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  1. A handsome looking 7 seater (better looking than the 2nd gen Skoda Kodiaq imo), in the latest iteration. The third-generation Peugeot 5008 plugs into Europe's already crowded SUV segment in more ways than one. It's available with a fully electric drivetrain but you can also have the three-row family hauler with a plug-in hybrid setup. Alternatively, the French brand part of Stellantis plans to sell a cheaper mild-hybrid model as well. Essentially, the new 5008 is an enlarged version of the latest 3008 introduced in 2023. It sits on the STLA Medium platform and has the following dimensions: 4,788mm long, 1,890mm wide, and 1,689mm tall, with a generous wheelbase of 2,898mm. While SUVs nowadays tend to have swoopy rooflines, the new Peugeot 5008 retains the boxy shape of its predecessor to maximize interior space. It largely inherits the design of its E-3008 smaller brother, complete with the same 21-inch display positioned atop the dashboard. There are also 10 customizable touch controls providing shortcuts to often-used functions accessible from the center console. The most affordable version will be powered by a turbocharged 1.2-liter gasoline engine fitted with 48V technology. This tiny three-cylinder mill sends 136 horsepower to the front wheels via a six-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission featuring a built-in electric motor. The plug-in hybrid combines a 150-hp combustion engine with a 123-hp electric motor for a total system output of 195 hp channeled through a seven-speed, dual-clutch auto. This PHEV can cover more than 80Km on electric power before the gas engine starts feeding from the 60L fuel tank. Then there’s the fully electric E-5008 model available in multiple configurations. The single-motor, front-wheel-drive versions come with 210 hp and 228 hp, both of which offer an instant torque of 254 pound-feet. Step up to the dual-motor, all-wheel-drive model, and the combined output is rated at 318 hp. Stick to the front-wheel-drive model and Peugeot installs a 73.0-kilowatt-hour battery good for 500Km. The bigger 98.0-kWh pack means fewer stops at a charging station since the range grows to 660Km. The dual-motor, all-wheel-drive version gets the bigger battery but efficiency takes a hit due to the vehicle's higher curb weight. Those batteries are guaranteed for eight years or 100,000 miles during which Peugeot is sure charging capacity won't drop below 70 percent. A heat pump comes as standard, as does the 11-kW charger. You can optionally get a 22-kilowatt charger, while DC charging can support up to 160 kW. In this case, it takes 10 minutes to put enough energy in the battery for 100Km. Spending half an hour at a charging station replenishes the battery from 20 to 80 percent.
  2. High five for Citroen's new medium SUVhttps://www.stuff.co.nz/motoring/road-tests/109909709/high-five-for-citroens-new-medium-suv Citroen has always been more keen on quirky people movers than high-riding SUVs. It's a very Continental thing. Except that it's becoming less of thing as time goes on, which is why the French brand has finally created something that competes in New Zealand's most popular single new-vehicle segment: medium SUVs. So say "salut/gidday" to the new C5 Aircross, a European Car of the Year nominee that's heading here in September. Perhaps because it's come so late to the SUV party, Citroen reckons the C5 Aircross answers buyer concerns about the relative lack of comfort and practicality in the latest fashion-led soft-roaders. It's based on the same front-drive platform as the Peugeot 3008, but it's 55mm longer in the wheelbase (and stretched by the same amount overall). The idea is that the C5 Aircross is more spacious on the inside than your average medium SUV, more comfortable with Citroen's new-generation Advanced Comfort Seats (15mm surface foam, mattress-like filling and more memory foam underneath) and especially more practical. The rear seats are split 40/20/40, all three sections slide individually and the backrests can be adjusted for rake, meaning luggage capacity ranges from a generous 580 litres to a very impressive 720 while maintaining five chairs. Not exactly luxurious for rear occupants in the latter position, but hey - you can do it. It's all very people-mover-like. You can see what they've done there. There's just one high-specification model for NZ, powered by a version of Peugeot-Citroen's familiar 1.6-litre turbo-petrol with 132kW/250Nm. That's more grunt than you get in the top-line 3008 petrol models (121kW/240Nm) and it's matched to an eight-speed automatic gearbox. The comfort ethos continues in the suspension with Citroen's Progressive Hydraulic Cushion (PHC) dampers, a unique system originally developed for the brand's rally cars that has extra baby dampers at the top and bottom of the main units to smooth out the up-and-down movements, while maintaining good control in the mid-range. So at a projected price just under $50k, you're potentially getting a larger, more powerful and better equipped SUV (stuff like adaptive cruise will likely be standard on the Kiwi C5 Aircross) for a little less money than the equivalent 3008. It's expected to account for at least of half of Citroen's Kiwi volume when it comes on stream in September, although with no price-leading model and the fact that it's a new thing for a niche brand, it'll still be a fairly small concern. The local distributor reckons the 3008 will still outsell the C5 Aircross three-to-one. At Citroen's international media launch in Morocco. Marrakech in fact, from the chaos of the city where you're constantly dodging battered Peugeot 504 utes, out into wide open spaces and around the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. An ambitious drive-location and obviously one chosen to showcase the squishy underpinnings and long cruising legs of the C5 Aircross. ​The so-called "180" (that's horsepower) version of this engine is a gem: perky and punchy, even if it gets a little raucous up top. The eight-speed transmission is seamless and smooth at a cruise, although it can get a bit fidgety when you ask the big questions with the throttle. The roads in Morocco are famously bad in places: narrow, ruts and plenty of big potholes. A tough test then. As with the PHC-equipped C4 Cactus we tested in NZ late last year, we found the C5 Aircross chassis had a tendency to occasionally crash into broken tarmac at urban speeds, but cruised serenely on the open road, combining the right degree of classic Citroen "waft" with good body control. It's a ride-handling combination that suits the medium-SUV C5 Aircross much better than the city-oriented C4 Cactus. And don't mistake comfort-oriented dynamics for a sluggish feel: the C5 Aircross is literally light on its feet, with a kerb weight of just 1430kg. We ventured off-tarmac a little, although take note that as with the sister 3008, the C5 Aircross is front-drive only. Kiwi models will likely ride on 19-inch wheels, but if you're willing to step down to 18s you can have Grip Control as an option - a drive-mode selector that adjusts traction control and transmission calibration for low traction surfaces. What really stands out? Character: a more fluid low-speed ride would be welcome, but overall the Citroen's deliberately non-sporty demeanour and strong visual character are hugely refreshing. The interior ambience is pretty chill as well - lounge-like in its styling and high in equipment. The controls are pleasingly simple but there's hi-tech on board, including a neat virtual instrument panel. The choice of materials is more in the cheap-and-cheerful mould, though: the textures are interesting but a lot of the plastic is pretty hard. It's nothing like as premium as the touchy feely environment of a 3008. Why would I buy it? Because it proves that medium-sized SUVs don't have to be generic boxes. Because it really does blend SUV style with a touch of people-mover practicality. Or because Citroen is doing some pretty cool stuff these days that's full of character without being self-consciously quirky, and you want in.
