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Found 28 results

  1. Inlinefour

    My 4th Telco TPG Sim Card

    Today I just collected my TPG SIM card at Woodlands This is our nation 4th Telco Customer service is good and friendly I am surprised that the TPG LTE network is stronger than ST in woodlands Playing 8k or 4k video is so smooth...no lag at all Really good job for a new market player I attached a few pictures for reference PS. All brothers and sisters can sign up for their 1 year trial plan Thank you
  2. zipping

    New Mobile MVNO telco.....Giga

    https://www.hardwarezone.com.sg/tech-news-giga-enters-fray-singapores-5th-mvno-and-8th-telco-operator https://giga.com.sg/giga.aspx Giga goes live today - Singapore's 5th MVNO and 8th telco operator!By Zachary Chan - on 18 May 2019, 1:45pm Singapore is a small little island with an increasingly crowded telco market. If you think that three major telcos (with a fourth on its way), and four mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) isn't already saturating the market enough, a brand new MVNO has just joined the ranks of Circles.Life, MyRepublic, Zero Mobile and Zero 1 today. The new player is called Giga, and it will be a StarHub MVNO like MyRepublic. Giga offers only a single plan: $25 for 25GB of data. What makes it compelling is that Giga is also offering 1,000 free SMS, 1,000 minutes of free talk time, free caller ID, free incoming calls AND 2-month rollover data! This means if you don't finish your data for any billing month, it can be carried forward at maximum for the next two months. And as an icing on the cake, no contracts. As a launch promotion, all new signups before 18th June will get 1 month free subscription. Additional data can be purchased on the fly in 1GB increments for $2 per 1GB. If you're a heavy Facebook/Instagram or Whatsapp user, you can purchase specific data packs tied to those apps at just $1 per 1GB. They also have an interesting Roaming option called Jetset giga! where you can buy 1GB of data for $5 that can be used in any of the 14 countries listed below on any network. It's not a very expansive list sure, but it can be quite useful if you travel within Asia alot. Giga is positioning itself as a fully digital operator, which means it will not have any physical presence, conducting business entirely through its mobile app. To do this, Giga will be the first mobile operator to implement Digital ID verification. Related video To sign up for the Giga service, you can download the Giga app right now, and follow the on-screen instructions (if you can't find it yet, here are the direct links: App Store or Google Play). You'll need your NRIC or Passport ready at this point as the app will ask you to take a picture of your ID and a selfie. This process is to match your face with that of your ID and ensure that you who you say you are during the sign-up process, and not using someone else's ID. You will also need to have a valid credit card to complete your sign up. Subsequent billing will be made to this credit card as well. When you're done, Giga will courier over your SIM card. They've partnered with GOGOVAN for this delivery service, and according to Giga, all SIM cards are supposed to be delivered within 24 hours. You can even track the delivery process through the app in real time. As a fully digital service, Giga is trying to make everything happen within their app, from real-time data tracking to account cancellation. Remember, Giga is currently a no contract service. In an attempt to appeal to the younger crowd, the Giga app is designed to be colorful and trendy. You can select a few custom avatars, which even has their own curated Spotify playlists to match their personalities. Even customer service is handled by an AI chatbot cat called Gino. You can ask him questions about Giga or tell you jokes (yes, I know I spelled joke wrongly, but Gino still understood what I wanted to say). Of course, you can request to speak to a real customer service person as well.
  3. Just sharing my own experience with Circles after reading an article on Stomp. For those who are on Circles.life, please check ur month billing after deductions. Been using Circles for nearing 2 years. Past few months I've had extra deductions for overseas data usage. Usually just negligible few cents that many people may not find worth the hassle to contact them for refund etc... For the overseas data charges, during those period I was indeed in Malaysia but data roaming already set to off and also using msia sim card. Contacted Circles.Life via the app chat and was refunded without much issues. Recently signed mum up with Circles as she was complaining Starhub bill ex and only 3GB data (on starhub old contract plan). Some hiccups with the initial signup but all was resolved. Monthly bill was $18 and would be $18 for the next 1 year. All was good until this month she told me this month her bill $38. Found it strange why $18. Never exceed also. Upon checking her app, noticed that the unlimited data setting was turned on hence the extra $20. Contacted circles via