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Found 276 results

  1. As per title, I can't shift my car out of park position and so I've been using the shift lock override to shift it out of park for the past one week. Googled around and found a few possibilities for this. Wondering if this is a common problem. Car is currently at my workshop getting diagnosed. 1. Incline Induced Pawl Pressure - happens when your car is parked on an incline, not for my case 2. Brake switch failure - I checked and my brake lights are working as they should 3. Faulty Shift Interlock Solenoid 4. Malfunctioning Ignition Switch 5. Open circuit in the shift interlock electrical system
  2. Hoppe

    Swift Owners

    Just thought I would like to make up a list. Start with me : 1) Hoppe - Swift 1.3XG, Blue, SGV xxxx 2) Ssswhite - Swift Sports 1.6AT, White, SJK xxxx 3) pocus - Swift 1.5AT, Blue(duh!), SGC xxxx 4) Rafsimon - Swift ZC31, Blue, SGW XXXX 5) acevin - Swift 1.2XG, Grey, SJF xxxx 6) solaris8899 - Swift, 1.5AT, Silver, SGH xxxx 7) Deathstalker - 1.5AT, Red, SGZ xxxx
  3. Since this is a new model, I think it warranty a new thread to set it apart from the old Swifts The official announcement with happen at Frankfurt Motorshow next week. Anyone as hyped up as me? The info we know so far: Car is slightly larger than previous Swifts, but you cannot tell unless you compare side by side. 1.4 Direct Injected intercooled (front mounted) Turbo, Euro 6 compliant 140ps @ 5500rpm 230nm @ 2500-3500rpm (That's higher than normal turbo range, optimized more for performance) 970kg for MT, 990kg for AT 6MT or tipronic 6AT(They ditched the CVT) 17" rims cruise control and Bluetooth with LED display fabric and leather hybrid sport seats Collision mitigation for higher JDM spec, not sure if it will come locally. JDM release date​ this Month 2017 so PI can start bringing them soon. 0-100 not recorded but based on specs and weight should be in the sub-7 secs The cheapest trim is selling at 1.7 milllion yen, after conversion is around $21kSGD for the OMV.Based calculations of PARF and current cat B COE, the car should be around 120k bracket plus minus. Anyone's radar on this? Close up Interior Zhnged version
  4. Goldenvodka

    Increase comfort level

    Need some valuable inputs from the experts here. I am currently driving a 12 years old Suzuki Swift Sport ZC31S. I must say the driving experience has been great along these years. My entire family is small sized hence space is not an issue and personally I like to drive small cars. Until the recent years after my first child was born. I start to feel the car has 0 level of comfort. Suspension is horrible, can feel every bump on the road. Wind/road noise seems fine. Suspension is really dam rough I tried doing the following things to "soften the suspension" 1) Swap aftermarket suspension back to stock. A good condition item 2) Tyres downsized to 15" 195/60/15 I am not looking for comfort levels of the standards of luxury cars but looking forward to enhance the comfort of my ride to the likes of maybe a old altis/latio/elantra? If the following can be fulfilled with any aftermarket solution, any opinion is much welcomed! 1) Tone down the acceleration and braking power. Every time when I apply gas/brakes my family members will make noise they "surge forward/backwards" 2) A softer and more comfortable suspension as compared to stock. 3) If I change Tyres to 185/60/15 will it improve on anything? By the way my entire vehicle is stock for these years Sorry if this post is weird in anyway. I am just looking for a more comfortable ride for my family without the need to buying a new car.
  5. Hi guys, would like to know if it is possible / legal to turbo charge a 09/10 suzuki swift sport? mainly to achieve the turbo flutter sound (sutututu). any inputs are welcomed.
  6. Now this is not very smart. Thanks to social media apps like Instagram allowing news to spread like bush fire, you now best keep your 'bad' stuff to yourself... Check out this video of some mates videoing themselves going at high speed on our expressways in the wee morning of 10th May 2020. As seen on SG Road Vigilante, this insta story posted by n1zem, shows them going as fast as 180km/h in their Suzuki Swift Sport. Granted, the roads are pretty empty as we are in the midst of the Circuit Breaker period but there is still no reason for going this fast. For those who are wondering, 'Naked Crew" is a local car group and they can be found on Instagram. As usual, the comments by netizens are harsh and probably a bit hurtful. 1.mp4
  7. We know that all of us should be keeping a safe distance from each other in such times. But we reckon these guys that have been caught on video might have taken it abit too far. This video, as posted by SG Road Vigilante, shows a slow moving camera car (claimed to be doing 80km/h but it looks more like 60km/h to us) that was traveling on KPE towards TPE chancing upon a bunch or cars that were abit too keen to distance themselves from any traffic around them. Apparently this happened on the wee hours of 16th May morning and from what we can gather, the lead car is a R34 Nissan Skyline that zoomed past the camera car at a speed that seemed to double the legal speed limit of the KPE. Its hard to tell from the video but other than the Skyline, we could also identify a few other cars including a Suzuki Swift, a Volkswagen Golf, a Volkswagen Jetta (that might have been the same guy that was charged for organising illegal street racing), a Mitsubishi Evo 9 and a couple of Honda Civics. Interestingly, most of the comments were attacking the camera car for being slow. We wonder why. On the other hand, there will always be keyboard warriors that come out with weird and silly comments like the example below... 95563179_890011821514718_986642270115562833_n.mp4
  8. Goldenvodka