  3. At a quick glance, I thought that was a Peugeot... Another SUV-nised product in the automotive scene. The fifth generation Renault Scenic has been revealed as an all-electric people mover bearing the E-Tech badge and sitting on the same CMF-EV platform as the Renault Megane E-Tech and Nissan Ariya European compact EVs. Set to be built at Renault’s Douai ElectricCity Factory, the all-new Scenic E-Tech will reach dealerships on the Old Continent at the beginning of next year with a choice of two zero-emissions powertrains, both powered by LG nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) batteries. The Standard range version comes with a front-mounted electric motor that makes 125 kilowatts (170 horsepower) and 280 Newton-meters of torque and draws juice from a 60-kilowatt-hour battery pack that can offer over 420 kilometers of driving range (in the WLTP cycle). DC fast charging can be done at up to 130 kW, the 0 to 100 kilometerper hour sprint is achieved in 9.3 seconds, and the top speed is 150 kilometers per hour for this trim. The High range Scenic E-Tech comes with a more potent motor that makes 160 kW (220 hp) and 300 NM of torque, all while receiving electrons from a bigger, 87 kWh pack that enables an estimated range of over 620 km on the WLTP cycle. DC fast charging is possible at up to 150 kW in this case, the sprint to 100 kmph takes 8.4 seconds, while the top speed is 170 kph. With this being said, both variants can be charged on AC power at up to 22 kW.
  4. The Espace has lost it way. Sorry but this is the ugliest Espace in its 30 year history... nothing but a bloated Kadjar / Koleos. Now entering its sixth generation, it's basically abandoning all minivan cues. Essentially, it's a long-wheelbase version of the Austral compact crossover with some minor changes to the design. While cars tend to grow in size and add weight, the new Espace bucks the trend since it's 140 mm shorter and 215 kg lighter than the minivan it replaces. It also rides 32 mm lower and has a more spacious third row, but you can have it with only five seats as well. This midsize SUV come with a turbocharged 1.3-liter gasoline engine as a full hybrid with a pair of electric motors. The three-cylinder unit is good for 131 hp and 205 Nm of torque while the main electric motor is rated at 68 hp and 205 Nm. The second e-motor works as the starter generator with 25 hp and 50 Nm. Combined, Renault says the driver has access to 199 hp.
  5. GT Version http://i.wheelsage.org/image/format/picture/picture-gallery/p/peugeot/508_gt/peugeot_508_gt_14.jpg http://i.wheelsage.org/image/format/picture/picture-gallery/p/peugeot/508_gt/peugeot_508_gt_9.jpg http://i.wheelsage.org/image/format/picture/picture-gallery/p/peugeot/508_gt/peugeot_508_gt_94.jpg http://i.wheelsage.org/image/format/picture/picture-gallery/p/peugeot/508_gt/peugeot_508_gt_940.jpg http://i.wheelsage.org/image/format/picture/picture-gallery/p/peugeot/508_gt/peugeot_508_gt_77.jpg http://i.wheelsage.org/image/format/picture/picture-gallery/p/peugeot/508_gt/peugeot_508_gt_46.jpg http://i.wheelsage.org/image/format/picture/picture-gallery/p/peugeot/508_gt/peugeot_508_gt_21.jpg http://i.wheelsage.org/image/format/picture/picture-gallery/p/peugeot/508_gt/peugeot_508_gt_48.jpg http://i.wheelsage.org/image/format/picture/picture-gallery-full/p/peugeot/508_gt/peugeot_508_gt_25.jpg http://i.wheelsage.org/image/format/picture/picture-gallery-full/p/peugeot/508_gt/peugeot_508_gt_8.jpg http://i.wheelsage.org/image/format/picture/picture-gallery-full/p/peugeot/508_gt/peugeot_508_gt_18.jpg Standard Version http://i.wheelsage.org/image/format/picture/picture-gallery/p/peugeot/508/peugeot_508_56.jpg http://i.wheelsage.org/image/format/picture/picture-gallery/p/peugeot/508/peugeot_508_86.jpg http://i.wheelsage.org/image/format/picture/picture-gallery/p/peugeot/508/peugeot_508_971.jpg http://i.wheelsage.org/image/format/picture/picture-gallery/p/peugeot/508/peugeot_508_55.jpg http://i.wheelsage.org/image/format/picture/picture-gallery/p/peugeot/508/peugeot_508_71.jpg GT Line http://i.wheelsage.org/image/format/picture/picture-gallery/p/peugeot/508_gt_line/peugeot_508_gt_line.jpg http://i.wheelsage.org/image/format/picture/picture-gallery/p/peugeot/508_gt_line/peugeot_508_gt_line_6.jpg http://i.wheelsage.org/image/format/picture/picture-gallery/p/peugeot/508_gt_line/peugeot_508_gt_line_9.jpg http://i.wheelsage.org/image/format/picture/picture-gallery/p/peugeot/508_gt_line/peugeot_508_gt_line_2.jpg http://i.wheelsage.org/image/format/picture/picture-gallery/p/peugeot/508_gt_line/peugeot_508_gt_line_88.jpg Quick Facts: - Targeting VW Arteon and Audi A5 - Lenght of 4.75m, height of 1.4m, wheelbase of 2.79m - Boot space of 487L expandable to 1,537L - 1.6L PureTech petrol engine with 180ps & 225ps (GT) - 1.5L BlueHDi diesel engine with 130ps - 2.0L BlueHDi diesel with 160ps & 180ps - All except entry 1.5L diesel will be using EAT8 (8 speed auto)
  6. Following on from its successful SUV offensive with the launch of C3 Aircross SUV and C5 Aircross SUV - 300,000 and 200,000 sales respectively - Citroën is ready for the next stage in the rollout of its product strategy, focusing firmly on the hatchback market. Compact hatchbacks remain an important part of the European car market, accounting for nearly 28% of C-segment sales in 2019. New ë-C4 and New C4 tick all the boxes in this competitive segment, while offering a modern and characterful new design concept as an integral part of the product offering. Citroën's new-generation compact hatchback is inspired by its customers and the way they experience their cars. The 100% electric New ë-C4 and New C4 have all the qualities needed to shake up a segment that is having to reinvent itself. For Citroën, that means offering an all-new silhouette with a choice of 100% electric, petrol or Diesel power. THREE DIFFERENT POWERTRAINS TO CHOOSE FROM: 100% ELECTRIC, PETROL OR DIESEL New ë-C4 - 100% ëlectric and New C4 are the same modern and technologically advanced car, but with