the app again and was told we'll receive the rebate in the next billing. shall see. Just read this news on stomp also seems like not a one off. For my mum's case, it was automatically set to ON for the month of October. Glitch?? Mum doesn't use the app. As with all monthly auto deductions be it credit card, debit card or giro, please make it a habit to check your bank statement. https://stomp.straitstimes.com/singapore-seen/circleslife-gives-refund-after-stomper-finds-out-he-was-enrolled-in-unnecessary-add Circles.Life is performing a refund for a Stomper after he was automatically enrolled into an unnecessary add-on service that cost him an additional $20. Stomper Nautical said: "I terminated my line with another telco and ported over to Circles.Life. "Circles.Life has an $18 monthly subscription plan where I can get 20 gigabytes of data, so that got my attention and I subscribed to it on Oct 14. "Everything was great but after about three weeks, I received my bill. "I didn't select any of their Plus Options. The whole time I was subscribing and even before at the roadshows and websites, I never saw anything about this Plus Option. "Turns out, I was automatically enrolled in this service that gives me unlimited data. "Also, since my bill for the month of October should be pro-rated, I should be charged about $10 instead of $15. "I sent an email to Circles.Life on Nov 7 but didn't get a reply until yesterday (Nov 11). "They called me and apologised. They also said that they will waive the disputed charges. "I think they should be more transparent when it comes to billing. I was automatically enrolled and I don't even need that much data. "I only used about four gigabytes of data the previous month and my monthly subscription entitles me to 20, I don't need unlimited data at all. "What if other people were to be in a similar situation. "Some are not as tech-savvy or they may not have time to take note of these little details. Some people may find it troublesome to dispute these charges and would go ahead with paying for it. "I think it's unethical and Circles.Life should be more transparent in how they bill their customers." In response to a Stomp query, a Circles.Life spokesperson said: "We reached out to the customer via email and explained the situation. "We are also performing a refund for the disputed charge."
  4. Singapore to start 5G roll-out by 2020: Iswaran SINGAPORE plans to start rolling out fifth-generation mobile network technology, or 5G, by 2020. Minister for Communications and Information S Iswaran confirmed the market's timeframe expectations on Monday, in a move that he said was "to maintain Singapore's competitive edge in connectivity". The Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) "will launch a public consultation shortly" on regulatory framework and policy issues such as spectrum allocation, Mr Iswaran added. He was speaking at the Committee of Supply debate in Parliament, in a reply to a question from MP Ong Teng Koon (Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC) on the Republic's digital infrastructure capabilities. "The digital economy - streaming services, e-commerce and cloud computing - is built on the assumption of uninterrupted access to the Internet," Mr Ong had said. "Loss of connectivity can have potentially catastrophic business consequences ... What are our plans to ensure that our digital infrastructure is able to support our growing digital economy?" Mr Iswaran told the House in reply that "we aim to ensure that we have future-ready and globally competitive digital infrastructure, which is the bedrock of our digital economy". The minister noted that 5G is expected to be as much as 100 times faster than the present 4G systems, with up to 25 times lower latency or lag time, and as many as one million devices supported within one square kilometre - that is, 1,000 times denser than is now possible. "5G has the potential to fundamentally transform our businesses and the way they operate," said Mr Iswaran, pointing to "its capacity to handle many high-demand applications simultaneously". These could include network connectivity for self-driving vehicles, industrial automation and the Internet of Things, and nationwide sensor networks, he observed. Singapore's three incumbent network operators - Singtel, StarHub and M1 - have all kicked off 5G trials with industry partners, including a 5G pilot network in the one-north district, by Singtel and Ericsson. Meanwhile, the IMDA has been waiving the frequency fees associated with 5G trials since 2017. https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/government-economy/singapore-to-start-5g-roll-out-by-2020-iswaran 5G lai liao ...
  5. If you haven't already received the shocking email from Circles.life today, well it's official on the news now. Circles.life to discontinue optional 20GB for $20 plan. I'm guessing there's something better coming up with competitors like Starhub etc launching 30GB no contract data plans etc. Singaporeans are so spoilt for choices now. Let's wait for the announcement on Thursday.
  6. Tjkbeluga

