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Found 58 results

  1. Our Minister for Home Affairs and Law K Shanmugam's response to the video. Racism is a sensitive topic to talk about in Singapore but it doesn't mean we should avoid it and pretend that it does not exist. Looking at the world today and even in Singapore, we can no longer shy away from touchy subjects but should stand up to condemn such actions. Indeed a worrying trend and seems like we are starting to see an uptick here.
  2. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-47383634 Pakistan says it has shot down two Indian Air Force jets and captured their pilots in a major escalation of the Kashmir conflict. India has confirmed the loss of one MiG21 fighter and said its pilot was missing in action. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan called for a "responsible" approach. "The weapons they have and we have, can we afford a miscalculation?" he said. Both India and Pakistan claim all of Kashmir, but control only parts of it. The nuclear powers have fought three wars since independence from Britain in 1947. All but one were over Kashmir.
  3. Avijit Das Patnaik looks baffled as he utters these words, as if he is still trying to make sense of what has happened in the five months since making headlines for sharing an image - created by someone else - on social media of a Singapore flag being ripped to reveal an Indian flag. “If you Google my name, there are more hits and searches against my name than against leading terrorists and scamsters,” the 45-year-old tells Channel NewsAsia. The consequences of sharing the image on a Facebook post in August last year have been devastating for the Singapore Permanent Resident, who is originally from India: He’s now jobless and he, along with his wife and two young children, will now likely have to leave the country that's been their home for the last ten years. Their HDB flat is now on the market, and all that is left is for it to be sold. The former vice-president at DBS has now been branded a “troublemaker" by some, he points out, but his fervent desire is clearly to explain how he is sensitive to being a foreigner living in a country he says he loves. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/ex-dbs-avijit-das-patnaik-ripped-singapore-indian-flag-interview-11152596 ****** I wish him well in India.
  4. Another Indian Movie that I like to watch . Very beautifully done though storyline not that strong. Pretty Actress, Katrina Kaif . More information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuvvraaj Some nice songs in the movie too: Mastam Mastam Manmohini Morey Tu Muskura Dil Ka Rishta Tu Meri Dost Hain Any nice Bollywood movie to recommend? Thank you very much. Regards,
  5. Lmws214

    'heaviest recorded' brain tumour

    Indian surgeons remove 'heaviest recorded' brain tumour Feb 23, 2018 MUMBAI: Indian surgeons who removed a massive brain tumour in a marathon seven-hour procedure said Thursday it could be the heaviest ever recorded. Santlal Pal, a 31-year-old shopkeeper, had been carrying around a tumour weighing nearly two kilos before the surgery on February 14.Doctors at Mumbai's BYL Nair hospital where he was treated said the tumour was so large that "it appeared as if he had two heads mounted on top of each other". "It was an extremely daunting and complex surgery," the hospital's head of neurosurgery Trimurti Nadkarni told AFP. He said the operation took seven hours to complete and the patient required 11 units of blood. "After the patient regained consciousness, we researched and concluded this was the world's heaviest tumour to be reported so far," he added. The tumour weighed 1.87 kilos (four pounds), making it the heaviest ever to be successfully removed from a surviving patient, according to a hospital statement. "It was a rare operation and the patient has survived. Before the surgery, he had minimal vision, which may improve now," Nadkarni said. The hospital said the patient had made a good recovery and was now walking and eating normally. The previous heaviest tumour to be successfully excised from a patient who survived the procedure was 1.4 kilos, it said. http://www.asiaone.com/asia/indian-surgeons-remove-heaviest-recorded-brain-tumour?xtor=EREC-16-4[Emarsys_Newsletter]-20180223&extid=6934d0cfb7b252f1ae9f0dbddf5ff88ca8637e77
  6. Interesting news. Kidnapped for such a reason. Police probe case of Indian man 'kidnapped' for marriage NEW DELHI - Allegations a young engineer was kidnapped and made to marry at gunpoint are being investigated by police in one of India's poorest states, which has a history of forced marriage of men. Video footage apparently showing Vinod Kumar being forced to go through with a wedding by his bride's family sparked the probe, police in the eastern state of Bihar said Friday (Jan 5). 'Pakadua Vivah' (forced marriage) is a practice specific to Bihar and surrounding areas, and is mainly carried out by poor families who cannot afford a dowry - still a widespread expectation in India. A video circulated on social media shows the engineer being manhandled and forced to dress for the wedding as he pleads for freedom. "We are only performing your wedding, not hanging you," one man is heard to shout as Mr Kumar begs to be released. Another video shows Mr Kumar sitting beside his bride crying while a woman, apparently an in-law, tries to console him. Lalan Mohan Prasad, a local officer, told AFP police had contacted Mr Kumar and offered their help but he had not formally complained. Local media quoted the engineer as saying one of the bride's relatives had pointed a pistol at him after they met at a mutual friend's wedding and ordered him to marry her. Since the incident, he has reportedly escaped and returned to his home in neighbouring Jharkhand state. Bihar has a long-held reputation for lawlessness and gang violence, with families thought to enlist organised criminals to help them carry out abductions and forced marriages. Local social scientist Saibal Gupta said such marriages enjoyed widespread acceptance and tended to endure, given the stigma of divorce. "The frequency of such kidnappings has come down, but certainly not stopped. Poverty is still rampant," he told AFP. Official figures show police received nearly 3,000 complaints of groom kidnapping in 2016. None of the marriages were annulled. http://www.asiaone.com/asia/police-probe-case-indian-man-kidnapped-marriage
  7. as above. any contribution is much appreciated.
  8. Indian home buyers are usually against buying properties with the main door facing west, anyone encountered such buyers?
  9. Some pictures of 2 PM dining at regular joint in Serangoon Road - Komala Vilas yesterday evening- Enjoy!!
  10. Picnic06-Biante15

