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Found 86 results

  1. BabyBlade

    What's in your car?!

    SO.... As topic suggests, instead of a what's in your bag, this is a what's in your car! I recently hung up my riding boots and decided to get my hands on a relatively "cheap" COE car. Being an excited first time car owner, I've gotten straight down to picking up some basic "car accessories". What's in your car! (Mixing in a little bit of what I did after collecting the car - non maintenance) 1. Air freshener (Cute but overpriced from Autobacs) I know Autobacs items can be pricey but their location is super accessible to our office) 2. Car hooks to dabao stuff (bought two from Autobacs but think two is highly insufficient lol) 3. Baseus CD slot phone holder (Lazada $9.49) https://www.lazada.sg/products/i339328986-s749436634.html?urlFlag=true&mp=1 4. Baseus Fast Car Charger (Lazada $9.47) https://www.lazada.sg/products/i335930878-s730288924.html?urlFlag=true&mp=1 5. Baseus Blindspot Mirror. (Lazada $10.64) I think I paid a little more than I should for this but oh wells. My stock mirrors are useless anyway. Lol. https://www.lazada.sg/products/i286449783-s466409339.html?urlFlag=true&mp=1 6. Baseus Jumpstarter for contingency planning https://www.lazada.sg/products/baseus-power-starter-super-energy-car-jump-starter-jumper-8000mah-800a-12v-black-i448606356-s1194522549.html 7. Face masks 8. Lifebuoy hand sanitizer 9. Wet wipes + tissue paper (I think I need a cute tissue holder tooooo) 10. Cat soft toy 11. Reusable Drink holder for those bubble tea cravings! 12. Foldable umbrella 13. Reusable bags (Two foldable bags + one big Ikea one) 14. Also added some stickers for horsepower gain lol. Went down Rainforest (https://www.facebook.com/Rainforestgift/) to custom some stickers because they're one of the only few shops that's opened on Sundays. And of course, MYCARFORUM stickers. Hit me up if you want some MCF stickers! Lol. 15. Sunglasses 16. I'll probably want to put slippers, t shirt and shorts in the boot too in case I get drenched. No idea why I may get drenched but likely a spillover concern from my riding days. 17. Magnetic Sunshades! Yet to buy! 18. Cute Hooks from Taobao for hanging mask. I think I need a few of these hooks to hold our face masks so passengers or even myself don't just put the dirty mask lying around. Quite anal about hygiene especially during COVID times. 19. Picnic chairs! Need two of these from Decathlon for those random chit chat nights with friends at cp! Seems like a lot but everything is stashed neatly either in the glove compartment or in my storage box in the boot. Not much loose items hanging around because I don't like to see clutter. So what do you have in your car?!?! Anything that I should have but missing out on let me knooooow!
  2. Hi ppl, just wonder how many drivers will purchased a Fire extinguisher which is small/compact enough to be placed in the car's boot? As heard from my friend that his friend's car started to catch fire, yes you did not hear me wrong. I was shocked to hear this too but actual reason not sure til now as still in workshop now. We always hear such 'story' but do not 'feel' it til you are caught in it. The driver of e car (my friend's friend) was so helpless and can only see it burned. We are talking if he have a fire extinguisher, maybe the damaged will not be so bad. But I just started wonder if it safe to put e fire extinguisher in car's boot? If it safe, any one know where to purchase one handy one and if can plz advise on the price too. Thanks for reading my concern. Good Sunday ahead folk! Cheers
  3. Tried searching the forum and the discussions were very old (10 years back!) Would want to add a 12V socket (or 2 sockets, depends on cost and complexity) at the car boot area - anyone done it before? Any recommendation on workshops that can do it nicely? TIA!
  4. Theoldjaffa

