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Found 29 results

  1. Pickup trucks in America are one of the popular choices in the American car industry. Not just American car makers, Japanese like Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Mazda has also entered this market segment, without or with failures. Even continental brands like Mercedes Benz is trying to enter this market with it's new X calss, which has not been introduced in the North American market yet. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pickup_truck Once a work tool with few creature comforts, in the 1950s consumers began purchasing pickups for lifestyle reasons and by the 1990s less than 15 percent of owners reported use in work as the pickup truck's primary purpose.Today in North America, the pickup is mostly used like a passenger car and accounts for about 18 per cent of total vehicles sold in the US. While in the United States and Canada most pickup trucks are used primarily for passenger transport, agriculture, and commercial uses, pickups are also used in law enforcement, the military, fire services, and for pickup truck racing, a form of auto racing using modified versions of pickups mostly onoval tracks. Race pickup trucks are mechanically similar to coupé-shaped stock cars. More reads: https://www.americantrucks.com/a-history-of-the-classic-pickup-truck.html The recent Detriot Auto Show has show cased some of the new models for 2018/19. Let's look at them in the following posts.
  2. I currently own a Chery T11 for 1y3m and have a rather large looking family of four. To tell you the truth, T11 is becoming a backache for my family cause it is quite cramped in the rear. Now, we're looking for a spacious car which needs to look and feel good. So far, our family is impressed with Kia Sorento and Dodge Journey. So, anybody has an idea of what car suits our family? You can suggest new car if you think that it suits our family also...[/size][/size]
  3. This beast is the 797bhp Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeyehttps://www.topgear.com/car-news/usa/beast-797bhp-dodge-challenger-hellcat-redeye Good news, fans of gratuitously powerful under-tyred muscle cars. Dodge has updated the Challenger Hellcat for 2019, and introduced a new model that borrows bits of engine from the certifiable Demon. This is the Redeye. No, it doesn’t have glaucoma. What it has is the Demon’s the 2.7-litre belt-driven supercharger (the largest fitted to any production car), twin dual-stage fuel pumps, strengthened pistons and connecting rods among other things. Thanks to those modifications, the Hellcat Redeye’s 6.2-litre V8 produces 797bhp – 90 more than a regular Hellcat did when it came out in 2014/15. Torque is up by 57lb ft to an entirely appropriate 707lb ft. Available in standard or ‘Widebody’ (pictured) configurations (wider tyres and arches), the Redeye isn’t a replacement for the standard Hellcat. You can still buy one of those. Nowadays its makes 717bhp, which is still plenty, and will hit 199mph. The Redeye will do 203mph, hit 60mph in 3.4 seconds and trim a tenth from your ¼ mile time (11.1 for the Redeye, to 11.2 for the ‘standard’ car). Widebodys are a bit slower, but look roughly eight-point-three times cooler. The Redeye is only available with the eight-speed auto ‘box, however, whereas the standard car can be specified with a manual. Is that a deal-breaker?
  4. Ronnieseah

    Dodge Caliber

    hi, want to know anyone driving this car? or used to owned one before? how is the reliability? fuel consumption? which stockist to buy spares? looking to buy a 2007 one.
  5. Hi all, looking for Scrapped Dodge Caliber/Chrysler Sebring/PT cruiser parts namely Instrument panel, a/c compressor etc. Do PM me if you have :)
  6. Mockngbrd

    Duckrun Rally

  7. Regan_ong

    Ram's 1500 Rumble Bee Concept

    Following a teaser released earlier, Ram has introduced the 1500 Rumble Bee Concept. The concept marks the 10th anniversary of the Rumble Bee, a popular model inspired by the Super Bee muscle car of the late 1960s. This muscle truck is based on a 2013 Ram 1500 Road/Track (R/T) and has a two-door, two-wheel drive setup with a matte 'Drone Yellow' paint. Both sides of the truck feature a new 'Speed Bee' design within a glossy black stripe which fades into the honeycomb. It sits on glossy 24-inch Vellano VRH alloys and has a two-inch lowered suspension courtesy of King Suspension. The dual-exhaust tailpipes, fuel door, badging, hood vents and front grille are in glossy black, adding on to the car's aggression. Traditional Rumble/Super Bee colours and graphics spread throughout the vehicle, including the Ram R/T-based interior that features black and 'Drone Yellow' leather sport mesh seats with two-tone yellow/light-grey stitching. 'Rumble Bee' lettering and Ram logos adorn chairs, floor mats and door bolsters. Now if you look closer - there is a real amber-encased bee mounted into the rotary gear knob, which will light up to expose a honeycomb pattern background. Is that weird or cool? There are also two buttons positioned below, which make the cat-back Mopar dual-exhaust system go from loud to louder. The unique honeycomb pattern is shared with the door trim and the dash, where a milled aluminum '10th Anniversary' commemorative badge serves as the truck's ID. Powering the 2013 Ram 1500 Rumble Bee Concept is a HEMI 5.7-litre engine mated to an eight-speed TorqueFlite automatic transmission delivering 395bhp and a peak torque of 551Nm. Talk about a huge-ass rumbling bee ramming your way..
  8. RchLuvSlly