    Indian FT Charged For Molesting

    He is a Bio-Technologist ... yahoo news: Indian jailed in Singapore for molesting girl Singapore, Feb 19 (IANS) An Indian has been jailed for four months for molesting a girl on a Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train last year. Jayaraman Kannan, a bio-technologist, Tuesday pleaded guilty to using criminal force to outrage a 19-year-old girl's modesty around 9 a.m last Aug 18, the Straits Times reported. Jayaraman could have been jailed for up to two years, or fined, or sentenced to both. The defendant rubbed his crotch against the victim's buttocks and when she turned around he zipped up while travelling on the train between Choa Chu Kang and Bukit Batok stations. The girl reportedly slapped him and informed the train staff. Police arrested Jayaraman soon after the incident. Defence counsel Vasantha Kumar said that his client, who is married, had acted totally out of character. link: http://sg.news.yahoo.com/indian-jailed-singapore-molesting-girl-144805701.html Hmmmmmmm .......... conducting "bio-test" onboard MRT ....
  11. Little_prince

    Foreigner with Fake Cert

    IDA DEFENDS DECISION TO HIRE FOREIGNER WITH 'FAKE' DEGREE Post date: 15 Apr 2015 - 12:00pm [Pic Credit: ST] Background Story: EXPOSED: IDA HIRED A FOREIGNER WITH A DEGREE FROM A KNOWN DEGREE MILL After it was exposed by netizens that there is a foreigner working in IDA with a degree from a known degree mill, IDA has responded claiming that the MBA degree obtained from the degree mill did not go toward the decision of the HR department to award the job. Facebook user Sam Tan had posted to the IDA facebook page questioning them about their hiring policies and the allegations about one of their staff holding a fake degree. In response, IDA said: We have investigated and would like to share that Nisha Padmanabhan, a Singapore citizen who joined IDA in 2014, has a Bachelor’s degree from a reputable university and was recruited because of this Bachelor degree, extensive past work experience and good track record. Nisha pursued an MBA out of personal interest, and it was not a relevant certificate for her position in IDA though she was open about the fact that she had obtained it. Her MBA from Southern Pacific University was not a factor that contributed to her employment at IDA. In fact, 93.5% of all IDA staff that were hired at the level of Applications Consultant were based on their Bachelor’s degree. We would like to share that Nisha has been a committed team member and contributed in her role as an Applications Consultant for the past year. We would also like to take this chance to share that IDA selects employees based on a holistic set of criteria which includes their educational qualifications, work experience, individual career aspirations and personality traits. Essentially, IDA is claiming that when they hired her in 2014, they did not consider her MBA at all. Instead, they only looked at her een older bachelor's degree. Netizens who read the reply were not too pleased: What do you think of IDA's reply? This is the link to her linkedin. https://sg.linkedin.com/in/nishapkp
  12. Kklim

    Two Indian men hoot on MRT

    http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/men-argue-hurl-vulgarities-and-exchange-blows-on-train-before-being-separated-by Local (in blue shirt) vs India FT (beanie and wife)? Can hear the wife speaking. Local Indians do't speak like that.
  13. 40 indian construction workers based in yishun hv stopped working demanding pay. they joined their ah tiong frens who stopped working last month caused not paid salaries. SMRT strike has now started to influence others.... tomorrow pinoy nurses isit den bangla den thai den myanmar? wonder wat tan chuan jin and MOM goin to do and wat excuse? the workers complained that MOM not doin aniting and since ah tiongs already stopped work for 1 month, shouldnt someting be done by MOM,tings mus really be bad for these workers to carry on working after the ah tiongs stopped and all promises must hv been lies for them also to join in and stop work, malu the whole world now see singapore in a bad light so sad
  14. Jubilong

    Indian Coconut oil....