    4th telco ai lai liao....

    http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/myrepublic-could-be-singapores-fourth-telco-20140626 I wonder what color will they choose.... Pink?
  7. https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2017/10/31/msia-sees-biggest-mobile-data-breach-over-46-million-subscribed-numbers-at-risk-from-scam-attacks-an/ M’sia sees biggest mobile data breach Tuesday, 31 Oct 2017 By Royce Tan and Sharmila Nair PETALING JAYA: The personal details of some 46.2 million mobile number subscribers in Malaysia are at stake in what is believed to be one of the largest data breaches ever seen in the country. From home addresses and MyKad numbers to SIM card information, the private details of almost the entire population may have fallen into the wrong hands. Malaysia’s population is only around 32 million, but many have several mobile numbers. The list is also believed to include inactive numbers and temporary ones bought by visiting foreigners. With this leak, Malaysians may be vulnerable to social engineering attacks and in a worst-case scenario, phones may be cloned. It is also said that 81,309 records from the Malaysian Medical Council, Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) and Malaysian Dental Association were also leaked. The leak of the mobile data was reported earlier this month on online forum and news site lowyat.net, which reported that it was thought to originate from a massive data breach in 2014. Yesterday, the site “confirmed” that 46.2 million mobile numbers were leaked online. Lowyat.net founder Vijandren Ramadass told The Star that all information it received on the matter was handed over to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). Asked what sort of action would be needed, he said: “Telcos need to admit that this breach actually happened and should inform all their customers what should be done.” It is believed that the MCMC and police are collaborating on the investigation. Network and security strategist Gavin Chow said the most common social engineering attack examples were phone and messaging scams. “Scammers pretend to be someone calling or texting from the telco since they can prove they have the target’s personal details,” said Chow, who is with cybersecurity and malware protection company Fortinet. He added that the scammers would then try to trick the victim in various ways. These include transferring funds into their accounts and installing “telco applications” containing malware or spyware, which will be used to exploit the target in future. “The devices would likely not be hacked directly, but anyone with the data dump information and a little creativity may convince unsuspecting victims to install malware on their devices. “Users need to be alert when receiving calls and messages from strangers. Do not get tricked into sharing more personal details, transferring funds or installing apps,” he said. Technology strategist Dinesh Nair said there was not much that consumers could do, but they should change their SIM card, for starters. “Your name, address, phone number, the IMSI (international mobile subscriber identity) and the IMEI (international Mobile Equipment Identity), which are tied to your device are all out there. “I’m sure my data is there as well. People with really good technical skills will be able to clone someone’s phone and that’s the worst-case scenario,” he said. Dinesh added that while no one knew where the breach occurred, the fact that the details were out there pointed to a leak of some sort. “How it happened, we can’t tell but with so much released from different telcos at the same time, it must come from a single source,” he added. Bar Council cyber law and information technology committee co-chairman Foong Cheng Leong said assuming that the leak was after the enforcement of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010, there might have been a breach of the Act’s Security Principle by the data users. “The Security Principle requires data users to process personal data securely, but there is not much customers can do other than file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Commissioner,” he said. Digi said in a statement that it prioritised the privacy of its customer data. “The authorities are looking into the matter and we’ll continue to support them,” the statement read. Celcom Axiata Bhd said it was “collaborating closely with the authorities to assist in the investigation”, a sentiment echoed by Maxis Bhd, which also said it “fully supports the investigation”. Representatives from U Mobile declined to speak about the leak, while representatives of TuneTalk could not be contacted for comments at press time. MMA president Dr Ravindran R. Naidu said a police report was lodged more than a week ago when news of the leak surfaced. “Of course, no system is unhackable. Even the US Department of Defence has been hacked. “However, we have been in the process of upgrading our IT system for the last year or so and the new servers will be more secure. “We will also be upgrading our operational security measures and introducing a new SOP for our staff to minimise the risk of a repeat of this episode,” he said. Related story: Data breaches nothing new, says expert
  8. Dear all, looking recontract mobile line, just check if any telcos able to give vouchers or discounts to offset handset price ?? My fren mentioned usually telco can give $200 discount to offset...is it true ??
  9. http://business.asiaone.com/news/smrt-works-omg-bid-spores-4th-telco SINGAPORE - Transport operator SMRT has announced that it will work with OMGTEL (OMG) to bid for Singapore's fourth wireless telecommunications (telco) carrier licence, according to local media reports. They never explain the rational. To make money from the Telco business and pay for the losses on the train service?
  10. Thejok

