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Found 34 results

  1. David

    It's Labour Day tomorrow

    This is especially for the new parent http://www.metacafe.com/fplayer/250209/sea...ng_for_food.swf" width="400" height="345" wmode="transparent" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> Searching"]http://www.metacafe.com/watch/250209/searching_for_food/">Searching For Food - video powered by Metacafe[/url]
  2. guys, how much does workshop charges for installing one set of coilovers ?? And if i need to adjust the height, will there be separate additional charges ?? pls advise.
  3. Was thinking of visiting NK previously with the wife, guess this is another example of how touchy the regime is. Guess this guy is screwed big time http://edition.cnn.com/2016/03/16/asia/north-korea-warmbier-sentenced/index.html (CNN)North Korea has sentenced American student Otto Frederick Warmbier to 15 years hard labor for crimes against the state, a North Korean official confirmed to CNN Wednesday. Warmbier had traveled to Pyongyang on a trip organized by Young Pioneer Tours, a China-based travel company. He was arrested on January 2, 2016, as he was about to board a plane to leave the country. Warmbier is escorted at the North Korean Supreme Court on Wednesday, March 16, 2016. In an emotional press conference last month, the 21-year-old student at the University of Virginia admitted to attempting to steal a banner with a political slogan from his hotel in the North Korean capital. It is not known whether Warmbier made the admission under duress. Appearing to read from a statement, he said: "I committed the crime of taking down a political slogan from the staff holding area of the Yanggakdo International Hotel." "I never, never should have allowed myself to be lured by the United States administration to commit a crime in this country," he said tearfully, as he begged for forgiveness. "I wish that the United States administration never manipulate people like myself in the future to commit crimes against foreign countries. I entirely beg you, the people and government of the DPRK, for your forgiveness. Please! I made the worst mistake of my life!" Warmbier tearfully confessed to "hostile acts" against the DPRK The North Korean government alleges Warmbier was encouraged to commit the "hostile act" by a purported member of an Ohio church, a secretive university organization and even the CIA. The tour company he traveled with said on its website it is aware of his sentencing and that it should "be viewed in similar context of previous cases of Americans being sentenced in the DPRK." Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller are the most recentAmerican detainees who have been released by North Korea. Both were accused of perpetrating "hostile acts" against North Korea; Miller spent less than a year in custody after being sentenced to six years hard labor, and Bae, facing a 15-year sentence, was held for nearly two years. The pair secured their freedom in late 2014. Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson told The New York Times he met with two North Korean diplomats on Tuesday to lobby for Warmbier's release. Richardson is a veteran diplomat and a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.
  4. http://redwiretimes.com/singapore-in-brief/abang-labour-mp-zainal-saparis-populist-outsourcing-rant-is-a-load-of-bullsht-heres-why/ My first thought when I read it in the papers was pretty much the same. If the NTUC and NWC etc did its job ... will it be better? ?.. And surely he knows. . Or should know .. or maybe confused about what hat he is wearing. Or like the article suggest, is a PR exercise.
  5. Picnic06-Biante15

