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Found 280 results

  1. Once upon a time, driving different car model is just about knowing whether it come with a clutch, the signal / wiper stalk are located on the left or right hand side of the steering and maybe, how to switch on the headlight and that's about all. Suddenly, things started to get much complicated with BMW and Mercedes changing our mental model of how a gear knob should be (shifting and positioning), LCD screen replacing space used to be occupied by knobs and buttons, voice control (don't make the stupid mistake of calling out "Hey Mercedes" when you are behind the wheel of a say 7 series), etc. Back to the topic, in case you are not aware, Tesla made headline a couple of days ago for its revolutionary cockpit layout for its 2021 Model S and X. Now, if you find adjusting radio volume or aircon temperature on a touch screen a pain in the a$$, you are in for deeper sh*t! Tesla's Model S and X revamp says RIP to the traditional steering wheel This isn't a yoke. On Wednesday, Tesla rolled out the new interior look for its refreshed Model S and X electric cars. Both feature a new steering wheel design and touchscreen layout. Tesla is calling the new wheel a "stalkless steering yoke," meaning there's no stalk to press for the turn signal or to change drive modes. Tesla describes the new steering wheel, which has no stalk: "The ultimate focus on driving: no stalks, no shifting. With a stalkless steering yoke, you can enjoy both the best car to drive, and the best car to be driven in." BUT, how to maneuver the car with a game console-like steering wheel, how to signal, switch on the wiper and headlight, etc? These used to be something very straight forward till Tesla decided to make it a rocket science, at least it seems now. It is once again going to rewrite the mental model we have built up over the past few decades of driving... Previously, Tesla used stalks on its steering wheels like most other vehicles for turn signals, headlights, and windshield wiper controls, and unlike other automakers, Tesla even used steering wheel stalks for other controls like Autopilot and the drive modes (PRND). Tesla’s new steering wheel has none of that as the steering column is not equipped with any stalk. It’s instead packaged into a streamlined butterfly steering wheel design. The steering wheel is equipped with the same scrolls already found on the Model 3 and Model Y wheel, but it now features new force touch buttons for the turn signals, high beams, honk, Autopilot, windshield control, and voice commands. In order to replace the stalks, Tesla is betting on a mix of AI and force touch buttons on the steering wheels to replace these functions. Ultimately, Tesla’s hope is that all these functions will be performed automatically by the vehicle. That strategy is especially shown by Tesla’s solution to replace the drive mode (PRND) stalk. The vehicle uses its Autopilot sensors to intelligently and automatically determine intended drive modes and select them. For example, if the front of Model S/X is facing a garage wall, it will detect this and automatically shift to Reverse once the driver presses the brake pedal. This eliminates one more step for the drivers of the world’s most intelligent production cars. That’s quite a change in the way to operate a car, but Tesla is making sure that people are not too confused about it by adding force touch controls for “Park, Reverse, Neutral, and Drive” drive modes at the base of the phone charger on the center console (touch screen nevertheless). Similarly, the car will sense and predict the need for direction change and switch on the left or right signal light on your behalf. If you want to DIY, head towards the touch screen... OMG!! What's you thought of these innovation? Pray really hard that the system don't hang while you are in the car, it not longer matters if you are behind the wheel or not...
  2. Just brought a new vehicle and looking for enhancements of your new ride. At Itz Juz Carbon,we can make your dream come true. High Quality Carbon Steering wheel for your best driving feel and add on interior trim panel that bring out the car outstanding from others. Services we offer: Customize Steering Wheel Customize Interior trim panel Rewrap of torn leather steering wheel Refurbished old car interior panel to carbon fibre Professional Installation After sales Warranty Dekitting service How to contact us: WhatsApps: 9429 3337,8114 3337, 9141 3337 Sales Email: ItzJuzCarbon@gmail.com General Email: KK@itzjuzcarbon.com Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Itzjuzcarbon/ Carousell Page: https://sg.carousell.com/itzjuzcarbon/ Address: 8 Kaki Bukit Rd #03-06 Lobby A S(417841) Ruby Warehouse Complex We accept Cash, Nets, Paynow, Paylah, Paypal, Wechat Pay, Ali Pay, Credit Card (Visa Master, AMEX, Union Pay)
  3. Noticed that the golf and leon have weird sitting positions. The steering wheel feels off centered. Can the drivers of these makes confirm. Of is it just me? Also noticed that the leg room on the passenger side feels bigger then the driver's side. Weird. Maybe it's because of my height? 179cm? Any other makes have this issue?
  4. Hi Bro Anyone here driving a Avante. I have this problem whereby when I turn my steering wheel left or right side, I heard tick tick and clock clock sound and also heard rubber rubbing sound. Anyone experience it? What is happening? Anyone slove this problem? Can tell me which workshop you resolve it? And how much in total Please advise Kelvin
  5. carloverguy2017

    DIY steering wheel wrap - very nicely done !

