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Found 24 results

  1. Our paper generals battle rethink 3:1 tactic... 😅
  2. Continue here: Prev thread:
  3. Hi All, I got a problem, the owner of the van I am driving now had passed away which was my late father. I have checked with LTA, I can still drive as long policy still under the estate of (vehicle' owner) while preparing the documents for transfer. How do I get the letter or any identification of being an estate of the deceased owner for my next insurance renewal? From LTA or a lawyer firm and how much will it cost me? The van left 2 years with no loan and the COE cost my dad $86 for a 10 years renewal in 2017. So even I scrape it, I will get not more than $20 or so. Please advise thanks.
  4. 10 Old School Chinese Songs Singaporean Will Continue to Sing In 2014 For The Hidden Meaning 1. 那些年 by 胡夏 ( trying to be young song ) This song bring Singaporean back to their University, JC or Secondary life. Singaporean sing this to remind them of that “someone” whom they wish to “jio” ( woo ) by “cannot jio until” (not possible to woo due to various reasons ) Best Lyrics: 那天晚上满天星星 That night, when the sky was full of stars 平行时空下的约定 In parallel time and space, we made a promise 再一次相遇我会紧紧抱着你 If we meet again, I’ll hug you tightly 紧紧抱着你 Hug you tightly 2. 新不了情 by 蕭敬騰 ( trying to impress song ) One of the most challenging song for Singaporean male to impress his ideal girl in KTV. Singaporean male who is able to sing this with applause at the end of the song should really consider to stop studying/career and pursued a singing career Best Lyrics: 回忆过去 Reviewing the past 痛苦的相思忘不了 The painful memories are unforgettable 为何你还来 Why do you come then 拨动我心跳 To make my heart race 3. 祝我生日快樂 by 溫嵐 ( Pre – birthday breakup song ) One of the most popular song for Singaporean teenager girl who just suffer from a break up with her boyfriend. So Singaporean guy, if you happen to be in this KTV room with this girl, don’t put up too much hope on her. She is still living in her past Best Lyrics: 一個人坐在空盪包廂裡面 Sitting alone within an empty booth 手機 讓它休息一夜 My cellphone, I will let it rest for the night 難 像切割切掉回憶的畫面 It’s hard, like cutting until the edges of my memory drop away 眼淚不能流過十二點 The tears can’t keep going past 12 o’clock 4. 我不配 by 周杰倫 ( Not good enough song ) All Singaporean be it male, female or in – between will definitely sing Jay Chou songs when they go for their KTV session. One of the most familiar and popular song will be this. Not worthy to the opposite sex happen all the time, Best Lyrics: Oh 這感覺已經不對 Oh this feeling isn’t right anymore 我最後才了解 It wasn’t until afterwards that I finally understood 一頁頁不忍翻閱的情結妳好累 While flipping through unbearable pages realizing how tired you were 妳莫背為我掉過幾次淚多憔悴 Burdened, you cried yourself dry because of me so many times 而我心碎妳受罪 And I was heart broken that you endured so much 妳的美 我不配 I’m not worthy of your beauty 5. 我可以 by 蔡旻佑 ( Can be done song ) Before this post become a “Emo” (Emotional) post. There many other “happy” songs that you will hear a Singaporean sings in KTV. Most of the time this fellow is already in a relationship which make “us” really really sad. Best Lyrics: 我可以 陪你去看星星 I can take you to see the stars 不用再多說明 There’s no need to say more. 我就要和你在一起 I only want to be with you 我不想 又再一次和你分離 I don’t want to be apart from you once again 我多麼想每一次的美麗 All the good things I’m thinking everytime 是因為你 are all about you 6. 擦肩而過 by 李聖傑 ( Gotten friend – zone song ) One of the most familiar friend zone songs your Singaporean guy friend will select to sing. Best Lyrics: 他 不 会 是 个 好 男 人 He’s not a good man 也 不 会 是 个 好 情 人 and is not a good lover either 你 对 我 说 You told me 我 们 只 是 擦 肩 而 过 We are just had a brief encounter 好 的 男 人 有 那 么 多 There are so many good men out there 少 了 他 的 日 子 也 能 过 without him, life will still go on 7. 專屬天使 by Tank ( going to ask for steady song ) Most of the time this song is being requested from the Singaporean girls in the KTV room. Not really appreciating the male vocalist but be able to see Wu Zhu in the MV. Best Lyrics: 沒有誰能取代妳在我心上 There is no one who can take you away from my side 擁有一個專屬天使 my very own, my angel 我哪裡還需要別的願望 there is nothing else that I desire 要不是妳出現 Without your appearance 我一定還在沉睡 I would still be asleep 絕望的以為 convinced that 生命只有黑夜 this life is full of darkness 8. 