    First crash for the 2013 Dodge SRT Viper

    I have no idea what was wrong with Chrysler engineer, Martin Morse. We have yet to even see a few, if at all, of the 2013 Dodge SRT Viper on our shores or in other parts of the world. Yes, the car was launched just not so long ago, it's the latest Viper from the American automaker Dodge which means it's still a fresh model. Yet, Morse had already ruined one good example of the model. On 22nd April 2013, according to eyewitnesses, the car should have been going at a speed beyond 112km/h on US Highway 23. According to Michigan State Police, the temperature on that day was near-freezing and there was also light rain. The police believed that Morse must have flexed the snake's muscles too hard. Morse lost control of the car, slided across lanes and then hit a fence that separated the highway northbound and southbound lanes. Fortunately enough, the car was pretty low that it managed to get through the upper and middle cables. Unfortunately, being low as it was, the car couldn't get past the bottom cable. I believe that it must have been the bottomcable, a thick braided cord made of steel, that had caused Morse his death, as the cable cut through the car's cabin. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that there was no mechanical fault involved in the incident. So, it seems that Morse had pushed the throttle too much under wrong weather conditions.
  9. RchLuvSlly

    Dodge Challenger smokes tyres in Japan

    Have you ever wondered why the 2012 FD Champion, Daigo Saito, can't be seen drifting his Achilles Radial Lexus SC430 at the moment? Well, it's because this professional Japanese drifter is currently busy with this Dodge Challenger, a muscle car from the country of Uncle Sam, at the Ebisu Circuit. But if you think this is just a normal American muscle car, well, think again. The said Dodge Challenger
  10. Anyone can recommend a good workshop that is able to service / repair Dodge Caliber? Their AD is the same as Hyundai so maybe a workshop with mechanics formerly working at Komoco. Many thanks!
  11. [extract] Chrysler, parent company of Street and Racing Technology (SRT) and manufacturers of the lusty 2013 Viper have announced U.S. pricing for the 2013 SRT Viper Models and have dropped lots of images. The racing stripes are back! SRT's flagship performance machine, the slithering Viper has quite literally risen from the ashes like a phoenix and has returned with more power, performance and superior craftsmanship. Well it
  12. FaezClutchless