    India: Man Rapes Injured Cow Using Coconut Oil as Lubricant Medical examination by veterinary doctors confirm rape. By Vasudevan Sridharan September 30, 2013 11:27 BST 1,044 27 Indian man rapes an injured cow using coconut oil as lubricant - (Blue Cross of India) An Indian man has been arrested for raping an injured cow using coconut oil as lubricant, IBTimes UK understands. Muthu, aged between 50 and 55, was seen raping the animal, which was lying injured on a railway track in southern India. The incident took place in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Speaking to IBTimes UK, local police officer Jayavelu confirmed Muthu, who goes by only one name, has been arrested under unnatural sexual offence act. Muthu has confessed to the crime and is in police custody. The ghastly rape was seen by representatives of Blue Cross of India (BCI), an NGO working for animal welfare. The four-year old cow met with an accident and was lying unconscious alongside a railway track. Officials at the NGO received a complaint about the injured mammal and approached the scene. The BCI volunteers were initially confused when they saw Muthu alongside the cow. Dawn Williams of the BCI told IBTimes UK: "We were initially unsure of what the man was doing to the cow. When we went further and took a closer look, we realised this man was inserting his penis into cow's vagina. There was a bottle of coconut oil kept beside him, which he used as a lubricant." Williams said the offender attempted to flee the scene and was apprehended by the volunteers. Later, Muthu is said to have asked to be pardoned for the act. The cow was sent to medical examination and the veterinary hospital has confirmed the animal was raped. The animal has died in the hospital due to injuries caused in the accident. Cow is generally considered as holy in India and is worshipped in several parts of the country. The incident is likely to shock many.
  15. so what now? ban alcohol in chua chu kang?
  16. LifePro_Tips

    Fifth Season

    Fifth Season Tangra Chinese from Kolkata – A true fusion of India, China and Tibet. Indian Chinese cuisine was born in Tangra, located on the east of Kolkata, the only China Town in India. The Chinese of Kolkata were best known for mainly leather shoe manufacturers, beauty parlor owners and dentists. Thousands of Hakka Chinese focused their business mainly in leather tanneries at Tangra. Hardworking and ambitious, they would not spare any field, so, why food? Influenced by local culture and taste, they opened restaurants for Bengalis by spicing the bland sauces with hot fresh green chillies. As Bengalis love to eat and explore anything new, they found a new and addictive taste with a perfect balance of hot, sweet and sourness in the dishes. With this identity the Indian Chinese food spread to almost all street corners in Kolkata. Within a short span of time it spread to the whole of India with its regional influence of food habits. The green chillies in Kolkata’s chilli chicken might have got replaced by dry red chilli in Delhi’s chilli chicken, but the Indian Chinese food fever did not spare any Indian from great grandson to great grandfather. You may find Indians not knowing about many regionally popular Indian dishes but you cannot find an Indian not knowing about Hakka Chowmein, Chilli Chicken and Gobi Manchurian. Indian Chinese food transformed into a complete cuisine when thousands of Tibetans migrated to India and added delicacies like thukpa (spicy noodle soup) and momos (special dumpling) which is also the winner of the title ‘Best dish of the year 2009′ by Fifth Season at the Singapore Food Festival 2009. This unique fusion of flavors of India, China and Tibet is brought to you in Singapore by Fifth Season, located within 1 minute of Little India MRT. Unlike the four seasons, which come and go, Fifth Season remains open throughout the year with the same love and passion to serve the best of Indian Chinese cuisine. Deepali Ray is Founder & director of Fifth Season Tangra Chinese. Deepali Ray is a qualified Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant and Masters in Commerce from India who has served various multinationals and Government entities in India as well as in Singapore in her long career. After serving an IT Industry for almost 7 years in Singapore she realized that this true love fusion food would probably be her best contribution to Singapore’s multi ethnic culture. She named her restaurant ‘Fifth Season- Tangra Chinese’ which means a season of love throughout the year serving this true fusion of India, China & Tibet from West Bengal in India, demonstrating that love does not care boundaries. Fifth Season Launches Its New Website With Online Order. Fifth Season Tangra Chinese restaurant launches a fresh new website. Now you can make an advance order online for take away and home delivery. Advance features for Menu & product display and an advance slide show ,with online table booking application as well as a integrated Facebook fan page. A site which is fully compatible with all leading browsers and mobile phone. Fifth Season 3rd Party Home Delivery Services Home Delivery service is brought to you in association with Roomservice and Hungrygowhere food Delivery. For home delivery near central area (no desserts) please call Roomservice @ 65360065 Or Visit RoomService For home delivery island wide (includes desserts) please call HungryGoWhere @ 63522622 Or Visit HungryGoWhere Lunch : 11:30 AM - 03:00 PM Dinner : 06:30 PM - 10:30 PM Fifth Season Address: 28 Race Course Road Singapore 218550 Phone: 62934842 Mobile: 91557645 Website: www.fifthseason.com.sg
  17. http://blogs.wsj.com/indiarealtime/2012/12...e-rape-charges/ Indian authorities may have promised harsher punishments for rapists. But they could start by looking at politicians themselves. According to the Association for Democratic Reforms, a nonprofit organization, authorities have charged at least six members of India
  18. Colin03

