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Found 21 results

  1. therock

    Piano anyone?

    I’ve always been interested but as a child I couldn’t afford it So when the wife wanted one I happily said yes Does anyone know a good teacher for adults? Can anyone recommend one willing to come over to the west ? Any tips about lessons or digital pianos in general? I bought a Kawai kdp110 for her 🙂
  2. Lmws214

    Global social learning community

    hi all, ask more. learn more. know faster. chanced on this website a few weeks ago and it is very useful. My own kids find it useful. Students from around the word come tog to share knowledge and solve problems. Students bring their own special skills to share and collaborate to learn together. Good app for your growing kids and teenagers. Do check it out. https://brainly.co/
  3. Bros. I am starting my girl on piano classess soon. As a parent, I want to be able to support her as much as I possibly can. Those who have your kids enrolled for piano classes,are you allowed to sit in? Any parent here who took up an instrument for your kid also? as an adult learner, what are the challenges we may face? eg lack of time, stiff fingers, lack of discipline... I have zero piano knowledge. With the exception of being in the symphonic band as a trumpet player in sec sch and jc times. Any good piano teacher to recommend for young kids and also adult? do you recommend to take lessons in school or at home? looking at cristofori for my girl as its near our place. Have a Yamaha P115 if school does not work out esp this Just out in the news also https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/piano-teacher-sexual-assault-5-year-old-student-pleads-guilty-11470900?cid=FBcna&fbclid=IwAR32lAVkvi7oAuRsA3GXXJW0253Uvr5CeJzt-43TI9EJXGNdcXGQjXJkeIo this is not good at all
  4. kobayashiGT

    How are you using the SkillsFuture?

    So how are you use the $500 that the govt have given us? Last week kopi with my fren, he take that $500 and go take Taxi License. Quite smart thou.
  5. Manual car preferred. a good and patient one. info like the charges per hour will be helpful too. TIA
  6. I always wanted to learn to play the piano ever since i was young but wasnt able to afford it then. Always dream of playing november rain like axl rose of guns and roses. Now i can afford it, and i think it's time to put my dreams into action Some questions to check with bros here.... 1) Where is a good place to learn? Any recommendation? I'm looking for a music school but there are just too many choices 2) Dumb question...but is it too late? I'm in mid 20s and everyone has been telling me that i'm too old to start. 3) Should i get a piano first then go for lessons or vice versa? I'm looking at those digital pianos first before getting the real mccoy... Please kindly share your experiences or advices!! Thanks
  7. tormentedspanish

    An excellent team building last Month

    Hi, I work as a Senior Operations Analyst of an IT Data Center Operations Division. I just want to share an experience of our firm with the recent team building we had in an open area. The weather was not that good that time but we still had a very successful one. The reason why? It is because we trusted a developer that could help us achieve the best learning exercises in a very enjoyable and effective way.We had exciting activities & games. It's even a great adventure for all of us to work as a group. How about you? At some point, you've probably been involved in a team building similar to what we had. Any remarkable experience?
  8. Daekyo Eye Level Singapore Eye Level is an individualised, self-directed learning programme. Guidance and planning provided to the child is customised according to each student’s unique skills and abilities. As such, we believe that if we were to direct students based on their “eye level”, their learning will be more effective. In a traditional classroom setting, however, as the teacher has to cater his/her teaching to the majority of the class (i.e. the average students), students whose skills are below average will be left out. Conversely, students whose skills are above average will find lessons boring. In the Math programme, not only are students exposed to Basic Thinking Math, they are also challenged to Critical Thinking Math - logical and critical Math problems. Critical Thinking Math enhances problem solving and spatial sense right from the very beginning. PlayMath (for ages 3 to 5) encourages hands-on learning. Each book used in every lesson are specifically tailored to enhance the child’s psychomotor skills and learning mathematical concepts by playing, folding, listening to stories, using of stickers. PlayMath encompasses a child’s every needs in embarking into the realms of Mathematics. Developed with UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), Eye Level’s English programme encompasses the four primary skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking. By enhancing high frequency vocabulary and grammar points; and repeated exposure as the level goes higher, the English programme ensures retention within the child. The Chinese Junior programme was developed with Beijing University specifically with dual immersion environment in mind. The programme uses games, chants and songs to stimulate learning in the lower levels, and morphs incrementally into conversational and writing. All programmes have a structured progression, and have compartmentalised topics, hence allowing micro-repetition (within the topic) should there be a need. Also, a diagnostic test is administered prior to the start of the programme, so Instructor can pinpoint the start the child’s level, right down to the booklet, within that level. Our programmes – Maths, English, Play Math and Chinese Jr - are recommended for students between 3 and 14 years old. However, 80% of our students are between 3 and 10 years old. Eye Level is the Key to Self-Directed Learning . We nurture : Problem Solvers Critical Thinkers Lifelong Learners Daekyo Eye Level Singapore 3501 Jalan Bukit Merah , #01-02 Rubikon , Singapore 159460 For further information, please visit www.myeyelevel.com or call us at +65 6397 6117.
  9. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/despite-longer-hours/1204752.html Survey found that singapore teachers work an average of 48 hours a week - 10 hours longer than the global average - of which 17 hours are used for teaching, and only 5 hours a week are spent on administrative duties (I suppose this includes CCA and meetings). Is this even believable?? Or because this is just average number and the standard deviation is very large? I know some teachers complain 60 hr+ spent on work a week. And one mindless meeting is already 2 hr at least. On the other hand, only lower secondary school teachers were surveyed - so how can this justify being generalized for the entire population of teachers nation-wide? MOE of course puts a positive spin to it, and says our teachers work extra because they want to do the best for students (and not because of extra admin stuff dreamed up by them?) What is interesting is that, up north: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/malaysian-teachers-spend-29pc-time-admin-says-study-005400214.html "On average, Malaysian teachers spend 17 hours each week teaching, compared to the survey average of 19 hours. In comparison, they spend six hours per week planning and preparing lessons, and seven hours per week marking and correcting work." That means only 4 hours on admin duties. All sounds very comparable, actually, maybe due to similarities in education systems inherited from same british colonial history.
  10. Xenonium