    Labour Day Protest, SG Vs MY

    This is a yearly affair and by contrast, very wide apart ...... SG Labour Protest at Hong Lim Park Workers protest for their rights on Labour Day at Hong Lim park. video : https://sg.screen.yahoo.com/labour-day-protest-hong-lim-054616740.html Crowd = 400 plus peoples ..... RN spotted eating bananas ... MY Labour Day Protest: At anti-GST rally, financially strapped Malaysians lament spike in living costs KUALA LUMPUR, May 1 — Many protesters at today’s May Day rally in the city share one thing in common – soaring living costs have placed them under financial pressure. One disabled protester Jenny Shariff said she joined the rally to protest the Goods and Services Tax (GST) because the new tax system is an added burden to her already expensive medical fees. “I am here like the rest to protest GST, it adds burden for me,” said the 52-year-old, who is currently based in Sepang. Her husband, who wanted only to be known as Nazri, echoed her view. “GST is really bad, we are also living in poor condition,” he said. One man said he was fed up with the government imposing additional taxes on Malaysians, especially since as a Muslim, he already needs to fork out money for “zakat”. “It is unfair for poor people. And for the Muslims? We need to pay zakat, we pay twice. Whereas the leaders live in great wealth,” Ibrahim Yusof said. The rally by civil society movement #KitaLawan kicked off shortly after 2.30pm this afternoon from several meeting points and drew a reported crowd of nearly ten thousand participants to the streets of the capital. Link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/anti-gst-rally-financially-strapped-malaysians-lament-spike-092200192.html Malaysia Boleh ....
  6. Hi All, Where can find good labour rate like SG$10 or RM$10 (Singapore of Malaysia) for providing oil change, oil filter? If able to find such lobang, then don't mind every 5,000 have oil change.
  7. Restricting the foreign workers through DRCs, reduction in MYEs and raising worker levies are causing massive tsunamis in the construction industry as we speak. Guess those waiting to get their dream homes will be growing taller by the day... From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/forum-...growth-20130321 More targeted approach needed in moderating population growth Published on Mar 21, 2013 THE labour crunch faced by the construction industry is worrying ("BTO flat buyers face longer wait amid labour and supply strains"; Monday). The backlash against the increasing number of foreigners arises mainly from Singaporeans' concerns over the limited supply of housing, overcrowded public transportation, competition for jobs and the dilution of the Singaporean identity. Workers in the construction industry generally stay in dormitories, get ferried to and from their workplaces and, except on weekends, travel during off-peak hours. They also work in industries that few Singaporeans are interested in. Not being on the front line, they do not dilute our social texture much. We have had foreign workers in our construction industry since the 1980s - when Thai workers formed the mainstay - such that they are already pretty much ingrained in the Singapore psyche. So this group of foreign workers does not seem to be the cause of the push-back that we have observed. On the contrary, reducing their numbers ironically exacerbates the very source of our angst, which is that housing supply is not meeting the increasing demand. And how would reducing their numbers impact the building of our public transport infrastructure like MRT lines and roads, another source of angst? Shouldn't we be more targeted when moderating population growth, and not address the issue with such broad brush strokes such that it becomes counterproductive to what we are trying to achieve? Tan Kok Leong
  8. Hi all, I am looking at replacing my stock springs with a set of lowering springs (already purchased the lowering springs). How much do shops here generally charge in labour to swap out the stock ones? Thanks.
  9. stay in singapore complain to singapore govt move to johor also complain to malaysia govt better ask malaysia govt to allow more FTs land bigger can absorb more Some firms put move on hold; M'sian minister says KL will try to resolve the problem Mr Mustapa: The dearth of human capital tops the concerns of Singapore businesses looking to move to the Iskandar region, he said. [sINGAPORE] Businesses that are looking to set up shop in Iskandar Malaysia to escape the tight labour market here may face a similar set of problems across the Causeway - a lack of skilled labour to support their operations. The dearth of human capital tops the concerns of Singapore businesses looking to move to the Iskandar region, said Malaysian International Trade and Industry Minister Mustapa Mohamed. He was in Singapore yesterday to meet companies looking to expand or relocate there. Mr Mustapa told reporters that he had met with the chairman and 12 board members of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI) and separately with six Singapore-owned SMEs yesterday to address concerns they had about moving to Iskandar. "Labour keeps cropping up (in discussions)," said Mr Mustapa. He noted that the companies he spoke to did not have too many issues otherwise but the lack of skilled personnel stood out. He said it was a universal problem. Nevertheless, it is a pressing concern for Singapore SMEs looking to expand there because there is "no point setting up business there if you cannot get people to work", said Chan Chong Beng, president of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME) here. However, he said that the shortage of workers in Iskandar is not surprising, considering that Malaysia as a whole is facing a dearth of skilled manpower and even Kuala Lumpur has not been spared. Part of the problem with Iskandar is that a high proportion of the skilled labour in Johor already plies daily to Singapore to work here. "The lack of manpower there is a very important issue as most of the skilled labour nearby is already coming to Singapore to work," explained Douglas Foo, CEO of Sakae Holdings whose plans to move there hinge