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Found 22 results

  1. Kopites

    Bill Gates divorced

    Bill gates divorced!
  2. this is the software that will prevent virus but still not 100%
  3. Ct3833

    Auto gate repair

    Due to continuous rain, my rolling gate finally decided to stop working on me this morning, I suspect it was water sippage through a small hole into the motor housing but I have no time to open it up this morning. Called my regular maintenance guy but he has no gate lobang, Any bro have reliable lobang to have the gate motor checked would be appreciated, while i will open up the box later to see what is wrong first. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, My HDB gate frame is having alignment issue ever since after the reno. I need to use force to push the gate in order for the mechanism to lock in place. When open, the gate will spring open once the handle is pressed. I trully think there is a misalignment in the gate frame to the door frame which my reno ID denies it...he said it's normal... (bullsxxx!) now I need to find someone else to fix it, but who can I call? Not a lock smith right? Cos it's not the lock problem. Due to this, every closure and opening of the door is very noisy due to the clicking sound especially during night or early morning time. thanks
  5. Hi bros Need a recommendation for reliable distributor for a CCTV to be installed outside the house gate as my neighborhood has been experiencing housebreaking and stolen shoes and belongings outside corridors almost every week. My 2 pairs of shoes got stolen lately. When has Singapore become such an unsafe country? :angry:
  6. From $7 onwards Trusted & Cheapest Condo Access Card / Automated Gate Remote Duplication Call me at +6585111087 $7 - Normal RFID $10 - HID Proxi, IC $15 - HID Indala, Adalo,etc $25 - remote $50 for any other kinds Why choose us? 1) We are registered as a private limited company to provide ultimate security. 2) We are service oriented. Look at our feedbacks and you will know. 3) We concentrate only on duplication services to give you the best. 4) Every dollar earned from you will be put into further R&D to break through in this field. Steps to follow: 1) Take a photo of your access card/remote 2) Indicate Condo Name 3) Amount of cards/remotes needed Meet up will be at Marine Drive Contact Us: 8511-1087 Email: Sales@kactradingservices.com www.kactradingservices.com * We don’t charge until it works * Please note that not all access cards can be duplicated. We hold the highest success rate. * Seller not responsible for any fraud, illegal activities arising from rendered service. Tags: Rental, Condo Access Card, Adalo Condo Access Card, HID Proximity Condo Access Card, HID Indala Condo Access Card, Mango Condo Access Card, Engima Condo Access Card, FDI System Condo Access Card, Urmet System Condo Access Card, HID Corporation Condo Access Card, Fermax Condo Access Card, Rental Condo Access Card, Landlord Condo Access Card, Property, Cheapest Condo Access Card, Cheap Condo Access Card, Landed Remote, Auto Gate Remote, Flip Gate Remote, New Condo Access Card, Samsung Condo Access Card, Yale Condo Access Card, Kaba Condo Access Card, 复制公寓卡, Office Access Card, Access Control System, 复制卡, 门禁卡, rent, Extra condo access card, condominium, apartment access card, Like for like,
  7. I am changing my iron gate for my flat unit and looking for good and tough padlock. I don't mind paying more as it is for home safety and security.Which brands are the good and realiable? Where can I get it for reasonable price? Thanks for any advices.
  8. my mother left the gas on and went out .... neighbours saw black smoke from the kitchen window and called police. police came with scdf and cut my gate and kicked my main door in .... now gotta replace both asap. luckily only a pot was damaged in the whole fiasco. for the time being buy bigger lock to shackle the uncut part of the gate.... anyone can advise ?
  9. Rustyz

    Limit switch(Automatic Gate)

    Dear all, I am searching for a old school limit switch. Anyone know where I can find one if this? The switch is for a automatic gate and require a NO - NO limit switch. Even if it is the roller type also okie. Thank you for your time to read this post. Thanks in advance regards rustyz
  10. Picnic06-Biante15

    Gate To Hell ........