暫時的男朋友 by 嚴爵 ( Deeply in love song ) Any Singaporean male who has select this to sing, most probability he already got himself “Gong Tao” (black magic) by the girl. He is allowing himself to be into friend – zone category and continuing to take care of that girl as a rebound Best Lyrics: 我願意當妳的籃板球 I am willing to be your rebound 當一個暫時的男朋友 Be your temporary boyfriend 只要妳需要我陪妳過 If only you need me to help you through 不怕別人怎麼看怎麼說我 this I don’t care how others see or talk about me 不讓妳有一秒鐘寂寞 Not letting you have a second of loneliness 我要填滿妳的現在不排除 今後 I want to fill your today onwards 9 . 當我知道你們相愛 by 何維健 ( just realise crush got into relationship ) Okay readers cheer up this Singaporean who select this song to sing in KTV. He or She has been Friend – Zone just get to know it. Most likely this person had just saw his/her crush status change from single into “relationship”. No. 10 song I hope you can use it to cheer yourself up in KTV. Best Lyrics: 当我知道你们相爱 When I realise you two are in love 有了开始有了未来 With a start and a future 在我心里放不下的也该释怀 Those feeling i can’t let out 收拾好把它掩埋 Pack it up and bury it 10. 沒那麼簡單 by 黃小琥 ( Move forward song ) A move on song which can sung by any relationship problem conditional Best Lyrics: 相爱没有那么容易 it’s not that simple to fall in love 每个人有他的脾气 everyone has their temper 过了爱作梦的年纪 I am past the age of being a dreamer 轰轰烈烈不如平静 excitement is not as good as tranquility 幸福没有那么容易 Happiness is not that simple 才会特别让人着迷 that’s also why it’s that fascinating
  5. Hi, One of my tyre having this chip off at the sidewall...not sure how I got it but is it safe to still continue driving on it? Anyone experience this before? Thanks
  6. Picnic06-Biante15

    Saga Continue : Samsung-Apple Fight Moves

    Yahoo report :Samsung-Apple Fight Moves to Marketing By TANZINA VEGA and BRIAN X. CHEN | New York Times
  7. Scb11980

    Continue to EAT at our own RISK

    Eight dirty reasons he's resorted to takeaways 5 Jan 2012 Straits Times AS A frequent patron of coffee shops and hawker centres, I have gradually resorted to takeaways rather than eating-in because of the increasing prevalence of these unhygienic conditions: Crockery and cutlery are washed with only plain water and are often oily when used to serve food. Cups are dipped once in soapy water and then plain water, and taken out ready to be used again. Sweaty sellers with sleeveless shirts bending their bodies over food when cooking or serving. Washing of dishes on dirty floors near toilets. Coffee shop toilets are filthy and cannot possibly provide food stall workers with hygienic conditions. Cutlery is placed directly on trays that are wiped with cloth used for cleaning dirty tables. Servers holding the eating part of chopsticks or other cutlery with the same bare hands that hold table cleaning cloth or dirty dishes. The same person who handles cash transactions, handles food as well - with his bare hands. Can the relevant authorities consider prescribing and enforcing higher standards of food stall hygiene so that eating out does not feel like a public health risk? Ho Chee Khuen
  8. Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices softened at the first tender of 2012 on Thursday, continuing a slide that started in November. COE prices for cars up to 1,600cc ended at $46,889, down from $50,001 two weeks ago. COE for cars above 1,600cc finished at $65,801, down from $70,003. Open category COE, which can be used to register any type of vehicle but ends up mainly for bigger cars, fell from $71,000 to $65,700. The rate for commercial vehicles dipped slightly from $39,589 to $38,699. Motorcycle premiums bucked the trend by rising from $1,481 to close at $1,682. Motor traders said the market has been quiet in past weeks because of the year-end holidays; and because the final sprint to hit 2011 sales targets is now over. http://www.straitstimes.com/Motoring/Story...ory_752160.html
  9. Should S'pore negotiate a new F1 contract after the current one expires or should they let it go? Not being a motorsports fan, I would be happy to see it leave.