on this issue being resolved. "We need to convince some of our colleagues (in Singapore) to assist (in reducing their demand of skilled labour here) if we are to move forward with our plans," he added. Mr Chan agreed that the inflow of skilled Malaysian labour into Singapore hampers ASME members' plans to expand into Iskandar. But he said that some SMEs here are exploring ways to overcome this structural problem. "A lot of SMEs here are asking their Malaysian labour here, especially those that travel into Singapore every day, to stay in Johor and work in their operations there instead. In return they are even offering to continue to pay them in Singapore dollars," Mr Chan said. In the interim, SMEs here are even asking their Singapore staff to work in their Iskandar operations, although Mr Chan admits that this will not be a sustainable solution in the long term. Shifting the supply of labour from Singapore to Johor may just add more pressure to the already tight labour market here. And paying workers in Malaysia in Singapore dollars or sending Singapore workers to work there will only increase the cost of labour in Iskandar, which could ultimately erode the cost advantage Iskandar has to offer. According to Mr Mustapa, the Malaysian government recognises the problem and is taking steps to address it. These include working with companies to identify Malaysian university graduates and training them in the required specialised skills. It's not just the SMEs that are worried. Even large companies here, that are looking to Iskandar as a cheaper cost alternative, are hesitating in moving because of the labour shortage, Shankar Iyer, the former chairman of the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC) told BT. The problem may only worsen as the Iskandar region develops due to the increased demand for labour, especially if infrastructure does not grow adequately. "If you look at Nusajaya and Medini, there are very impressive projects coming up, but the problem is basically manpower in general, not just skilled labour, and part of this is because there is inadequate infrastructure to bring the people in from the rest of Johor," said Mr Iyer, who is chairman and CEO of The Iyer Practice. As Iskandar grows, the rise in SMEs there, both domestic and foreign, will increase the demand for manpower. There are almost 70,000 SMEs registered in Johor now, with 85 per cent of them operating within Iskandar. As at the end of the first quarter of 2013, the cumulative committed investment coming from Singapore into Iskandar Malaysia stood at 6 billion ringgit (S$2.4 billion). According to Ismail Ibrahim, the chief executive of Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA), out of this amount, as much as 5 billion ringgit of investments into Iskandar are from Singapore manufacturing companies, most of them SMEs.
  10. Hi Would like people to share their workshop labour charges. I intend to change my front brake pads, spark plugs and change out my old brake fluid. Was quote by a workshop in sin ming, change out front brake pads $25, change out spark plugs $15. Change out brake fluid $40. I will supply my own parts so I am only paying for labour fees. BTW I am driving a old honda jazz idsi model , req. 8spark plugs Appreciate if you can share your trusty workshop for me to get a quotation from them, I am staying ard bishan area. Does any one visit before the braddell road caltex that have a small servicing workshop? Thanks for sharing
  11. The Straits Times; Published on Dec 07, 2012 FOREIGN LABOUR: Try COE-style bidding for productivity boost THE current system of a fixed percentage quota with an algorithm of escalating tax levies does not promote competition and the efficient use of scarce manpower ("Forum gathers public views on next year's Budget"; last Friday). Unproductive employers often hide under the protection of an assured quota of cheap foreign labour to survive, making the productivity drive fruitless. To improve productivity in a sustainable way, industries should adopt a bidding system for labour like the auction for certificates of entitlement (COEs) for cars. There should be separate categories for different industries. Work permits or high-income employment passes should be divided into the following categories: Construction/marine sectors; Manufacturing sector; Service sector; Open category for industries that have exceeded their quota limits; Maids for permanent and foreign residents; Maids for families of citizens with a combined income of more than $8,000 a month and/or are private property owners; and Maids for families with a combined monthly income of under $3,000 and/or who own up to a four-room Housing Board flat, with children under 10 years old. Disabled Singaporeans and elderly parents should be exempt from the bidding scheme and be allowed to hire a maid at a concession. The hiring of maids is a luxury, like the owning of cars. Families which wish to obtain such a luxury should be charged stiff fees to discourage usage. To cater to the eventuality of there being fewer maids, more neighbourhood eldercare and childcare centres should be opened in residential areas. Businesses, including charity organisations, must bid for the labour COE. The Government can allocate special subsidies in the form of credits for deserving companies which serve the public interest. It can also consider giving special credits to companies in which citizens make up 80 per cent of the workforce. Lai Yew Sin Copyright
  12. Hi, Just wondering what's the market rate for labour for changing the following: 1. Front Lower Control Arms 2. Stabilizer bar links 3. Stabilizer bar bushings 4. ATF full flush / ATF Filter, pan and gasket 5. Alternator 6. Aircon Filter 7. Water Pump 8. Tensioner 9. Fan Belt 10. Front and rear brake rotors and brake pads 11. All 4 Shock absorbers
  13. Summary: Last time they had lower pay and worked less days. Now they have higher pay but work more days. On a per day basis, their income has actually dropped. Link Dear Sir, APPEAL IN RESPECT OF REVISION OF SALARIES AND AVERAGE HOURLY SALARY FOR BUS DRIVERS 1. We, employees of SMRT Corporation (hereinafter referred to as
  14. Vtec_Bao