    Carroll Shelby passes away at the age of 89

    It is a sad moment when the news of an automotive legend passes away. This particular news is hard because it is Carroll Shelby and his name is synonymous with high performance sports and muscle cars, particularly with Ford. 1965 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 He is a true gear head and was the mastermind behind the Shelby Cobra and the Shelby GT500. Carroll Shelby passed away in a Texas hospital with an unknown cause of death. He has been hospitalised for more than a month for pneumonia but he has a known long history of heart problems, including a heart transplant in 1990. Shelby is survived by his three children and his wife. Let us take a look at his illustrious career in the automotive industry. It is rather impossible to describe the impact Shelby has had on the automotive world. Born in 1923, Shelby only started racing in 1952 at the age of 29 and it was a quarter mile drag race. Later that year he won his first road race in an MG TC. By 1956, he had won many races and that earned him the title of Driver of the Year from Sports Illustrated and he won that title again in 1957. In 1959, he won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in an Aston Martin and he also competed in Formula One in 1958 and 1959. By the late 1950s, Shelby
  13. While we poor sods in South East Asia don't really get to drive or see the darn thing in the flesh I am still pretty excited about the new SRT Viper and Viper GTS. This new SRT Viper is now powered by an 8.4-litre V10 engine. It has a composite intake, high-strength forged pistons, sodium-filled exhaust valves and better free flow catalysts compared to the last 2010 model. This huge V10 engine produces approximately 640hp and 814Nm of torque. A good 40hp and 54Nm more than the previous engine which actually does not seem much since it already has 600bhp to play with in the first place. The tubular steel space frame gets a magnesium cowl and is clothed in a body that features a carbon fiber hood, roof and boot. It also has aluminum doors and plastic quarter panels. In other words, the 2013 SRT Viper is about 45kg lighter (at 1,521kg)than the model it replaces. It is also 50% stiffer structurally than the previous model, which means that the Viper could actually be an American super coupe that actually handles well. So why am I blogging about a car that most of us over here would never set eyes on one? The reason is that this part of the world isn't truly immune to having these left-hand drive monsters. I remember years, or was it a decade or so ago seeing one at a motorshow in Kuala Lumpur. It looked stunning in red with its long bonnet (a very phallic symbol in my opinion) and those twin side exhausts is a sight to behold. Seven or so years ago I managed to catch another one in the pits at the Sepang F1 track over in Malaysia. A second generation race prepped Dodge Viper had participated in the Merdeka Endurance Race that time and the team that brought it over was prepping it for an upcoming race. They weren't shy in letting a motorhead like get close to it while they were tweaking it. And when they started it up it was like rolling thunder I tell you. Rolling thunder. Intoxicating and truly epic.
  14. FaezClutchless

    Rusty Car Art

    [extract] Rust is something we usually see on old or poorly maintained cars. It is the corrosion of iron and its alloy and usually associated with junk metal. When someone sees a rusted item, in their mind, it is not worth saving or keeping and that item would normally be discarded. Car owners do not want to see rust on their car
  15. SYF77