    Here is a very successful DIY project - leather wrap ( or Alcantera ) on steering wheel. The wrap is customised for each specific model of steering wheel, and they provide all necessary items required for the DIY, which is a rather nice feature . There shall be no mention of what seller since this post is to show you how easy to DIY your steering wrap. If you are good at hands-on, do consider this option instead of paying hundreds to shops instead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xU_IvxSN2A
  6. hi all , need some advise here on steering wheel issue. like all other cars I've driven, the steering wheel will move itself back to center position either after making a turn or when I released my hands from steering wheel. I notice the steering wheel stays in the "turned" position , does not self center when I test drive(30-40km/h) a 2007 stream today. Have not tried making U-turn though. Mechanic told me there is nothing wrong because stream uses electronic power steering unlike hydraulics type. Maybe its really due to EPS but I still find it very weird to handle car like this. Any stream owners have the same issue?
  7. Pokyman

    Steering wheel lock

    Is it a good deterrent against car thieves? Thinking of driving into JB with my new car, so worried about car theft. Read stories about them able to bypass ur car electronic alarms, etc ... So is a wheel sterring lock good enough to prevent them from stealing or towing away ur car?
  8. Turn steering wheel, let go of wheel, car keeps turning - HELP I went for wheel alignment, all is good. 2 reputable workshop can't find any solutions.
  9. Saw ebay selling the same parts but anyone can advice any different between left or right hand drive.
  10. Any recommendation other then classic auto leather? Their business too good already.
  11. I have tried to search for similar issue in this forum, but couldn't find any. So I decide to start a new thread, hope someone can advice me. The issue with my 2009 Kia Cerato Forte steering wheel is when travelling at highway speed (eg. 100km/h), whenever i need to make a slight adjustment to the steering wheel (eg. 5 degrees to the right), the steering wheel seems to stuck, and I need to use a bit of strengthen to turn it. This has nothing to do with the steering wheel getting heavier at higher speed. I don't encounter the same issue when travelling at low speed. I think my car's steering wheel is electric powered, as when I open the bonnet, I don't see steering fluid reservoir. Anyone has any idea what's wrong with the steering wheel on my car?
  12. Hi Guys, I have a VW with a clicking noise, like a spring being pulled while the steering wheel is being turned. been into VW for the 6th time and was told that this is normal. they have relubed, replace the spring and the noise is still back after 1-2 weeks is this normal? or what could be wrong?
  13. The Mercedes Benz steering mounted gear shifter gets lots of flak and misunderstanding for not being traditional. Let me clear up some misgivings with this post and hopefully help fellow mercedes owners understand and operate their ride with more confidence. The top concern about the gear shifter is accidental activation of gears (due to mistaking it for the signal/wiper stalk). From my understanding of the shifter, it is an electronic shifter with no mechanical link to the transmission. That fact allows the Mercedes engineers to program in failsafe guards to ensure safety and protect the transmission. At low speed from 0 up to 10kph, the gear shifter is programmed to allow you to go from N to R. It is presumably to facilitate parking situation. See the attached photo I took of my own cluster LCD. Note the arrows. These arrow heads denote that it is possible to shift into these gears indicated. Note the speed. When the speed goes above 10kph, the arrow head at the R position disappear. Meaning you can at most engage N but not R in the event of a mistake. So, yes, you can accidentally engage neutral while you are driving but you will not be able to force the R mode without coming down to a <10kph speed. That will be a deliberate action imho. So, no, your 7G-9Gtronic will not self destruct without your deliberate help.
  14. Hi Have a Toyota Picnic and was recently asked by workshop to change the steering rack assy. Quite expansive, and looking for 2nd opinion and quotes for replacement. Any good workshop to recommend.
  15. The era of discrimination has ended. Saudi Woman Makes History Driving F1 Car On The Day Female Ban Was Liftedhttps://www.carscoops.com/2018/06/saudi-woman-makes-history-driving-f1-car-day-female-ban-lifted/ Aseel Al-Hamad of Saudi Arabia drove a 2012 Lotus Renault F1 car on the very same day that a driving ban was lifted on female drivers on the Gulf kingdom’s roads. Al-Hamad is the first female member of the Saudi Arabian Motorsport Federation to drive around the French Grand Prix circuit. This past Sunday, she took the 2012 Lotus E20 out in front of thousands of fans, saying that she felt she belonged in the driver’s seat. “I believe today is not just celebrating the new era of women starting to drive, it’s also the birth of women in motorsport in Saudi Arabia,” she said during an interview with Reuters. “The most important thing I am looking forward to is to start seeing the next generation young girls trying (motorsport). I want to watch them training and taking the sport very seriously as a career. This is going to be really my biggest achievement.” The Saudi interior designer and businesswoman had driven the E20 around Paul Ricard before, part of a familiarization day. She’s also the first woman to import a Ferrari to Saudi Arabia, and has taken part in track days, workshops and professional racing courses around the world, in her 458 Spider. As for the Renault-powered F1 car she drove on Sunday, it’s the same one that Kimi Raikkonen drove to victory in Abu Dhabi in November of 2012. “It was perfect. Everything was smooth, I felt I belong in the seat,” she added. “I loved the fact that there was an audience around…today is magical.” Saudi women gear up for new freedom as driving ban endshttps://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/24/end-to-driving-ban-for-women-in-saudi-arabia.html The lifting of the ban, ordered last