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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all, would like to know what should I be careful after apply paint protection/coating? Something like should not wash the car for certain time till the coating settle??? Experience MCF bros please share some tips!! I am worry what will happen if somehow heavy rain after I apply the coating? Especially it's rain often recently, and I park at OCP, not MSCP. I damn unlucky that, every time right after I wax, sure will rain one, either the same day or the next day~ sigh.....
  2. Paint Protection (PPS) coating such as ceramic coating/glass coating comes with 3-5 years warranty protection. Is maintenance needed annually or after 3 year? Or if it a apply and forget coating? Anyone send his car back to recoat annually and etc? I use to do that for car wash. What are your views, thoughts and advise? Necessary or waste of money?
  3. Atachi

    PPS or PPF?

    Hi all, tried searching for info around the forum but could not find much. I’ve always done the traditional waxing and coating upon collecting my car and every once awhile going back for maintenance which includes the rims. Seen many YouTube car bloggers doing PPF on their cars which piqued my interest. Anyone here have experience with PPF vs PPS? What are the pro and cons? Thanks!
  4. Hi gurus! Has anyone tried this pps before? Nano car xx1 from hyper 21 enterprise. It retails $226.
  5. Crystal Coat: Why you should Coat instead of Wax? Paint protection systems (PPS) such as ceramic coating/glass coating are becoming increasing popular with users due to various reasons. Time Saving Better Protective properties than Wax Achieve a high standard of gloss 1.Time Saving With the traditional method of applying wax, there are multiple steps involved. Firstly, your car has to be washed with a car shampoo and dried completely. Next, a thin layer of compound or paste wax must be applied on the paintwork. After which, wait for the wax to harden before buffing off. However, with a PPS coat, you do not need to wait before buffing off which saves a huge amount of time and effort in detailing your car. 2. Better Protective Properties than Wax Another difference of Coat Vs Wax will be the level of protection that it provides. While wax may have a higher gloss unit especially if a high quality wax is used, it only gives the car a deep shine without protecting the paintwork against water marks, UV rays or Acid Rain. Also, PPS when applied frequently, causes the coat to multiply, thus extending its longevity. 3. Achieve a high standard of gloss For the effort to result ratio, there can be no doubt that using a coating will result in a more than satisfactory result in gloss for your car, furthermore, the ease of maintenance means that simple stains can be remove by just using water! This is because the layer of coat protects the stains from penetrating the core layer of the paintwork. Why spend hundreds of dollars on Paint Protection Systems (PPS) when you can DIY yourself at a fraction of the cost? Try Bullsone Crystal Coat today at 25% off your first bottle! Use code IWANTTOCOAT at checkout to receive your discount Click HERE to buy