    Fuel Pump

    Vehicle is having some issues with engine turning over when in a up hill slope. So far it did not happen on a flat surface. Engine is able to start. However within 1 second it chokes and stall. Found a temp solution to resolve this issue for the time being. 1) Keys to on position ( wait for 5-10seconds) after the buzzing sound is gone By the way. The buzzing sound was present since the first day I collected the car 2) Start the engine The above steps resolve the issue for the time being. I am starting to suspect fuel pump is going to give way or fuel fliter is choked. There is no vacume leak in the car and all the electronics system seems to be fine. No error code yet.
  9. Goldenvodka

    Confirm faulty MAF?

    Guys urgent question before the cny holidays. my vehicle idle speed has not been smooth since a couple of months ago. When engaged in reverse gear it’s vibrating badly. Today, vehicle starts normally however it stalls after a couple of seconds, rpm getting too low. Opened up the hood and disconnect the MAF sensor. It did not stall however check engine light is lited and the vehicle went into a limp mode. (Unable to engage over drive gear) Any ideas if this can conclude as a MAF sensor issue? Before I proceed with the repair cost of $330 ps, am on a road trip on the way back to SG. 1600km away 😞
  10. All Swift/Cultus GTi (AA34S) owner kindly fall in here please..... do head count.... n pls post ur model. i'll kick off first.. 1992 Swift GTi Mk3 - Gun Metal
  11. Suzuki Swift Extreme Concept Impresses With Striking Looks source: https://www.carscoops.com/2019/12/suzuki-swift-extreme-concept-premieres-in-thailand-with-striking-looks/ Suzuki has unveiled a bold Swift-based concept car at the ongoing Thailand Motor Expo 2019 fittingly dubbed the Swift Extreme Concept. While the Suzuki Swift has a unique character and style, it’s far from the most exciting small car on the market. To give the hatchback some life, Suzuki went to town with a series of bold exterior upgrades. Starting at the front, you will find a revised fascia incorporating a blacked-out grille, bespoke air intakes, and a new splitter, as well as a curvaceous hood with sharp air vents. Then we get to the sides, where the concept it stands out from all other Swift models before it thanks to gloss black front and rear wheel fender flares that give the car a fresh new stance. Complementing the new arches are enlarged silver sports wheels with low-profile tires. Rounding out the modifications are a series of upgrades made to the rear fascia, a large spoiler stretching out from the roof and a secondary spoiler that sits between the taillights. There is also a body-colored diffuser and square tailpipes (which may or may not be functional). Heavily tinted windows prevented attendees from seeing if any changes were made to the concept’s interior, while there’s also no word on whether the concept sports any performance upgrades.
  12. Ken1898