an enhanced choice of powertrains: 100% electric, petrol or Diesel. Customers simply choose the high-performance and efficient option that best meets their needs. New ë-C4 is the fifth electrified model to be announced in 2020 as part of Citroën's electrification strategy - after C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid, Ami, ë-Dispatch and ë-SpaceTourer. INNOVATIVE POSTURE AND ASSERTIVE STYLE New Citroën ë-C4 and New Citroën C4 also represent a new design concept at the heart of the C-Hatch segment, with a unique and bold identity. The elevated and assertive stance means the body shape has all the elegance and dynamism of a hatchback, while subtly adopting certain SUV traits for added strength and character. Aerodynamic and flowing, the exterior design echoes Citroën's well-known aesthetics, while bringing a new expression of style to the range. Its warm and high-tech interior instantly expresses well-being, comfort and modernity. A NEW EXPRESSION OF THE CITROËN ADVANCED COMFORT® PROGRAMME The complete embodiment of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, New ë-C4 and New C4 offer a new sense of modern, all-round comfort: Driving comfort is assured with Advanced Comfort seats and suspension featuring Progressive Hydraulic Cushions®. Comfort is amplified still further in New ë-C4 with the benefits of ë-Comfort: quiet operation, smoothness and fluid driving sensations. Travelling comfort is underpinned by the amount of interior space and the practical on-board features - including an innovation for the front passenger (to be disclosed on 30 June). Comfort in use is derived from the numerous on-board technologies and driver assistance systems. Comfort of the mind comes from the soothing and sophisticated interior designs. A LEGACY OF COMPACT CARS Citroën's compact cars have been a success story since the first C4 in 1928. A history that includes the GS - voted European Car of the Year in 1971 - which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. A series of cars acknowledged for their character, comfort and exemplary road manners over many decades: C4-1928, Ami 6/Ami 8, GS/GSA, BX, ZX, Xsara, C4-2004, C4-2010 and C4 Cactus.
  7. Have to admit that this Asskana Arkana is damn sexy. Truly a French affair. Groupe Renault confirms its desire to break the rules and become the first general vehicle maker to offer an international Coupé SUV. The production version of Arkana is an all-new C-segment (4.54 m) model with an innovative, distinctive design. Built at the Moscow plant and on sale from this summer on the Russian market, it will contribute to the worldwide expansion of Groupe Renault as part of its strategic Drive the Future plan. Combining the elegance of a saloon, the sportiness of a coupé and the robustness of an SUV, the Arkana show-car impressed everyone when it was unveiled at the 2018 Moscow Motor Show. The external design of the production version of the Arkana Coupé SUV differs only slightly from the show-car. It retains the sloping roof line, very high waistline and wide, expressive bumper. The chrome components on the grill and around the windows and C-Shape LED headlights embody the DNA of Renault design, to highlight its elegant appearance. When it goes on the market in summer 2019, the All-New Renault Arkana Coupé SUV will be offered in a range of 7 bodywork colours and 3 finish levels. It will be fitted with 17-inch tyres. A modern, comfortable interior Inside, the Renault Arkana Coupé SUV is all about space, quality, modernity and comfort, due, amongst other features, to materials that are pleasant to the touch, a new multimedia system and the MULTI-SENSE settings. The central console is equipped with an 8-inch touchscreen interface for the Renault EASY LINK multimedia system, which supports Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and Yandex Auto. The driver can personalise many of the components with practical, easy-to-use apps. Renault Arkana also has the benefit of MULTI-SENSE technology, which gives the driver a choice of three driving modes (Eco, Sport, My sense) and 8 ambience colours. This Coupé SUV is fitted with ideal equipment for winter driving - the steering wheel and driver and front passenger's seats are heated. The boot has a dual lighting system and the folding rear seats mean that luggage space can easily be increased from 508 litres to up to 1333 liters. The Renault engineers have also minimised vibrations and optimised the passenger compartment soundproofing on this new Coupé SUV. And thanks to a new Bose audio system, the passengers in the Renault Arkana are bathed in a high-quality sound approaching that of a live performance. 4-wheel drive for all road conditions The versatility and sturdiness of the Renault Arkana Coupé SUV on the road are the fruits of the joint efforts of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, and of the Alliance's collaboration with Daimler. It is fitted with a new TCe 150 petrol engine that makes its first appearance on the Russian market. This turbocharged engine delivers 150hp and 250Nm of torque, to combine performance and driving pleasure with market-leading efficiency (7 l/100 km in combined cycle). This engine is coupled with an X-Tronic gearbox, to provide flexibility and responsive acceleration, and with the smart All Mode 4x4-i 4-wheel drive system developed by the Alliance. This system ensures permanent control of the vehicle's road holding to guarantee optimum traction, whatever the conditions. This Coupé SUV boasts a reinforced chassis and a ground clearance of 208 mm, one of the highest in the category. Combined with angles of attack and departure of 18° and 25° respectively, it gives the All-New Renault Arkana true off-road and crossover capabilities. Finally, Renault Arkana has been put through a range of sturdiness and durability tests, including 300,000 km of trials in extreme driving conditions. This rigour ensures optimum comfort, in town or on winding roads, whatever the weather conditions.