  6. Anyone know of any PPS Detailing Shops in Johor Bahru? How would be the pricing like?
  7. KubeBond Full Range Coating Solutions Products CHOOSE NanoTech has developed a line of KubeBond coating solutions for the professional auto detailing. The key factor of the KubeBond is the Revolution Bonding Technology, which has excellent bonding strength with the coated surface forming a hard cubic ceramic layer. It protects surfaces from damaging contaminants and harsh chemicals, the hydrophobic effect makes it easy-to-clean. and keep dust and dirt harder adhesion to, without affecting the look or feel of it. KubeBond can be applied on various surfaces in a car , such as metal, glass, leather, textile, wood, plastic, rubber, which allows our customers to improve the performance of their products drastically. KubeBond Products: KUBEBOND DIAMOND 9H (PERMANENT BOND) KUBEBOND DIAMOND PLUS (FOR DIAMOND 9H MAINTENANCE) KUBEBOND NANO X (DURABILITY UP TO 12 MONTHS) KUBEBOND GLASSSHIELD (FOR EXTERIOR GLASS PROTECTION) KUBEBOND LEATHERSHIELD (FOR LEATHER PROTECTION) KUBEBOND NU INTERIOR (FOR INTERIOR RUBBER / PLASTIC PROTECTION) KUBEBOND FABRICSHIELD (FOR FABRIC / TEXTILE PROTECTION) KUBEBOND GERMSHIELD (BACTERIA DISINFECTANT) ✴Hardness scale of 9H & above ✴Revolution Bonding Technology ✴Super-Hydrophobic ✴ Anti-Graffiti ✴ Advanced Chemical Resistance ✴Oxidation & Corrosion Resistant ✴Temperature resistance ✴ UV protection ✴High Glossy Shine; retains colour ✴Self Cleaning Effect ✦Tested & Certified by SGS ✦ISO Certified ✦REACH Compliance ✦Wind Drag Reduction Tested NEW AGE POLISH PTE LTD AUTHORIZED APPROVED APPLICATOR Our advantages: RBT - Revolution Bonding Technology There are some solutions providing hydrophobic effect and surface protection, but soon they will be wear off due to lack of bonding strength, once they worn off from the surface, as the result, the substrate lost the protect that it should have, like a tree without tree bark. Revolution Bonding Technology provides superior coating bonding strength, this bonding strength is not simply physical viscosity, but through chemical bonding between moisture in the air, liquid glass and the material of substrate, forming up cubic matrix structure during the curing process, it will tied up with surface permanently and the bonding strength is so high that even the smooth, glossy glass surface can be banded together. This bonding strength will not decay and wear off in time, like the Tatoo, with this technology, CHOOSE NanoTech coating solution provide the substrate ultimate protection permanently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dkrzZamQxk KUBEBOND DIAMOND 9H (PERMANENT BOND) KubeBond Diamond 9H Ceramic glass coating is the revolutionary product that create a superior layer to keep car surfaces strong and shiny, just like a diamond. Also known as " Liquid Diamond", this 9H ceramic coating simply transforms from a transparent liquid to a transparent 9H pencil-hardness glass film when applied on surfaces. All it takes is just one application and proper maintenance. A permanent nano-ceramic coating that gives the best protection and excellent resistance against water, weather & temperature. KubeBond Diamond 9H is a Permanent nano-ceramic coating, Hard Cubic layer gives the best protection, Excellent resistance against water, weather & temperature, High glossy shine; retains colour , Protect against scratches, damaging substances & harsh chemicals, Hardness scale of 9H and above. ✔ Permanent Protection ✔ Anti-Scratch by 9H Hardness ✔ Enable Easy-to-clean Surface ✔ Super Hydrophobic effect ✔ Anti - Graffiti ✔ Excellent weather Resistance ✔ UV & Thermal Resistance ✔ High Gloss & Color Renew KubeBond Products has been tested by "SGS" - A world's leading Inspection, Verification, Testing and Certification Company. Recognized as the global benchmark for Quality and Integrity. ISO 9001 Certified -An International standard that specifies requirements for a quality management System (QMS). REACH Compliance - European Union address the production and use of chemical substances, and potential impacts on both human health and the environment. KUBEBOND NANO X (DURABILITY UP TO 12 MONTHS) KubeBond NanoX a high gloss finishing with a strong protection layer that lasts up to 12 months and excellent resistance against water, weather & temperature. Just one application transforms all the paintwork into a shiny surface that is resistance to all weather conditions. This is a result of the ceramic molecular net of the coating that enables a strong protection and creates a surface