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Found 71 results

  1. Just brought a new vehicle and looking for enhancements of your new ride. At Itz Juz Carbon,we can make your dream come true. High Quality Carbon Steering wheel for your best driving feel and add on interior trim panel that bring out the car outstanding from others. Services we offer: Customize Steering Wheel Customize Interior trim panel Rewrap of torn leather steering wheel Refurbished old car interior panel to carbon fibre Professional Installation After sales Warranty Dekitting service How to contact us: WhatsApps: 9429 3337,8114 3337, 9141 3337 Sales Email: ItzJuzCarbon@gmail.com General Email: KK@itzjuzcarbon.com Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Itzjuzcarbon/ Carousell Page: https://sg.carousell.com/itzjuzcarbon/ Address: 8 Kaki Bukit Rd #03-06 Lobby A S(417841) Ruby Warehouse Complex We accept Cash, Nets, Paynow, Paylah, Paypal, Wechat Pay, Ali Pay, Credit Card (Visa Master, AMEX, Union Pay)
  2. Toyota Covers Prius With Solar Panels That Also Charge Battery On The Move Automakers are looking to maximize the driving range of their plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles, and solar panels are the hottest solution right now — literally. Toyota is well aware of that and has announced a plan to begin public road trials from late July 2019 with Prius PHV vehicles equipped with high-efficiency solar batteries. The trials will take place in Japan and benefit from the support of Sharp Corporation and the country’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). As part of the program, Sharp will supply onboard solar battery panels using high-efficiency cells. According to the automaker, the goal is “to assess the effectiveness of improvements in cruising range and fuel efficiency of electrified vehicles equipped with high-efficiency solar batteries.” Toyota installed the Sharp-supplied solar panels on the roof, hood, rear hatch door, and other parts of the Prius PHV to produce a demo car for public road trials. Compared to the Prius PHV that’s already available with a solar charging roof system, the demo car is superior in every respect. At 860 W, the rated power generation output is 4.8 times bigger and the solar battery cell conversion efficiency exceeds 34 percent (versus 22.5 percent). Most importantly, the demo car uses a system that charges the driving battery both while the car is parked and when on the move. This development is expected to lead to “considerable improvements in electric-powered cruising range and fuel efficiency.” More specifically, Toyota claims the experimental vehicle’s daily maximum charge to the battery while the vehicle is parked is equivalent to a driving range of 44.5 km (27.6 miles), compared to the production car’s 6.1 km (3.8 miles). Things get better when the car is moving, as the daily maximum charge and power supply to the driving and auxiliary battery amounts to a driving range of 56.3 km (35 miles). The production Prius PHV’s solar charging system only supplies power on the move to the auxiliary battery, which powers the navigation and other systems. Toyota will conduct the trials under various driving conditions in Toyota City, Tokyo, and other areas in its homeland. The goal is to use resulting data for the development of an onboard solar recharging system. I know some are going to say it look like sh*t (tai gor in dialect), but given that it can provide energy for >50Km per day, I don't mind actually, not only to save my wallet, but our mother earth.
  3. Hi all, anyone has any idea where I can get the Hyundai Elantra 2018 cruise control panel that is supposedly on the steering wheel?
  4. Jfamily

    Solar panel or solar plate

    Hi all, Any idea which place can i buy Solar panel or solar plate Many thanks
  5. Any good recommendations on "Alexandra Village" workshop for knocking panel & respray. Thank you
  6. hi guys, plan to repair my fender and door, which gotten damage almost a year ago.. any reviews for the following shop? 1. HO AUTOGLOSS CENTRE 2. SZE KANG 3. KHEK JOO
  7. Recently wifey got into a little parking accident and scrapped a rear passenger door against a pillar. Two mass stretch of lines and the door got indented like an mini inverted wok. Only 1 single door was affected. Guess will need some panel beating and re-spray of the affected door. Anyone any recommendations where to do repairs? Got quoted $380 from a workshop recommended by a friend. Is it considered reasonable?
  8. Steven