September by King Salman, is part of sweeping reforms pushed by his powerful young son Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, in a bid to transform the economy of the world's top oil exporter and open up its cloistered society. Women with foreign drivers' licenses only began converting them earlier this month, so the number of new drivers remains low. Others are training at new state-run schools, with 3 million women expected to drive by 2020. Women in Saudi Arabia took to the roads at midnight on Sunday, ushering in the end of the world's last ban on female drivers, long seen as an emblem of women's repression in the deeply conservative Muslim kingdom. "It feels weird, I am so happy ... I'm just too proud to be doing this right now," said 23-year-old Majdooleen al-Ateeq as she cruised across Riyadh for the first time in her black Lexus. The lifting of the ban, ordered last September by King Salman, is part of sweeping reforms pushed by his powerful young son Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, in a bid to transform the economy of the world's top oil exporter and open up its cloistered society. Women drove up and down a main road in the eastern city of Khobar and cheered as police looked on. "We are ready, and it will totally change our life," said Samira al-Ghamdi, a 47-year-old psychologist from Jeddah, one of the first women to be issued a license. The lifting of the ban, which for years drew international condemnation and comparisons to the Taliban's rule in Afghanistan, has been welcomed by Western allies as proof of a new progressive trend in Saudi Arabia. But it has been accompanied by a crackdown on dissent, including against some of the very activists who previously campaigned against the ban. They now sit in jail as their peers take to the road legally for the first time. Women with foreign drivers' licenses only began converting them earlier this month, so the number of new drivers remains low. Others are training at new state-run schools, with 3 million women expected to drive by 2020. Some still face resistance from conservative relatives, and many accustomed to private drivers say they are reluctant to take on the country's busy highways. "I definitely won't like to drive," said Fayza al-Shammary, a 22-year-old saleswoman. "I like to be a princess with someone opening the car door for me and driving me anywhere." Economic boon Concerns that women drivers will face abuse in a country where strict segregation rules usually prevent women from interacting with unrelated men prompted a new anti-harassment law last month. The Interior Ministry plans to hire women traffic police for the first time, but it is unclear when they will be deployed. The public security directorate reported no unusual incidents one hour after the ban ended. Riyadh resident Amr al-Ardi said the women in his family would wait to see how the system works before they start driving. The decision to lift the ban in the tightly controlled kingdom — where once-forbidden cinemas and concerts have also returned — is expected to boost the economy, with industries from car sales to insurance set to reap returns. The change should save families billions of dollars on chauffeurs while encouraging more women into the workforce and raising productivity, if only modestly at first. Auto companies have produced theatrical ads marking the ban's end, while private parking garages designated "ladies" areas with pink signage. Many Saudis celebrated on social media, but some reactions were derisive or expressed concern about social impacts. One Twitter user said he would not allow his wife to take the wheel: "If she wants to drive she can go to her father and God willing she will drive lorries. Decisions like this depend on personal freedom #She--Won't--Drive." Much of the kingdom's overwhelmingly young population supports Prince Mohammed's reforms, but many Saudis fear their speed could provoke a backlash from religious conservatives once seen as dominant. Activists arrested Activists and diplomats have speculated that the arrests of more than a dozen women's rights advocates over the past month were aimed at appeasing conservative elements or at sending a message to activists not to push demands too far. The crown prince's modernization efforts have won praise at home and abroad, but he has also provoked unease with an anti-corruption purge last year, when scores of royals and top businessmen were detained at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Riyadh. Most were freed after reaching settlements with the government. Billionaire investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, an early advocate of women driving who was detained at the Ritz for three months, tweeted a video of his daughter driving. "Saudi Arabia has just entered the 21st century," he said to his granddaughters in the back seat in the video. "Thanks to King Salman for this achievement." Even with the end of the driving ban, Saudi Arabia remains one of the most restrictive countries for women, who need permission from legally mandated male guardians for important decisions such as foreign travel and marriage. Amnesty International said lifting the ban was "a small step in the right direction," but called for an end to other practices that discriminate against women. Activists have already begun campaigning to end the guardianship system, which has been chipped away at slowly over the years. Prince Mohammed declared in an interview earlier this year that he believes men and women are equal. But veteran Saudi activist Hala Aldosari says women remain second-class citizens and criticized the crown prince's "piecemeal approach" as serving the interests of the elite at the expense of women from more restrictive families. "Worst of all will be if these small-scale reforms, and the silencing of feminists, slow the momentum for pushing the Saudi regime into making more meaningful change," she wrote in a U.S. newspaper.
  16. guys recently hear this screeching sound whenever I fully turn my steering left or right..its pretty consistent..only happens when i fully turn during parking. can any bros advice what could have been the cause? Power steering fluid? Steering pump? Appreciate if can advice cost as well. Thanks!
  17. Lycanthrope