that stays clean for a longer period. ✔ Strong protection as a result of its ceramic molecular net ✔ Up to 12 months protection ✔ Repels water - hydrophobic effect ✔ Surface become easy to clean ✔ Excellent resistance to weather, UV & Temperature ✔ Giving a High Gloss finishing KubeBond Products has been tested by "SGS" - A world's leading Inspection, Verification, Testing and Certification Company. Recognized as the global benchmark for Quality and Integrity. ISO 9001 Certified -An International standard that specifies requirements for a quality management System (QMS). REACH Compliance - European Union address the production and use of chemical substances, and potential impacts on both human health and the environment. KUBEBOND GLASSSHIELD (FOR EXTERIOR GLASS PROTECTION) KubeBond GlassShield a Strong, transparent finishing that repels water to keep your windows & windshields clear, even in thunderstorms. GlassShield Keeps the glass surfaces sparkling and easy to maintain. With no visible finishing after application, it's like a protective layer. It increase the visibility during raining day as when the rain contacts to the glass surfaces it become beads and roll down off the glasses, hence it increases your visibility when you are driving. Activation of the front wiper will also be reduce. ✔ Strong Protection as a result of its ceramic molecular net ✔ Excellent hydrophobic effect ✔ Surface becomes easy to clean ✔ Excelllent resistance to weather, UV & temperature ✔ Transparent Finishing KubeBond Products has been tested by "SGS" - A world's leading Inspection, Verification, Testing and Certification Company. Recognized as the global benchmark for Quality and Integrity. ISO 9001 Certified -An International standard that specifies requirements for a quality management System (QMS). REACH Compliance - European Union address the production and use of chemical substances, and potential impacts on both human health and the environment. KUBEBOND LEATHERSHIELD (FOR LEATHER PROTECTION) KubeBond LeatherShield protects your leather surface for a longer period of time with a strong protective layer that helps keep it soft, repels water and lets you maintain it effortlessly. Having with a clean, soft-touch leather seats. ✔ Strong protection as a result of its ceramic molecular net ✔ leather become easy to clean ✔ Repels water - super hydrophobic effect ✔ Contain No Wax ✔ Keeps leather Soft KubeBond Products has been tested by "SGS" - A world's leading Inspection, Verification, Testing and Certification Company. Recognized as the global benchmark for Quality and Integrity. ISO 9001 Certified -An International standard that specifies requirements for a quality management System (QMS). REACH Compliance - European Union address the production and use of chemical substances, and potential impacts on both human health and the environment.
  8. Aestheticar - Delivering Perfection and Value Founded in January 2014, Aestheticar has built up a growing reputation as a trusted detailer to our valued customers. We specialize in providing top-notch services to super cars including Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes AMG and Porsche, as well as classic cars from Bentley and Rolls-Royce. With a team of professional groomers with more than 10 years of grooming experience, we strive to provide the best quality grooming for your car. Offering the best quality products from Japan, Switzerland and the UK, our groomers ensure that your car receives the best professional care. Whether it is just a wash or the complete pampering package, we ensure customer satisfaction always. Aestheticar offers personalized service which we are confident makes us stand out from the competition. Our comprehensive range of services is individually tailored to suit your car and most importantly, our customers. Services include professional detailing, paint enhancement and correction, and maintenance detail packages, using top-of-the-range products including CQUARTZ Finest Ceramic Paint Coating and Swissvax’s Crystal Rock. Our Products: Cquartz An evolution in ceramic nanotech paint coatings Cquartz Finest is designed specifically for those with discerning taste for exceedingly rich and glossy finish. Its long-term protection and resistance to environmental factors such as dirt, dust, bird droppings and contaminants ensure that your paintwork is kept in tip-top condition always. Another important feature in keeping your car clean is the impressive ability of the protective layer to release water. Originating from Japan, Cquartz Finest is the most exclusive