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Found 26 results

  1. Because my Mum makes the best CCF with char siew fillings.
  2. Hi all! I've been summoned by my boss to start a makan thread just for this special month (previous thread was too long). Continue your makan thread here. This will be a special thread dedicated for this unprecedented month. Show us your cooking skills and your anyhow cook anyhow eat spirit. Remember it's not about sticking to your routine and insisting on taking away at your favorite weekend eateries. It's about making small little personal sacrifices in this one month so that we can resume normalcy as much as possible next month. Break the chain of transmission now so we don't have to extend this. Please reduce the number of times you're heading out and opt to cook or order deliveries instead. Let's also be positive and keep eating. Hahaha. I'm going to start the ball rolling with what I've eaten for the past two days of WFH! Day 1 Day 2 Please wear a surgical mask if you're heading out even if it's for a short while!
  3. BabyBlade

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    Kicking off part 6 of my makan thread with pics taken with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Makan sessions with @kobayashigt. Circuit Road Hawker Center Nakhon Kitchen The Burning Oak at Simpang Bedok Hawker Center. Love their melt-in-your-mouth pork cheeks!
  4. I take breakfast at Tiong Bahru Market sometimes... it will be very interesting to bump into Tim Cook.. i see all those Auntie Uncle don't recognize the Apple CEO.... https://cnalifestyle.channelnewsasia.com/trending/apple-ceo-tim-cook-singapore-breakfast-tiong-bahru-12175258
  5. BabyBlade

    What Did You Makan Today PT 5

    Time for Part 5. And no better person than me to kickstart it. Maggie Goreng, RK House at Serangoon Garden Mee Goreng and Maggie Goreng at Ubi Expensive Nasi Lemak at Punggol but I always like their chix wings Zion Riverside Food Center, Char Kway Teow and Oyster Omelette And my favorite ramen in Singapore! Santouka! Their pork cheeks fantastic! Time to check in for those who wanna be on page 1. No idea why the frenzy to be on page 1 but not judging ya all. Haha.
  6. BabyBlade

    What Did You Makan Today Part 4

    Happy Vesak Day! Kickstart part 4 with my favorite YTF from Fu Lin!
  7. BabyBlade

    What did you makan today?

    Post a food picture! Must be one that is good enough for you to recommend. Black Pepper Chicken Chop from Chargrill Bar.
  8. Mockngbrd

    Porsche Air-cooled breakfast meet

    Click for more >> https://garage36.wordpress.com/2016/07/27/breakfast-with-the-air-cooled-family/
  9. Other than airport and fast food, where can I get good breakfast around changi at 5am? Any type also can. Alternatively, is there some where along/beside PIE that I can get good food at 5am in the morning?
  10. Boringchap

    My meals in One Day

    I was inspired to make a video clip of the meals I had in one day. This was a day where I didn't go to work. Nothing special, nothing great, just doing this for fun. Years later, maybe I would look back and say, oh I ate those food on that day.
  11. Will be heading in to KL this Saturday morning, crossing Tuas around 6.30am. I have always driven in one breath(plus toilet breaks of cos) all the way from SG to KL without taking breakfast stops along the way. However, because there are some "VIPs" in this trip, a stopover at Malacca(or maybe some other towns) is planned, preferably not too far off the NS Highway. That means exit NSH > stop > jiak > pee > continue trip. Any good restaurants serving timsum or local style foods in Malacca or towns to recco? Should be looking at reaching Malacca around 8.30 to 9 am. Food price is not an issue as prices there are always reasonable.
  12. Thaiyotakamli

    Lets Have Breakfast in IKEA!

    Getting ridiculous Hope she isnt local Stomp contributor Michelle was amazed by the sight of this casually-dressed woman calmly eating her breakfast on a display set of dining furniture at Ikea. The woman was seen eating from a plate of food while browsing her mobile phone. She related the sight: "Yesterday morning my husband and I went to IKEA for breakfast, and to shop for furniture for our new home. "You won't believe what we saw. A woman was having breakfast in the dining showroom. "She was even in her pyjamas! "What kind of people do we have nowadays? "You don't just waltz in and treat a place like your home, right? "Anyway, here's a video recording of it that my husband managed to take. "Super shameless."
  13. Are those B&B in San Fran and NYC safe to stay? I also read about scams and illegal renting out of the place. Anyone any experience?
  14. any inputs on where has the best buffet breakfast?
  15. Picnic06-Biante15

    What Breakfast You Had ?