    Good News M1 User

    Good News M1 User! M1 is having their 17th anniversary celebration and will be offering free services to its mobile user on every Sunday in April. Free services includes Making Calls, Sending SMS and MMS. Look out for their 1 for 1 treats and special discount for the handsets. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/free-calls-sms-mms-m1-customers-sundays-april-20140331
  11. If I were her, I would just terminate the plan. What can they do? Send me lawyer letters for the termination fee? If I ignore those letters, what can M1 do? I doubt they would escalate the matter by going to court for a paltry termination fee. This is a clear-cut case of a buyer not receiving the services he paid for from a seller. The buyer is justified to terminate the contract. Poor coverage but telco won't waive termination fee I AM an M1 mobile user and have been experiencing 'no service' or 'network lost' due to the weak network coverage both at home and in the office, which is in the west of the island. It is common for me not to be able to send SMSes, make or receive calls and have no Internet connection. At times, I cannot even find the M1 service under the 'carrier' option of my mobile phone. It has been more than nine months since I gave feedback to M1 on the weak coverage. I have written to and called M1 countless times. In September last year, M1 advised me to download an application to test the connection speed. I gave them the results but no action was taken. In December, M1 sent two engineers to my office to check on the signal strength. I was told that I would receive the results in a few days but I did not hear from anyone. In March this year, I called M1 and was told there was an enhancement plan in place. It would, however, take some time as they needed to get the necessary approval and so on. When asked how long it would take, M1 was unable to commit and only said they would update me. I called them again last month and was told that there was no enhancement plan at all. I decided to terminate my mobile line, and requested waiver of the penalty fee due to early termination of my contract. However, while M1 acknowledged that the coverage around my home and office area is weak, and that they cannot do anything about it, they are not prepared to grant me the waiver because of their business guidelines. Agnes Neo (Ms)
  12. starting thread for discussion.. it is justifiable since we don't have a stable 4G connection while we are at the ends of Singapore island?
  13. extract from another site...I am also very puzzled with this method of squeezing $$ to generate revenue...read on My Point Termination fee not stated I WAS recently told by M1 that even though I had completed my 24-month home broadband contract, I would still need to pay a termination fee if I wanted to end the service. Why was the termination fee not made clear in the contract or on M1's website? Can the telco or the Infocomm Development Authority explain why there is a need for such a fee? Goh Hock Chai http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/...point-20131107 The Straits Times, Published on Nov 09, 2013 My Point Termination fee listed in form WE THANK Mr Goh Hock Chai ("Termination fee not stated"; Thursday) for his feedback on our fibre service, and have contacted him to address his concerns. The termination charge is listed in the application form for fibre services, which is signed by our customers. Chua Hian Hou Assistant General Manager Corporate Communications M1
  14. Any website or anyone familiar? Try searching on internet but can't find anything.
  15. Nlatio

    Re: We kena pawned by Telco??

    err something come to mind about signing CON-tract and get mobile phone..... take for example the upcomg S4... lets say retailing at $998 If one were to buy without CON-tract, one pay $998 divide by 24 months= $41.58 per month over 24 months But if one were to sign the basic plan @ $38 per month and get the phone at $599.... then one pay $38 X 24 months + $599= $1511 divide by 24 months CON-tract= $62.96 per month over 24 months...... Every month pay extra $21.38 for 24 mths= $513..... Can get another phone....
  16. The above woman (bank employee, aged 33) kena asthma during a telco's service disruption. She stopped breathing serveral times and is in danger of dying because of oxygen deprivation to the brain. The woman has been in a coma for 6 days and is in an ICU. Link To be fair, they also never explain how exactly the service disruption led to her coma. She could SMS her husband for help just fine
  17. Im going japan at end dec. celebrating new year in japan with friends(itenery alr planned) but i wanna check. i got 2 lines. 1 st 1 sh. which is cheaper to use there
  18. Fattychubby