coating available worldwide, offering a warranty which guarantees the coating will not bubble, yellow, peel, oxidize for a longer period of time. Swissvax High performance car care hand made in Switzerland Swissvax is a uniquely handcrafted car care system made in Switzerland and recognized as the finest product line of automotive cosmetic maintenance in the world. It is the hardest transparent wax known to man and once applied, it sets a durable protective coating over the paintwork, protecting it from external factors such as contaminants, fading, oxidation and the sun’s ultra-violet rays. Additional Services Little add-ons that complete the pampering Cquartz Interior Leather Coating Cquartz Flyby Forte on windscreen and windows Cquartz Recoating Anti-Bacterial for Interior Car Wash Spa (Cquartz Hydro and Reload) Engine Bay Cleaning FINAL PRODUCTS:
  9. WHO ARE WE? We are Urban Auto Spa Pte Ltd, a car detailing company based in Synergy @ Kaki Bukit. Urban Auto Spa understands the fundamental of car paint. With this knowledge, we are able to rejuvenate your car to showroom condition without burning your pockets. Urban Auto Spa pampers vehicles with a variety of services including diamond polishing, glass coating applications, interior cleaning, upholstery protection leather treatment and more. Our passionate team believes in providing the best coating to protect your ride with a long lasting shine. We provide Car Solutions to the busy lives of today’s working adults: Time is one of the factors when it comes to keeping one’s car clean. Busy work schedules, late nights in office doing OT.. We understand that. Hence at Urban Auto Spa, we offer mobile grooming services right at your doorstep, be it your home, or your office carpark. Our emphasis has always been building a long term relationships with our customers. Be rest assured on our detailing works, as we only want to deliver the best workmanship and services to our customers. List of Services: Diamond Polish Glass Coating (Car Body) Interior Cleaning Leather Treatment and Protection Car Mask Waxing Upholstery Protection Headlamp Restoration (Exterior) Windscreen Coating Engine Bay Cleaning Vehicle Fleet Management (Polish & Grooming) Mobile Grooming Services CURRENT PROMOTIONS!!! *Diamond Polish Package* Diamond Polish Glass Coating (Car Body) Windscreen Coating Interior Cleaning Leather Treatment and Protection Upholstery Protection Engine Bay Cleaning So what’s DIAMOND POLISH? Diamond Polish is a 4 Layer Polish Treatment Lacquer – To remove scratches, watermark and weathered rough surface Glaze – Remove light to medium contaminations, mild scratches and oxidated surface that cannot get rid through swirling polishes and blemishes Polish – Enhance car paint glossiness and smoothiness Provide ultimate glossy protection to any cleaned and polished paint finish REJUVENATE YOUR CAR WITH US TODAY! CONTACT US Dropby our shop at: 25 Kaki Bukit Road 4 #03-83 Synergy@KB S(417800) Opening hours: 10am - 7pm (Mon - Fri) 10am - 6pm (Sat) Closed on Sun & PHs Hotlines: Phone : 63854306 / 97937234 / 81661759 Email: urbanas @ singnet. com. sg Follow us as we bring you more of our updates each day! Our Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/urbanautospa/?fref=ts
  10. I have experience lost of hydrophobic effect on a 6 months coating due to the amount of dirt and dust trapped on the surface and only used of iron removal then I am able to recover it..You will be surprise parking under a tree during heavy rain will leave a thick layer of bad elements on the surface. So what is the best cleaning solution to use weekly or bi-weekly as a maintenance for PPS to lift off the dirt? Shampoo? plain water? etc? Detailers would advise only wash with water after PPS, waxing or sealant or the most a PH neutral shampoo.. I did a small test to see how much water, shampoo and a solution O( I shall not name the product as this is not a sponsored thread) lift the dirt and clean surface.. The pictures are taken with handphone..Pardon me for the lousy pictures. The car roof surface are marked with solution 0, water and shampoo. Next I prepared a capful of shampoo, a capful of solution in the grit guard bucket and water in another bucket 2 clean wash mitt, one for solution O, one side for water, another side for shampoo on second wash mitt.. Some visible soiled watermarks on every surface before wash I soaked the wash mitt into every solution, squeeze some water out of it.. Surface washed using the wash mitt with the respective solution. Sorry to be continue later, going for my hobby...