    RIP Caliber, hello Dart

    [extract] The Dodge Caliber was on sale in Singapore for a while but was unloved by Singaporeans. It seems that the Caliber received similar sentiments from the rest of the world such that Chrysler Group has finally ended the production of the slow-selling hatchback after almost six years. The Caliber hatchback was launched in early 2006 as a replacement for the Dodge Neon sedan and coupe models. Annual sales peaked at 101,079 in 2007, but soon fell to 84,158 in 2008 and just 36,098 in 2010. Through the end of November this year, Dodge sold just 33,632 Calibers. Though the Caliber
  16. Many of us know what a muscle car is. But do we really know the factors that place a certain car in the muscle car category? Initially I thought that I knew so much about muscle cars but after reading a certain book about these cars, I became more knowledgeable and some of the so called facts that I previously thought were true are actually not. And now I would like to share them with you. 1965 Pontiac GTO convertible There are many varying opinions on what qualifies as a muscle car but before I touch on that let us see what does not qualify as a muscle car. First of all, it is not a piece of Italian exotic, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc, nor it is a German performance car (Porsche, etc.). Even a British make sports car would not fit the bill (although there were muscle cars from other countries later on). All the abovementioned cars are too complex, specialised or efficient. Sports cars are not really considered as a muscle car. So, what really qualifies as a muscle car? It is essentially a North American phenomenon; in other words, in the beginning, it should be American made. The basic concept of a muscle car is taking a mid-sized American 2-door car and put in a large displacement V8 engine. The car itself should not be complex, upmarket or fancy. And usually, it should have a rear seating arrangement. 1966 Dodge Charger The muscle car concept is as simple as that. Furthermore in the beginning, the people who are interested in muscle cars are usually young and men. They are not interested in technical sophistication, excellent handling and even top speed. 1970 Dodge Challenger To the American youth of that time who were raised on drag racing, traffic lights street racing and hot-rodding, the most important factors to them were the size of the engine, horsepower and acceleration. In other words, all that they care about is straight line speed. 1958 Ford Thunderbird And when the big 3 American car manufacturers realised about this increasing trend among the youth, the companies started a power race to offer big engine displacements, huge horsepower and lesser seconds over the standing quarter. 1957 Chrysler 300C Before the era of muscle cars, the usage of V8 engines was already pretty rife during the 1950s. Companies like Ford and Chrysler all had their cars fitted with their V8 engines, for example the Ford Thunderbird and Chrysler 300. Their size were too big to place them in the muscle car category. Anyway, at that time the term muscle car has not been known or created. 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Although at that time these cars were not considered as muscle cars but they had one thing in common; they were built for powerful performance and this is one of the factors that the American youth of that time desired for a mid-sized, lighter-shelled car with big, powerful engines. 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle Conventionally, many would say or argue that the 1965 Pontiac GTO (top most picture) was the first true muscle car. 2-door mid-sized American car, huge V8 engine and it sits four people; all fits into the muscle car category. It also began a new car class that offered an affordable and stunning performance package. 1964 Ford Mustang The plan and idea for the GTO nearly did not happen. It came about when in 1963, General Motors would not produce overtly sporty cars and Pontiac was restricted with a standard 300 cu inch (4.8 litre) engine for their intermediate sized cars. And this upset some of their managers and engineers as Pontiac has always been a performance car marque and these same people are also fans of fast cars. 1968 Ford Torino GT FastBack These same people (one of them was John DeLorean who founded the DeLorean company) also felt that the only way to sell cars was by producing image-building cars and eventually the GTO plan went ahead. Before I continue, let me add that GM made all sorts of parts (engine, chassis, etc.) for NASCAR racing and they were road legal at that time. These parts were, at times, used for their production models. Pontiac fitted a 6.375 litre V8 engine together with a mix-and-match of existing parts and assembled them on the production line. This resulted in the GTO, made for truly affordable performance and the GTO fits into the muscle car concept, huge V8 engine in a smaller-sized car and it also started the trend. Other automakers soon followed with their own versions of this new car trend. Ford had its Mustang and Torino models, Dodge came out with the Charger and Challenger and Chevy had its Camaro and Chevelle models. Some people would argue that some of the models I mentioned above are in the pony car category but some of the pony car models are qualified to be in the muscle car category due to the dealer options available for those pony cars (huge V8 engines, etc.). As long as it fits the muscle car bill, many would regard it as one. 1968 Holden Monaro Earlier on I did mention about muscle cars manufactured outside of America. Cars like the Australian Ford Falcon and Holden Monaro fits the muscle category. But sadly, some muscle car purists do not consider these cars to be a muscle car due to them not being American made. 1972 Ford Falcon XA GT After the decline of the muscle car era during the 1970s (due to the oil crisis) there have been a resurgence in the muscle car category. Models like the Mustang, Charger and Camaro still remains till today and as long as the demand is there, we will get to see more of these cars. Photo credit: Car Gurus, Net Car Show, wallpapersweb.com and chromjuwelen.com
  17. Read from Sat newspaper that the local dealer from Chrysler is bringing in a new American brand, Dodge - Caliber, in 2.0l CVT form, est arn 1.4ton. http://www.dodge.com/en/caliber/gallery.html Not at all pretty but the all raw & brutal American utilitarian car look. An usual cross over vehicle to behold. The 2.0l has 158Bhp@6400rpm, 191NM@5000rpm Published FC estimated between 11City -12.75HW km/l (Not for possible SG I believe) est selling price 90k
  18. With a simple stroke of badge engineering, Fiat the Italian automotive giant, has effectively found its replacement for the ageing Ulysse MPV. One of the benefits of taking over an ailing American company, namely Chrysler (who surprisingly was once part of the Mercedes Benz comglomerate), is that Fiat has a cupboard full of fairly new cars for them to adopt, scrap, redesign or market. Hence the Dodge Journey rebadged (or mildly revised) into the Fiat Freemont. Set for launch at the upcomming 2011 Geneva Motor Show the Fiat Freemont brings in some Americana into the usually very Italian Fiat automotive group. I suppose it brings in more than a touch of sanity and boredom has usually we've come to expect quirky, zany and unique looking vehicles from Fiat, even if they are MPVs. Those that remember the Multipla would agree with what I am trying to convey here. I mean, take a look at the 'Freemont' name. It sounds like something run of the mill. From the Ulysse, which is very Greek Mythology to something from middle America. It's like going from Xena the Warrior Princess chic to maths teacher in a blink of an eye. The only differences that enable the Dodge Journey to turn into a Fiat Freemont are revised bumpers, a different grille and some LED rear lights. This is like watching a Mitsubishi Lancer turn into a Proton Inspira or a Toyota Passo into a Daihatsu Sirion. The only really chic addition aside from the nicer looking front bumper are the larger 17inch wheel setup. Compare this to the Dodge and the Fiat looks slightly better. But it still lacks that extra Latin flair in my opinion. It looks quite Japanese instead. A decent Mitsubishi Outlander/Airtrek look (if you squint) with some touches of a Kia instead of an Italian job. Come launch time, the Freemont people carrier will be powered by a 2.0liter Fiat Multijet diesel with 140bhp or 170bhp running through a manual gearbox to its front wheels. There will be an all wheel drive variant as well as one with an automatic transmission that will be launched at a later date together with a 276bhp 3.6liter V6 petrol powered flagship model. Expect it to be on sale in Europe in the second quarter of this year. Pricing has not been announced as yet and one now wonders. If you bought a Dodge Journey here in Singapore, could you buy the bumpers, the grille, the rear lights and slap on some Fiat badges? This would add from added flair to something remarkably dull. Especially with those undersized wheels in the original Journey displayed above. Or.....would you actually buy the Fiat variant if its brought in?
  19. COE prices has risen drastically at the Dec 9, 2010 bidding, but at least there's still some sne car prices around. Brand new Dodge Journey 2.4 selling at $76,999 incl COE. http://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/newcars_...p?CarCode=10807 I think this is a better buy than normal Japanese saloons costing $90,000
  20. Ferraricalifornia