  8. Finally a new flagship by Citroën worth looking forward to? The new shape somewhat reminds me of unconventional looking Renault Vel Satis... Approximately three years ago, Citroen said the successor of the C5 will have an unconventional shape and will basically “reinvent” the traditional sedan. At the time, the automaker didn’t share much but said the production model will draw inspiration from the fabulous Cxperience Concept. Today, finally, we can share the first spy photos of the next-generation C5, showing what Citroen had in mind. From the spyshots, Citroen is keeping its promise and the new C5 will have a very unique shape. It’s not exactly a station wagon, and it’s not exactly a hatchback. It’s definitely not a sedan, too. The mix between different body styles gives the new C5 a prominent profile and the first impressions are for a large and comfortable car. It’s worth noting that there seems to be a strong visual connection between the production model and the concept from 2016. This holds true especially at the back where the taillights appear to have a very similar shape. It’ll be very interesting to see whether that fat D-pillar has a large window like on the Cxperience Concept.
  9. I was contemplating a switch over to diesel engine car + aesthetic/ handsome look of DS5, heard engine clatter while on start, goes off when running gear, anyone care to share more on likes/ dislikes, performance and bad vibes. Understand the french are good in fashion designs and culinary delights, but comes to car technology, it's a different piece of cake altogether, not particularly in favour of Peugeot or Renault, however have seen Peugeot 5008, priced $132K. Thank U
  10. For all those who are ready to give a new lease of life to the automotive world, Peugeot is unveiling the new 2008 SUV. As an enthusiastic and fierce supporter of Peugeot's brand vision of an exciting future, it is the ultra modern interpretation of an instinctive and versatile driving experience. A genuine SUV in its dimensions, it clashes with a particularly powerful and distinctive style. Ultra-technological, it adopts the new generation of immersive Peugeot i-Cockpit® 3D, with equipment and driving aids designed by the best know-how Peugeot has to offer. Being multi-energy, it offers the freedom to choose between 3 types of efficient engines: electric, petrol and diesel all offering phenomenally stimulating sensations. The world is changing. New challenges call for new answers throughout the automotive industry. With its 208 years of history, the Peugeot brand is calmly pursuing its commitment in the era of the energy transition. Our exciting and reassuring vision of the future is confirmed once again by the new SUV Peugeot 2008. It shows that technology and pleasure are not incompatible and that a car has the power to amaze. It turns a trip into a journey and offers everyone the mobility they need. The new Peugeot 2008 emerges at the heart of the compact SUV segment, contributing to what is the success of the Peugeot range today: affirmation through design and differentiation through innovation and technology. EXALTING SUV Powerful and distinctive in style, the new 2008 Peugeot SUV is a sculptural and desirable object. It fulfils the ambition to turn over a new and remarkable page in the history of Peugeot SUVs and is fully in line with the current style of the range while displaying its own personality. The balanced lines and overall proportions are those of an SUV, with a recessed windshield that makes the bonnet more horizontal, creating a strong body. The car sits well on its wheels, perfectly shouldered, strong and reassuring. Statutory and with identity, the front incorporates a proud and straight grille (body colour on electric versions), a carved bonnet and LED daytime running lights that fade under the projector in order to resurface below. The faceted and bold profile immediately catches the eye, with different triangular lines. The result is a lively and incisive style, representing a real technical feat for parts pressing: never have flanks had as much volume! These lines end on the tailgate, for an undeniable coherence and overall homogeneity. The style is robust, and even more with the large wheels (690mm), which perfectly fill the arches. The 18" rims have added inserts with three advantages: easier customization, significant weight gain (4 kg across all wheels) and better aerodynamics. A clear upgrade in quality and elegance with the two-tone Black Diamond black headlining, black window strip and the silk-screened C-pillar on the GT Line and GT versions. Muscular with a high beltline, the rear end includes lights connected by a black strip with dual exhaust pipes on the PureTech 130 & 155. As expressive as always, the signature with 3 LED claws is once again a feature here. Be it day and night, you'll find it on the back on all versions and in the projectors of high-end versions. Depending on the destination, the headlights will use LED technology on all finishes. In addition to the usual offer, striking and distinctive exterior shades are available and add even more tone to the style: - Elixir Red, with a coloured varnish to enhance the depth and colour of the shade, - Vertigo Blue, three-layers for a super bright finish, - Fusion Orange, a new metallic colour exclusive for the new SUV Peugeot 2008. Down with monotony! Inside, the colours and materials are meticulously detailed, skilfully combining noble materials and original colours. - subtle, the doors panels decoration includes Orange (on Active) or Blue (on Allure) tampo-printing, - technical sophistication and freshness in the Allure version, with modern "Urbanoïd" light blue upholstery, - dynamic, the GT Line versions offer a chic atmosphere, enhanced by isolated Adamite, - noble and sought after, the GT/e-2008 GT versions combine Alcantara®, leather and technical mesh. Black onyx stitched Adamite on the GT versions, the Alcantara® has an exclusive Greval® grey stitched blue and green on the Peugeot e-2008 GT versions. This cosy interior is embellished on the GT Line and GT versions with bright decorations on the dashboard and the doors panels that have 8 colours that can be picked via the touch screen. EXTENDED EXPERIENCE The spaciousness of the rear seats (a new record for the new CMP platform) makes the new SUV Peugeot 2008 a particularly versatile SUV. Its length of 4.30m and its wheelbase of 2.60m also give it a comfortable boot volume until 434 L (VDA V210). The modularity is ensured by a two-position floor (depending on versions) which provides a virtually flat floor once the bench is folded. With a variety of new storage on board, you will be able to keep everything you need on a daily basis with you. In