  11. Posting on behalf of a fellow driver encountering a bad experience with PPS company. Fellow forummers, appreciate you for taking your precious time to read this post. Have posted pics as evidence for the claims. Note: This is a very long post!! Just want to share this awful and terrible experience of mine. My dad decided to do Paint Protection System (PPS) for his car hence I researched about various companies on before deciding on one. Settled with a company which name starts with G, which has loads of awards. Before I went there, the owner-operator was very patient and friendly in answering my questions. The PPS was done recently on 3rd September 2016 and till date around 2 weeks had passed. Throughout this 2 weeks, we only washed the car twice, first wash was 1 week after doing the pps and second one was on Thursday night. I found out that the front bumper was not coated because there were no usual effects of PPS seen on that paint area and upon close inspection, minor scratches and minor swirl marks at 4 door handles were clearly visible and not removed. Thus I texted him to inform him about this issue. Then there comes some messages that were deemed offensive to me. The Conversation goes like that: Owner-operator told us to go back to take a look and that the door handle have been coated. I know it has been coated but why were the swirls marks and scratches not removed in the first place? Did they just blindly coat the area without removing those? Prolly yes. Asked them what if still unable to rectify their issue despite going down, he said if harsh scratches who able to remove but clearly, the swirl marks and scratches are not really harsh. And FYI, I’ve engaged another detailer to remove it already. Moving on, he offered to respray for free too. So at this point, clearly I wouldn’t want to respray just those small parts because I’m afraid there will be two-toned colour. Hence, I made this casual remark of rather refund portion of the money than to waste the money on respraying. Here comes the most offensive part to me, he said “job was done properly blah blah” and at the last sentence of the message, he said “End of the day, the motive is obvious” I was like hello?? What for would we impose scratches for nothing and go back to ur side to claim for a refund? Do you think we would stoop down to that level?? Seriously!! This is the way he treat his customers im impressed. Continuing the convo, he said that the price I paid was discounted too and that my car was a one year old car with lots of defects. He offered the discount without me mentioning in the first place and now he want to blame me for it? Discounted price does not mean discounted job, if that’s the case, I would rather pay the non-discounted price or patronise another shop. Furthermore, if the car is only one year old yet they are unable to solve how they are going to solve issues on much older cars? Im nt sure. So my dad brought the car back for rectification yesterday but not much work was done except for coating the front bumper. But as for the swirl marks on the door handles, they seemed untouched, except for the driver’s door but scratches still visible. Texted the owner-operator about this, received no reply. And told them I would like a partial refund. Until this morning I received a message from another number saying that they are able to refund me $60. Only a mere $60 for so much trouble of going down again yet unable to solve the issue etc. Furthermore, so troublesome to get the refund of $60. Decided to do away with it. Really regretted choosing them and have to deal with such bad attitude and poor customer service by the owner-operator. We removed the warranty label on the car and won’t bother going back to their shop anymore. Thanks for reading this incredibly long message and my motive here is just to share my negative experience to fellow forumers. Have a nice day ahead peeps.
  12. any mcf-members can share their experience between this two products? can't find any related comparison posts here aside from those shop-related posts marketing their own product.
  13. Hi Guys, juz wanna check how to owners with PPS Glass/Ceramic coating do their regular washing.. What products to use.. What sort of accessories to get the job done? Cheers
  14. Any bros here been there for paint protection? Saw their Facebook page, seems to be very special as compared to other polishing companies.
  15. hi, thinking of taking the recent advantage of our dollars againts ringgits . . . . are there any good recommendations of any car grooming services, and/or any good, reliable car PPS (paint protection system) such as ceramic, glass, nanotech etc. coatings available and easy accessible in JB? *. of coz, its no way near our local standards, just to save some $, hopeful to receive no $%^&* from the local car groomers from this question . . . but good, reliable advices are most welcome . . .
  16. Hi guys, I was wondering if any of you noticed from the various pictures posted online that seem to suggest that white cars does not shine as much as dark colors (especially black) cars when they have undergone some ceramic pps. I don't think this is brand/groomer specific as I have looked through all the pics from the various groomers offering pps but cannot find a white car that look as glossy as a black car. Any white car owner who has done a pps can comment on this?
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