    from Yahoo: Scientists reportedly discover gate to hell By Claudine Zap It sounds like something out of a horror movie. But Italian scientists say that the "Gate to Hell" is the real deal
  11. Currently, a lot of cars with semi auto transmission have the orientation of : Push up + Pull Down - A few cars comes with reverse orientation of Push up - Pull down + Which one do you find more natural? Maybe I drove manuals before, I find the reverse orientation more natural for drivers. Any views to share?
  12. Wrathchild156

    I dun "tail-gate" your arse...

    http://www.forbes.com/sites/simonmontlake/...n-sodomy-trial/ Anwar "multi tasking" player???
  13. Ahtong

    Halloween-gate at Night Safari

    Night Safari will usually have a Halloween event in October but this year's event has been cancelled: According to a poster at EDMW: Link As with all internet postings, take with some salt and draw your own conclusions
  14. Tom_kkh

    Tail gate and road hog

    just curious, do you get tickets for the above? how much and any demerit points?
  15. Hi Guys, I was in above situation last night. Entered Suntec 6pm for a movie and was on the way out at 9.30pm. Was behind a car at the exit gate and saw on the electronic board that his deduction was made. But the gate didn't come down after it left. As I proceeded to the IU scanner, no deduction was made and gate remained up. So I inserted my cashcard into the card reader on the right. Also nothing happened. Press the intercom button and message "Pls wait, help is on the way". But after 1min, no one appeared and queue started forming behind me. So I proceeded to pass the gate and no deduction was made. As I left the gate, I saw it coming down. Question: Have i committed an offence? Would Suntec deduct my IU the next time I'm there? Appreciate advice. Thanks in advance.
  16. Lonewolf73

    Non Stop Honking & Tail Gate!

    Does anyone noes a pet shop named I-Pet? On 12th March, morn was driving along Thomson Rd, overtake a small green panel-van GV6**6H in a 'Merging' lane. He has to brake to avoid me & obviously this van driver was super fed up as he tailed me with continuous horn all the way fr start of Thomson Rd to Sin Ming Rd. Small warning horn i can accept & will even slow down to wave a sorry sign to him even though i may not be at any fault but it's Very Irritating when he horned me all the way... This impulsive act stirred up my patience & i slowed down eventually & let him overtake by my right. Both of us wind down window & I shouted @ him 'Hv u had enuff? Its a merging lane right up there!' I guess i added an 'Idiot' @ the end as he's winding up his window b4 i can finish my sentence. Guess wat? He has a Dog beside him while driving & i choose to believe he wasn't concentrating during driving thus didn't c me overtake and so causing him to E-Brake. He didn't give up after that... he continued to horn & tried to follow me to wherever i go... but he was stopped @ traffic lite turning into Sin Ming... tat's where i stop my car by road side so as to confront him in person. Waited a while & he turned in but didn't c me & he turned into a carpark. I went over but the car was parked & he wasn't there & i only got the number plate & I-Pet printed on the van. Didn't hv the time to wait so i moved on... Intend to search for this Pet shop & pay this person a visit some of this days... Dun noe wat i'll do when i c him in person... Am i @ fault? Is he too much? Wat u guys think? My Frustration! Wat a day!
  17. IDIOTS are mending the exit for spectators! ok, let me say this 1st before i continue. the organizer is doing as well as a job anyone in the world can do. the area behind the Padang Grandstand looking more like a early October Fest than a F1 event!! yes, i have a few biers it was a buzz! it was great until.... u wanted to go home since i was at the padang grandstand, to exit, i have to walk down from the grandstand exit stairs and turn left to Gate 4 where the bridge will bring u back to Peninsula Plaza area. but as u will see from one of the pics that there was already a freaking long Q from a long way out directly to the bridge. the problem arises now.... from the grandstand exit, it will bring spectators Directly to the bridge entrance. however the police or some people want everyone from the grandstand to walk a long way round the whole field to join the Q.... and of cos, as u will see again from one of the pics some, if not ALL deem it been DUMB. me included, and argued! it's not that we cannot walk but since the bridge had 2 stairwells why dun they designated one for those who are exiting from the grandstand and the other for the walk-abouts? anyway, me and my coll ending up with ONE more bier and talking to 3 Vietnamese visitors. before we parted, they took more picture of how our Police handled or mishandled the situations. one nice e.g., they were using loudhailer to tell people not to cut Q. any locals trying to cut Q, they shouted.... and when 2 ang mo ladies happily walk to the front without Queuing, they just looked.. and luckily being singaporeans, we LL... else there will be a riot for a Blatant Double Standard *PUI* hmmm unfortunately... i just read a unkind article on our event as well: http://www.grandprix.com/gt/gt20790.html now, i just hope for a good race. and i foresee a worse cork up tmw nite. thus, i will have more bier after the event
  18. Donut