addition to the traditional door pockets and the glove box, there is ample storage space under the front centre armrest and more in front of the gear stick. Additionally, there is more discreet storage at the bottom of the central console. There you'll find the very convenient induction charging area and its lid, which in an open position can cleverly hold a smartphone. Passengers will also enjoy a passenger compartment full of sunlight thanks to the optional sunroof, offering a wide clear bay. Its opening to the outside preserves the spaciousness for people in the back. Even more technological: the new Peugeot i-Cockpit® 3D The Peugeot i-Cockpit® is still based on the same fundamentals and offers flawless ergonomics for awakening the senses: - a compact steering wheel, for better handling and better grip, - a large HD touch screen at your fingertips, - and now an innovative 3D heads-up receiver, A favourite of our customers and currently present in 5 million Peugeot vehicles around the world, it's a wholly new interpretation which currently equips the new SUV Peugeot 2008. Information is placed in the driver's line of sight. Depending on the version, the Peugeot i-Cockpit® 3D instrument cluster projects it like a hologram. The indications are dynamic and animated: they get closer to the eye depending on their degree of importance or urgency, thereby increasing reactivity by around half a second. Unveiled on the new Peugeot 208, the Peugeot i-Cockpit® 3D is a real innovation, a world first in the segment. It improves driving in every way: efficiency, readability, and safety are at an all-time high. The touch screen can be 10 inches diagonally depending on the version, and it is controlled via touch shortcuts placed next to Toggle Switches or with the new voice command. Accuracy and credibility abound since, in addition to sight, touch is also required when using foamed plastics on the dashboard as well as sophisticated and pleasant materials in many places, such as Alcantara® or Nappa® leather. The door panels and dashboard inserts have a "carbon" look, while the EAT8 gearbox control is 100% electric ("shift and park by wire"), allowing easy and intuitive operation. It is complemented by paddles on the wheel for the driver to take over quickly if needed. Modern, connected and technological Unprecedented and even scarce in this segment, the equipment and driving aids are taken from the upper segments and are at the highest level of Peugeot brand know-how. It's an impressive technological arsenal, including: - Drive Assist plus, which paves the way to semi-autonomous driving. It combines: * the lane departure avoidance system, linked to the Lane Positioning making it possible to choose your position in the lane, *the adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go function in EAT8 automatic gearbox, - Park Assist that automatically manages the steering when entering and leaving a parking spot, with only 60 cm difference between cars when parked, - the latest-generation automatic emergency braking, which also detects pedestrians and cyclists, day and night, from 5km/h to 140 km/h), - active warning of involuntary lane crossing (or the roadside), - driver warning alert, recommending a break if necessary, - automatic switching of high beam, to focus even more on the road, - further recognition of signs (one-way, stop) with recommendation for speed signs, - active blind spot monitoring, - the electric parking brake. As the co-pilots of everyday life, smartphones will also be in the new 2008. Its information will be integrated into the central screen thanks to MirrorScreen compatibility including MirrorLink™ connection protocols, Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™. In addition to the induction charging zone, up to 4 USB sockets are available depending on the version (2 in the front including one USB-C and 2 on the back). The routes will be optimized with TomTom® Traffic connected 3D navigation, which gives real-time traffic status and recalculates routes automatically. The driver will also be informed about risk areas, surrounding points of interest. The most demanding music lovers will be pleased ; the music lovers will be delighted. Developed in partnership with the French high-end specialist in high-fidelity sound FOCAL®, the premium Hi-Fi system of the new SUV Peugeot 2008 is the result of more than 3 years of work. Already present in the Hi-Fi versions of the Peugeot 3008, 5008 and 508, this premium equipment is now available on the new SUV Peugeot 2008. In addition to an optimal acoustic layout, the 10 loudspeakers use technologies patented FOCAL® usually reserved living room installations: 4 aluminum inverted dome tweeters, four 165mm Polyglass woofers, 1 Polyglass central speaker and a Power Flower™ triple coil subwoofer. They are paired with a 12-channel 515 W amplifier, providing a detailed, rich and dynamic music scene. EXCITING CHOICE Based on the new and efficient modular platform of latest generation CMP (Common Modular Platform), the new SUV Peugeot 2008 is a multi-energy vehicle. It offers the freedom to choose the type of motorization according to your needs and own uses: 100% electric, petrol or diesel. For a la carte driving, it has a driving modes selector depending on the version: "Eco", "Normal" and "Sport". To escape even further, the optional Grip Control will be connected with the hill assist descent control (HADC) to perfectly and safely control your vehicle and its trajectory in steep slopes. Efficiency was the cornerstone of the development, all engines receive controlled air intakes, directed air flow wheels or even a streamlined underbody, all for a controlled air flow, and therefore an optimised air penetration coefficient. The range is available in 4 levels of finish: Active, Allure, GT Line and GT, all available in 100% electric or thermical. The high-end GT Line and GT versions have distinctive stylistic attributes: - full LED projectors with 3-claw light signature, - diamond 18" aluminium wheels with inserts, - meticulously-detailed interior: black trim, Adamite colour stitching, mood lighting, dynamic seats, aluminium pedals. Efficient and responsible: the combustion engines meet the latest Euro 6 standards In line with the latest Euro 6 standards, the internal combustion engines feature the latest technological advances of the Peugeot brand and are all equipped with Stop & Start and a particle filter. For even more ease and driving comfort, some of these engines can be linked with the latest 8-speed automatic gearbox (EAT8). The petrol engines are structured around the 3 cylinder-engine, a 1.2L engine size and adherence to the Euro 6d standard: - PureTech 100 S&S BVM6, - PureTech 130 S&S BVM6 or