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Found 22 results

  1. Scion

    David Beckham prank

    damn funny probably the funniest video i've watched in 2019 so far :D but David Beckham is quite a sporting guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF014EUJrSI
  2. Discoburg

    Survivor Season 37

    Its back bitches!
  3. Showster

    Bukit Batok MP David Ong Resigns

    Bukit Batok MP David Ong resigns, citing personal reasons People’s Action Party (PAP) politician David Ong is resigning as the Member of Parliament for Bukit Batok, and from his party, citing personal reasons. A by-election will be held for the single-seat ward, said the Prime Minister’s Office in a statement on Saturday afternoon. Mr Ong entered politics in the 2011 General Election and was elected as one of the MPs for Jurong GRC. In the 2015 General Election, his ward was carved out as a single seat and saw a three-way fight between Mr Ong, Singapore Democratic Party candidate Sadasivam Veriyah, and independent Samir Salim Neji. Mr Ong took 73 per cent of the vote, above the national average of 69.9 per cent.
  4. RadX

    RIP David Bowie!

    Rest in peace! BREAKING: Singer David Bowie has died after an 18-month battle with cancer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYZRfDhCHlc
  5. We have seen F1 drivers in action in their single-pilot, open wheel race cars. But what happens when you put two of them in one supercar?
  6. David got balls to take on someone bigger. But still kenna pawned.. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=711657105546126&set=vb.416856241692882&type=2&theater
  7. But his guy is hilarious! Black dude in an Asian body, with a fine girlfriend at that ( Gina Darling ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzgpN5oN2jA
  8. Little_prince

    David Gan sibei fierce.

  9. VellfireS

    David Beckham retires.

    More details cumming up..
  10. Tanahseng

    Help David quit smoking............

    Why must ONLY be David? Why not Johnny, Kenny or Ah Seng? Whenever I see this ad, damn Sian man!!! Why can't be others? Quit smoking
  11. Interesting concepts here. I particularly liked the bit about putting old folks into jail and criminals into nursing homes Dear Mr. Cameron, Please find below our suggestion for fixing the UK 's economy. Instead of giving billions of pounds to banks that will squander the money on lavish parties and unearned bonuses, use the following plan. You can call it the Patriotic Retirement Plan: There are about 10 million people over 50 in the work force. Pay them
  12. Sorry, my earlier post i typed 400M PM which is rather impossible. this guy advertised every sunday boasting to own 100 ppties with rental of 400kpm, and boasts to be able to teach people the tricks of ppty investment? Another post says can own ppties and get immediate cash with no money downpayment???? possible??? Is the really real? if hoax, Shouldn't the straits times ban people from misleading the public?
  13. Just a suggestion. Perhaps all parties can observe a moment of silence for Goh Meng Seng's brother at the start of their rallies today since today is the last day for the rallies. After all, he died while helping out during the campaign. I think it will send a good message to all, that despite the turmoil of the rallies, we still have not forgotten to remember our fallen Perhaps someone can suggest this to the respective parties?
  14. KARTer

    David vs Golaith......

    fyi Date: Thursday, 7 April, 2011, 4:53 PM Educational and job experience may matter but who has the old man as father, and that is the key allow one to open the political door first? VERY INTERESTING TIME IN THE FORTH COMING GENERAL ELECTION OF SINGAPORE Well qualified singaporean coming up in the Opposition. Hope there will be more to come in future. >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lee Hsien Loong The Credential of the highest paid leader in the world - LHL. He studied mathematics at Trinity College, Cambridge University, where he graduated in 1974 with First Class Honours in Mathematics and a Diploma in Computer Science (with distinction). He subsequently obtained a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government in 1980. Lee joined the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) in 1971 and rose quickly through the ranks becoming the youngest Brigadier General in Singapore's history. ** His promortion in the military is like the bungee jumping at Clarke Quay. VS Show-Mao Chen (Potential WP candidate) (Question: why pap fails to attract people like ChanSM to join the part?? CSM, if for nothing else, is well qualified and established, most likely not a whiner and not going into politics for the money/prestige/life-pension given his achievements in life/career so far, he's seen first hand how other countries are governed. For every CSM in the open, there are at least another 10 equally capable potential candiates yet to step forward.... spore does have the talent pool for multi- or at least 2- party system to carry the country into the next 50 years and beyond. Is everything alright with miw?? Failure to attract and groom future leaders is a major letting-down to the people who voted them into power in past GEs, if the same party insists of holding the power despite mounting unsolved problems and continued creation of 'mess'.) Mr Chen graduated in 1986 from Harvard College and in 1988 from Corpus Christi College, Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar (International scholarship, recipients include Bill Clinton, Edward de Bono etc.). In 1992 he received his J.D. from Stanford Law School and in 2005 received his M.A. from Corpus Christi College, Oxford University. Mr Chen has extensive experience in international securities offerings and M&A transactions. He advised the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) on its recent $21 billion initial public offering, which is the largest IPO ever, and the first global offering that involved a concurrent listing in China. He also advised ICBC on the $3.8 billion strategic investment in the bank by a consortium comprising Goldman Sachs, American Express and Allianz, which is the largest-ever investment in a Chinese financial institution. He advised China National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC) on its proposed $19 billion acquisition of Unocal, which is the largest-ever attempted takeover by a Chinese company. He completed the global initial public offerings of Air China, China Construction Bank, Sinopec, China Unicom, Chalco, Baidu.com and others, as well as offerings of sovereign debt by the Ministry of Finance of the People
  15. Sofarsogood

    Spoof of David Blaine!!

    These guys are funny!
  16. Watch last night match between Liverpool and Villa and was very impressed with these younster, 19 yrs old David Ngog who was signed from Paris St Germain earlier in the summer..... It was because of injury to Fernando Torres in the 27 minutes that give this youngster a chance for him to display his skill. Another (David Ngog) Ronaldo in making ....... A disappointment signing is Robbie Keane who was no where supporting his fellow colleagues.... , make only one move for Ngog to strike but was turned away for a corner.
  17. bro, wanna enquire something from u.. do u haf lobang for the following: 1. HID for quadlights(cost?) 2. ignis sport recaro seats
  18. Picnic06-Biante15

    Soccer : David Villa Eyeing Liverpool.....

    Read today New Paper and was surprised that Spain forward, David Villa is eyeing to come to Liverpool this summer to be with Torres...... But he won't come cheap and Valencia is asking for 30 million Pound..... His first choice is to go to Asernal but since Fabercas haven't confirm staying at Asernal, he choose Liverpool. If Villa did comes to Liverpool, then the strike force of Liverpool is greatly improve to fight for the League Champion. Ole..... to Liverpool Fans
  19. Nolicense

    David vs David

    So we know who won american idol. but given a choice who would you vote? would it still be David cook? everyone i know said david archuleta would win. maybe if it was singapore idol..
  20. Here's the truth, he don't!http://www.metacafe.com/watch/393564/how_d...opperfield_fly/