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Found 29 results

  1. Gilahonda

    Properties in KL

    Does anyone here in MCF have properties in KL? Need some pointers from those who owns serviced apartments or condos in Berjaya Times Square,Kenny Hill,Mont Kiara or Damansara. 1) Is the rental income any good for those renting out their serviced apartments or condos? 2) Based on the min of RM500k,wat can i get? 3) Which location is the best in terms of location,rental,size,amenities?Not in any order. 4) Let say u rent out your serviced apartment,will the management help to collect your rental on your behalf since u are staying in another country?Would they charge any fee for this service or they want a cut of the rental collected? 5) Any other points to take note? Thanks,any good advise is welcome!
  2. what is wrong with these young people nowadays, the ah mah already 80 years old cannot wait meh? bloody idiot
  3. Is it possible to sell my own HDB home and get another without going thru an agent? The amount of agent fee for both transaction is so huge!
  4. As above. Having a debate with wife about an resale unit we saw recently.
  5. recently an article caught my attention. this man by the name of "David Yuen" who advertised frequently in the newspapers advising people to follow his lucurative footsteps. he is said to own more than 100 properties generating 400m in rental each month. are these people really real? or just waiting to be uncovered like "Clement Chiang" who was a self professed options trading expert and then turned out to be false? does anyone have any real life experience to share?
  6. http://business.asiaone.com/news/johor-rai...ands-foreigners those who bought iskandar jialat lioa ....
  7. It was advertised big big on the straits time today on c15. And have to pay for it. Anyone went before?
  8. http://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/5-propert...-160000323.html Thought this is quite interesting,
  9. Sabbie

    Buying Commercial Properties

    Anyone here has any knowledge of the dynamics of buying commercial properties in Singapore? What are they costs involved and how much bank loan we can take and the estimated interest rates? I only got knowledge of resident and never look into commercial before. Thanks!
  10. Havoline