EAT8, - PureTech 155 S&S EAT8 (only for GT). For Diesel, the offer is with the 4-cylinder engine with a 1.5L engine size (Euro 6d-temp standards at launch): - BlueHDi 100 S&S BVM6, - BlueHDi 130 S&S EAT8. Exciting Full Electric driving pleasure Because electric can be magical too, this first 100% electric SUV Peugeot makes it possible to reach a new world of sensations. The driver will enjoy a high level of panache, in total operating silence and no vibrations. This pleasure is accompanied by the freedom to travel in the city centre even in the Green Zones with restricted traffic. The engine with a power of 100 kW (136 hp) and a torque of 260 Nm available immediately ensure a daily ease in all situations. The 50kWh high capacity battery provides a range of up to 310 km according to the new WLTP standard. This battery is guaranteed for 8 years or 160,000 km for 70% of its charging capacity. The display of energy flows in the central display as well as in the Peugeot i-Cockpit® 3D receiver is ludic and make it easy and intuitive to understand how the traction chain works. Two intuitive modes of energy recovery when braking are available and accessible directly from the gear stick: - Drive ("D"), recovery is standard, for driving similar to a petrol or diesel vehicle - Brake ("B"), recovery allows deceleration directly from the accelerator pedal The batteries are optimally installed in the floor, ensuring that choosing an electric version won't affect the performance of the new SUV Peugeot 2008. This ensures the same room and boot volume as the internal combustion versions. An essential marker of the Peugeot brand, the dynamic behaviour of the new SUV Peugeot e-2008 has been the subject of careful attention and provides a touch of road and driving pleasure comparable to petrol and diesel versions. The drive axles have been adapted and the weight distribution is optimal. The charging time depends on the power available: -16h for full charge from a Legrand® Green Up™ plug, - between 5h15 and 8h for a complete charge with a WallBox (three phase 11 kW with optional charger or single phase 7.4 kW) - 30mn to recover 80% of battery with the 100 kW public terminals, the thermal regulation of the battery makes it possible to use terminals with this power. The programmable delayed charge is available from the navigation screen or from your smartphone with the MyPeugeot® application. This can also start charging at any time and allows you to check the charge level remotely. For the highest level of thermal comfort, specific equipment has been developed: - a 5 kW heating resistor and a 3kW climate compressor which are supplied by the traction battery, to provide heating and cooling in the passenger compartment, - a heat pump and automatic regulation of the passenger compartment temperature to guarantee a level of comfort equivalent to the internal combustion versions. The system is suitable for optimized energy consumption, - pleasant heated seats (depending on the version), - thermal pre-conditioning programmable from the touchscreen or remotely via the MyPeugeot® smartphone app. Offering an ideal temperature in the cockpit as of the rise on board, this comfort is not done to the detriment of autonomy: when the vehicle is connected, energy necessary comes directly from the terminal of refill. The new SUV Peugeot e-2008 does not have a specific silhouette but some captivating details that subtly underline its electrified personality: - a sparkling dichroic Lion, with reflections alternating between green and blue depending on the angle of view, - a specific "e" monogram on the front fenders and the tailgate, - an elegant, body-coloured front grille with beads, - exclusive seat upholstery in Alcantara© "Greval Grey" on e-2008 GT, - finally, the on-board experience is complemented by a display specific to the electric version in the 3D receiver as well as in the touch screen. And because electric isn't only about motorization, the Peugeot brand is offering a full practical and didactic ecosystem to calmly support customers in their daily travel and use. Three services will be on offer from launch: - Easy-Charge will facilitate access to different charging solutions tailored to the needs of users. At home or at the office, a panel of charging solutions (reinforced plugs, Wallbox, Smart-Wallbox,...) will be proposed. Peugeot will also accompany its customers in the installation thanks to a partnership with specialized companies. In parallel, an offer of public charging solutions is available via Free2Move Services. A step of load gives access to the broadest network of load with more than 110,000 terminals in Europe via the PlugSurfing partner. The preselection of the terminals is done according to the distance, the speed or the price of the refill. Guidance towards the selected terminal can be carried out starting from the application Free2Move Services or the connected navigation of the vehicle. - Easy-Move will ensure our customers' mobility. A tool for planning and organizing long trips via Free2Move Services will offer the best journeys taking into account the autonomy and the location of the charging terminals on the way. For clear and serene driving, the route will be displayed directly on the touch screen of the vehicle. An extended mobility offer is included in the vehicle rent and allows you to rent an internal combustion vehicle according to your needs. Finally, a tool in the MyPeugeot application provides eco-driving tips to optimize the autonomy of your new SUV Peugeot e-2008, - Serenity to support our customers throughout their journey with the new SUV Peugeot e-2008. New simulators and digital routes will help you to find out more about electric on the Peugeot brand websites, service contracts and dedicated roadside assistance may include financing. A certificate guaranteeing the level of capacity of the vehicle's battery will facilitate resale.
  11. Fighting broke out between riot police and firefighters who were trying to break down security screens during anti-government protests in Paris today. Videos of the astonishing violence were posted online during demonstrations close to the centre of the capital. Firefighter unions called for an increase in risk pay from 19 per cent to 28 per cent of the basic salary, as well as guarantees that their current pension plans remain in place. “We are the last link in emergency services in France, and we are overwhelmed by calls and interventions,” Frédéric Perrin, president of the SPASDIS-CFTC union, told the news agency Agence France-Presse. “We need more manpower and the means to respond to it, but also the guarantee that we focus mainly on our missions, the emergency, and not serve as supplements to absent health services.”