    2010 Dodge Journey

    hi all... i just happen to pass by the Dodge temporary showroom at Bt. Timah... saw the latest 2010 Dodge Journey 2.4L Crossover vehicle... i always though american cars were cheaply built, and had high cc engines... but the $99,000 car really surprised me with well screwed together interior, soft-touch plastics on the top of the dash, plenty of storage space and the 2nd row of seats was really spacious!! bar the 3rd row of seats, which i'll most probably fold down, or ask Chrysler-Dodge dealer to bring in the 5-seater model if i'm really interested... will be going down to test this model after CNY...hope it drives well... but American reviewer said the 2.4L 170bhp engine is sluggish, ride is harsh and bumpy and steering is lifeless... but i gotta admit this car looks great!!
  21. Turbonetics

    Dodge SUV is here

    spotted a Dodge SUV last few days.forgot the model and i google it.the closest model i found was the Caliber. and it should be Dodge Caliber.very cool to have Dodge in singapore though not Viper. its a newly registered car too.pretty nice in design also.
  22. E36UDM

    Dodge Neon

    "A Dodge Neon on a "World's Fastest" page! Come on Traian, April Fools isn't for another 3 months, you really missed the boat with this one!" Yes, I hear you snickering. Well, settle down there, Billy Bob, because this Neon is for real. Sure, it sounds kind of silly - it also looks kind of silly: check out those air dams and F40-style wing, which manages to both look stupid and obstruct vision - but the SRT-4 has moves that would make a WRX proud. The SRT-4 (Street and Racing Technology) takes the PT Cruiser GT's blown (using a Mitsubishi TD04-L-16GK turbocharger) 2.4-litre engine, a Valeo air-to-air intercooler, oil-cooled 8.1:1 compression pistons (versus the naturally aspirated 9.4:1), a high flow intake manifold and engine controller and the GT's crankshaft, block, coolant passages and oil pan. Also included in the deal is a high-performance five-speed manual NVG T850 'box and a muffler-less, dual outlet exhaust system with wider, 2.5-inch polished stainless tips. This takes the R/T's output from 150 horsepower and 162 lb-ft of torque to 215 and 245, respectively. "Ok, that's not bad," I hear you say, but in a 2880 lb shell (which really isn't all that light for a car its size, but it'll do) it's enough to grace the SRT-4 with a 0-60 mph time of 5.6 seconds. For a car that costs fewer than 20 grand that's pretty darn sweet. When you're not drag racing, it's nice to know the SRT also comes with sturdier control arms, higher spring rates, firmer strut valving, the PT GT's steering rack, beefier anti-roll bars and wider footprints: 205/ 50ZR-17 rubber versus the R/T's 195/50TR-16. The brakes were also pampered: larger all-wheel disc brakes, vented up front and squeezed by bigger pads stop the '4 from 70 mph in consistent 165 ft runs. Numbers don't really convey how the car drives, so here's the smack-down: This car is fast, lots of boost and lots of torque with a hint of torque steer in the first two cogs. It rides acceptably firm and is excellent for smoothing winding lanes though it does understeer at the limit. The seats are pretty and supportive and the four-pot sounds good, but the shifter is gross and the whole thing gets kind of tiring in everyday traffic. The Neon SRT-4 is a great sports car and an unbeatable value.
  23. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qD4LnA34ueY&NR