    Labour charges

    Afternoon all :) Just to check how much labour fee does WS charge just to change the muffler? Need the recommendation from u and I prefer on the north side with address n name :) Thank in advance !
  15. my car suffered from power steering mulfunctioning, the shop charged me SGD550 for the installation of steering rack...issit reasonable...?
  16. The Straits Times The Straits Times Published on Apr 28, 2012 Printed from straitstimes.com Wages must rise faster with higher living costs: Minister Slow down income gap growth: Swee Say By Janice Heng The higher cost of living means that wages must go up faster, said labour chief Lim Swee Say on Friday. The widening of the income gap must also be slowed down, added the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) secretary-general in a message ahead of the labour movement's celebrations on May Day on Tuesday. Inflation hit a high of 5.2 per cent last month, after staying at more than 4 per cent in the first two months of the year. In his message, Mr Lim also set out the challenges - old and new - which Singapore faces. Copyright
  17. wat is the average cost of removing/fixing extractor huh? between 30-50?
  18. we have been trying to employ 2 positions - one full time accountant and one contract to perm Admin for coming 3 months but stil not much success. Anyw the accountant position is undertaken by a headhunter so I would ask ard here for the Admin role. Main duties - perform the role of Admin Administrator of 3 semi-active companies (SG & HK) ie. keep company records, contracts, files etc. OMO, reporting to 1 person but guarantee no OT. Mon - Fri 9 - 6pm. Upon confirmation to perm, the scope will be expanded to cover China. Its a relatively simple job so either Dip or Grad - 0-4 years experience wil do. workplace : Orchard Shaw House PM me if you know any friend, cousins etc who are jobless and fit the profile. decent pay - 3-ish per month. thanks.
  19. Hi Guys, any workshop to recommend for spark plug labour? i'll be getting my own... my wksp charging too much. There is a additional labour charge for CVTF replacement even though i'm doing 100k with them.
  20. Autosaver quoted the labour cost to replace 4 shock absorbers at $150+GST (incl. wheel alignment). Is this price reasonable? Any other moto diam to recommend? Thank you.
  21. SINGAPORE : Observers said the drop in the number of permanent residencies granted last year reflected a change in the type of immigrants the government is trying to attract. They said the move also needs to be seen against the backdrop of recent policies aimed at tightening the inflow of foreign workers, such as raising the criteria for S-Pass holders. Economists said given Singapore's strong economic growth and full employment, the policy may lead to labour shortage. This in turn may lead to a rise in wages and also higher inflation. Manu Bhaskaran, partner, Centennial Group, said: "When wages rise, businesses will find ways to economise on labour, and that will drive productivity up. "In the longer term, that would be good for Singapore. In the short term unfortunately, it will be painful for certain businesses and certain companies." - CNA/al SOURCE: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stori...105266/1/.html why singapore so funny 1... too many FT = higher inflation too little FT = higher inflation so how to lower inflation? too many also bad too little also bad!
  22. Kungfu

    Labour charges

    just called GSC Auto Services 176 Sin Ming Drive #02-04 Sin Ming Autocare Telephone: 65530459 The Sin Ming Autocare branch now offers 24 hrs servicing and repairs! Just change engine oil n cvt oil (labour $45), use their oil filter ($10). Total - $55. Is it expensive??????????????? Thgt o gg down ltr
  23. Hi bro, i got a alarm system, but can recommend where can i get it installed ? Any recommended WS ? Thanks