  10. in the name of grassroots. Don't let them get away with this.
  11. Superyandao

    Can Chiam continue to shine?

    http://www.razor.tv/site/servlet/mini_gesi...2588#player_top After effects of stroke? Obviously problem with speech but mind seems still sharp. Not sure if he can win the crowd over though...
  12. Vulcann

    Oh no, another collectable oldie gona be retained. Hope MHA has the budget for an additional head count & has least some place catered for him. Whatever it is, I sincerely hope he will not be placed in PMO together with the rest. The again, place him here, there or anywhere we still have to pay for his multi-million dollar salary right? Silly me... Ho Peng Kee will continue to have a role in MHA By Tanya Fong | Posted: 17 April 2011 2031 hrs SINGAPORE : Senior Minister of State for Law and Home Affairs Ho Peng Kee will continue to have a role in the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to spearhead Volunteers Outreach and Development. Associate Professor Ho, who announced his retirement from politics two weeks ago, said Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam had requested that he continues to play a role in the MHA. Mr Shanmugam had said Associate Professor Ho's stepping down is a big loss, adding that Associate Professor Ho has built up deep linkages with the several volunteer organisations. There are currently 11,000 MHA volunteers. Associate Professor Ho said that he hopes that in continuing as a link to volunteers, he can help lift volunteerism in Singapore. He added that emergency preparedness and resilience cannot be solely driven by the government. Citizens too must play a part in looking out for one another, and this is where volunteerism plays a crucial role. Associate Professor Ho said: "What I have agreed to do is to continue to leverage on my deep ties with these people and to continue to 'ra-ra' them to make their volunteering experience satisfactory. "It is not because I am leaving and they just want to do it for me. It is something which we have been thinking about the key roles volunteers play. Basically volunteers, they need a link. They need recognition. It is a nice platform to continue some association in a relevant way." - CNA/ms
  13. SINGAPORE : Motor insurance premiums will continue to go up this year as insurers look to recoup underwriting losses, said the president of the General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA), Derek Teo. GIA said the industry's underwriting losses widened to S$48.9 million, some S$4 million higher than in 2009. Last year, the average motor insurance premium rose 6.5 per cent to S$1,100. In 2009, it had increased by a larger 20 per cent. GIA said the two major floods last year led to 428 motor insurance claims amounting to S$11.6 million. The number of reported accidents in Singapore also remained high at some 162,500 last year. Motor insurance accounts for the largest slice of the general insurance pie, making up roughly 40 per cent of the industry. - CNA/al
  14. need your view whether COE will continue to drop...or will rise again? THX in advance
  15. From another forum, really funny! you decide for your children and children's children.
  16. Hi Bros, Need your advice based on whether to change car or not... Current driving a 6 yrs old Hyundai Sonata, it has served me well over the years... Car loan fully paid up... PARF : $16k COE : $12k (based on End Feb 2009) Total rebate : $28k However, like most aging cars, its due for some major overhaul which would cost another $2-3k to allow it to continue for another 4 yrs more... My parents are aging too and finding it hard to get into the car due to it's low sedan profile... With the current low COE but even lower re-sale value of the current car, I am checking whether is it worth it to change a new car or get second-hand car... I am looking at car with higher profile, SUV, Cross-over or maybe MPV... Not really in hurry to change now, can afford to wait for dealers to cut their fat margins first...