    DURO gate locks

    Hi all, anyone knows where to get cheaper price for DURO gate locks? I'm looking at buying both the gate lock and main door lock, that i will only use one key to open both locks. I went to Home Fix and another DIY shop, they are selling at the standard price ($188 for both locks), and they got no stock now. any other place that i can buy at cheaper price?
  19. http://www.straitstimes.com/Free/Sto...ry_223845.html JI MAN MAS SELAMAT'S ESCAPE Guards were negligent, says MM His message: Those who think nothing can go wrong are being complacent By Sue-Ann Chia & Goh Chin Lian FUGITIVE Mas Selamat Kastari was 'an escape artist' who had evaded arrest many times, and Singapore's security officers knew this, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said yesterday. Yet, the Jemaah Islamiah terrorist leader was able to lull his minders at the Whitley Road Detention Centre into believing that they had him under control, before he gave them the slip. 'When you are complacent in handling a wily detainee, then you have been negligent,' Mr Lee told The Straits Times in an e-mail interview. He responded to questions on the issue of complacency for today's Insight feature which takes off from his earlier comments on Mas Selamat's disappearance. He said last month that the break-out was a 'very severe lesson in complacency'. Mas Selamat, 47, who had planned to crash a plane into Changi Airport, escaped from Internal Security Department custody on Feb 27. He is still on the run. The Government has promised a full account of how he escaped, after a three-member panel completes its investigations. In answering questions posed by The Straits Times, Mr Lee addressed the issue of complacency among citizens, saying: 'Anyone who believes nothing can or will go wrong in Singapore is living in a make-believe world.' He said Singaporeans are being complacent when they believe that the Government will take care of all security matters. MPs and political observers interviewed for the Insight feature said decades of peace and prosperity could have caused some Singaporeans to believe the Government had everything under control and nothing could go wrong. How did complacency creep in? Some observers like former MP Augustine Tan blamed indifference or lack of understanding of the Government's workings. Others felt the Government was partly to blame. People's Action Party MP Lim Wee Kiak called complacency a 'side-effect' of an overly successful Government and civil service. 'This has bred a dependency mentality in our population who will blame the civil service and Government if any of their needs are not met,' he noted. But MM Lee disagreed that the Government deserved to be blamed. He said: 'Complacency sets in when a people have not suffered any shock or setback for a long time.' Hence, his warnings against complacency over the years, 'because most people believe that bad things will happen to others, not to themselves'. sueann@sph.com.sg so does the MM believe bad things may happen to him also?
  20. As above, want to repaint the iron gate for the HDB falt main entrance for the CNY. Saw one paint remover in DIY shop,but in small bottle. Any other chemical can do the trick? Thanks
  21. Zenith

    Hell Gate London

    Anyone playing this game?
  22. a friend just collected her 1.4A Aveo Sdn. it seems that the auto shift gate was changed from the zig zag type to the normal straight type. She was not informed till she saw it when she collected the car. Made some noise, but GM didn't bother and came up with excuses and said it was an improved version. Seems like a case of product misrepresentation. As the car is different from the showroom model.