    Malaysian Properties

    Was looking for property in Malaysia, specifically condo unit with security access. Interested seafacing location will be Mersing (but couldnt find any!), Port Dickson, Desaru. But seems like condos are rare at such locations. Any investors care to share their views?
  11. By Wong Siew Ying | Posted: 24 April 2012 CNA SINGAPORE: Leasing demand for residential properties in Singapore remained robust in the first two months of this year as transactions hovered above 3,000 each month, according to Savills Research. Its data showed that there were 3,446 leasing transactions in February 2012, down 5 percent on-month. But Savills said February's transactions were still higher than the 2,767 transactions recorded a year ago. Based on deals closed by Savills, the average rent for studio apartments and one-bedroom units was S$6.21 per square foot per month in Q1 2012. Savills said selected small-format units were seen fetching attractive rents, particularly for the centrally-located properties. These included a 600-square-foot unit at The Suites at Central along Devonshire Road, which was rented for S$5,000 per month. It was followed by two 592-square-foot units at Martin Place Residences along Martin Road, which were let at S$4,200 per month. By square footage, the highest rent was for a 458-square-foot studio apartment at Iluminaire on Devonshire which was rented at S$8.73 per square foot per month. Savills said rents were equally attractive among the smallest units. Three 334-square-foot units at Prestige Heights along Balestier Road were let for between S$2,200 and S$2,450 per month or between S$6.40 and S$7.34 per square foot per month. Based on data released by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, island-wide median rents of all non-landed properties, excluding executive condominiums, continued to rise to S$3.53 per square foot per month in February, increasing 1 percent on-month and 8 percent on-year. Savills said the leasing transaction value for the first two months has reached S$35 million, 15 percent higher than the previous year. The average monthly rent of high-end non-landed residential properties tracked by Savills was S$5.17 per square foot per month in Q1 2012, dipping 2 percent on-quarter. On a year-on-year basis, prime rents fell 5 percent from S$5.45 per square foot per month in Q1 2011. Savills added that with a continual relocation of expatriates from troubled economies in the West, leasing demand continues to strengthen in Singapore, putting greater upward pressure on rents. - CNA/al
  12. Not exactly a loophole. But just wanted to run this idea through your guys to see if it actually works.... Let's say you confirm + double confirm that you'll buy a property within this year. And assuming that you have more than enough cash to cover whatever cash component (stamp, min-sum or whatever they're called) for your property... Do a CPF Cash topup with the extra cash. This should be tax deductable, isn't it? Then just use the same amount of CPF to pay for the rest of the non-cash component of the property. Won't this work? In short. You have 100K cash. Your property requires 50K cash. Put 50K cash into CPF via CPF cash topup. Assuming you made so much that 200K are taxable that year, with the CPF topup, you have only 150K taxable instead. Then you just use the bigger CPF to pay for the rest of the property. You end up with the property and less tax payable. Is this workable?
  13. ST Forum Help struggling retirees in private properties PRIVATE property owners, unlike HDB dwellers, are mostly excluded from help programmes and handouts from the Government ('Private home owners' by Mr Tan Guan Rong; Feb 21). While most private property owners are financially better off, it may not be so for seniors or retirees. In my neighbourhood alone, there are two retirees who are siblings and who live in a rundown owner-occupied home they inherited from their parents. The two, a man and his sister, would salvage waste paper and discarded electronic goods to eke out a living. Because of emotional attachment, it is difficult to move out from familiar surroundings, especially as one ages. Selling the property and downgrading is not as simple and straightforward as many make it out to be. That is why the Government should give greater flexibility for retirees to purchase HDB flats to generate a source of steady cash flow from rental payments, provided they have their own funds or can meet the more stringent borrowing requirements for older people without salaries. There are also other similar situations that the Government or institutions can positively discriminate in favour of seniors and retirees. Raymond Koh Bock Swi
  14. Business Times - 21 Feb 2012 Bartley, Kovan sites up for collective sale Bartley Grove seeking $62-$64m; Kovan Court is asking $29m By MINDY TAN THE collective sales market continues to gain momentum, with an additional two freehold sites - Bartley Grove Apartment and three adjoining terrace houses, and Kovan Court - being launched for sale by tender. The first site, comprising a 25-unit residential development located along Bartley Road and three adjoining terrace houses (No 25, 27, and 29 Bartley Road), is being launched with an expectation of offers in the region of $73 million to $75 million. This translates to approximately $798 to $820 per sq ft per plot ratio (psf ppr), or $726 to $746 psf ppr including the extra 10 per cent gross floor area (GFA) for balconies, said Tan Hong Boon, deputy managing director of marketing agent, Credo Real Estate. The freehold site has a combined land area of approximately 65,305 sq ft. Under the 2008 Master Plan, the site is zoned 'residential' with a gross plot ratio (GPR) of 1.4 and a maximum building height of 5 storeys. 'Due to the high development baseline, no development charge is payable for redevelopment up to a GPR of 1.54, including the extra 10 per cent GFA allowed for balconies,' said Mr Tan. Taken as two separate plots, Bartley Grove Apartment has an asking price of between $62.35 million and $64.04 million, while the three terrace houses have an asking price of between $10.65 million and $10.96 million. Bartley Grove Apartments has a land area of about 55,286 sq ft, while the three terrace houses have a combined land area of 10,019 sq ft. The site comprising the three terrace houses can be used by the developer to construct a show flat before the residents of Bartley Grove Apartment move out, thereby allowing them to market their project earlier than otherwise, resulting in savings in holding costs, added Credo Real Estate. Prospective buyers have the option of tendering for either one or both of the parcels. Bartley Grove Apartments was last on the resale market in December 2010, with an asking price of $70 million. 'A new development on the subject site would greatly appeal to families with school-going children due to its location that is within 1 km radius of Maris Stella High School and Cedar Primary School as well as being close to other educational institutions, including Nanyang Junior College, and the Australian and American international schools,' added Mr Tan. The tender for the site closes at March 21. The second site, Kovan Court, is located along Kovan Road, and has an asking price of $29 million, which translates to $795 psf ppr. The 26,050 sq ft site has a plot ratio of 1.4 and a height limit of up to five storeys. The GFA for the site amounts to 36,470 sq ft. In addition, there is a small plot of remnant state land, of some 996 sq ft in front of Kovan Court for possible amalgamation when the site is redeveloped. Kovan Court is a four-storey walkup apartment with 16 units. Sizes range from 1,475 sq ft to 1,744 sq ft. Each owner in this development will receive between $1.75 to $1.91 million, according to marketing agent, Remax.The tender for the site closes on March 21.
  15. Frens Anyone own or bought California properties before ? What is the prices like ? Foreigner can buy landed house? Are they freehold ? Any restriction in terms of state taxes or federal taxes ? Intending to send my dotter there within the next 3 yrs Planning her for stanford Meantime should be using the house as a holiday home I am familiar w that area bcos I was lived there for some time But that was company rented apt and more than 15 years ago
  16. SimonTan

    Properties will never crash!