  17. need expert's advice on my current dilemna - to change my ride or continue with it? come late feb 09, my car will be 5-year old. mileage only at 70,000km. condition still good despite it being hit front and back several years ago. broke-even about 2 years ago and will get back about $8-10k if i sell the car now. current downpayment per month = $570, 7-year loan at 1.6%. stopped driving to work since changed job to city (traffic jams and lack of parking). only drive on fridays and weekends, and yes, i need a car to get around alot socially. several concerns - 1) should i change my ride cos it's reaching its 5-year mark? 2) will i lose more money if i continue with my ride? 3) is it true that if i sell my car in its 7-8th year, the financial situation remains the same as now? if i were to change my ride, i am planning a relatively "new" used car ie. about 1-year old or less. i just wanna be prudent and save up for other big-ticket expenses but dun know if keeping my ride is the way to go. i cant seem to find the excel spreadsheet posted a while ago which can tabulate the numbers to address some of my concerns. it can track how much i get back on a yearly basis. any help is most appreciated. thanks!
  18. With Torres injured and will not be fit until January 2009..... will Liverpool able to maintain the lead on the table ...... Had a bad feeling about this match ....... , against West Ham at home can draw 0 - 0 ........ Looking at the weekends fixtures, ManU, Chelsea and Arsenal are having easy games ..... Weekends fixtures Tomorrow (6/11/08) got 7 matches Fulham v Manchester City Hull City v Middlesbrough Arsenal v Wigan Athletic Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool Everton v Aston Villa Bolton Wanderers v Chelsea Manchester United v Sunderland Sunday (7/11/08) West Bromwich Albion v Portsmouth Newcastle United v Stoke City ESPN Soccernt reports : Allardyce keen on Sunderland job Sam Allardyce has declared his interest in the Sunderland job after Roy Keane quit the club on Thursday. Allardyce has already been installed as the bookmakers' favourite for the Stadium of Light post, even though such a switch would make him the first man to manage both Newcastle and Sunderland.
  19. Business Times - 23 Jul 2008 Sales of grey imports continue to surge Nissan is now a key parallel import brand due to the iconic GT-R model By SAMUEL EE PARALLEL imports continued to power ahead in the first six months of this year, with 11,860 units registered, or 23.5 per cent of the 50,549 new cars registered in Singapore during that period - up from 2007's 20.9 per cent market share. The parallel import (PI) figure for the first half is contrasted against that of the 36,891 units by the Motor Traders Association of Singapore (MTA). MTA is a grouping of authorised distributors, although not all such distributors here are members. The ratio of PI to MTA sales is about 1:3 - the same as in Q1. This means that for every car sold by a parallel importer, three were sold by MTA members. Last year's ratio was 1:4. In the grey market, Honda currently holds sway, unlike Toyota in the authorised realm. Honda, Japan's No. 2 car maker, accounts for 46.9 per cent of all new parallel imports sold between January and June 2008, while Toyota, the world's biggest car maker, makes up 41.1 per cent. Together, Honda and Toyota constitute 88 per cent of all first-half parallel imports. The pace of Q2 sales has not slowed down compared with Q1. In fact, Q2's volume is slightly higher than Q1's. One interesting feature of H1 2008 is that the Nissan brand is suddenly a PI favourite with 145 units sold during this period, compared with just 27 grey imports for the whole of 2007. This is mainly due to the overwhelming popularity of the high-performance Nissan GT-R sports car (88 units in H1 2008) and the compact Dualis SUV (37 units). The first GT-R arrived here in January as a grey import and it will only be available from authorised Nissan distributor Tan Chong Motor Sales sometime in the second quarter of 2009. The four Japanese brands combined - Honda, Toyota, Suzuki and Nissan - account for a whopping 94.4 per cent of all PI year-to-date sales. Among PI models, the most popular is the Honda Fit with 2,058 units. This diminutive five-door hatchback arrived here last November while the Jazz, the export version from authorised distributor Kah Motor, will only be ready for registration nearer year-end. The Stream compact MPV is No. 2 with 1,865 units, while No. 3 is the domestic Japanese version of the ever popular Toyota Corolla, called the Axio (1,406 units). Also noteworthy is the number of Mercedes-Benz cars - 142 units in the first six months versus 236 for 2007 - a fact that can be attributed largely to the new C-Class model (43.7 per cent of total Merc registrations).