    Changing of steering wheel

    Hi guys ... Is it possible to swap a non multi function steering wheel to one with multi function type.. from this type of steering wheel : http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=735685&DL=1000 to use this type of steering wheel https://www.ebay.com/itm/232115494956?ul_noapp=true
  18. Hi, Just bought a used Peugeot 308 (8 years old) and realized the steering wheel is very heavy especially when parking. It’s so bad that my arms ache after reversing into a lot. Any idea why it’s like that?
  19. Sorry, i just got my car and i don't know where to get such accessories! Places like Giant got limited variety, i don't know where else to get these stuff, can anyone share? Thanks!
  20. Avante Owners Out There, Recently encountered knocking sound at steering wheel when turning left and right or when cross over hump. Any encountered this problem and how to get ie rectified? Cheers
  21. Hi All, Just want to get some expert opinion on the necessity to get an anti-theft steering wheel lock if I am driving parking at City Square in JB. If yes, anyone knows where to get one? Any recommended model/brand? What is the avearge price range? Thanks
  22. Hi guys, can anyone confirm if those aftermarket steering wheel from MCS garage are authentic? Anyone who has an aftermarket wheel set up can point me in the direction to a workshop selling authentic ones?
  23. Tas0577

    Re-Wrap Leather Steering Wheel

    Guys, I have some worn out spot on my stock leather steering wheel and thinking to re-wrap it, any recommended leather shops with good workmanship? Will the quality as good as the stock wrapping?
  24. hi everyone, I am looking for the above.. anyone can recommend me as I don't know where to start.. preferably a workshop with Facebook etc so that I may view their completed works.. thanks bros!
  25. Was driving to work yesterday, half way on the road the power steering light illuminated. It remain till I reach work place. Later start the car and drove to agent for checking, the light did not appear again. During the testing and computer analysis, found defect in the power steering sensor. Spent $232 for the replacement of item. Symptom - sometimes while turning, especially, moving off from the car park, can feel that there is no feel, or very light then heavy again. That is - Steering felt light and heavy during turn. Sharing info. car clock 2 years and 2 months with 23k on the odometer.