    Boot camp for women to experience NS

    SEES OVERWHELMING DEMAND WOR MCF LADIES - what say you? https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/boot-camp-for-women-to-experience-ns-sees-overwhelming-demand-more-than-1000-gun-for-100 SINGAPORE - Would you pay to stay in a military bunk, eat combat rations and go on a route march? More than 1,000 women of all ages jumped at the chance to do so, signing up for a women's boot camp to experience what national service is like. Response for the overnight camp was so overwhelming that the organiser, Ang Mo Kio Women's Executive Committee (WEC), had to conduct balloting for the 100 slots up for grabs. The camp, which the organiser promoted as a "golden opportunity" to go through NS activities, will take place from Sept 1 to 2 at Maju Camp in Clementi. Participants will take part in a 3km route march, handle the SAR21 rifle and taste combat rations, among other activities. The women will also get to stay overnight in military bunks. Each participant pays $55. PAssion card members get a $10 discount. The camp was announced on July 17 in a Facebook post by the Women's Integration Network Council, which is the coordinating body for the 105 WECs in Singapore. The post attracted almost 3,000 shares and more than 2,000 comments. Among the 100 who managed to secure a place for the camp, the youngest participant is 13 years old, while the oldest is 64, the organising committee told The Straits Times. The average age of the participants is about 29. Ms Joanna Portilla, chairman of Ang Mo Kio WEC, said: "Through this camp, the organisers hope to give women a glimpse of what our national servicemen go through so that they can better relate to national servicemen's experiences and demonstrate stronger support and involvement in NS and defence. "We are very grateful for the overwhelming response from the public. This shows that women are keen to play a part in supporting national service." Those who failed to clinch a spot will be notified from Sunday (Aug 19) onwards. Ms Portilla added that the committee is open to the possibility of organising similar initiatives in the future. The camp is part of an initiative by the Advisory Council on Community Relations in Defence (Accord) which facilitates initiatives from the community that better support national defence and NS, among other roles. The success of the Dads for Life Camp, which saw more than 200 father-son pairs take part in an overnight camp at the F1 Pit Building last year, inspired Accord to suggest a similar experience for women, said Ms Portilla. That camp was organised by the Centre for Fathering. Administrative executive Tabatha Lim, 19, will be joining the upcoming camp with a friend. Ms Lim, who is excited about being able to handle the SAR21 rifle, told ST: "I was really excited when I got to know about the boot camp as I have always been very curious about what it's like to serve NS. "We spend a lot of time listening to so many stories from our male friends, brothers, fathers, and we never got to experience it ourselves unless we decide to sign on with the army. So this is the perfect opportunity to do so." Civil servant Lee Yet Wei, 30, also applied to join the women's camp because she was curious about NS life, and what it is like to stay in the bunks. She said: "Such an opportunity doesn't always come by, and it is an experience I am looking forward to."
  5. bambind

    Auto Tailgate/boot

    anyone know where to install off market auto tailgate,like those on BMW or Merc?
  6. Hi there bros, Dunno whether i,ve posted in the right section ?? .. but i'll jus shoot any way.... wah lau!! today i ta bao breakfast for my colleagues beef noodles then the sauce leak thru the seams of my IKEA Transaprent white box and it stain the base of my car boot ( dunno correct term bor ? ) Any idea wat spray on cleaner/cleaning agents to get to clean it or i have to take the whole bloody piece out and wash it ?? although it oni stained a bit.. plus the base is black color.. it some how DID left tat "buay song" feelings inside me lor... ..plus a bit sticky too... Hope u bros out there who have experienced this could help me out ....
  7. Im staying northeast area, any recommendation? In amk /ubi also can tia! Install i meant
  8. I just bought a IS250 (year 2010) and boot feels hard to open / close. Feels like a lot of resistance. Wondering if it's like that by design? Anyone tried installing a power / electric tailgate or boot for IS250 before? This will make it much easier for my wife to open/close the boot.
  9. Vroomtattat

    Car Boot Sale?

    Hi MCF brudders, I have heard of car boot sale before but who organizes (spelling tio boh?) it and do we have to pay to be part of it? I have a lot of nick nacks for sale . . . . . lelong lelong!
  10. Hi, both trunk lights(boot) lights of my W204 c180k are not working(one on the right side of boot and the other on the trunk lid). Could some experience hands advise how should I troubleshoot from here? And where is the fuse location of the trunk lights? Thanks in advance.
  11. Stinkray

    Car Boot Spring

    hi all Bros, Anyone can advise me where can I get car boot spring....ie....when pull lever, the boot automatic spring up and open.... If not conve, please PM me....thanks.
  12. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/get-inspired/nsf-told-to-leave-bus-after-failing-to-pay-fare-then-comes-across-a-life-saver What an embarrassment to the bus company! These soldiers protect our livelihoods and free will. What is $1-2 in respect to that??
  13. Which cars have this feature, i.e. air conditioning to the boot?
  14. Tok