  20. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/afp.../360684/1/.html SINGAPORE: Oil prices continued lower in Asia on Wednesday after fears for economic growth sent them tumbling to their steepest fall in 17 years during New York trading, analysts said. New York's main oil contract, light sweet crude for August delivery, was 64 cents lower at US$138.10 a barrel. The contract sank US$6.44 to close at US$138.74 on Tuesday at the New York Mercantile Exchange. It was the sharpest single-session decline since January 1991. "I was stunned," said Dave Ernsberger, Asia director of global energy information provider Platts. "At one point crude futures fell by US$10 in one hour." Brent North Sea crude for August delivery was 36 cents lower at US$138.39 a barrel following a plunge of US$5.17 to settle at US$138.75 Tuesday in London. Analysts said the heavy falls coincided with US Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke's semi-annual forecast to Congress, in which he said there was a "high degree of uncertainty" about the US economic outlook. "The move down started when Ben Bernanke started speaking on television," Ernsberger said. "It fell while he was talking." Bernanke said the Federal Reserve had lifted its outlook for the US economy this year, in a forecast that appears to show no recession. The central bank projected 2008 growth in a range of 1.0 to 1.6 per cent, up from an April projection of 0.3 to 1.2 per cent. But he warned of numerous risks, including a potentially troublesome rise in inflation and stressed financial markets. "The economy continues to face numerous difficulties, including ongoing strains in financial markets, declining house prices, a softening labour market, and rising prices of oil, food, and some other commodities," Bernanke said. Traders fear that a slowing economy in the United States, the world's biggest oil consumer, will hurt demand for crude. "It's having a justifiably large impact," Ernsberger said. Al Goldman at Wachovia Securities blamed the huge price fall on Bernanke's "gloomy assessment" as well as a cut in the demand forecast by OPEC. The Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) on Tuesday revised down its forecast for growth of world oil demand this year to 1.20 per cent from 1.28 per cent, citing an economic slowdown and high fuel prices. "The new price structure and slower world economy have helped dampen oil demand growth in many regions," OPEC said in its monthly report. After the heavy falls on Tuesday, the oil market was looking ahead to a weekly government report on US energy stockpiles which was to be released later Wednesday. A Platts survey of analysts suggests a fall in US crude stocks of three million barrels and a drop of 1.1 million barrels for gasoline. Oil prices had soared after breaking through US$100 at the start of 2008, and hit peaks above US$147 last Friday. The record prices sparked protests around the world, and fears for economic growth. - AFP/yb
  21. Picnic06-Biante15

    If Oil Prices Continue To Increase...

    If Oil Prices Continue To Increase....... Devious actions had to be taken.