  12. The French Cellar 'Wines' Up Without Notice - Customers Owed "Thousands Of Dollars"Sources: https://vulcanpost.com/665149/the-french-cellar-singapore-closure/ Online wine subscription platform, The French Cellar, announced in a Facebook post on Tuesday (28 May) that they have “ceased operations on 27 May 2019 and is now in the process of voluntary liquidation”. It cited “difficult business circumstances” as the reason. Screenshot of The French Cellar’s Facebook post The news came as a shock as apparently, there was no prior notice given to subscribers, some of whom have lost “thousands of dollars”. Existing customers will no longer receive the bottles of wine they’ve paid for. Liquidators will be in touch with them and affected customers can “file a proof of debt in respect of [their] wine subscription”, the post stated. No Sour Grapes, Just Relationships Gone Sour Daniel Ogunshakin, a Singapore-based FOX Sports Asia broadcast journalist, shared with Vulcan Post that he has been a customer at The French Cellar for the past 15 months. His Facebook comment expressed his dissatisfaction with the way the company handled his enquiry on his April order that didn’t reach him. Mr Ogunshakin subscribed to The French Cellar as he thought it was a convenient way to try new wines that he otherwise might not have tried. “We were lucky that we only paid on a per-month basis so we only lost $84,” he said. He revealed that the company didn’t inform him beforehand on the ceasing of its operations. “I even called them a week or so ago to ask where my wine was and was told it would be delivered last weekend,” Mr Ogunshakin told us. Ms Lee Hui Ting, however, wasn’t so “lucky”. Like Mr Ogunshakin, she subscribed to The French Cellar because it’s a convenient service. She paid $1,014 including GST, upfront, and received a free wine chiller. Ms Lee, who was a customer since July 2018, was surprised by the news and thought something was wrong when no one answered her call on Monday (27 May). “[The] number was unavailable when I called again on Wednesday. Only saw the post when I searched on Facebook.” Her order earlier this year was also delayed and the company also made a mistake on her order in March, which would have been correctly fulfilled in the past. Left with three more months of her subscription that can’t be fulfilled, Ms Lee said she will lose about $250. One of the subscribers who spoke to The Straits Times (ST) shared that they have already lodged a police report. This subscriber had signed up for the 12 months plan last November, paying an average of $143 a month, but she has only received four months’ worth of deliveries. According to her, The French Cellar blamed its tardy deliveries on the strikes that were happening in France, but she found that reason “rubbish”. Another customer Vulcan Post reached out to also had a similar experience. A corporate wine-tasting event held by The French Cellar / Image Credit: The French Cellar 33-year-old Roy Loi attended a free wine-tasting session The French Cellar conducted at a place somewhere in Cecil Street in April last year. He said that some 20 people attended the event and were given different wines and cheese to try. “It was a pretty good session. Not pushy. Very informative. Anyone [was] free to leave at any time,” he recounted. “And the sales guy, I think is one of the founders (sic), was conducting the event.” The software engineer told us he signed up after the session ended, so he’s been a customer since May 2018. He revealed that his subscription costs $84.53 monthly and he noticed in January 2019 that his order was delayed. Email issued by The French Cellar in April to Mr Loi / Image Credit: Roy Loi “They [also] missed my deliveries for February and March. I emailed them and got my wines after a few back-and-forths. They called me as well,” Roy said in a WhatsApp conversation with this writer. He lost about $168 so far as his April and May deliveries did not arrive. Roy was advised to cancel his credit card to stop the recurring charges, and he’s “glad” that he did not sign up for the annual subscription plan the company has been promoting, with the incentive of a free wine chiller. But he sincerely believes that The French Cellar sold good wines that was “value for money”. “Their service had been good up till January this year. So, I guess something must have gone very wrong by end-2018,” he guessed. What Could Have ‘Wine’ Wrong? Founders of The French Cellar / Image Credit: Qoo10 Founded in 2013 by Eric Joubert and Vincent Morello, The French Cellar wanted to make exclusive French wines selected by its sommelier accessible here. They dubbed themselves as the pioneer subscription company for wine and has delivered over 100,000 boxes in its five years of operations, their website stated. Customers can choose from three different tiers that suit their wine-drinking preferences. For the 12-month plans, monthly subscription fees range from $88 to $288. Those who don’t wish to commit to a year-long subscription can choose the “Pay As You Go” plan that starts at $108 per month, with the highest tier costing $328 a month. Every month, customers will receive two different bottles of wines with wine-tasting notes. ST reported that the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) had received five complaints against The French Cellar between 26 to 30 May, with claims worth a total of at least $5,000. It is highly possible that the business has been affected greatly by the “strikes” that happened in France. Based on The French Cellar’s email response to Mr Loi, we would assume that certain partnerships may have fell through, thus causing the “delays”. Going by the number of engagement on its Facebook, the company perhaps doesn’t have a wide enough customer base to sustain overheads. The business is targeting a niche market, seeing as they import wine directly from different French regions. Of course, accepting orders and money from consumers while knowing that their company will never be able to deliver is a dishonest move and only puts them in an even worse light. On top of that, announcing their closure on Facebook is sure to leave a sour taste in anyone’s mouth. The French Cellar’s website is still fully operational at the time of publishing. Featured Image Credit: The French Cellar
  13. New Renault Clio 2019 unveiled with stunning new interior ahead of official launchhttps://www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/1079285/New-Renault-Clio-2019-launch-interior-car RENAULT has unveiled the interior of the all-new Clio - Here’s what’s changed in the radical new update.Renault has unveiled the all-new Clio hatchback which has received a number of updates an upgrades. Most notably among the changes is the awesome revamped interior which is a vast improvement compared to previous generations. Immediately the vehicle looks more high-end and premiums due to the new refined interior layout with obvious improvements in the technology, seating, and overall design. At the centre of the dashboard is the Smart Cockpit, the 9.3-inch multimedia screen (twice as large as the 7-inch version) is the biggest ever on a Renault model. It is a vertical screen and is more contemporary than some of the integrated units in its rivals. This central screen comprises the multimedia, navigation and infotainment features. Renault has also apparently used more premium soft-touch materials on the redesigned dashboard which has been reshaped to give the impression of more space and width in the Clio. The centre console is also higher and features a smaller gear lever all of which, in conjunction with the newly redesigned seats is for ergonomics. There is also a myriad of customisation options which allows the vehicle to be specified in a number of different colours to match the exterior. While the interior has been extensively updated the exterior has been left relatively unchanged. It is a minor evolutionary upgrade with tiny alterations to the grille and bumper. The body has been lowered by up to 30 mm for better aerodynamics and extra athleticism and the car can be specified with 17-inch wheels (depending on version). Other added details include the shark fin antenna, the 100 per cent LED lights, the flush tailgate, and the chrome-plated side-window surrounds. Two new exterior body colours are available now which are Valencia Orange and Celadon Blue, which join another eight body colours and three exterior customisation packs. Clio will make its official public debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March.