    Indian Rojak

    Hi , can anyone known where this indian rojak in tampines central (below shop and save) move to ?
  19. Hamburger

    Indian Curry Fish Head

    while i m a fan of north pt food court nasi briyani, anyone noe how is e curry fish head??? confused. Got tis urge to eat Indian curry fish head now. Or can recomm some other gd pl?? PS: din 1 2 start new thread, so posted tis in the e makan thread but somehow cant appear, don noe why hur.
  20. SINGAPORE: An Indian student who was left fighting for her life after being gang-raped in New Delhi has arrived at Singapore's Mount Elizabeth Hospital for further treatment. The patient arrived at the hospital's Intensive Care Unit at 9.05am in extremely critical condition, said the hospital's spokesperson on Thursday. The hospital is working with the Indian High Commission, and has requested that the privacy of the patient and the family be respected. The 23-year-old, whose attack sparked protests across India, had been transferred from the Safdarjung hospital in central Delhi to Medanta hospital in Gurgaon, close to the city's international airport, before being flown to Singapore. "The decision was taken this morning at cabinet," a source at Safdarjung told AFP early Thursday. "Her mother and father are with her." The government had earlier announced it was setting up a special commission of inquiry after the gang-rape on December 16 when the woman was allegedly tricked into boarding a bus by six men who then took turns to assault her. The group also attacked her with an iron bar before throwing her out of the vehicle, along with a male companion. Six suspects have been arrested in connection with the attack and have been remanded in custody. - CNA/AFP/al Poor thing, let us pray for her full recover.
  21. Best Wishes to all Indian Bros and Sis ............... [laugh]
  22. MORE FT!!!!! MORE RAPE!!!! A young woman was allegedly raped at a Sentosa beach last weekend. The police received a distress call at 2.25am on Sunday morning (6 May). An Indian national working as a part-time lifeguard at Sentosa was arrested at the scene. The alleged rape is believed to have taken place at a beach pavilion not far from a party that was taking place at Siloso Beach. Sentosa Leisure Group deputy director of communications Suzanne Ho said that the man is a part-time worker who had ended his work for the day. It is understood that his responsibilities include patrolling the beaches and handling its daily operations. Ms Ho added that the man had joined the company only last month and was scheduled for work only on an ad-hoc basis. The suspect is now being detained while an investigation is being carried out. Source: Lianhe Wanbao, 9 May 2012. Click here for the Chinese report.
  23. https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphoto...573169069_n.jpg Attached the print screen in words doc...
  24. GOOD LUCK, GUYS!!!! http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.co...al-headquarters Singapore likely to hire 60k Indian pros in 2011 Mini Joseph Tejaswi, May 12, 2011, 07.37am IST BANGALORE: Singapore has emerged as one of the worlds largest hiring markets this year,and this offers opportunities for Indians. The country expects to hire over 3 lakh mid-to-senior level professionals in 2011.Hiring firms say over 20% of this talentaround 60,000 people-will be from India,50% from within Singapore and the rest from other parts of the world. Zubin Shroff,partner in executive search firm Braithwaite Steiner Pretty,said Singaporean firms requirement for talent had multiplied this year,with all markets in the region growing.This is creating opportunities for many Indian professionals from across industries. Singapore is the regional headquarters for many American and European banks,financial institutions,manufacturing giants,oil and gas companies,large IT corporations,mining firms,healthcare and hospitality brands.These companies are now expanding rapidly in Singapore and across China,Indonesia,Malaysia,Hong Kong,Vietnam and Australia.Hiring firms say some 40% of the 3 lakh recruits will be placed in Singapore while the rest will go into other Asia Pacific regions. Jayanthi Y,chairman of hiring firm AdAstra Consultants,who is in charge of talent acquisition for Apac,said,Singapore today offers a never-before opportunity for Indian talent.Its proximity is an attractive element,while salary is the biggest attraction.Professionals receive 4 to 5 times what they are paid in India. Jobs are available particularly in banking,hospitality,technology,manufacturing,oil & gas,healthcare,mining and textiles. Global executives are attracted to Singapore for its high quality of life,congestion-free traffic movement,its safety standards.For Indians,the three--hour flying time and Singapores assimilation of Indian culture are added attractions.Most companies operate out of economic zones where the maximum personal income tax is 15%.