often not smooth. I consulted mechanic and he explained that it could be due to something called synchromesh which quite a no. of cars also experience this. This feeling will go away only I have driven for a longer time in a day (example: covering at least 30 or 40km), and the gear change would become smooth. Can anyone here shed some light? To those if your reply is going to be unconstructive criticising a make or model, pls dun post anything at all cos this is a genuine discussion. Thanks! Cheers...
  3. Sibeh fierce...probably a small knock (not known) and lost her mind...intimidating the old uncle. Driving Peugeot nia ma...not as if the uncle say not compensating her...demanded RM2k on the spot... Now kena CSI on internet already... http://tw.gigacircle.com/927162-1
  4. Hi all, Does anyone knows how to dismantle the Wira Speedometer for repair? My brother's Wira's speedometer isn't working most of the time and the odometer (mileage) is confirmed not working. Even if that day the speedometer is working, the odometer doesn't increase already. The mechnics suggested replacing the whole speedometer S$300? But i did a quick check online and saw alot of ppl complaining about the same thing. Speedometer sometimes not working but odometer dead. But someone managed to take it apart and reassembled it and it worked. So I guess this could be because some of the parts inside is loose or fell out of place. I think I might be able to help him find a cheaper speedometer in JB but I worry this is a chronic problem and keeps coming back. Maybe all the used spare parts shops need to do is reassemble them and resell it again. I've also done a quick check in MCF but couldn't managed to search for anything. Appreciate some advise. Thanks.
  5. Can somebody who understands bahasa explain what is going on? Do they always chase this hard and cuff all speedsters now, or are these cars on the wanted list already? I swear I only speed on NSHW when it is safe to do so.
  6. on highway this morning. u drive like a mad dog on sg soil. and best part, zip zap no signal. like tat u r losuy driver, cannot mutli task while driving. anyway, peak hour , hope u get caught.
  7. Hi all. In these times of high car prices, was thinking of getting a wira 1.3 m for my dad as his '92 sunny is going to expire next year. Any bros here driving that car? am eyeing one that is selling at Tagore. An 05 Oct model. Any reviews or things i should look out for? any info would be appreciated. Thanks. Dad just needs a car to drive around n fetch my mum n stuff. Semi retired.
  8. Africatwin

    Knn drop in for wira

    I buying drop in knn filter for my wira, anyone interested??
  9. Shorty

    Wira worth the money?

    hi guys~!my fren is tinking of buying a wira 1.3.so i need to noe some info n feedbacks from wira owners.how's de FC?any problems wif de engine or any other parts?n if he wants to install full set of bodykit...how much wil it cost?...any other info is welcomed.thanks~!
  10. I have a friend looking for a budget ride and he is considering the above mentioned Wira at 41k or Getz at 40K His budget is tight as he is only earing 4k and needs a ride to get to his workplace in Boon Lay (lives in tampines) We all know the following 1) Resale value for both i think non existent 2) Wira probably more powerful 3) FC Getz slightly better than Wira 4) Power - Getz really have a problem here 5) QC - Wira sucks big time here while Getz most probably way better 6) Which one is a nicer drive ? 7) Maintenance - Wira most probably cheaper as abundance of cheap parts and mods across the causeway 8) looks subjective but i think getz looks ok whereas wira need to put bodykit for it to have a slightly fierce look 9) Getz seems more spacious in the front whereas Wira has a boot and more passenger space behind He has considered all the pros and cons and is having a hard time deciding, just want to get a feel from general opinion to get a better gauge. one more thing he is taking full loan so most probably will stick with the car for at least 5 years.
  11. hi all where can i get the above? thanks
  12. hi need a w/s that is familiar w wira as need to do TB & injector cleaning as preventive maint. any w/s to recommend especially fr current wira owners? also prefer w computerised system to chk for fault codes. though claening tb is theoretically easy as jux dismantle tb & soak in petrol but also believe after fixing back the tps & ecu hv got to set right? any good w/s to recommend will be appreciated. tks
  13. Proton Wira 1.5M - S$38,999 Proton Wira 1.3M - S$36,999 With prices for Wira at an all time low, why would you, or why would you not buy a Proton Wira (12V SOHC) ?
  14. Performance Suspension for sale. (Very New) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description 1) 1 set of HotBits Street Sport Adjustable Coilover (Front) - Very New! - Selling $400 2) 1 set of rear KYB New SR Special Sport Absorber - Very New! - Selling $200 The above set up used for Only less than 2 months suitable to fit on Proton Wira, Waja, Sartia and 92 to 96 model lancer. All in Excellent Condition, fitted on my previous ride 92' Mitsubitshi COLT. Both items used for about 2 months, before i sold my ride. Interested Party, pls contact my Mob at 9018-9017. Thanks.
  15. Geely 1.5 will join 1.5L fleet next week, competitive price and performance will strongly challenge existing low end 1.5L sedan market
  16. hi wonder if anybody knows where to get the original plug cables for wira 1.3 4G13 engine? wtb original as length is all tailored to fit. price? or anybody knows where to get NGK OEM cables? thks
  17. Gadgeter

    Grounding of wira

    Fellow Protonist. Attached are the place to ground your wira. the photo was taken 1 year ago, since then, I have changed the cable. ***************************************** As of 05 Jan 2006 Uploaded picture of type of connector/distrubutor refer to this website for more exmaple of the typr of connectors/distributors. http://www.stingerelectronics.com/web/prods/distribution.asp
  18. Hi ALL, I am new to this forum. Just wondering how do you guys find the Wira 1.3? Last saturday there was a promo for a Wira 1.3l at $38 999. Isit a good deal?? How long more is it gonna be before the model will be phased out? Cos i am thinking of gettin a car nearer to the end of the year! Pls advise! Thanks
  19. Ruggles

    RON 92 for Wira 1.3 GLi

    hi juz wondering any bros hv tried using 92 for wira? if yes pls giv feedback. thks
  20. Ruggles

    Looking for wira boss kit

    hi looking for wira boss kit. any bros know of where to get? dont even mind 2nd hand. chk w few accessories shop. not easily avbl. thks
  21. Africatwin

    Does wira consume engine oil?

    Dear proton kakis, juz bought a 7yrs old wira would like to know will wira consume engine oil?? planning to use fully syn for my wira.
  22. GDIzen

    New WIRA???

    MCF folks especially Gadgeter... New Wira A Star Attraction Some manufacturers just can't help showing off. Why else would a car that's not due here for nearly a year be taken on a jaunt to France with only a bit of tape to hide it? The ticket booth at the Eurostar terminal is hardly a secret location either! The car is the Proton Wira replacement, which our sources say could get a new name. It was snapped by Peter March-Smith of Southwood, Hants, who said: "It was one of two waiting to board the train. The other was black and looked decidedly conspicuous." The car was in the hands of Lotus - owned by Proton - and is now undergoing final testing. Meanwhile, Proton is said to be planning a small sports coup
  23. Gadgeter

    Wira's Grill

    As per my meeting with Devilite last night. Attached below are the grills I had and have.. Stock....
  24. Hey guys.. just wanna find out the locations in JB where I can change the brake pads of a '04 Wira 1.5. The car belongs to my gf's dad. Noticed some burning smell and had to press harder to brake since yesterday. He doesn't have the intention to replace it until the next servicing date and I'm gonna replace it for him for safety reasons. I understand that it will be much cheaper to do that across the causeway. Any fellow proton drivers here willing to shed some light on some reliable garages? Very disappointed over the QC. Less than 20k mileage and the brake pad's already misfunctioning.