    Low fertility rate, no in-migration will lead to S'pore's population decline SINGAPORE: Singapore's resident population will decline and become extremely aged if the Total Fertility Rate (TFR) is extremely low and if there is no in-migration. This is according to a landmark study on future population growth and change for Singapore published on Wednesday by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS). The study produced four population scenarios based on varying TFR and immigration levels. The study said with TFR at 1.24 births per woman and zero net migration, Singapore's population will decline to 3.03 million in 2050. With 30,000 migrants added annually, the population projection is 4.89 million in 2050. And with 60,000 migrants added annually, the population projection is 6.76 million in 2050. The study also looked at a situation where TFR can be raised to 1.85 births per woman by 2025 with no new immigration. With such a scenario, the study said population size can still only hit 3.37 million in 2050. The ratio of working people (between the ages of 15-64) to the elderly will also decrease. For instance, with low fertility and 30,000 new residents a year, the ratio drops from 8.6 in 2005, to 2.7 in 2050. A key conclusion obtained from the study is that without immigration, the total population will decline, even if Singapore's total fertility rate rises from the current 1.15 to 1.85. The number of working people available to support each elderly person is also set to drop in all the scenarios. However, Dr Yap Mui Teng, who is a senior research fellow at Institute of Policy Studies, said immigration can reduce the dependency burden. Dr Yap said: "Under the scenario with higher net migration, there will be more people of working ages to support each elderly, compared to the scenario with low migration or scenarios with zero net migration." Amid growing concerns from the ground about overcrowding and stiffer competition from foreign labour, some asked if population growth is absolutely necessary and how much is enough. Associate Professor Paulin-Tay Straughan from the National University of Singapore said it is important for the government to determine how much population growth is needed to ensure a balance between a vibrant economy and the social health of society. She said: "That's why these projections are so important. For us to understand how the projections are made, so that as a community together, we agree that these are the opportunity costs we're willing to accept because we all want to strive for this quality of life." The government had earlier said it does not target a specific population size. The study also projected that there will be fewer young people in Singapore if fertility rate remains low. The number of young people under 14 years of age will go down by more than half from 699,000 in 2005 to 274,400 by 2050.
  17. Icedbs

    It's all about properties

    http://www.todayonline.com/Voices/EDC11042...prove-my-estate Finally someone speak out from his heart. It's all about properties. As expected, people will not go for Opps easily because of their properties. So if any Opps. want to win this, their Manifesto should be "towards an affordable yet appreciative housing". Focus all effort in finding out how to achieve that and they will win it.
  18. Guys anyone applying the IPO? Worth applying?
  19. I really love this gov day by day. Their CPF restoration implementation is really spot on to win my heart in voting and having 101% confidence in this gov! When property is expensive, people maxed out the CPF to repayment. Some still need to top up. Many people complain and this gov does listen to our issues! If there is higher CPF contributions = more salary = more can buy bigger and more expensive properties using CPF. YEAH!
  20. A property in Bucharest belonging to former Romanian diplomat Silviu Ionescu has been temporarily seized by his government. Romania
  21. Comnao

    Thai properties

    Any property gurus bought houses in Thailand before ?? Or know of any reliable Thai property agents to rcmd ?? My business is taking off quite nicely in Land of Thousand Smiles ...foresee i will be spending more time there for the next 2 to 3 yrs.... so need a decent residence there. Target is a 2 b/r 1000 sqft unit in Sukhumvit.
  22. Vicz

    Properties prices

    the current property market is weird.... seller selling at the price they want. buyer wants to buy seller's price minus x. bank says seller's price minus x is still higher than valuation so bank only lend buyer's price minus x minus y. end up buyer not willing to buy... it goes round and round end up no one moves. how would the market turn around like that?? all die together at the end off the day! there's a long long road in the gloomy weather and no light seen at the end of the tunnel.
  23. With the recent news coming from a High Court case of unethical property agents, why do owners not sell their property themselves. Be it HDB or private. To be safe, owners should just require their own legal counsel in conveyancy ( private ). For HDB, almost everything is controlled by them anyway. The reasons given by many are varied but the most often reason is...No time. So what would be your reasons if you were to get a property agent to do the selling or buying for you?
  24. (1) What happens to HDB flats after 99 years? Would we get back anything for the flat? If so, how much? Or are we given another flat at a discount? (2) What happens to a LH condo after 99 years? (3) What is a decent land size for a FH landed property?