    Panel Beating & Respray

    What would be the cost like? Was quoted $400+ & need 2.5 days to complete. Reasonable?
  9. Hi guys, how much does it cost to repair the above? Car model, 2009 Hyundai Avante.. would 1.5k suffice? Or too much? If worse comes to worse, change door how much? Light dent but deep scratch in the paint work, so i guess need to respray the whole door?
  10. Reverse and hit something. Bumper dented but doesnt seems to have too much damage to the paint work. Is it possible to just knock back my bumper without respray as the car is already on its final year?
  11. There was a time when car-based panel vans were all over Singapore. I remember Corollas and Datsuns making the bulk of them. Some time in the late 1990s they disappeared altogether. However, they did not actually go out of production. Some models are still available in Japan and Europe, and even Mini has a panel van. Anyone knows what happened? Was it because of certain regulations, or they just somehow went out of favour? A KE70 Corolla panel van, used to be a common sight in Singapore. A MINI panel van, recent generation. Vauxhall Astra panel van, from 2006.
  12. Did anyone here get invited to do this study? Just surprised to get this "invite" in the mail, hope I did not do something wrong . Curious to know how people get chosen for this. Any ideas?
  13. Any bros replaced your car interior panel bulbs before? My car is 6 year+.. Some lighting that illuminate the speedo/rpm, air con control, aircon airflow control dimming or no more illuminating. Needs to replace those led, or whatever bulbs behind the centre console.. Can advise where can I go to do that? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi, looking for recommendation to do panel beating and respray, any good recommendation in autopoint?
  15. 1. Recently I came across allegations that used car sellers disabling warning lights to cheat potential buyers. 2. Apparently if the seller refreshes the ecu, the warning lights will temporarily go into 'sleep mode' and not indicate any existing fault for a few hours, or a day or so, during test drives!!! 3. The warning lights will only show up a few days after the unsuspecting buyer buys the car. Sometimes the faults are costly to repair! By then, the buyer can only suck thumb. 4. Some mechanics told me such 'hidden' faults can actually be diagnosed with the plug-in diagnostic instrument during the vehicle evaluation before the purchase. I am not sure how many sellers will allow the potential buyer to do the diagnosis, or which evaluation centre eg AA, VICOM, provides such a service in their evaluation? Do feel free to share your experience / knowledge on the above here. Thank you. PS -- Seasoned, discerning buyers of used expensive, sophisticated cars may know better ways to avoid being cheated by such sellers.
  16. Hi, I remember the mkt rate to knock back and spray paint was about $150 per panel 10 years ago. Does anyone know the going rate now? $200-$250 per panel? Somebody just knocked into me and wants to settle privately so would like to know...... thanks
  17. does anyone knows why this blue LED lighted & off again? Just trying to find what is this indicator for.........
  18. Recently my car hit a barrier. The roof was dented and need respray. Was quoted dent repair $170 (have to remove interior lining, inorder to knock), respray whole roof $350. Total - $520. Is the cost reasonable ? My ride is a 2006 Vios. Thank you.
  19. Hey all, Need some advice, car had an accident and car bumper kena dented quite badly. Searched the forum and it seems like all recommended workshop are at Sin Ming, AMK, Eunos area. Like to check if there are any ok ones at Alexandra Village as I work near there? Mine is a 3 yr old car so don't require top class workmanship. I went to Zenith before but the quote was quite expensive. Thanks in advance.
  20. recommendations please? or should i just call a toyota stockist for it? or do i need a garage to call in with the part numbers?
  21. In your next flight, please fasten seat belt and look out the windows during take off
  22. Panerex77

    MCF control panel

    Where can I find the control panel in mcf here to unsubscribe to the threads? Somehow keep not able to locate it. Thanks
  23. Government policies to draw foreign talent into Singapore likely helped widen the income gap in Singapore, a study by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) found. "Rising tide of foreign workers almost certainly impacted wage growth at parts of the income distribution and thereby worsened inequality," said Manu Bhaskaran, adjunct senior research fellow at IPS who chaired a panel on "Economics: Business as usual, no longer?" for IPS
  24. Sparcoray

    Door Panel Knocking

    Yoz Bros & Sis, Does anyone knows workshop that do door panel knocking? Reasonable price and workmanship is good. Thanks Thanks