    Learning to auto detail

    Anyone knows where i can learn auto detailing ? Or anyone keen to take me up and teach me
  11. I didn't know poor in math also can be a medical condition?? Only knew about dyslexia. I can't draw ... Got medical term for that? http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/forum-...sorder-20130924
  12. Philipkee

    Learning TESOL

    Has anyone taken the course TESOL in Singapore? What is it like? Any recommendations for a good place to get a TESOL certificate?
  13. Ahbao999

    Advise on learning keyboard .....

    Hi guys, any advise how should start to play a keyboard. Just brought a keyboard last week. My objective is to play according to chords like guitar chord, C, D, Em, F, G and etc. (btw, I know how to play guitar with chords). hope it boost some knowledge on it. any good video for self learn or online note to begin with... thanks a million. Cheers !!!
  14. I got this crazy idea to get a 2B bike license. you can say that my backside itchy, eat full full, nothing better to do. So i'm asking where is the best (easiest) driving centre to learn? In terms of $$, is there any difference between different centres?
  15. Those interested, go to woodlands multi-storey driving centre to look for him....
  16. HongKongers' lingo (cantonese or butung-hua) is colourful.... so is Taiwanese ones A few lingo I hope bros here can teach: what these mean? ---- taiwan: PK? HK: qi-xin?
  17. Hello, I am sourcing on behalf of my nephew (who will be taking his PSLE in the coming year), on education centre or course. I hope the courses can increase the confident of my nephew before he take PSLE. Any users / parents have good recommendation with the learning centre? Or do you have any experience to share with me? I would appreciate your kind reply Thanks in advance
  18. Watch video. Something tells me that our own government with its huge pay scales makes it a BIG government eating up our prosperity! I like the way she said it. Like peeing in your pants. It feels warm and then you feel cold.
  19. Droozy

    Learning photography

    Hi all, Anyone got any recommendation learning photography via lessons ? Which school ? Thanks for all serious replies
  20. Picnic06-Biante15

    Learning Hokkien is as Easy as ABC.......

    Received a fax note which read "Learning Hokkien is as easy as ABC" Well, it goes like this: Children is kina kia Boy is da boh kia Girl is zha boh kia Small bird is chiao kia Give birth is seh kia Korean car is Kia Junior Police officer is mata kia Small house is chu kia Handphone is Nokia Malay is huan kia Indian is kit leng kia Chinese is deng lang kia Japanese is jit pun kia Bad guy is pai kia Good guy is ho kia Stupid person is gong kia Drug addict is pek hoon kia Person carries tales is kwee kia Reckless person is gu kia Wooden shoe is cha kia Well.... if you laugh out loud, you are siao kia
  21. Teo_jason

    Learning to Use Porter Cable.......

    Just got a porter cable last week and managed to get a 15 year old mit lancer rear bonnet for test for my PC before using on my car..... quite fun and easy to use i would say but makes quite a lot of noise.... i managed t try it with different products mainly,menzerna IP ,Optimum Hyper compound, optimum compound, optimum polish..... Below are the steps i took on the oxidized bonnet and pics: 1) Menzerna IP w/ orange pad at speed 5 on half the bonnet 2) Optimum Hyper compound w /orange pad at speed 5 on the other half 3) Optimum polish w/white polishing pad at speed 5 on the whole bonnet 4) JW prime w/ grey color pad at speed 3 Results: Managed to restore glossiness to the bonnet and remove the oxidation but there are still water etched marks on it that could not be removed....