    Suzuki Swift Sports

    Is this car reliable and durable? Looking to buy a used left 7-8yrs car. Its small but i suppose this Manual type will be fun to drive. Maintenace wise expensive?
  13. Hi, Would like to check if CM models ZC31S original audio system is able to connect bluetooth & play music. Thanks in advance !
  14. Suzuki has released a new limited edition model of its Swift Sport for the people living in the Netherlands with quite a few upgrades. For those who don't ride, the name Katana is one of the company’s most iconic motorcycles launched in 1981, which also happened to make a return for 2019. Paying tribute to the Suzuki Katana motorcycle, the warm hatch is only available in Premium Silver Metallic and Super Black Pearl. Other than the decals and graphics shown in the photos, it is cool to note that each car will have a serial number near its c-pillar too. Moving on to the more interesting upgrades, the car gets black OZ 18-inch wheels wrapped with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres, grey bumper trims and side skirts with a carbon fiber look. It also receives a lowered adjustable suspension, a strut bar, and an upgraded exhaust system. Unfortunately, there is no mention any increase in horsepower. Inside, a thicker sports steering wheel with a Katana badge and partial leather seats with embroidered Katana lettering provide some of the larger change. Owners might also be able to spoil several other Katana symbols around the car's floor mats and trimmings. Only 30 units will be built and the car will only be available in The Netherlands.
  15. Hi Everyone, I have a pic here that show the beautiful GT Wing on a Suzuki Swift sport 3rd generation model. Anybody know what is the brand or name of this GT Wing spoiler? And where can i get it? Thank you.
  16. One of my friends is trying to store her car for a month , model is Swift 2008 Should the batter be disconnected? The petrol is full tank.
  17. Hi guys, Starting the v2.0 of this thread, since the previous one is full.
  18. Sokinky

    Wtb swift sport owner manual

    any 1 selling swift sport owner's manual?? thks in advance..
  19. Turbonetics

    Russ Swift

    He is the world's number 1 precision driver. he broke the world record of doing 10 doughnuts in under 15sec. 1).Welcome Russ Swift- 2).What a close shave,but he did it on purpose- 3).Parallel Parking in 2 sec- 4).Two wheels driving with 3 passengers onboard- 5).doughnuts.nice and accurate-
  20. Chiqinhan

    Suzuki Swift owners???

    hi currently i'm driving a 1991 swift... any bros herer also driving the same car??? maybe can meet up some day for all swift owners...... cheers.....
  21. Hi, which of the above choices will you get for car about 9 year old, be it an OPC or normal plate. Please advise...
  22. Pandaeyes

    New Swift Sport ZC32S

    Hi guys Anyone driving the above mentioned for the 6MT version? Any real experience comments? Reliable? No teething issues? Don't see many on the road. Wonder why. COE? Thanks.
  23. I'm driving a swift sport zc31 manual. My clutch slip when I accelerate over 3k rpm. The acceleration comes in after a delay of about 2sec. When I floor, the Rpm will rise like it's in neutral gear and then will go down and accelerate the speed. I just changed a recon gearbox and new clutch kit 2 mths ago. Went back to the workshop and they told me it's normal cuz I changed a normal clutch, if I change a racing clutch then won't have this problem. Anyone can help on this?
  24. Friendstar

    Most budget MIJ car

    This accolade used to be held by Nissan note. Recently. Note prices have increased steadily and Suzuki swift became the most budget MIJ. Quite surprising given swift is a lifestyle car and ought to be priced a premium over a practical car like note. Well, if u need a car that has Japanese reliability and quality. A mini like driving experience. Swift (keyless. Push start. 7 airbags. Auto aircon. Cruise n audio controls, 16 inch rims, DRL) can be a consideration .