  14. What do you eat your Macdonald's French Fries with? Tomato Ketchup or Chilli Sauce?
  15. http://news.yahoo.com/female-french-journalists-fed-lecherous-politicians-142451902.html Female French journalists fed up with lecherous politiciansParis (AFP) - Fed up with bawdy remarks and wandering hands, dozens of female French journalists have signed a petition published Tuesday denouncing sexism from male politicians. "Get your paws off me!" read the front page of the Liberation newspaper, where 40 female political reporters detailed sexist and lewd behaviour suffered while working in the corridors of power. One describes waiting in the heart of the National Assembly only to be greeted by a lawmaker saying: "Ah but you're on the game, hustling for a client." Another mentions a deputy running his hands through her hair, while a minister's advisor asked a journalist upon her return from holiday if she was "tanned all over". From a political spokesman taking photos of sleeping female journalists onboard a plane during the last presidential campaign, to a "friend of the president" declaring that journalists are "much more interesting when they have big breasts", the female hacks have had enough. In the petition, they condemn the fact that little has changed after the downfall of International Monetary Fund chief and presidential frontrunner Dominique Strauss-Kahn, whose notorious sexual appetite landed him in court on several occasions. View gallery Former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, seen here on February 17, 2015, whose notorious sexual appe … "We thought that the DSK case had shifted the line and that chauvinist attitudes were on the verge of extinction. Alas!" read the article. Strauss-Kahn's career imploded after his arrest for allegedly sexually assaulting a New York hotel maid. The charges were dropped but the case revealed details of his often crude behaviour with women, highlighting sexist attitudes from French male politicians. The journalists writing in Liberation also described insistent text messages or phone calls seeking late night meetings, suggestions to pop into a nearby hotel "for a bit of fun" and one official who had to be threatened with sexual harassment charges to get him to back off. "There are also condescending sighs when we ask questions in press conferences: 'That is such a girl question'", wrote the journalists. View gallery French Minister for Social Affairs, Health and Women's Rights, Marisol Touraine, delivers a spee … However the petition highlights that there are also many politicians who do not act in this manner, especially the younger generation. "The fact that these practices -- which mirror those that happen every day in the street, factories and offices -- involve elected officials charged with creating policy, leads us to denounce them." - Rampant sexual harassment - The petition was signed by 16 reporters from the main French media houses including Liberation itself, Le Monde and Le Parisien newspapers, Radio France International and Agence France-Presse. The rest of the journalists preferred to remain anonymous due to their "complicated professional situation". Women's Rights Minister Marisol Touraine said the petition was a good reminder that sexism permeates the whole of society. "This must also be an opportunity to recall the sexism confronting millions of women in their daily life on public transport, in their place of work and on the street," she said. "Sexism is more insidious than before, but it is well and truly present." Sexual harassment in France has come under the spotlight in recent weeks after the High Council for Equality between Women and Men urged government to crack down on the phenomenon, saying 100 percent of women using public transport have been the victim at least once in their lives.
  16. Tested this handsome facelift model but couldn't find any discussion here. Any bros driving this and what problems are there for this pug?
  17. Pss2

    Peugeot 107

    Anyone own a 107 before? It's same platform as a C1 and Aygo and heard it's using a Toyota/Daihatsu engine. Is it reliable?
  18. Francois Michelin, who led the eponymous French tyre group for nearly half a century, died at the age of 88, the Clermont-Ferrand-based company said on Wednesday (Apr 29). CNA
  19. Black Ops, Euro Style Wednesday, June 18, 2014 - 17:50AFP MULHOUSE, France - A 76-year-old Frenchman was convicted Wednesday of having kidnapped a German ex-doctor who had killed his daughter, but he avoided jail time as the court handed down a suspended sentence. The court in the eastern French border town of Mulhouse gave Andre Bamberski a suspended one-year sentence for having abducted Dieter Krombach in Germany and brought him to France to face trial. Krombach was found bound and gagged in 2009 near the courthouse in Mulhouse after Bamberski hired a kidnap team who snatched the ex-doctor from his home in the southern German town of Scheidegg. Bamberski said he was "a bit disappointed" by the ruling, believing he should have been acquitted because he had a "moral compulsion" to act. He said he did not plan to appeal. Krombach was convicted in 2011 over the death of Bamberski's 14-year-old daughter Kalinka - who was living at the German's home with her mother and younger brother - in 1982. Germany cleared Krombach of her death and refused to extradite him. But Bamberski was convinced of his guilt, especially after Krombach was convicted of drugging and raping a 16-year-old patient in 1997. France's top court in April confirmed Krombach's conviction for "deliberate violence leading to involuntary death" and his 15-year prison sentence. The two men who carried out the kidnapping - Anton Krasniqi of Kosovo and Georgian Kacha Bablovani - were also found guilty and each sentenced to a year in prison. Krombach, 79, did not travel from prison in Paris to attend the trial for health reasons.
  20. Hi All! I am hooked with coffee after doing numerous cafe hopping, now Starbucks just doesn't really justify anymore. Thinking to buy good coffee beans and start to do the coffee myself at home, however machine, or nespresso machine is just way too expensive. I'm looking at 3 alternatives of home coffee maker which are stovetop, aeropress and french press. Any coffee maniac in MCF would like to share your opinion? Here're the photos for those who doesn't know what i'm talking about French Press Stovetop Aeropress
  21. Can anyone explain the popularity of French sounding names for small businesses like hair salons. I just saw this one in Toa Payoh: COZY DE BEAUTY. I don't even want to ask what it means... Then in Balestier, we have HAIR FIGURE DE SALON.
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