  22. COE prices continue to head south Prices continue to fall across the board in the latest tender, with the premium for bigger cars posting the biggest drop. -ST Wed, Dec 05, 2007 The Straits Times CERTIFICATES of Entitlement (COE) prices continue to fall across the board in the latest tender on Wednesday, with the premium for bigger cars posting the biggest drop. That premium for cars above 1,600cc dived by more than $3,000 to end at a 10-month low of $13,114. The COE for cars up to 1,600cc fell by more than $2,000 to finish at $12,001 - again one of the lowest this year. The Open COE, used mainly for cars, was down by around $1,500 to end at $15,501. Commercial vehicle COE closed at exaclty $13,000 - about $1,400 lower than its previous rate. Even motorcycle COE ended lower at $1,012 - from $1,052 previously. Motor traders said the market was quiet, as the year-end holidays and an absence of new mainstream models kept buyers away. Bids for the above-1,600cc category were just 15 per cent more than the supply of COEs, reflecting a weak order bank. In the last round, they were 19 per cent above COE supply. Car agents are expected to cut prices in response to the lower premiums. Toyota distributor Borneo Motors for instance, has slashed prices by $2,000 all round. The reduction is expected to stir some interest, which means premiums in the next tender - the week before Christmas - should rise.
  23. German marque beat rivals in S'pore last year with 21% jump in sales By SAMUEL EE (BT 24/1/07) IN LINE with its worldwide performance, Audi was the fastest-growing brand in the luxury-car segment in Singapore too last year, with sales up 21 per cent to 651 units. Audi was the only premium brand to register double-digit growth in Singapore in 2006 With the car as the only premium brand to register double-digit growth, its authorised distributor Premium Automobiles has set sights on selling 850 units this year. The German marque has been growing steadily over the past few years, with 465 units sold in 2004 and 537 units in 2005. Arguably, Audi's main competitors here have a volume of up to six times, but their sales registered only single-digit gains in 2006. For example, fellow German manufacturer BMW saw sales rise 6.1 per cent to 3,680 units, while Mercedes-Benz grew by 6.3 per cent to 3,182 units. Japan's Lexus chalked up 5.3 per cent more units to 2,045. As in previous years, the bulk of Audi models registered last year was of the A4 saloon. But the gap between the 44 per cent of A4 sold and the 33 per cent of the slightly larger A6 sedan chosen by customers is narrowing, according to Premium's chief operating officer, Marc Singleton. 'We anticipate that in 2007, the A6 will equal or surpass the A4 in volume,' he says, adding that the A6's increasing popularity is due to its wider engine options and growing brand recognition. Mr Singleton expects the A4 and A6 to account for 31 per cent each of total Audi sales in 2007. The arrival of new models will also play a part in the A4's lower contribution to overall volume. These include the A3 hatchback and its performance variant, the 265hp turbocharged S3 with quattro all-wheel-drive; as well as fun lifestyle models like the TT Coupe and the R8 supercar. Together, these two segments are expected to account for 28 per cent of total sales next year. Audi's traditional strength in the performance segment will also get a powerful boost this year, with the introduction of models like the RS4 Cabriolet and the 450hp S8 performance limousine. The latter, which has a 5.2-litre naturally aspirated V10, costs $455,000 and is being launched this month. These new sports models are also expected to continue playing a big role in elevating the Audi brand image. 'With the line-up of performance models, 2007 will also mark the year when Audi's offensive in the 'fun' segment will intensify,' said Mr Singleton. 'On the international motoring scene, Audi will launch the A5 Coupe and the RS6 in the second half of 2007. From a marketing viewpoint, the arrival of these models will certainly resurrect and kindle interest in other models within the Audi line-up.' He adds that Premium's after-sales service has also played a key role in its efforts to grow volume. 'Having established a strong foundation in the area of after-sales, Premium Automobiles will capitalise on this competitive advantage by highlighting our commitment to service,' he says. 'The challenge, as Audi grows in volume, is to maintain the high standards of service that our customers have come to expect from us.' Audi is the fastest-growing premium brand in the world, achieving record sales for the 11th year running. The Ingolstadt-based car-maker sold 905,000 cars last year, an increase of 9.2 per cent, and it will be announcing record revenue and earnings soon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TfbcvRg7MY