    Since we had a lunch, let me start with Breakfast ....... Where: Mine block downstair coffee shop What: Set A - Teh-si Kosong, 2 slices bread with kaya & gu-yu plus 2 half boiled eggs. Verdict: nice kaya with thick thick gu-yu & come very fast, no need to wait long long Price: 2 gold coins only
  16. Hiphiphoray

    Jbee Breakfast

    Since there is a thread on Jbee Seafood location. Might as well start a Jbee Breakfast. But hor i got nothing to contribute.........pai say. Will be good for those whom brave the early morning jam and enter Jbee with empty stomach. Guys and Gals plsssssss start the ball rolling.
  17. Hi all, Any good recommendation for a morning breakfast for birthday for tomorrow Monday for a couple? No rush, coz no need to work. East coast, hotels, any quiet place...... Don't ask me to go city or town, coz I don't want to be stuck in morning jams. Breakfast can be any kind.
  18. Its been awhile since i last visited Mac Donald for breakfast. I used to grab the $2/- bf. Reasonably cheap. Went over to have bf recently only to find out the price has increased to $2.50. When asked why the increase...the floor manager told me it was becos they upgraded the coffee to premium lot. Fair enough...i followed by asking "But why am i paying the same price for the same meal with "tea", did Mac also upgraded the tea"? I did not get any answer and I dont think its fair to the diners. Any MCFers working at Mac to tell us why? This topic may have been posted before, i duno.
  19. Ard shenton area, I wanna get those snacky breakfast (packet it) for clients... Gotch recommendation?
  20. Moeykf

    Breakfast - 24th Aug

    Hi skoda brothers / sisters / uncles / aunties / chio bus / yandaos, breakfast this sunday? Please sms me at 98552277 to confirm attendance. Regulars no need sms me hor, jus be there can liao
  21. just trying my luck Date : 9 Aug Time : 7 AM Venue : Changi Village Activity : Eat Nasi Lemak or Wan Ton Mee, followed by car washing + minor detailing .... My place (near simpang bedok) got underground carpark, can park up to ard 3/4 cars, power point + water point aka fire hose reel ..... after which can proceed somewhere near for photoshoot ... anyone got small SG flags ?
  22. Sofarsogood

    Breakfast place at Shenton Way area

    Hello, I send my wife to work every morning. Normally, we get into the city before 8am to beat the jam. So still got about 30mins for relax breakfast. So far, the places I frequent are: 1) Tong Ai coffee shop at Keong Saik Street 2) Coffee shop opposite Groomworks at Maxwell 3) Amoy Street/Maxwell market - rarely becos carpark always full 4) Ah Koon @ Tanjong Pagar next to church - not cheap though Anyone has other suggestions?
  23. My office is having a reno n ppl r being moved all over the place within the building. One colleague from another level moved to my level recently. He is currently seating next to my cubicle. Since a mth of his presence, he brought everyone breakfast four times liao!!! My 3 yrs in the company, my first time seeing tis. There were no occasion to celebrate at all. When I did not go to the pantry to get my share, he would go to the pantry n get it for me n another colleague at another cubicle. He is married, in his 50s n wif the company some 10-20yrs liao. U guys have such colleague???
  24. Limlien

    Malaysia B-Rd breakfast drive!

    Anyone keen to join??? http://www.vagsg.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4422&start=20 I am trying to get some of the skoda to go there too so at least we can try out the car and see how it works. Moreover with a larger group it will be safer.. My car's stock and i wont be going too fast.
  25. Hello all, Details of the next SOG meetup as follows: Venue: Prata Shop Address: 126 Casuarina Road Off Upper Thomson Road Time: 0830 - 1030 Paid parking lots are located along the area. For those who would like to park the cars for free, please park your vehicles at the following area: 1. Nemusu Road (private estate) 2. Casuarina Walk (private estate) 3. Along Old Upper Thomson Road (bend where "Island Country Villas" is indicated on the map attached).