    Mat for the boot

    The boot of the car does not come with a mat. Need a mat in case of spillage, soiling etc and convenience of just removing it for cleaning. Where can i buy the material for the mat so that I can cut it according to the configuration of the car boot. Thanks
  15. Hello bros, anyone knows where can I custom make a boot floorboard? As my car doesnt come with a spare tyre but just a tyre repair kit, I was thinking of putting a spare wheel into the wheelwells and have a customised floorboard above it. I tried with the existing floorboard with the wheel beneath and it sit exactly flush with the load lid, nice. Anyone knows where can I do this? Thanks!
  16. Anybody needs new gas springs for their car's bonnet or boot? It is the lift supports that assists you in lifting the heavy covers of the cars when opening them. If you have furniture system that uses such lift supports and in need of change, I can assist with the change as well. Currently, I'm looking for others who needs such replacements to share shipping for the gas springs. I've have a supplier that sell these gas springs at very reasonable prices with limited lifetime warranty.
  17. Icarus

    Nissan Sunny Boot Dents

    Just wondering if anyone knows the reason why there are so many Sunnys out there with dented boot? The dents are always at the corner of the license plate area...
  18. Hi guys, any idea which 7 seaters, whether SUVs, MPVs or Stationwagons, have a boot-space when all the seats are up? From what i see, most of them, when all the seats are up, have totally no boot space left, or only enough to put a mouse LOL Cheers.
  19. Dog dead after groomer left it in car boot and told owner it was stolen The dog that was returned on the brink of death to STOMPer Katherine by a groomer was not stolen like the latter had told its owner. The pooch had been locked in the groomer's car boot and is now dead. In an earlier report yesterday (Jun 11), Katherine had left Brownie with dog groomer World of Pets, only to be told it had been stolen from his car just half an hour later. He said he left the dog by the car for just five to 10 minutes and returned to find that someone had taken the pooch. Female staff from World Of Pets telling Katherine that Brownie was seen being taken away A few hours later, Katherine spotted the groomer running across the street while carrying Brownie, and realised that the dog had been left in the rear compartment of the groomer's car and forgotten. Its internal organs were blocked and its belly was bloated. Brownie was taken to an animal hospital, where it died a few hours later despite efforts to save it. In an email to STOMP today (Jun 12), Katherine wrote: Hi, my dog has passed away. "I have attached a screenshot of a staff member from the groomer conveniently lying through her teeth that someone saw the dog being stolen when it was being locked in the boot of their car the whole time. "The first vet I brought my dog to said it was suffering from heat stroke as temperatures rose to as high as 40 degrees Celsius. "The bleeding was caused by a burst vessel. Its liver and kidneys stopped functioning too. "AVA is currently doing an official post-mortem." Only fools think that all animals groomers, pets owners and handlers are animals lovers.
  20. Hi, Anyone knows where I can get the boot cover/tonneau cover fora Nissan pre facelift latio sport ? New or used is ok color ; black / charcoal Thanks something like this : http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info_ph...amp;CUR=5#photo The piece that cover the boot.
  21. Ford lands itself in hot soup in India due to a series of advertisements promoting the Figo compact MPV. Titled 'Leave your worries behind', there are three advertisements meant to illustrate the Figo's spacious boot. The most controversial of them all shows former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi smiling behind the wheel of the Figo with three scantily dressed women tied up and bundled into the boot. These women each had a ball stuck in their mouths. With the 2012 Delhi gang rape case still fresh in every one's mind and a similar case involving a Swiss national recently, Ford's advertisements with sexual connotations is bound to attract negative public reaction. As a result, Ford had to issue an apology via a press statement: "We deeply regret this incident and agree with our agency partners that it should have never happened. The posters are contrary to the standards of professionalism and decency within Ford and our agency partners. Together with our partners, we are reviewing approval and oversight processes to help ensure nothing like this ever happens again." The other two advertisements features Michael Schumacher as the driver with his F1 rivals in the boot and Paris Hilton with the Kardashian sisters tied up in the boot.
  22. as above. wanted to know if the majority of drivers leave their spare tire in their boot or leave it at home.
  23. I can't decide. Any bros here done this?
  24. Fattychubby

    CV Boot for Drive Shaft

    Any bros, know if this is a stockist item? called Song Yi mentioned this is no a stockist item? Kinda weird.. thought all car related part should be sold mah isnt it :) Appreicate to know the cost of CV boot and cost of replacement by external workshop.
  25. Was wondering if anyone got lobang for the above mentioned? My boot lift strut supports seems to be weak now and not lifting like before. I got a quote from my workshop at $130 per piece original from stabilus. Quite ex.. even more expensive than my shock absorber..