    Switching TELCO

    Hi, my hp contracts are up.. just wondering if there are any good catch for switching telcos for HP svcs? just a normal small time user but will be subscribing 3 lines for parents as well.
  19. Why can't we be more responsible for our mistakes, like Japan? TOKYO: The president and five other top executives of Japan's biggest mobile phone operator will take pay cuts to apologise for a series of network troubles, NTT DoCoMo said on Friday. The firm admitted that it has struggled to deal with growing data traffic as smartphones boom in popularity, and pledged fresh investment to tackle the issue. President Ryuji Yamada will have his remuneration reduced by 20 percent for three months while the other executives will take a 10 percent cut over the same period. "I deeply apologise to our customers for the huge trouble," Yamada told a news conference. The cuts were "a clear means of taking responsibility for causing the series of network malfunctions, and leakage of personal information," NTT DoCoMo said in a statement. The company's most recent network problem came on Wednesday after the company renewed equipment to boost data processing capability, leaving 2.52 million subscribers offline for several hours. In December, it suffered disruptions to its smartphone e-mail service, leading to a system glitch in which e-mail senders' addresses were replaced by those of other users. The firm plans to invest 164 billion yen ($2.1 billion) by March 2015 to beef up its network and try to stabilise operations "in line with the rapid increase in the number of smartphone users," it said. NTT DoCoMo is trying to grab a bigger slice of Japan's expanding smartphone market, but faces stiff competition from rivals Softbank and KDDI, both of which offer Apple's hugely popular iPhone, which it does not. The firm, which is part of the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone group, separately said its net profit for the nine months to December fell 11.1 percent from a year earlier to 394.6 billion yen. Operating profit dropped 1.9 percent to 743.8 billion yen for the period on revenue of 3.17 trillion yen, down 1.1 percent. NTT DoCoMo slightly downgraded its full-year net profit forecast from 514 billion yen to 474 billion yen due to corporate taxation changes.
  20. Unltd

    Switching telco away from m1

    Hi Folks, I am switching away from M1 this May when my 2 years contract is finally up. Planning to change to an iPhone, will buy off the normal market and subscribe to a short plan first until iPhone 5 is announced. Which Telco provider should I take? Singtel or Starhub? What are the pros and cons?
  21. Kingcopa

    Telco War of words

    I thot 7th month is over liao, how come still got this wayang show going on? Telco War
  22. Unltd

    Problem with telco M bill..

    I just recieved my bill, nice new format and stuff. Easier to read, but found out that I was charged extra for data charges. I subscribe to BlackBerry unlimited plan and they charged me LOCAL data charges on top of subscription, had to call in to rectify the issue. Just to highlight to all about this and check your M9 bills properly, they say some technical error but cannot explain further. You guys have same problems?
  23. Any such service in S'pore? Teleco service helps man find stolen car Fri, Mar 06, 2009 The Star/Asia News Network Malaysia: FRIEND Finder, a service provided by telecommunications companies to locate their users' friends, helped a man find his stolen car in Johor Baru. Sin Chew Daily reported that the man, identified only as Mr Ye, had used the service as an anti-theft device for over a year. He kept a phone activated with the service in his Toyota Camry car. On Sunday, Ye found that his car parked in Permas Jaya was missing at about 9.30pm. He traced his 'friend' in the car and the response showed that the vehicle was in Taman Nusa Bistari 2. 'After a three and a half hour search in the housing estate, I recovered my car by the roadside,' he said. Ye encouraged the public to use this cheap and useful service, saying that his anti-car theft device was only a cellphone that cost less than RM100 (S$41) and a pre-paid service card.
  24. Mustank

    Wanted: Telco re-contract Lobang

    my 21 months telco contract is up i am don think i will be interested in getting a new phone as my current phone nothing wrong leh I see two ways in getting some benefits by re-contracting: Way No. 1 (more manual) 1) Ask Ah Beng Telco shop which new handphone they wanna buy 2) Go Telco sign up for the line and get the HP 3) Go back to Ah Beng Telco shop sell the phone 4) pocket the profit Way No.2 (more direct) 1) Go to Ah Beng Telco shop ask how much they offer if re-contract but don get any phone Anyone knows of lobang no. 2?